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N.W. COAST SENIOR CUP FINAL. LLANDUDNO AMATEURS v. HOLYHEAD. ANOTHER DRAW FOR HOLYHEAD. PLUCKY DISPLAY OF THE AMATEURS. (BY "VIGILANT.") I stated in a previous report that there were some teams who, with a large element of luck, some teams who, with a large element of luck, find themselves in equal positions with teamls who have shown better merit, and another in- stance of this was shown at Bangor on Satur- day, when the Harbourmen were distinctly lucky, in about three minutes from time, in finding themselves allowed to replay the final for the Cup again. Never did the cup look so much any team's for fully 87 minutes' as that of Llandudno, and yet, by the spirit of .indecision on the part of yet, by the spirit of .indecision on the part of the Llandudno defence, that had played' so gamely all through, and shown decidedly the better football, what looked a certainty was turned' into an equality. I think all my Holy- head, friends will at once admit that the Har- bourmen were indeed lucky to draw, and if any evidence of this was required, it was surely to be found in the wild outburst of cheering and jubilation that rent the air—damp indeed though it was—when the Harbourmen drew level. But more of this anon. < Hopes had been entertained that the uncom- monly fine weather of the past fortnight would last over Saturday, so. that a fast display might be seen upon the Bangor enclosure; but this was not to be, and all hopes were ,Glisappointed regarding the weather, as the excursions from Holyhead and! Llandudno journeyed towards the Cathedral Oity. If the weather did damp the ardour of many, the attendance was most grati- fying, and oertalin it is that it would have been larger if the elements had beetr more propitious. However, the North Wale's Coast Association managed' to bag £34 13s. id. out of the match, which is a very good' sum; considering all the circumstaftcesf. The partisans of the Harbour- men wore their blue and' white rosettes, whilst the Llandudtao friends wore those of black and white. There were no artificial rattles, such as was the case when Aberystwyth met Holyhead on the same enclosure, under such climatic con. ditions, and strange to say, with exactly the sime result, an t, equaliser in the last few minutes. Lucky Holyhead, aye, thrice lucky are ye At the comme,noement of the game the ground was in fairly good condition, and the stand was packed like a case of sardines1. Tommy Morgan of Conway, was nursing the cup, and towards the end of the fray said he was nearly frozen. I quite believe you, Tommy, that cold silver, sleet and rain, with an additional gust of wind in your face was enough to make anyone feel that way. Still, I think the sardine-like close- mess of those on'the stand, with the enthusiasm that was, present and the value one got for his money, made the elements far less comfortless than thev might have been. I noticed friend Weekeis there, and he wore a most amxious look all through the game, until the equaliser came, and then hlis countenance was. radieint as: the rising sun. And, why not, Percy? Did it not -do wonders, that goal? The apparent loss of the cup for so long a time was at an end, and this gave ye hope yet once again. And now for a few remarks anient the game. Both sides were as strong as strong could be. The Amateurs could not put on a stronger, and I am told neither could Holyhead. Both sides were. heartily greeted with ringing cheers as they stepped into the arena about 3.30 p.m., Holyhead leading. The expressions of regret were all concerning the possibilities of the weather getting worse. Referee Beech had corn. man-d of the game, and the following were the t.eams Holyhead Collier, goal; Tiny Conlan and W. H. Parry, backs Taylor, W. T. Jones and Dick Ellis, halves; H. Roberts, O. B. Edwards, J. Rowlands, Bogue, and H. Brown, forwards. Llandudno: Jim Williams, goal; Jack Lunt (captain), and Charlie Roberts, backs; Jacob Williams, Georgie Davies and Harold Pearson, halves; Alderson, Bob Welch, Johjinie- Wil- liams, Brookes-Evans, and Herbert Hotchkiss, forwards. < < Holyhead won the toss, and played towards the city goal, and the opening exchanges were such that one could not enthuse much about. Johnnie Williams at length became prominent with a dashing try, but was at once pulled up, and the Harbourites sailed towards Jim Williams, until Charlie Roberts checked successfully and made a smart return. Brown and Bogue then cantered off down the left, and Jack Lunt had' to put into touch to avoid further incursions. Getting pos- session, Johnnie Williams, sent a strong pass to Hotchkiss, but the sphere ran out. From the throw in, the Sir Fonites made away, a pass to Brown going into, touch. Rain now began to fall such as Anril can supply, and still the game waxed fast and strong. Pearson fed Hotchkiss, but the "great" Herb. failed to catch, so slithering was the ground. And no. wonder that the brave 22 in their turns failed now and again. It now developed into this, that in the game of slippeTiness an 'adversary had to watrih for his opponent's miss and so work on it to his de- triment. Jacob Williams was tackling well, but notwithstanding this Francy Bogue sent in a teasing grounder, that Williams kicked clear. Holyhead worked down on the right, until Jack Lunt sent out to the cornier flag. A moment or two later Williams was again handling. Bob Welch unintentionally passed to Conlan, and now Llandudno: worked well up the field and were slow to improve, and at the other end Rowland's (seint in a grounder that Tan into touch. < < From a timely pass Hotchkiiss got .possession and passed to his mates, with the result ;that Collier came out of his den, and the ball was somewhat cleared Hotchkisswards. That Little teaser Hew towards the ball, and slammed in a terrific shot that went behind the net. This smart bit of play was deservedly