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HAWTHORNE COTTAGE- Mrs Hughes Misses Evans (2), Oldham Miss Partington, Eccles Misses Stronach and friend, Patricroft Miss Hampson, do WREKIN VILLA- MONTON VILLA- Mrs Hughes Mr and Mrs Waltho, family and nurse, Birmingham Mr and Mrs Hardman, Eccles Mrand Mrs Rothary, Higher Brougton SEVERN COTTAGE- Mr and Mrs Mackroney, Longton Master T. Mackroney, do ASTON VILLA- Mr and Mrs Crewe, Chester Misses Crewe (2), do Grove Park. P ARKFIELD-Mrs Hooper Mr and Mrs Mawson, Skipton NANT LODGE-Mrs Thomas Mr and Mrs Holden, Manchester Mrs Holden and children, do ARGYLE HOUSE-Mrs Jones Mr J. E. Tyler, Manchester Mr and Mrs Whitehead, do Miss Whitehead, do Messrs F. and G. Whitehead Miss Marshall, Blackpool Mrs Adams, Shrewsbury Mrs Rowley and family, do Miss Berry, Manchester Mr Goodier, do LLYS GELERT-Mrs Roberts Mrs Allcock and 4 children, Wrexham Miss Kajfc Manchester Mr and Mrs Adshead, do Mr and Mrs Bradshaw, do ENNERDALE-Mrs Ward GLAN ROSE-Mrs Roberts Mr and Mrs Wilson, Bury FLOVILLE-Mrs Swain Mr Taylor, Liverpool Mr Downing, Egremont Mr and Mrs H. H. Lane, Liverpool YORKBOURNE- Mrs McCann Mrs and Miss Barnett, Leek Miss Birch, do Mrs Pugh, Rochdale Miss Scott, do GRONvVEN-Mrs Francis Hughes KIRKLEES-Mrs Jenkinson Mr and Mrs Baldwin, Bradford Mrs Goldsburgh, do Miss Goldsburgh, do GRASSENDALE-Miss Barker Mr and Mrs Mosley and baby, Sheffield Mrs Wilsoncroft, Oldham Miss Wilsoncroft and party, do Mr and Mrs Juitt, London HADLEIGH-Mrs Bainbridge Mr and Mrs J. Guthrie, Liverpool Miss Gibson, Ayr, N.B. CORBROOK-Alrs Shield Miss Killip, Manchester J. Stott Millington, Esq, Reading Mrs Millington, do Mr John Millington, do Miss Millington, do CARTREF-Airs Williams RIBBLESDAL E-Misses Shepherd Mrs and Miss Thorpe, Bradford Mr and Mrs Frudd, do Misses Hallsall (2), Liscard CRAIGIE BURN- Mr and Mrs Thiel, London Mr and Mrs Fay. Bath Mr Robinson and friend, London LLYS EURYN— Misses Morton, Ramsbottom SPRINGFIELD- Mr Cardo, London Mr Nester, do Mr Swain, do Mr Day, do GROVE COTTAGE- Mrs Roberts HYFRYDLE-Mrs Williams Mr and Mrs Glendinning, children and maid, Liverpool Mrs Greenfield, do COPT HEA TH-Mr Hudson SUMMERVILLE- Mrs Williams WHITFIELD- Mrs Clayton, Bradford Miss Clayton, do Miss Baldwin, do Miss A. Baldwin, do BURTON VILLA TRENTHAM-Mrs Cope J. Litchfield, Esq, Normacot, Longton Miss Litchfield, do Miss Atkinson, do Mrs S. Booth, Wolstanton Miss L. Booth, do Master A. Booth, do Miss L. A. Cope, do Mr Chas. E. Cope, London GRANVILLE-Mrs H. E. Lees OSWELL VILLA- Mr and Mrs Brooker, family and nurse, Bolton Miss Brooker, do Grove Park West. I, CLIFTON TERRACE- Mrs Edwards Mrs Williams, Capel Curig Mr Williams, do 2, CLIFTON TERRACE- Mrs Crump Miss D. Blud, Shifnal Miss Bevan, do Mrs Ball, Old Trafford Miss Ball, do Miss Blud, Shifnal Miss Howells, Pitchford Misses Evans (2), do 4, CLIFTON TERRACE- Mrs Oswell Smith and maid, Birkdale, Southport Mr Oswell Smith (junior), do EIRIANFA-Mrs Jenkins Mrs Cookes, Birmingham Miss Cookes, do Master F. Cookes, do Master H. Cookes, do Miss L. Cookes, do Mrs Minshall, do Miss D. Minshall, do Master A. Minshall, dp ELMSWOOD-Mrs Williams W. W. Muller, Frankfort W. Atkinson, Nelson R. Maddox, Manchester BRYN CEL YN-Mr Hoskin Misses Whitworth, Failsworth Mr Robinson, do Mr Thorpe, do MYRTLEWOOD-Mrs Perry R. Soper, Esq, Oxton Mrs Soper, family and governess, do HENFRYN-Mrs Roberts RILRIE- Mr and Mrs Evans, Smethwick Misses Evans (2), do Mrs Pardoe, Sparkbrook