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Llanrwst Urban DistrictI Council.


Llanrwst Urban District I Council. THE ELECTRIC LIGHTING QUESTION. The monthly meeting of the Llanrwst District Council was held on Friday, Mr W. J. Williams, J.P., presiding. There were also present Dr. Owen, Messrs. William Hughes, T. R. Jones, T. Rogers Jones, H. J. W. Watling, J. Rhydiwem Jones, William Davies, and W. G. Jones; to- gether with the Clerk (Mr R. R. Owen), the Surveyor (Mr George Wynne), and the Collec- tor (Mr E. M. Jones). DAMAGE BY TRACTION ENGINE. The Surveyor, in his report, drew attention to the destruction of the road caused by the Pen- machno traction, the surface of the road being ruined by it, and he would require more stones for filling in purposes. Mr Rogers Jones thought the quarry owners' attention ought to be drawn to the fact that they don't pay a pen'ny towards the rate. The Chairman thought they could claim some- thing. Mr T. R. Jones: Is it not the County Council that should see to this? The Chairman: No. Mr Rogers, Jones They have destroyed a road at Bettws-y-Coed so badly that they cannot tra- verse it, and now they come to Llanrwst. The Chairman Mr Adams, the County Coun- cil Surveyor, is paying attention seriously, to this, just now. The matter then dropped. COLLECTOR'S REPORT. The Collector reported that -the collections for the month had' been as follows!: —General dis- trict rate, C128 4s. water rate, £ 9 13s. tolls, ^'4 7s. 2d. total, £142 2d. TENDERS. The Clerk jeponted the acceptance of the ten- der of Mr Evan Hughes for the cartage of stones at gd'. per load. SCARCITY OF WATER. WHERE IS THE MISCHIEF? A letter was read from the Rev William Thomas, complaining of the scarcity of water, having had no supply at his house for a whole week. The Surveyor, in answer to a question,, thought the scarcity attributable to taps being allowed to run and the water wasted. Mr Rog,ers Jones said this was seriousi, after spending all this money, that there is not a better supply. Dr. Owen enquired if it would not be better to have an expert to. enquire into the cause, and to see if there was a remedy, as it was a very serious matter. Mr Rogers J oesl proposed a small committee to enquire into it. Mr Rhydwen Jones said,1 that it was most un- satisfactory, and he seconded the proposition. The matter was then referred to the Sanitary Committee. THE TOWN HALL IMPROVEMENT. Mr William Hughes thought they were. dealing rather unfairly with the contractor for this part of the work. He had personally InspeClen mc roof of the Town Hall, and could explain the reason of the leakages, which was, accounted for by the expanding of the lead in hot weather, and then when the cold weather returned the, lead contracted and caused leakages. This the con- tractor could not help. After further discussion, it was decided to pay the contractor the remaining balance of the con- tract money. THE ENQUIRY FOR LOAN. Letters were read from the Local Government Board, stating that the enquiry would be held on the 27th inst. MAIN ROAD REPAIRS. A cheque from the County Council for ^119 8s. gd. was received for the repairing of throo miles five chains of main road. ELECTRIC LIGHT POLES AND WIRES. A DANGER TO THE PUBLIC. A communication was read from the Llan- rWSlt Electricity Supply Company, stating that at the expiration of their contract for street lighting, they would remove the poles and. wires in those parts, of the town where they were erected. Mr Rogers Jones did not think that the Elec- tricity Supply Company had solicited for cus- tomers' in' that part of the town, otherwise they would have found ready consumers, providing the wires were laid under ground1; but as long as the wires were on poles they would not be accepted. He mentioned that on a certain, stormy Sunday, not many weeks back, one of the püles was blown down and was' a cause of danger to the public. In fact, some of the, wire is exposed. 'Mr Watling said he could endorse what Mr Rogers Jones had said. There was a great deal of the wire expos,ed at their end. After further discussion, it was decided that the Council still adhere to the resolution which was passed in May last. HEALTH STATISTICS. The Medical Officer reported! that for the month of October there, were six births and two deaths, as compared with six births and six deaths for the same period last year. FUTURE MEETINGS. Mr William Hughes asked the Council to meet in future at five o'clock instead of seven as at present. He said he had been asked to bring it forward by the Press. The Chairman asked if the gentlemen of the Press would like to say anything. Mr Brocklehurst, on behalf of the Press, said that speaking for the whole, table, he thought the hour mentionedl would suit better all the The Chairman said nothing definite could be done in the absence of Mr Mills, who was al- ways away until the seven train on Fridays. It was resolved1 to discuss the matter at their next meeting. BOXING-DAY: NO MARKET. Mr Watling asked if it would not be as well that the Council should decide as to whether there should be a market on Boxing-Day or not. The Chairman thought it would be difficult to do anything with the market. Mr Rogers Jones said Denbigh were closing, and why not Llanrwst? It was eventually decided that the market would be held on the Wednesday, just a day later, notice of which shall be given. FINANCIAL STATEMENT. The Finance Committee reported that there was a balance in 'the Treasurer's hands of -f $59 os. 4d., a contra account of ^141 14s., leaving an available balance of ^417 16s. id. THE LIGHTING PROBLEM. Another account of the discussion states:- At the meeting of Llanrwsit Urban District Council on Friday night, Mr. W. J. Williams, presiding, a letter from the Board of Trade was read enclosing a copy of a communication from the Electricity Supply Company to the effect that when the existing contracts expired in May next they would remove the overhead wires in the outer parts of the district, as there was no likelihood of there being any private consump- tion of current to justify the expense of either laying the cables underground or providing iron columns in place of the wooden poles upon which the wires were now carried. Mr W. Hughes said that it was evident that the Company did not intend next year to tender for the lighting of the town, and the Council would have to incur the expense of restoring the gas lampsi.. v* 'Rogers Jones contended1 that the Council sL .ask the Board of Trade to insist upon the ,vires being placed underground forthwith in accordance with the undertaking the Company had given some time ago. After discussion the Council, on the motion of Mr W. Hughes, resolved to inform the Board of Trade that on three -occasions recently the wires had been' blown down to the common danger, and! to ask that the regulation as to the wires being placed underground be forthwith insisted upon. u--

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