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For Sale. BUILDING LAND. 540 ACRES OF FREE- HOLD BUILDING LAND in and around COLWYN BAY. Every variety from choice sites for SHOPS to commanding sites for BUNGALOWS. SEVERAL GOOD SHOPS and a large selec- tion of DWELLING HOUSES. To be Let. DROMORE," a substantially built house with rooms of good size, comprising 3 sitting-room, 7 bedrooms, bathrooms, &c. Admirable position upon Promenade. Rent £ 80. "ARCADIA," Coed Pella Road, corner property with sunny aspect and pleasant outlook, contains 3 sitting-rooms, 6 bedrooms, bathroom, etc. Rent -(56. COTTAGES FOR WORKING MEN. Several TERRACE HOUSES containing living room, back kitchen and 3 bedrooms. 3/6 per week (clear), at LLANDUDNO JUNCTION. Any reasonable repairs will be done for applicants producing satisfactory references. FURNISHED HOUSES. Register of a large selection in all parts of the N. Wales Coast. ApPLY- MESSRS. J. M. Porter & Hunter Architects & Surveyors, Estatft Agents & Valuers, THE ESTATE OFFICE, COLWYN BAY, Telephone, No. 38. Registered Telegraphic Address Plans," Colwyn Bay. Parciau Freehold Building Estate, COLWYN BAY. T CRES. T TNDULATING 120 A U pARK L AND. TO BE SOLD on Chief or otherwise in Plots for Detached or Semi-Detached Residences. Sites with splendid uninterrupted views of hills and sea, several having south aspect. Fine wide roads, sewered and completed. No charge for road making. Land tax redeemed. Railway Stations, Telegraph and other conven- iences in close proximity.—Apply, Messrs. J. M. Porter & Hunter, The Estate Office, Colwyn Bay. ESTATE AGENT, SURVEYOR and/ V/ VALUER. Estates managed tnd developed. Valuations and OAYLEY Survey, for ESTATE W] purpose*V w OFFICE, — Wynnstay Chambers, ^/COLWYN BAY. TBUEPHONB No. j* Afaat te Ow Cayley Estate, which comprises some 300 acre. of ripe Building Land between Colwyn Bay and Rhos-on-Sea, with magnificent uninterrupted tea frontage of upward* of 1,000 yard*. A. J. OLDMAN. Auctioneer, Valuer & Estate Agent, Mostyn Street, LLANDUDNO. Telegrams: OLDMAN, LLANDUDNO." Telephone: No. 118. Established February, 1892. All Sales personally conducted, prompt settlements, Jowest possible charges. M. & J. WILLIAMS PLAS MAWR, HIGH STREET, CONWAY, JOINERS & CABINET MAKERS, FURNITURE REMOVERS, UPHOLSTERERS & BEDDING MANUFACTURERS. PICTURE FRAME MAKERS, MOUNT CUTTERS, PACKERS OF WORKS OF ART The largest assortment of PICTURE MOULDINGS in North Wales. GWAITH DANNEDD. DR. JONES, D.D.S. (A.M. &c.), DENTIST Has removed from HIGH STREET to CRAIG OWEN, Railway Station, BANGOR. At Home Daily, except TUESDAYS and THURSDAYS. ELLERSDALE, Conway Road, COLWYN BAY. THIS High-Class Boarding Establishment is beautifully situated and is luxuriously furnished, near to Golf Links, Sea and Wood. Excellent Cuisine. Sanitary arrangements per. fect. Tariff. MISS RICHARDSON, Proprietress. ENVELOPES AND NOTE PAPER IN 'aii the Newest Style AT R. E. JONES & BROS'. Central Library, 8, Station Road, Colwya Bay, and Rose Hill Street, Conway. To be Let. TO LET.—"Redlands," Albert Drive, Deganwy. Well situated, modern conveniences. Mod- erate rent.—Apply, Minafon, Tymawr Road, Deganwy. LLVVYN ONN, GLAN CONWAY. — Semi- detached villa, centrally situated, 5 minutes' walk from Post Office and Station. Rent, £ 16.