Master Pardoe, do Hawarden Road. GWYNDY-Mrs Jones Mr W. O. Edwards, resident Mrs Francess, King's Heath Miss Francess, do Walter Francess, Esq, do Misses Marriot, Nuneaton Master Marriott, do Mrs Young, Southport Miss Young, do Master W. Young, do ROCHESTER HOUSE- Mrs Fox A. Rollason, Esq, Dudley Mrs Rollason, do Misses Rollason (3), do Master Rollason, do G. Gibson, Esq, Dudley Mrs Gibson, do Mr Gibson, junr, do Misses Gibson (3), do Fennell, Esq, Manchester Mrs Fennell and family, do ALLENDALE-Mrs Long v*r and Mrs Jaggon, baby and maid, Hull Mr and Mrs Percy Jaggon, Willingtor Misses Jaggon, uo Mrs Roberts, family and maid, Mold Mrs Linsey and friend, Manchester THE HAZELS-Mrs Williams Mr and Mrs Creese and family, Birmingham Miss Creese, do Mr and Mrs Wale and family, Ludlow Mr and Mrs Chrime and friends, do BARROWFIELD-Mrs Hirst Mrs St. George Steele, Calcutta Misses St. Steele (3), and nurse, do Mrs Grice, Edgbaston Misses Grice (4), do Miss Oldham, Failsworth Miss Unwin. do Mr J. J. Taylor, do Mr J. Chadderton, do bb- WESTWOOD-Mrs Hughes Mr and Mrs Aspinall and family, Hollingwood Mr and Mrs Hilton, Oldham Miss Hilton, Oldham Miss Jackson, do GRAHAM VILLA-Mrs Beamar Mrs Timmis, Birmingham Master Reggie Timmis, do Master Percy, do Miss Timmis, Harbourne Mr and Mrs Wild, Failsworth Miss Wild, do Mr and Mrs Wild and family, Heaton Chapel Mr and Mrs Scowcroft, Bolton SILVERDALE-Miss Ankers CRAIGLANDS-Miss Campbell Mrs Statham, Sale Messrs P. and D. Statham, do Geo. Butler, Esq, Rathmiles (Dublin) Mrs Butler, do Miss Butler, do R. Armstong Dempsey, Esq, do Mrs Armstrong Dempsey, do Mr Royle, Stretford Misses Royle (3), do Mrs Williams, Occleston Mr Davies, Southport DANESBURY-INirs T. E. Roberts Mr and Mrs Rooke and family, Liver- pool « Mr T. J. Lyle, Burton-on-Trent Miss Maud Lyle, do Master H. Lyle, do Miss Lund. do MAIDA VALE—Miss Tabburner Misses Warrener, Birmingham Misses Bavliss, do Mr Waterhouse, do Mr and Mrs Hodson, Chester Mr and Mrs Grundy, do Mr Lawson, Africa ISLWYN-Mrs Owen Miss Clark, Eastbourne J. Owen, Esq, London Mrs Owen, family and maids, do NEWTON VILLA- Mrs. R. O. Roberts Mr and Mrs Taylor and family, Moseley Mr and Mrs Benton, Birmingham Mr and Mrs Beville and family, Wolverhampton HERBERTDALE—Miss Roberts Miss Tate, London Misses Howell, do Miss Green, London Miss Basnett, Birmingham Mrs Basnett, do Mr Basnett, do Rev. Tanqueray, Wisbech Mrs Tanqueray, family and maid, do LAUREL BANK- Mr and Mrs Wagstaff and family, Pershore Mrs Williams, resident Miss Mary Williams, do Mr John Williams, do Miss Boucher, Liverpool BOD ENYD-Mrs M'Neill Mr and Mrs Upton, Market Drayton Miss Upton and children, do STRETFORD VILLA- Mr Davies, Bournemouth Mr Hughes, Menai Bridge Mr Evans, Northampton Misses Evans (2), do Mr Johnson, Manchester Mrs Johnson, do Miss Johnson, do Highfield Road. IVY COTTAGE-Mrs Broughton BERNAL HOUSE-Mrs Storey Mr & Mrs Turner, Pitsmore, Sheffield Mr and Mrs Crosby and children (2), South Africa CREUDDYN VILLA- Mrs Roberts Mr and Mrs Williams and baby, Smethwick OAKFIELD- Mrs Norton Mr Slade Misses Slade (2) FERNSIDE- Mr Barlow, Scotland Mrs Barlow, Manchester Master Arthur Barlow, do Mrs Eastwood WOOLTON-Mrs Kitson Mr J. W. Birch, Wigan Miss Birch, do Miss A. Birch, do Mr and Mrs Edge, Patricroft Mr and Mrs Hilton, Lees Mr and Mrs Hollinshead, Droylesden RICHMOND-Mrs Taylor GLENCOE- Mr and Mrs Parry and family, Llan- degfan Hillside Road. RAVENSWOOD- Misses Bowyer Mr and Mrs Ingham, Sale Miss