applauded. The Amateurs were now showing capital tactics, and Alderson with the side of his right foot tried his luck with a shot that just went wide of the post. From the goal kick Llandudno again got pos- session, and Johnnie Williams .sent in a slow" grourndier that Collier, of course, had no trouble with. From the goal kick Holyhead took up the running, and Jacob Williams was seen to tackle finely, aided by Georgie Davies; but notwithstanding this the Holyhead men were not to be denied, and Jim Williams was again sav- ing finely by pushing the ball out, and Roberts met and flew it over the bar. Then W. T. Jones had a tty with a shot on the ground, which James secured, and in a trice O. B. Edwards shot in, and the ball bounced into William's s hands, who kicked clear. it And now the ,scenecharngeth. Hotchkiss hath the sphere and "Ididdl-es" several of the Harbour- men, to their surprise, and ,sends in. The ball is flying Collierwards, and1 after some hard lines and good play otn the part of Llandudno, Alder, son defeats Collier amidst a hurricane of cheer- ts I ing. This took place after about fifteen minutes' play. It was time for the Harbourmen to reo cognise that it was not the 8—1 or 3—o team they were playing, for the Amateurs came to Bangor to' win if possible. And so Williains was soon seen clearing beautifully from an on' slaught by the Harbourates, and even later he hugged the ball and disposed1 of it luckily. Pat- a-pat in the slushl went the Amateurs for Collier, and an exciting scene was enacted before him. Another nice move by Bob Welch saw him run the ball out, and when Browin had an advantage he also had tlhej misfortune to' see the ball roll out. A slow shot to Jim Williams saw him tip it out nicely. Conlan: walsi gamely tackled, by Johnnie WiI. liams, a'nd then down went the Harbourites to see Francey Bogue with an overhead kick place behind. From gaining possession nicely Hotch- kiss again worked his way through the opposing defence until he was fouled. Nothing tangible came of this, and H. 13rowii again had an open field, but was neatly checked. Johnnie Williams put in some good work, which was spoilt by Hotchkiss being ruled offside. Later this same play,er sent in a shot to Collier which he saved well. The incursion of the Harbourites was challenged by Georgie Davies and Harold Pearson. These players, and indeed the trio of Llandudno halves, were a fine set. A run down by the Amateurs saw Conlan. when press- ed, put out neatly. A corner agaifnst Llandudno was abortive, and a foul against Bob Welch saW the free kick placed on the side of the post. O. B. ran through afnd tested Williams, and from this a scramble occurred in front of Williams, from which Francey Bogue, who was lying off- side, scored. Great cheers greeted the netting of the ball, and some dismay was felt among the crowd when the point was disallowed. Holy- head pressed hard after this, and just on half time Llandudno were having the best of matters. Half time S,CoTe Llandudno, i Holyhead, o. it Never, I should think, was half time more welcomed' by players than this, for the poof fellows were drenched to the skin, and accept- able coffee and a short process of drying was indulged in. Returning somewhat refreshed, Holyhead made away, and the ball ran out of play. Then Johnnie Williams made a dalsh down, the left, and gave to Hotchkiss, who sent in a fine shot, which was .negotiated. Up again came Holyhead, only to be beaten down again, and Hotchkiss shot to the side of the net. Then again Holyhead retaliated, and W. T. Jones shot miserably wide, and a moment or two later his colleague, H. Roberts, repeated the trick. Llandudno were more nippy and quick in their movements, and, taken all round, giving a vigorous and admirable cup-tie display. R&io and sleet now fell, to add to the discomfort of the players, and the ground., Oh what a sight A veritable quagmire. Conlan and Parry wer pressed, and it was indeed no wonder on suell a ground. The Harbourmen forced ,matters, and C. Roberts: missed his kick, but had time to re- trieve ere danger was forthcoming. From a throw in, Holyhead forced1 a corner, which was cleared:, ani the venue changed. Brookes-Evans shot wide with a good opening, and later Geor,g-« Davies tried his luck with one of his patents. Holyhead pressed, and now began to "buck up," for they forced the play and roused their supporters to a pitch of great excitement for the long-looked-for goal, and time was running- Llandudno- at length cleared, but the Harboui- men returned to the attack, and H. Roberts, with a good chance, shot miserably wide. Up and down play ruled for some time, until Tian Williams had to run out and kick clear. Then a .slashing and dashing run was made by the Amateurs for Collier, who handled a good shot- Then later some .good passing movements were seen on the side of the Amateurs, who were playing a plucky game, in. which Johnnie Wil- liams was good and Bob Welch palsed t0' Alder- som too straight though Then Parry connes among the forwards of the SirFonites, and they play the one back game, and desperate efforts are made to make a draw. Ding-dong play en- sues and the Harbourmen force metters. There are but five minutes to run, and Llandudno looK for all the world winners of the cup. Four minutes remain, and Holyhead attack and Llan- dudno defend, and when a minute has elapsed a misunderstanding between the backs of the Ama- teurs lets Parry in, and he draws level with a beauty. Words can hardly describe the v5?1" ferous cheering that greeted this success. The Holyheadians were frantic with delight, and .the mutual admiration seen amongst the Sir Fon players was a sight to behold. Then the follow- ing three Temlainingminutels were a gloriou'9 struggle for 'the "plum" of victory, which came to neither side, and so the replay will have to take place on Wednesday next at Bangor. Final: Llandudno, i Holyhead, i.