— Apply Jones, Ship, Glan Conway. COLWYN BAY.—Commodious Business Pre- mises, with dwelling house above, most centrally situated. Immediate possession.—Apply, F.G. Weekly Neivs Office, Colwyn Bay. BALDWIN HOUSE, Llandudno, centrally situ- ated in Lloyd Street recently decorated. To Let.—Apply to Knox, Hassal, Dodd & Co., 36, Mostyn Street, Llandudno. TO LET, an excellent Boarding Establishment in centre of town, standing in its own ground, electric light throughout.—R. D. Owen, Llandudno. Telephone 65. Carlton," Grove Park, Colwyn Bay 2* 2* beautiful, well-planned house. Newly decorated.—Apply, Ashleigh," Grove Park. TO LET.—Glyn Arfon, Llandudno Junction. Semi-detached villa. Rent £ 23.—Apply, Glynne Jones, Solicitor, Bangor. PWLLHELI.—Houses on West End Parade to let, suitable for Boarding Establishments, &c.; 34ft. frontage. £ 45 rental.—Apply, S. Andrews & Son, Estate OHices, Pwllheli. TO LET.—Glasfryn, Eleanor Road, Old Col- wyn, ^26.—Apply, The Bungalow, Koffler's Road, Old Colwyn. To be Let or Sold. HOUSES, SHOPS, AND PROPERTY TO BE SOLD OR LE T. In Victoria Park, Woodland Park. Shops to be Let in Conway Road. Houses and Shops to be Let or Sold in Sea View Terrace. Apply to THOMAS PARRY, Llys Aled, Colwyn Bay. BOD EURYN, COLWYN BAY. ""T'HIS convenient and substantially built ■X Gentleman's Residence to be Let or Sold, Freehold charmingly situated under Bryn Euryn, and having an extensive frontage to Tanybryn Road, with uninterrupted view of the sea, woods, and hills. Tastefully laid out pleasure grounds comprising i\ acres. Accommodation 10 bed- 4 rooms, 3 reception rooms, spacious hall and billiard room, gas, electric light, hot and cold water throughout, and every modern convenience. For orders to view and further particulars apply R. E. Birch, F.S.I., Cayley Estate Office, Wynnstay Chambers, Colwyn Bay. -e. Business for Disposal. ANGOR.-354, High Street (Warwick House). j) Grocery and Provision Business to be disposed of.—Apply, T. Rigby. Houses and Property lor Sale. FOR SALE.—Freehold House, Harcourt Road Price, £ 650.—Apply, A. J. Davis, Fruiterer' Lloyd Street, Llandudno. FOR SALE.—Two Semi-detached Houses, near Conway. Present rental of the two, £ 40. Good investment.—Apply for particulars to Jones, Weekly News Office, Conway. LAND, for small houses, for sale in Dundonald Road, Colwyn Bay. Low Building Ties.— Apply, James F. Taylor, Solicitor, 71, Lord Street, Liverpool. For Sale. 16 WORLDS, 6d.; 3 WEEKS, its. MAHOGANY PARLOUR TABLE, real good square top, not scratched or soiled, on lovely stand, with 4 large legs, brass ends, no worm holes or soiled.. Will take 28s.-Dyer, Crewkerne, Somerset. FARMS for Sale, prices £8 acre. Full printed JL particulars, two stamps.-Rutters, 10, Norfolk Street, Strand. FOR SALE.—Motor Boat, 22 by 6, draught 2 feet, speed 7 miles; also Marine Engine Boiler and Fittings, suitable 18-20 foot Launch.- Particulars from T. L. Manchester, Pwllheli. FOR SALE.—A 6 h.p. Porta-ble Engine by Clayton & Shuttleworth, in perfect order, and as good as new reasonable offer accepted.— Blythin, Morley Road, Rhyl. PORK, dairy fed, grand quality, large or small, fresh killed, clean packed, 7s. 6d. stone, of 14 lbs., offals given in.