Ingham, do Master J, Ingham, do Mr T. C. Gibson, do Mr and Mrs Babasco, Fallowfield Miss Farrener, Stourbridge Miss Aubrey, do HAVERHILL-Mrs J. E. Jones Mr Williams, resident Mr Hooson, do Mr and Mrs Hewitt, family and maid, Congleton BRYN CECIL-Misses Transom Mr and Mrs Falconer Macdonald, family and maid, Falcon Manor, Towcester, Northamptonshire WOODVIEW- Mr Alfred Book, Rhyl Mrs Book and family, do Mrs Hanham, Bath Lawson Road. bETHLEHEM HOUSE- Mrs Heyworth Mr and Mrs Walker and party, Hyde Mr and Mrs Haliday and family, do Mr and Mrs Mottram and family, do Mr and Mrs Cookson, Bury Mrs Couldwell, Hyde Misses Couldwell (3), do HAZELMERE-Mrs Hughes EPWORTH VILLA- Mrs Williams Mr and Mrs Broadley, Bradford Mr and Mrs Splingsby, do Mrs Splingsby, do Mr and Mrs Jones and family, Oldham Mrs and Miss Coxwell, do THE HAWTHORN- Mrs Williams LLYS CYNFELYN — Mrs T Griffiths Mrs Lowe, Dublin Mrs Fowler, do Miss Jeffries, do Master Rossie Jefferson and nurse, Dublin Mr and Mrs Cuthridge, Rochdale Mr and Mrs Crabtree, do Mr and Mrs Haworth and baby, do Miss Butterworth and party, Oldham D URBAN-Miss Roberts Miss Farnell, Handsworth Miss May Elverston, Heaton Moor Miss Harrop, Hazle Grove Mr and Mrs O'Neill and 2 children, Oldham WAVE CREST Misses Lever Miss Lees (Victoria Park), Manchester Miss Sellers, do S. Sussum, Esq, Withington Mrs Sussum, do Miss Sussum, do Miss Gladys, do M. Butcher, Esq, Sutton Coalfield Mrs Butcher, baby and nurse, do IVY DENE-Airs Duckers Mrs Johnson, Birmingham Miss Johnson, do Master E. Johnson, do Mrs Sherratt, Alsager Miss Sherratt, do Master Sherratt, do TRIGFAN-Miss Williams DINGLE BEACH-Mrs Derrett Mr and Mrs Mackintosh and 3 children, Birmingham Mrs Pardoe, do Master Pardoe, do Mr Pickton, do Mr H. Pickton, do GLEN IIURST-Miss Carr Mrs Mould, Uppingham Mr T. P. Mould, do Mr R. C. L. Mould, do Miss Lane, Kettering Miss E. Lane, do Mr and Mrs Acton, family and maid, Worcester Mr and Mrs Bagott, Dudley Misses Bagott (3), do Miss G. Carr, Leytonstone Miss B. Carr, do Mr and Mrs Coldwell, Harlesdene, London Masters Coldwell (2), London Miss Bassett, Chester Miss L. Bassett, do IV ANHOE-Mrs Hughes BEECHWOOD-Mrs Williams Mrs North and family, Birmingham Mrs Wells and family, Shrewsbury Mr and Mrs Hosefield and family, Willesden, London BRYN KENRIC-Misses Gilbert Mrs Fish, London Misses Fish, do Misses Williams (2), Gresford TUDNO VILLA-Mrs Davies Mr and Mrs Watson, Kidsgrove Miss Dorothy Watson, do Miss Winnie Watson, do Master Bernie Watson, do Master Harold Watson, do Mr and Mrs Bleak, Birmingham BETLEY HOUSE-Miss Davies Mr and Mrs Vigeon, Leeds Miss M. Vigeon, Leeds Miss E. Vigeon, do Master G. Vigeon and nurse, do Miss Harvey, do Mr and Mrs W. H. Pearse, West Bromwich Mr A. Pearse, do Mr P. Pearse, do Mr and Mrs Edwards, Thirlby, London Mrs Millington and baby, Bilston Miss Ashe, do Miss Cross, Bradford Miss White, do ROSTREVOR-Misses Leetch and Quarry LAWSON VILLA-Mrs Griffiths Mrs Smith, Wilmslow Miss Smith, do Master Smith, do OAKFIELD-Mrs Williams Mr and Mrs Hebden, Middleton Misses Hebden (2), do Mr and Mrs Clarke, do Master J. Clarke, do Miss A. Walker, Manchester MOUNT ELTON-Mrs Exell Chas. Gubbins, Esq, Manchester Mrs Gubbins, family and maid, do Mrs Veevers, Fallowfield Miss Veevers, do W. C. Townsend, Esq, Berkeley Miss Alpass, do KEINION VILLA-Mrs Jones S. Daniels, Esq, and party, Hyde Mr and Mrs Taylor, Manchester Mr Saxby and party, Hyde Mrs Smith, St. Helens Miss Smith, do Master Smith, do