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WELSH AMATEUR CUP. ( Second Round.) LLANDUDNO AMATEURS v. COLWYN BAY. THE GULLS PUT TO FLIGHT. (BY FIDELIS.") The attendance at the Council field on Satur- day was very moderate considering the import- ance of the fixture. This was no dOuJbt owing to the raw afternoon. The rain which had been threatening all niorriiing fortunately blew over, .and the ground was in splendid condition. What a contrast between the ground on this oClcaJsioil and that of a fortnight previous, when on the Penrhos enclosure the Amateurs were routed to. the tune of 1-1. It is certainly not as Rambler says, "The same state of things existed all. along the Coast/' as the Llandudno ground is one of 'the finest grounds in the coun- try for drying. The homesters were well re- presented, and I am sure the supporters and players alike were pleased at the re-appearance of that fine back, Jack LUillt" whoseaJbsenlCie from the Amateurs' ranks has been .seriauisily felt. The GrÙJns were noit at full strength, as Sleveral of their mosffc promiinenit mien were de- barred by the residence limit. They were le-e iin arriving on !the ground, this beiing no doubt owinig to their cumbrous means of transit. The spin of the coin ended in MeCann putting the homesters to face the sea and the inevitable wind. < it The following were the respective be,affns:- Llandudno Bob Lunt, goal J. H. Jones and J. Lunt,, backs; Jacob Williams, G. and H. Pearson, halves; W. A. Williams, H. Alderson, Johnny Williams, Brookes-Evanis, and Ch/cetham, forwards. Colwyn Bay: Hallwood, gOlal; H. Hughes and O. E. Willilalms, backs; T. MeCann, Wel- ling.s, and Rowlands Williams, halveis; J. T. Owen, W. T. Jones, Reckless, S. Hughes, and J. Ll. Owen, forwards. Johnny Williams started the game, and it wias evidteinit that the homesters were molt going to leave anything to chance, as a rush was at once made for Hallwood, but O. E. was on the aleii-L and quickly puit them to the right about. Tommy MeCann ,now got hold, and going off on his own, sleiit across to Stanley Hughes, only to see that player put over the bar. J. H. Jorues was now very promilruerUlt with .some very fine clear- ances, after one of which. Piearson went away, and after going well up this field was neatly rOlbberd by O. E. After hovering .round Bob Lurut for some time, Jack Lunt broug,)14 off a gnand clearance, and play was taken to the other end, where Cheetham had hard lines, with a long shot. Still pressing, the Cormorants forced a corner off MeCann but Jacob headed over the bar. The Gulls now .put a bit of life initio their play, and Bob Lunt was obliged to aancedie a corner. This, however, was abor- tive, but not to be denied, .the visitors kept up thfe pressure,, and J. T, Jonies, after belartllillg Lunt, -,vas a:ID,out to centre, when J. H. Jones came to the rescue and kicked out. The Cormorants now had a look in, as Johnny gat possession, and with a tricky run took pllay to the visitors' quarter, and passed out,, but W. Williams was lying offside, and spoiled the movemenit. The Gulls' ous.todiiian had a fright at this period, as Aldy, after onte of his nippy runs, senit across the goal, wh):.re Biriookes-Evans headed past the poisit. Johnny now tried his luck wifth a low fast slloit, which Hallwood jusit managed to' secure. The Gulls then took up the running and forced a corner. Nothing came of this, but soon after J. Ll. Owen put in a fine centre, and after a scramble in froDit of goal, Alderson managed to gelt away. Ovn-,n, .however, agafin secured and Beirut in, but found a sound defence. Aldy again came away os his own and passed out to W. Williams, who leift O. E. IsrtarndinJg and slerut in a grand centre. Johnny, however, got too far in, but ran back, and sent in a fast ishot which, after cannonirug off an opponent, came out to Brookes-Evanis who sent in a beauty, which brought Hallwood ito his knees near the post. The Cormorant, though facing winid, were makf,ng, mosrt at .the play, and Wallliijr Bach arg:ain centred Wiel11., but Hallwood could not be 11 heaten. After .saving ahotts in quick succession from Johnny and Brookes-Evans, half-time ar- rived with, t, score, sheiet blank. » » » The Cormoranits attacked wiith great vigour on resuming hostilities, and as the Gullis were playing a fine defensive game, matters became very interesting. Johnny now went through, and Hajllwood1 brought off a fine save. It was quite evident that! the pressure brought tio bear on ■the vilsiting defence must meet with some re- ward, and 'events proved that this surmise was correct. After a n'eait bit of work by Willie, the hall wais .senit over to the centre, where Johnny got hold and sKnt a shot which bounced to- wards Hallwood, who ran out to save, but was met by Brookes-Evans, who, after a scramble for possession, put into an open goal. This success acted as a tonic fox the Cbrmorantis, who were 'now cfearly masters Of tihe situation. Willie Bach again went down the winig and put ■in a grand centre, but Cheetham, unfortunately, over-ran, the ball, thus losing .a glorious, chanic.e. A similar thing occurred a few minutes later. The visitoris' deifenoe were now having a lively time, in fadt lift seemed to be Hallwood first, the nest nowhere. Still pressing, Johnny senit in a cross shot,, but Brookes-Evans headed the wronig side of the post. A scramble was now seen in front of goal as Hallwood ran out to save, and fortunately got possession, only to find him.srlf ,surrounded by opponents, who seemed disin- clined to allow him to rise. The whistle, how- ever, sefttled the mattieir. A rush was now made on the left. and Cheetham forced a corner off Hugheis. Reckless now went away, but was soon pulled up by Georgie, who was playing a fine game. Back again came the homesters, and 'Cheetham.. after a fine run. sent in a beauty which gave Hallwood an awkward handful. The Cormorants were at this stage havinig mat- ters all their own way, and shots- were sent in .to Hallwood in rapid succession. It lookeid, as though he would save his side from further dis- aster,, ¡hUitBl'ooIDeSi-:Ev¡ans IbrorughitJ about his downfall soonaJfltJer with a mice header. The Gulls now paid a visit to the homesters' quar- ters. Stanley Hughes got through and passed to Reckless, who, though in a fine position, took a "reckless" shot, which we;nt miles wide. The Gulls were now a beaten team, as Geongiie upseit all their schemes. The homesters trtied hard toO -add to their score, and but for the fine display of Hiall-wood this would have been much heavier. As it s,tands, it in no way reip,re,sents the play, as the Coirimoiraiits were vastly superior in all departments. Nothing worthy of note occurred (till call of time, the taJbles being turned on the Gulls to the tune of 2 goals to nil.