—Apply Mrs. Wells, Hazel House, Toftwood, Dereham. GOLD WATCH.—Lady needing money offers quite privately her lovely solid Gold Watch, never worn, richly chased, splendid timekeeper, with warranty. Accept 2IS;, worth treble. Approval before payment willingly. Write, Box 55, Weekly News Office, Conway. BATH CHAIR.-For Sale, a handy chair, in i-) good condition. Apply, 6, St. David's 1 errace, Penmaenmawr. FISH, FISH, FISH.—Hawker's and Fryers' I m,\xe~ x •ltS' l°west prices and best quality. 9 stone Cod, Ling, Haddocks, Plaice, 10/. 4 stone 5/ Headless Haddocks, Sprags, and Roker, 1/3 stone. Fresh Herrings, 3/- 120. Kippers and Bloaters, 2/6 box. Large Finnies, 3/6, Medium, 3/ Middles 2/6 stone. Basses of selected fish (Carriage Paid) 9 lbs. 2/6, 14 lbs. 3/6. Cash with order. ] Satisfaction guaranteed. Detailed price list free.- ] Alfred Buckle, Fish Docks, Grimsby. OIL ENGINES, fixed and portable, up to 25 b.h.p.; the cheapest motive power for farmers. Send for Catalogue.—Nayler & Co., Ltd., Engineers, Hereford. VALUABLE VIOLIN (marvellous solo tone), labelled Stradivarius cremona, 1721. Case, bow, 5s. tutor, music stand ( £ 10 10s. outfit). Sacrifice 21s., approval.—Write, Mrs. Tyler, Rock- ingham, Uxbridge. FERRETS FOR SALE.—Apply, T. Williams, Keeper, Warren, Gwespyr, Holywell. EIGHTY Line Fishing Co., Fish Docks, Grimsby.—Fish, ice, oyster, and herring salesmen buy direct from the steamers and save the merchants' profits; best quality frying fish, hawkers' mixed fish, 5s., 7s. 6d., ios., 15s. kit; special quotations for large quantities; finneys, kippers, bloaters, 2s. per box; fresh and sprinkled herrings, 5s., lOS., 15s. per kit; salt cod, 2s. per stone; lists free. XMAS Parties.—Lace Curtains from 2s. 6^d. pair designs free.—John Hinds, 184, Stock- well Road, London. YARMOUTH, noted at this season for Bloaters, jL Kippers, and ham-cured Herrings. Speciality. Johnson, 131, King Street, Yarmouth, forwards boxes, is. 6d., 2S. 6d., and 3s. 6d., carriage paid, any part United Kingdom. Established 1894. For Sale (Continued). METAL keyless Watch; capital timekeeper; iVi London made; genuine bargain; 5s. 6d.— Marshall, 16, Oxford Road, Waterloo, Liverpool. T'WO Brooches and two Charms, job lot. X Remarkable value, is. id.—Marshall, 16, Oxford Road, Waterloo, Liverpool. DINNER Set, 50 pieces (porcelain), 13s. gd.; packed free samples, 6d.—J. B. Mellor & Co., Burslem. ARROT.-Talking warranty given month's trial, my risk; 10s. 6d.; particulars free Cage, 5s. 6d.—Mrs. Forrester, Violet Street, Liverpool. AFES.-Various large sizes. Clearing from 40s.; bargains.—Levy's Safe Co., Sunderland. ALBERTS BASIC SLAG.—For prices, apply to W. Ellis & Co., Coal Merchants, Abergele. GUN (Bargain).—DOUBLE BREECH-LOAD- ER, latest improvements, quite new, 12-bore, central fire, top lever, finest steel barrels, left choke, bar action rebounding locks, extension rib, well finished and nicely balanced, splendid killer; ap- proval, 35s. Sportsman," Weekly News, Conway. WHITE Honeycomb Shawls, 54 inches square. Fringed, 3s. 3d. each, post free.—Garland, Pawnbroker, Hampton Rd., Twickenham, London. BRASS wire Rabbit Snares, iod. dozen; im- proved with swivel and brass wire snoods, is. 4d. dozen, carriage pail.