ELMHURST-Rev. Dr. Cousins Master Morgan, Shipley Mrs Morgan, Shipley Miss Morgan, do Messrs Morgan (2), do Misses Wheeler (3), and 2 children, London Miss Hipkins, Birmingham ROSEWELL-Mrs Rodger SIBBERSCOTE- Misses Harker Llewelyn Road. olilOS VALE-Mrs Ellis t'ENDYFFRYN—Mrs Jones UDLEY HOUSE-Mrs Jones Mr and Mollasom, Birmingham Mr and Mrs Newton, Oldham ASHWOOD-Mrs Roberts Mr and Mrs Middleton, Oldham Mr and Mrs Irlam, Flixton Miss Roberts, London P ORESTVILLE-Mrs Cuthbert Miss Tucker. Great Yarmouth Mr and Mrs Smith and family, Oldham Mrs Bailie, Wellingboro' BRENTWOOD-Mrs Lawley Mr and Mrs Dams, Uttoxeter Miss Houlden, Burton-on-Trent Mr and Mrs Etchells, Hollingwood Mr James, do Mr and Mrs Jackson, Manchester FAIRFIELD- Mrs Perrin and family, Nantwich Mrs Ashton, Manchester Misses Ashton (2), do SPRING BANK-Mrs Davies TAN-Y-COED-Mrs Thomas Mr and Mrs Jagger, Halifax Mr and Mrs Keighley, do Miss Morgan, Birmingham Mr Williams, resident Mr Bayley, do G RASMERE- Mrs Dew (private) GORDON VILLA-Mrs E Jones Mrs R. H. Robinson, Eccles, M'chester Miss Robinson, do Miss H. M. Robinson, do Miss E. M. Robinson, do Master G. D. Robinson, do Mr and Mrs Maclntyre, Oldham Mrs Heyhurst, do Mr W. J. Heyhurst. do PARC VILLA-Mrs Roberts Mr M. Griffiths. resident Miss Lizzie Williams, Llysfaen Miss Goss, Northampton Mr and Mrs Matheson, Manchester Master Matheson, do Master Grey, do Mrs Poole, Tamworth Miss C. Poole, do BASSENFELL-Mr Campbell Mr and Mrs Codling and family, Man- chester Miss Rushton, Leek Miss H. Rushton, do Miss E. Rushton, do Miss N. Rushton, do Marine Road. COEDORROS-Mrs Richey TY'N RHYN-Miss Hughes Miss Edwards, resident Miss Wright, do Mrs Regan, do Fred Holden, Hydfe Chas Baddelley, Godley Mary E. Creswell, Frowery Field Sarah Gee, Newton CLAREMONT-Miss Millen Mr and Mrs Reynolds, Liverpool Miss Reynolds, do Masters Reynolds (2), do Mr and Mrs Heywood, Prestwich Master Hevwood, do BEACH FIELD-Misses Davies Mr and Mrs Ross, Burnley Masters Ross (2), do Mr and Mrs Mallam, family and maids (2), Rugby GL YNDWR-Mrs Davies J. Armstrong, Walsall, Birmingham Mrs Armstrong and children, do Miss Armstrong. do Mrs Harvey, Worcester Miss Harvey, do Mrs Shaw, do LLWYN ONN-Mrs Rowe Miss Williams, London Miss Clarke, Parkston C. J. Jennings, Esq, Bradford, Yorks Mrs Jennings, do The Misses Jennings (4), do M. Thomas, Esq, Edgbaston, B'ham Mrs Thomas, do The Misses Thomas (2), do Kenyon, Esq Mrs Kenyon The Misses Kenyon (3) Kenyon, junr Meirion Gardens. OCEAN VIEW- V. Heathcote Hacker, Esq, Sale Mrs Heathcote Hacker and maid, do Misses Heathcote Hacker (2), do Masters Heathcote Hacker (2), do Mr and Mrs Rowbotham, Droylesden Masters Rowbotham (2), do Mrs Smith, do AVENEL HOUSE- Misses Birchinshaw BODNANT-Miss Williams Mr and Mrs Taylor and family, War- rington Mr and Mrs Jackson. (3o Mr Preece and party, Longton Mr Haywood, Radcliffe Miss Peatlev, do ELLERSCROFT-Miss Davies Mrs and Miss Coppack, Paterson, U.S.A. Mr and Mrs Wrightson, Cleckheaton Mr J. Wrightson, do Miss Rouse, do Miss Goldsbrough, do Mr and Mrs Goldsbrough, do Misses Kirkham, Lees Miss Jackson, do Miss Higginbottom, do Mr and Mrs Crookall, Prestwich LLWYN DERWMiss S. Jones Mostyn Road. DALEFIELD-Mrs Rowbottoni Mr and Mrs Wild, Birmingham Master Wild, do Miss Helsby and friend, Manchester Mr Dewhurst and party, Failsworth Mr and Mrs Dovall, Oldhan, Master A. Dovall, do ABBOTSFORD-Miss Collins Miss Phillips and party (,;), Bridgnorth THE FIRS-Mrs Robinson and Miss Reid Misses