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CHRISTMAS AND NEW YEAR PRESENTS. wiSfS fa vv y ADVE*Ji!WES tf\e fact Jpp tfiaf we hjj/9 â¡DJIflJ the rest of competition dnd have shewn dboidm & y fRONT d^dinst all ojfos\fion%mmP Ifou would do welLto—^ eeuiM am <f "'HiSMUBo LE yvis BROS., TAILORS, ETC., Conway Road, COLWYN BAY. youto Stick d lovely I knew you would appreciate a present bought at W. Jones & Son, JEWELLERS, &c., Station Road, COLWYN BAY. They have such a nice assortment of Goods suitable for XMAS and NEW YEAR GIFTS, for Ladies and Gent's, and the prices are so low, and what is more they paclc all parcels free, and pay postage during Xmas time. XMAS PRESENTS Our Stock now contains the largest and most complete selection of those most acceptable remem- brances that we have ever before shown. CALL AT WILLIAMS' BAZAAR, THE EMPORIUM, OLD COLWYN. Illy .0100'. TAKE SANTA CLAUS' ADVICE. For the Best place to get Christmas Gifts for OLD, AND YOUNG RICH AND POOR, GO TO. R. W. WILLIAMS' BAZAAR, The Emporium, • OLD COLWYN. 4.

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