—John Palmer, Pal- merstown, Cadoxton, Barry. MY grand Stock of well-grown Buff ORPING- TONS; also White and Black LEG- HORNS, Cockerels from 5s.; Pullets from 4/6. —Jackson, Maesbury, Oswestry. BLUCHERS, Bluchers, Bluchers, quite new at 4s. per pair orders despatched by return. Rogers, the Express Shoe Depot, Peterborough FARMERS, Butchers, Provender Dealers, Joiners, and all users of small motive power should call and see the "HANDY MAN OIL ENGINE at Lanceley's, Engineers, Brook Street, Chester, where steam, gas and oil engines can be seen working. FRETWORK, OUTFIT, Cheapest anywhere, Frame, Saws, three Files, Hammer, Rule, Bradawl, Table, Cramp, case for saws and instruc- tions, complete, set 3s. post free.—Syer's Fretwork Stores, 45, Wilson Street, London, E.C. MILITARY CLOTHING.—4000 good, large, dark grey or blue Waterproof Cloth Over- coats for Sale, put'out of service for other pattern either, carriage paid, for 7s. 6d.; name size required. Large Capes, same material, 2S. 6d. each.— From H. J. Gasson, Government Contractor, Rye. LOOK I-You have all helped to pay for them before. Military Knee Boots, smart appear- ance, 7s. 6d. per pair. Naval Knee Boots, very strong, 6s. 6d. per pair; Bluchers, 5s. 6d. per pair, any size. Carriage paid. Cash returned if not approved of.—H. J. Gasson, Government Con- tractor, Rye. RUGS! RUGS !—Good, all wool, 6ft. long, 6ft. wide, and weigh over 4lbs.; Govern- ment grey only been used a little much better than common new. I will send one post free for 3s.—From H. J. Gasson, Government Contrac- tor, Rye. WATERPROOF CAPES, large size, suitable for cyclists or men exposed to the wet, cabmen, &c.; arms free, yet covered from the weather, 3s.-0ilskin Serge-lined Police Capes, 5s. Blue Cloth Police Capes, 6s. 6d. Either carriage paid.—H. J. Gasson, Government Contractor, Rye. SOLID WALNUT PIANO (Old-fashioned) for sale.—Address, Piano," c/o Weekly News Office, Conway. LADIES Black Costume Skirt; latest fashion trimmed and gauged; very special; post free, 5S.; mention length money returned if dis- satisfied.-W. Bodle, Market Place, Wokingham. f AN ARIES FOR SALE.—Typical Norwich Plainheads, over moult, bred from prize win- ners, not colour fed. Also Goldfinch and Linnet Canary Mules, good songsters, overstocked, inspec- tion invited.-Whitfield Gibson, Highfield, Rhyl. FERRETS, well trained, good workers, 4s. and 4s. 6d. each; clean, healthy; safely packed. —Copeman, Keeper, Toftwood Common, Dereham. BEAUTIFUL Baby Long Clothes; Sets of 50 articles, 21s.; a bargain of loveliness. Approval.—Mrs. Max, The Chase, Nottingham. RABBIT NETTING.—Long Nets for trapping and covert shooting also Purse Nets, Net- ting Twiner, &c. List post free.—Parnall & Co., Netting Works, Bedminster, Bristol. I ) AZORS.—Genuine hollow ground, finest cast JLV steel, Sheffield made throughout. Satisfac- tion guaranteed. Post free, 2s. 6d.-Hadley & Co., 52, Everton Road, Sheffield. CHEAP FRIED FISH.—Order from a reliable firm I can send a gst. kit of cod, ling, plaice, haddocks, &c., for ios.; frying fish from is. per st.; salt cod, 2s. per St.; Finny kippers and bloaters, 2s. 6d. per box terms cash, to Bethel Petch, Fish Docks, Grimsby. ii DEATALL" is. 3d. white remnant parcels, I) damasks, &c. Testimonials received every post customers delighted.