Perry (2), Stourbridge Dr and Mrs Marsh, baby and nurse, Oldbury Mr and Mrs E. Hirst, children and nurse, Huddersfield Miss Sykes, do H. Calvert, Esq, do ALEXANDRA VILLA- Mrs Salmon WEST LEIGH-Misses Crossley Mrs Lees. Birkdale Master Kenneth Lees, do Mrs Seed, do Miss Whittaker, Oldham Miss Lewis, Birkdale Master Edmund Lees, do Miss Nora Lees, do LONGRIDGE-Mrs Croyden Mr and Mrs Surman, Edgbaston Miss Surman, do Mr J. Surman, do Mr John Surman, do Master A. Surman, do Mr and Mrs Johnston, baby and friend, Leek GLEN GORDON-Mrs Fletcher J. J. Mack, Esq, Bootle Mrs Mack, do Miss B. Mack and maid, do Messrs Mack, do Miss Hare and nurse, Mulhuddart Mr and Mrs Dixon, Urmston Master Dixon and friend, do ST WINIFRED'S-Mrs Brown Mr and Mrs Wolton, family and nurses (2), Wednesburv Mr and Mrs Baker and family, do Mr Matley, Rochdale ANGORFA-Mrs Grindlev THE LIMES-Miss Williams Miss Milford, Peterboro' Mr and Mrs Walker, Walker Mr and Mrs Ross. Willenhall Mr Groucott, Wolverhampton Miss Groucott, do Master L. Groucott, do Mrs Bailey and family, do RHOSYNF A-Miss Payne WEST LYNN—Miss Burrows Hardy, Esq, London Master Ted Hardy, do Master A. Hardy, do Mr and Mrs Davies, Birmingham Misses Davies (3), do Mr and Mrs Bridgman, Birmingham Miss Bridgman, do CLARENCE VILLA- Miss Bryne and maid, Manchester J. Lee, Esq, Stafford Miss D. Lee, do Master Lee, do ALYN MOUNT- T. M. Rickman, Esq, and maids (3), 8, Boulogne Street, London, W.C. Miss Lynam, do Miss Andrew, Gravesend SOMERSBY-Mrs Ingamells Mr and Miss Worahead, Ilkley Miss Austin, Birmingham Miss Grace Austin, do Miss Annie Austin, do Miss Olive Austin, do Miss Marjorie Austin, do Mr H. A. Austin, do Mr and Mrs Alderton, Stafford Miss Alderton, Ipswitch BASCOMBE-Miss Groom Mr and Mrs Horace Davenport and family, Kingston-on-Thames Miss D. Pirie, do Old Promenade. BLYTHSWOOD BOARDING HOUSE-Miss Watton Mr and Mrs Harris, Sutton Coldfield Miss Harris, do Miss E. Birkes, do Dr and Mrs Joynt, Dublin Miss Wood and party (4), Birmingham Miss Jenkins, London Mr Axe, Liverpool Mr and Miss Gibbons, do Mrs M'Crae, do Mrs Armstrong, do TROUVILLE-Miss Tones NORWOOD-Miss Connolly Mr and Mrs Humphreys, child & maid, Knutsford Mr & Mrs Richards, Burton-on-Trent Misses Richards, do Masters Richards, do CAPESTHORNE TOWERS- Mrs Rickard Masters Mudford and maid, Newark W. J. Shaw and family, Leamington Mrs Bostock, Llandudno Misses Bostock (2), do T. O. Manlove, Esq, Paignton Mrs Manlove, do Master Manlove, do Miss Manlove, do Mr Midglev, do CAPRI-Mrs Thomas HA WKSTONE- Mr and Mrs Reynolds, family & nurse, Liverpool ROSS HARBOUR-Miss Moss Mrs Ries, London Misses Ries (4), do Master Ries, do SORRENTO BOARDING HOUSE-Mrs McRoberts Rev Chas. H. Fleury, Dublin Miss Fleury, do Miss Blackmore, Birmingham Rev James Caithness, Dublin Mrs Caithness, do Dr and Mrs Revington, do Mr and Mrs Tatlow, do Mrs Simms, Manchester Master Simms, do Miss Mellor, Huddersfield Mrs Place, do Dr and Mrs Barnes, Liverpool Miss Barnes, do Miss D. Barnes, do Master Barnes, do Miss Simpson, do DA WSTONE-Misses Birtles H. Rawson, Esq, Widnes Mrs Rawson, family and nurse, do Mrs Marshall, family and governess, Northampton Mrs Edmonds, do Miss Edwards, do COLBOURNE BOARDING HOUSE-J. C. Colbourne Mrs Bussey, Bilston, Staff. Miss N. Bussey, do Miss Doris Bussey, do Miss E. Bussey, do Mr J. Bussey, jun, do Miss P. Bussey, do Mrs Sarjesent, London Mr Glover, St. Helens H. E. Grout, Esq, Sidcup, Kent Mrs Grout, do Winifred Grout, do Lily Grout, do