—" Beatall," Rushden, Slorths. PATCHWORK.—300 lovely Silks, is. 3d.; 140 i. larger, is. id.; Crewels, 5d. dozen Prints, [ 3d.-Barrs, Ashley, Mountsorrel. GUN, £ 1 os., cost £ 8 1 os.; genuine bargain; double barrel, breech-loader, left choke, 12 v*51?' se^"ext.ractor! by reliable Birmingham Maker. Remit cash in Postal Orders. Will return money if not approved. E. Ashton. 5. Churchill I l errace, U.-on-M., Manchester. ..n ]\T EW-LAID Eggs. Any quantity genuine new 1 M laid. Write stating quantity, price, etc. Prompt cash. r. Greany, 12, Avonmore Avenue Mossley Hill, Liverpool. CANARIES.-SPlendid Hartz Mountain Roller Cocks, lovely songsters, 2s. 6d. each, two for 4s. 6d., including cage safe arrival and satisfaction guaranteed, or money fully returned. Ham- monds, Live Stock Breeders, Berkeley Road, Manor Park. 2 WALLPAPERS from ifd. per roll. Any quantity, large or small, at Wholesale Prices. Stock exceeds 100,000 rolls all classes.— Write for patterns, stating class required.—Bar- nett's Wallpaper Warehouse (Dept. 281), Camp- field Avenue, Manchester. BARGAIN.-Gent's high-grade Coventry mach- ine, perfectly new, not soiled, best tyres and tubes, plated rims and free wheel, rim brake, gas lamp, and all other accessories; beautiful machine; sacrifice, £ 3 19s. 6d.; approval willingly.—T. Hus- band, Chargrove House, Ashcombe Road, Weston- super-Mare. A BARGAIN .—Ladies' Cashmere DRESS LENGTHS, all colorings, 2s. ud., carriage paid. Autumn patterns ready, post free.—Birketts' Dress Warehouse, Bradford. For Sale (Con.). To BOOTMAKERS.—Best Steeled Tips, all X kinds and prices. Sample pairs and prices sent on application.—Pugh, Smith, Carno, Mont. WIRE NAILS, Mixed, 8s. per cwt.; 281bs., 2S. 3d.; Screws, mixed, 28s. per cwt.; 281bs., 7s. 6d.; wire cut, wrought, and malleable nails] bolts and nuts, rivets, etc., wholesale prices. Midland Nail Works, 25 and 26, Rea Street, Birmingham.—John Pyne, Proprietor. APPLES direct from grower.—Cookers, i61bs, 3s. gd.; 32lbs, 7s.; finest dessert, i61bs, 4s. 3d.; 32lbs, 8s.; carriage paid; package free.—Mrs. Conly, Violet Villa, Pershore, Worcs. Miscellaneous. nnOLTR TO THE HOLY LAND, organised X and conducted by Rev. J. W. Miller, M.A., Woodland Avenue, Leicester, assisted by a Welsh- man in Palestine, who owns the best hotel in Jerusalem. The fare is inclusive, and amounts to only half the charge usually made.—Particulars as above. WANTED, smart Agents (either sex), whole or V spare time. Canvassing all classes. Re- markably quick selling 3d. article; 7s. 6d. to 48s. easily earned weekly. Exceptional discounts. Sample (on approval), with terms, 4d. free.- Address, Manufacturers' Agent, Primrose Cottage, Henderson's Avenue, Belfast. MATRIMONIAL POST, sealed envelope 5d., 1, with circular gd. Established over quarter century. Editor Rooms, 9 to 14, Trafalgar Buildings, London, W.C. A HOUSE.—No Rent, no Landlord, anywhere A in England. We have helped 14,000 to this, and can help you. Write for free booklet to W. W. Benham.—Box W. 352, 72, Bishopsgate Street Without E.C. BUSINESS MEN should have their books jD Audited and BALANCE SHEETS properly drawn up. INCOME TAX Appeals and Repay- ments. For advice and information, apply to Askew & Company (Accounts Department), Busi- ness Agents and Accountants, 28, Imperial Build- ings, Dale End, Birmingham. Low charges. North Wales Accountant interviews free. "pHE MEDICAL HOME, Coed Pella Road, X Colwyn Bay.-Hospital trained Nurses supplied, electricity and massage, nursing appliances. Matron. ASSAGE.-MISS CLINT, Certificated IVi Masseuse, Nauheim Treatment (London Certif.), attends patients at their own homes.— Address, Sandringham, Mostyn Road, Colwyn Bay. CHURCH and Art Needlework Orders taken by MISS EDITH CLINT, Sandringham, Mostyn Road, Colwyn Bay. ANY Photo copied for real photo postcards, single proof, 7d. 2s. 6d. dozen Cabinets, best finish, like engravings, 6s. dozen 3s. 6d. for 6; proof copy, is. Stamp photos, is. dozen.—Send photo and P.O., Marks, 6, Fairfield Terrace, Bath. n RABBIT or HARE SNARES, 2s. 3d.; a O prand snare over 15,000 in use this season. KNIGHT, Cedar House, Auchinblae, N.B. MAS mTHK BEAT-ALL SERIES. 20 Highest Quality Folding Cards, 1/ All different worth double. Your money returned if not approved. Send early and get the best. Forward is. and id. postage to C. HALLY & CO., C46, Rochester Row, London, S.W. ARDS. USEFUL OCCUPATION FOR THE WINTER.—Rug making Machines, is. and is. 6d. each. Patent Tube Embroidery Needles, for raised wool and silk work, 6d., is., and is. 6d. each. Descriptive circulars, stamped addressed envelope. —The Home Rug Machine Co., 126, Walworth Road, London, S.E. BABY'S COMPLETE OUTFIT. I WEEKLY.—Beautiful Carrying Shawl, Day- Z1 gowns, Nightgowns, Flannel Barrows, &c., everything for use, 22s. 6d. Sent to any address upon receipt of 2s. 6d. deposit and balance (20S.) by instalments 2s. weekly.—Mrs. Wallace, 45, Albert Road, North Woolwich. T/A y pay more? Old Shirts l'Vj refitted complete, with fronts, cuffs, and neckbands (undressed); guaranteed linen, fronted fittings. Customers recommend remittance with return postage. Send now, best time.—Thomas Waters, Manufacturer, 12, Howard Street, Belfast. Cunard Line-White Star Line. Passage booked. Berths secured in good positions on applying at once to William Henry Ellis, Shipping Agent, Bryn Euryn, Llanfairfechan. BEAUTIFUL NOTTINGHAM LACE. A BARGAIN don't miss this monster parcel of A lace and insertions in long, useful lengths, suitable all purposes an isin. square of beautiful allover lace included, if required; the lot sent carriage paid is.—W. Lee, 58, Peveril Street, Not- tingham. RETIRED dealer's Secret to fatten and improve horses in 14 days, is. id.—J. Bird, Wisbech. PORTRAIT Enlargements for agents, canvassers, JL etc.; superior quality at lowest price; popular and profitable; send for prices.—Address Yorke, Enlarger, 120, Glenroy Street, Cardiff. GRAND Trade Secret.—How to increase busi- ness 100 per cent, in few weeks.—P.O. is., stamped addressed envelope, H. Martin, Esq., 12, Stoneham Road, Hove, Sussex. RAGS.—Any class bought, new or old. Special- ity Tailors' and Dressmakers' Clippings; Prompt cash Bank reference.