Lawrence Grout, do Gladys Grout, do Mr Turnfield, Annfield Plain Mrs Turnbull, do Mr W. Brown, Birmingham Mrs Brown, do Master Brown, do R. J. Entwisle Misses Entwisle (2) Master Entwistle T. Pool. Esq, Longton Mrs Pool, do R. Robinson, Esq, Bolton Mrs Robinson, do Miss Robinson, do Mr Locker, Erdington, Birmingham Mrs Locker, do Miss Locker, do Mr Sladen, Matlock Mrs Sladen, do Mr Belersby, Heaton Moor Mrs Belersby, do Miss Belersby, do Mr Roberts, Willenhall CRANFORD PRIVATE BOARDING HOUSE- Misses Linton Miss M. Marshall, Resident F. J. Ruddle, Esq, Twickenham Mrs Ruddle, do P. Cross, Esq, do Miss Cross, do Miss Houghton, Richmond Miss Peek, do J. H. Boydell, Esq, Hale, Cheshire Mrs Boydell, do Miss Boydell, do C. D. Coddington, Esq, Blackburn Park Road. EDGBASTON HODSE- Mrs Jones Misses Chantley (2), Cheadle Mr and Mrs White, Manchester Mrs Turnbull, do Mrs Ellis, Wrexham MOSS SIDE-Mrs Jones Misses Ashton, Tipton KIMBERLEY HILL- Mr Price, Liverpool Miss Evans, do Mr and Mrs Cook, Denton WOODBANK— Mrs Humphreys, Birmingham Miss Humphreys, do Mrs Dixon, do Miss Dixon, do Penrhyn Road. PENRHYN STORES- Mrs Francis Evans MOSTYN HOUSE- Mrs Ambler & Miss Patrick Mr and Mrs Picton, Eccles Mr Saddler, do Mr and Mrs G. W. Salt, Tamworth Mr J. H. Jenkins, Carnarvon Mr P. W. Walliss, Pontypridd Mr Maddon, Manchester 4-Miss E. M. Roberts ROSEBERY HOUSE- Mrs Edwards Mr H. Smith, London Mr G. Smith, do Miss Smith, do Mr and Mrs Perry, Birmingham Princes Drive. F AIRHOLME-Mrs Hughes Mr Andrew, resident Miss Jones, resident Mdme Aptommas, do E. Schilizzi, Esq, London W. T. Martin, Esq, Kidderminster Mrs Martin, do Miss Martin, do HAWARDEN TOWER- Miss Thomas Miss Cowan, resident Mr Loyn, resident Mr Garnett, do Mr and Mrs Cox and family, Man- chester Mr and Mrs Clarke and family, Walk- den Mrs Piddock, Manchester Master Piddock, do Mr and Mrs Rothwell and family, do Mr and Mrs Roberts and baby, do BRIGHTON HOUSE- Miss Hawley Misses Walker (2), Birmingham Mr and Miss Eastwood, Middleton PENRHYN HOTEL- Mrs Roberts MANOR HOUSE- Mrs Hy Jones Mr and Mrs Broughton, Bury Masters Broughton (2), do Mr and Mrs Radford and children, Stoke-on-Trent HOLM LEA-Miss Naylor Miss Shaw and friend, Ashton-on- Mersey Mr & Mrs Drewitt, Higher Broughton ST ENOCH'S HOTEL- Mrs Morris MIL VERTON-Mrs Cummins Misses Wilson (3), Birmingham Master Wilson, do NEADWOOD-Miss Lake GORSEFIELD-Mrs Owen BRYN ODOL-Miss Jones Mr and Mrs Hibbert, Neatle Miss Hibbert, do Mr and Mrs Gerald Hibbert, Notting- ham Canon Muriel, London Mr Muriel, Birmingham The Misses Miller, do Col. Prescott, London Mrs Power, do Mrs and Miss Corbishley, Shifnal Mr and Mrs Featherstore, family and governess, Erdington Mr Davies, do Fraulien Baunfgarten, Berlin Mrs Moore, Birmingham Col and Mrs Scott, Great Yarmouth IVY LEA-Miss Lovat MADRESFIELD-Mrs Ansell Admiral & Mrs F. Anstruther Herbert, 20, Rosary Gardens, London Mr Claude A. Herbert, do Mr and Mrs Young, family and maid, Manchester Rhiw Road. WOODSIDE-Mrs Ross Miss Radcliffe, Ashton-under-Lyne Miss A. W. Radcliffe, do Miss Rowbotham, Chorlton-cum- Hardy Miss E. Robinson, do Misses Evans (3), West Bromwich Mr and Mrs Webster, Nottingham Master N. Webster, do Mrs Wood, Manchester Miss Wood, do Misses Wain (2). Congleton CALEDFRYN-Mrs Owen Mr Kirby, Yorkshire Mr Rytter, Birmingham Mrs Pilkington, Bolton Miss Pilkington, do Mr and Mrs Gray, Coventry Miss Gray, do Mr Gray, junr, do Mr J. Woolfrey, Birmingham Miss Flora Macdonald, Calcutta Miss Annie