—Handley & Drury, Dewsbury, Yorkshire, England. DEAD RATS found by Mr. G. Bloom- 2 20 field, of St. Mary Hoo, from one 2s. box of Sandford's Rat Poison. Mice and Mole Poison equally effective. Boxes, IS. 2d. upwards from Sanford & Son, Sandy, or Chemists. BAZAARS, BAZAARS.—Write for particulars of the most up-to-date designs in Madeira Fancy Basket-ware. Most successful.—Ralpa, 6, Lloyd's Avenue, E.C. Letters only. LUCKY Charm.—Are you unlucky? Just try my Egyptian Talisman Charm it will at- tract happiness, success, and riches. With direc- tions P.O. is. id. Write to-day.—Miss Pritchard, Post Office, Whitney, Hereford. STROLOGY.—Horoscope, two years' future; A Character, Finance, Marriage, etc.. send birth date, is. P.O.—PROF. GOULD, 27, Windsor Road, Newport, Mon. FREE—Your Career and Destihy Foretold by Celebrated Astrologer. Send birth date and stamped envelope, Madam Gordon, 27, Barony Street, Edinburgh. MASSAGE and Electro-Massage. Lloyd Williams, Certificated Massuer, attends patients in Llandudno and District.—Address, Holme Dale," Pleasant Street, Craig-y-Don, Llandudno. I Miscellaneous (Continued). BOOT Dealers.—Trade supplied; illustrated I JL) price list; 800 varieties.—Holmes Ware- house, 31, Newarke Street, Leicester. BIRDS and Animals Preserved cheaply by prac- tical hands; latest improvements.—F. Liver- more, Windley, Derby. My Wife and Children. For the best method of protecting them in the event of my ILLNESS or ACCIDENTAL DEATH apply to Mr. W. E. Jones, Insurance Broker, Beaumaris. ISH.-Nine stone Cod, Ling, Haddocks, Plaice, i ios.; 9 stone Headless Frying Fish, ios.; 400 Fresh Herrings, 125.; Salt Cod, 2s. stone best Smoked Haddocks, 2s. 6d. stone; Kippers, Bloaters, 2s. 6d. box; Bass Selected Fish, 2s. 6d.-Lacy & Son, Fish Docks, Grimsby. PA I CHWORK. 50 pieces lovely new silk, 6d., JL 100 pieces, gd., big lot Beautiful Velvets, 1/3, large bundle Prints, 1/4, Crewel Silk, 5d. per dozen. Carriage paid. M. Burgess & Co., St. Mary's Road, Moston, Manchester. PHOTOGRApHIC CHRISTMAS CARDS.— X Photographs and Cards complete, 2s. 6d. to 4s. per dozen. Call and see Specimens. Edwards, Photographer, Abergele Road, Colwyn Bay. I CE, AN LINERS.—Persons desirous of becom- ing Steamship Stewards, Stewardesses, Bakers, Pantrymen, Butchers, Stokers, Coal Trim- mers, forward stamped envelope, Egerton Breakell, Caroline, Wigan, Lane. IJHOTOGRAPHY extraordinary.—12 carte-de- i visites, is. gd., 6 cabinets, 2s., splendid en- largement, mounted, 18 by 14 in., 3s., send photo (any size) and postal order.-Hants Photographic Company, Como, Evan's Road, Southsea. LOOK HERE! Manufacturer's Stock of 5,000 Pairs of Men's irouseis to be sold regardless of cost. Send waist and inside leg measure. 4/11,5/11,6/11. Carriage paid on all orders. Money returned if not satisied. 1 HRIPPLETQN, WEBSTER & Co., Armley, Leeds. T Nl* LUENZA AND COLDS.—Lady will send X prescription of cheap, never failing cure, for is. 6d. and stamped addressed envelope.-Address, W.M. Weekly News Office, Conway. HOME. An Illustrated Magazine particularly interesting to Tenants. Specimen copy post free on application, mentioning this paper, to The Editor, 3, Brushfield Street, E.C. RATS. RATS. RATS. MR. G. H. CARLETON, Chemist, Dunluce Street, Larne, reports This morning* a customer of mine got the full of a meal bag of dead rats, after using • RODINE Rat Poison." 