Courtney, London Miss Edith Humphreys, do MELROSE BOARDING ES- T ABLISHMENT- Mrs McDougall and Miss Muir Mr J. Gezink, Holland Mrs Barr, West Didsbury Miss Williams, Ashton-under-Lyne Mr Edwards, Conway Miss Shynnersby, London Mr Graves, do Miss Ehogn, do Mr Leonard Hubert, do Mr R. S. Thomas, do Mr and Mrs Byron, New York Mr Hobdige, Manchester ROSE BANK-Miss Auburn LINDENE-Mrs Towler Misses Chute (2), London R. Wood, Esq, Manchester Mrs Wood and family, do Mr and Mrs Jas. Wood and baby, do PEN SILVA-Miss Kimberlin Mr and Mrs Kiddle, Hinckley Mr and Mrs Chambers and family, Birmingham Mrs and Miss Walker, Yorkshire Mrs Bindschedler, Wolverhampton BOD FAIR-Mrs Jones Mr and Mrs Caldicott, Coventry Miss Caldicott, do Master Caldicott, do Miss Abell, Holyhead Mr and Mrs Allan, Bradon Mr Butler, Ashton wonD HILL-Mrs Jones Mr Frank Neuns, resident Mrs Iverv, Maidenhead Miss Hill, do Miss Oates, Birmingham Mr and Mrs T. Lord, Hollinwood Miss Bertha Lord, do Mr and Mrs Sydney Ward, Middleton Junction Master Albert Ward, do Mrs J. Taylor, do Mrs Nellie Morton, do Miss Martha Hulme, do Miss Elizabeth Ellison, do Master Broadbent, Failsworth Mrs J. Heys, Oldham BROMPTON HOUSE- Mrs K. M. Jones Mr and Mrs Crooke, Manchester Misses Crooke (2), do Mr and Mrs Blears, Eccles Misses Blears (2), do LANGCLIFFE-Miss Edwards LLYS POWELL-Miss Owen Misses Meed, Birmingham Mr MacDonald, Kidderminster Mr and Mrs Thomas, Swansea BIRIVNHYFRYD-Mrs Owen Mrs Freakley, Wolverhampton Miss D. Freakley, do Mr and Mrs Maggs, London Mr Maggs, junr, do SOAIERSET-Miss Owen OAK MOUNT-Mrs Jones ASHFIELD-Mrs Bate Mr and Mrs Hawksworth, Urmston Mr and Mrs Clough and family, Sale Misses Evans (2), Manchester Misuses Hartley (2), Altrincham ROSSLYN- Mr and Mrs E. E. Tweedale, Heaton Moor Master Edric Tweedale, do Rhiw Bank Avenue. TUDNA VILLA-Mrs. Adams Mr and Mrs Wright, Leicester Mr and Mrs Findley, do Miss Robertson, do Miss B. Robertson, do Miss Evans, do ELIANUS BOARDING HOUSE-Mrs Griffiths Mr Stockdale, Manchester Mr Nuttall, do Misses Major (2), Liverpool Miss Tait, do Mr Williams, do Mr Black, do Mr and Mrs Mattheweather Miss Mattheweather Misses Mather (2) Mr Stockton DRAYTON HOUSE- Mrs Lewis Mr and, Mrs Jones, Manchester Masters Jones (2), do Mrs King, children and maid, Market Drayton Miss Burgess, do Mr and Mrs Haigh, Bradford BRYNYMOR-Mrs Hughes Rev E. Eddleston, Pendleton Mrs Eddleston, family and maid, do Misses Kenrick (6) and friends, Chester KAMAKURA-Mrs Lewis Mr and Mrs Hughes, Withnall SPRING BANK-Mrs Owen Mrs Baynes and family, Shrewsbury Mrs Goodby, do Miss Pope, do Mr and Mrs J. Wm. Buckley, Taunton Miss M. Bardsley, Ashton Mr J, Gordon, do Mr and Mrs Handel Dewhurst and son, Hollinwood Mr Ervin Dewhurst, do Mr Harvey Dewhurst, do Mr Harold Dewhurst, do Mr Frank Dewhurst, do ROCK VILLA-Mrs Savage Mr and Mrs Glover, Cheshire Mr and Mrs Hopkin, Oldham Mr and Mrs Stockley, do Mr Stockley, junr, do BRYN ALED-Mrs Williams Mr and Mrs Holdin and family, Lees, Oldham Mr and Mrs Holdin, junr, do Miss Johnson, Manchester Mr and Mrs Ward and family, Birmingham Mr and Mrs Johnson, Romiley BASILDON HOUSE- Mrs Roberts Mr and Mrs Woodward, Hollinwood Mr and Mrs Fisher, do Mr and Mrs Tetlow, do Miss E. A. Fisher, do Miss Eliza Fisher, do Miss Nellie Fisher, do Miss A. Ogden, do E. Stansfield, do Mr J. H. Coop, do Brothers Renad, do Mr and Mrs Laurenson and family, Liverpool Rhiw Bank Terrace. I-Mrs Ellison Mr and Mrs Stoneley, Manchester Mr Collins, do Miss Eastwood, do