6 RATS LIKE IT, EAT IT, AND DIE. PRICE-6d., IS., 2S., 3s., 5s. Post, 2d. HARLEY, Chemist, Perth. Agent: W. P. JONES, Cherrist, Penmaenmawr. Horses, Carriages, &c., for Sale. HORSES of every description for Sale for Cash or by Instalments or for Hire.—Oxford House, Hazlitt Road, West Kensington, London, W. All Sizes and Prices to Suit all Businesses. HORSES, COBS, PONIES, WAGONS, CARTS, Floats, Traps, Harness, &c., for Sale, Hire, or Exchange, and pay as you can. The great advan- tage of this is that horses, &c., unlike other things on easy payments, earn the payments for which you get credit as you go on. It is great economy even to buyers for cash; they avoid many risks and have fair trials with view to purchase. Buyers should see these this is an old-established place with a good assortment on hand, and does not advertise selling under various pretexts.—PARKER WOOD, 22 & 25, Vauxhall road, Liverpool. Telephone 0213 Central. VESICO Sudorific (Flying Horse Trade Mark).— A non-itching white blister for lame or un- sound horses; for weak joints, strained sinews, diseased bone, puffy swellings, without interfering with ordinary usage.—Price 2s. 6d. or 5s., of Gregory & Co., Temple, Bristol: or through chemists. Farm and Garden Requisites. 16 WORDS, 6d.; 3 WEEKS, is. USE Wood's imperishable" Plant Club Label. LJ In three sizes; for trees, border plants, and rockwork or pots. The most popular and cheapest of all metal labels.—J. Wood (late of Kirkstall), Boston Spa, Yorks. COVER unsightly walls with Ampelopsis Veit- chi 12 well-rooted plants, is. 6d.; 12 oak trees, foot high, is., free. Norman, 57, Elmore Street, Islington, London. WALLFLOWERS, strong, bushy plants, V V separate .varieties or mixed, is. 6d. 100; Hollyhocks, Charters, prize doubles, 3s. doz.; Sweet Peas, double white, everlasting, 2s. gd. doz. de- livered.—Bull, Cavenham, Mildenhall. DOUBLE PRIMROSES.—" Pompadour," ios. doz., Red Paddy, 3s. 6d. doz.; Mauve, is. gd. doz. Free.—Aylmer, Rathmore Naas, Ireland. ALL FLOWER S.-Blood Red (early), Cloth W of Gold, Tom Thumb, Golden; strong, sturdy plants, is. 3d. per ioo.-Bowden, Nursery- man, Dunstable. CHRYSANTHEMUM BLOOMS, white and coloured, 30, is.; 80,2s.; carriage paid.—131, King Street, Great Yarmouth. MIXED BULBS, IOO, IS. 3d.; 500, 4s. 6d.; Woodland Hyacinths, ioo, is. Mrs. Hat- chell, Maryboro', Ireland. T /'A FRUIT TREES. Pyramids, stan- 1 dards, wall-trained apples, pears, peaches, plums, cherries (5 years old), just suitable for transplanting, no old rubbish, intended for the tenants; estate sold; catalogue of sorts, guaranteed true to name; 7,000 filbert Bushes, 5 ft. high, suit- able for pheasant coverts fortune to anyone having surplus land; choicest rhododendrons and shrubs in carriage drive.—Land Steward, Churchfield Estate, Cradley, near Malvern. AY.-ALDERSON BROS., Direct lmporters, 21, H Brasenose Road, Liverpool. ROVENDER .-ALDERSON BROS., 21, Brase- JT nose Road, Liverpool. Extensively used in North Wales. D. G. WILSON, MERCHANT TAILOR And OUTFITTER, MALDWYN HOUSE, STATION ROAD, LLANRWST. LEADING BREECHES MAKER & COSTUMIER EVERY GARMENT CUT & TAILORED IN CORRECT WEST-END STYLES. Choice Selection of Materials always in