Mr and Mrs Dyson, do 2-Miss Capper Miss Wynne, Rhyl Miss Cooil, Bangor Mr and Mrs Nichol, children and maid, Liverpool Mrs Faulth, do 4-Mrs Jones Mr and Mrs Price, Oldham Mrs Ratcliffe, do Miss Ratcliffe, do Master Ratcliffe, do Mrs Lawson, do Miss Lawson, do Master Lawson, do 6-Mrs Hill Misses Stevenson, Oldham Mr Stevenson, do Miss Owen, do Miss Ogden, do Mr Pearson, Seedley Misses Wiles (2), do 7-Mrs Williams Rev J. Dunbar, Rashcliffe Vicarage, Huddersfield Mr Dean Dunbar, do Mr Leslie Dunbar, do Miss Nosuba Dunbar, do Miss Dean, do 8-Mrs Williams Mr and Mrs Faulkner and family, Willesden g-Mrs Scholes io-Miss Jones Mr and Mrs Jonathan Elder & family, Oldham Mr and Mrs James Elder, do Mr and Mrs F. A. Hitchmough and family, Birkenhead II-Mrs Chaplain Mr and Mrs Hall and family, Oldham Mr and Mrs Wright and family, do I 2-Mrs Good Mr and Mrs Shaw, Stoke-on-Trent Miss A. Davies, Stratford-on-Avon Mrs Holms, Hull t I4-Mrs Barfoot Mr A. Bolton, Leeds Mrs Thomas, Southport Mrs Bates, Stockport Mr Bates, do Sea View Crescent. SEVERN HOUSE.- Mrs Roberts. Mr and Mrs Coxon, Normanton Miss Coxon, do Miss Aldred and friends, Failsworth Sea View Terrace. DAISY BANK-Mrs Parry Mr and Mrs Sharpies and family, Bootle Mrs Francis, Kirkdale Mrs Sutcliffe, Rawbottom LANGFORD HOUSE- Mrs Baker Mrs Porter, Wolverhampton Miss Porter, do Mr and Mrs Oakley, Shrewsbury Miss Oakley, do Mr and Mrs Shenton, Manchester SEA VIEW COTTAGE- Miss Rigby Mr and Mrs Reeve, London Mr Alderson, Cleckheaton r-Mrs Lewis Jones Mr and Mrs Lloyd, Leeds Miss Lloyd, do Masters Lloyd (2), do Miss Mills, do z-Miss Rigby Mr John A. G. Wynn, Birmingham Mr and Mrs Crosbee, Stockport Misses Crosbee (2), do 4-Mrs Roberts Mr and Mrs Buckley, Oldham Mrs Everson, do s-Mrs Pritchard Mr and Mrs D. H. Whitehead, Higher Broughton, Manchester Miss Whitehead, do Miss Gladys Whitehead, do Mr McGinty, do Miss Crosland, Huddersfield Miss Ruth Crosland, do Master Tom Crosland, do 6-Mr Morgan Mr and Mrs Tithe and family, Oldhair Mr J. W. Tithe, do Mrs Tithe, do Miss Sheppard, do Mr and Mrs Bailey, do g-Mrs Conchar Mr and Mrs Sharp, Liverpool Mr and Mrs Tracy, Oldham Mrs Shortridge, do Misses Shortridge (3), do Ia-Mrs Evans Mr and Mrs Corbett, Edgbaston, Bir- mingham 12—Mrs Jones GLEN EDEN- Mrs Llew Davies Mr Emmott, Oldham Mr Garside, do Mr Hollingworth, do Mr A. Walker, do Miss S. G' Garside, do Miss D. Platt, do Miss E. Lockwood, do Miss M. Ferriman, do EAST L YNNE-Mrs Lunt Mr and Mrs Schofield and family, Oldham Mr and Mrs Pogson and family, do Mr and Mrs Dunkerley and family, do GLAN AVON-Mrs Jones Mr and Mrs Lycett, Blackley Misses Lycett (3), do Miss Ward, do Misses Worsnips, Manchester GRONANT HOUSE- Mrs Williams Mr and Mrs Parkes and family, Walsall Misses Thompson (2), Cheshire Miss Cowley, do STAMFORD HOUSE- Mrs Samuels Mr and Mrs Richardson, Oldham Mr Johnson, do Miss Whittaker, do Miss Alice Whittaker, do Miss Schofield, do MAESYDON-Mrs Roberts Mr and Mrs Criess, Birmingham Master Criess, do Mr and Mrs Parish, Birmingham DEE BANK-Mrs Harper Mr and Mrs Bennett, Congleton, Cheshire Miss Bennett, do Miss Mary Bennett, do Master Howson Bennett, do Master Taylor Bennett, do Master Allen Bennett, do Master Harold Bennett, do Mrs Clough, Heaton Norris Miss Clough, do BRYN ELWY- Mr and Mrs Brier, Flixton Miss D. Brier, do Mr Woolley, senr, Balsall Heath Mr Woolley, junr, do Miss Woolley, do Master E. Woolley, do Miss Owen, Sale Station Road. CHELTENHAM HOUSE- Mrs Roberts Mr & Mrs Grose, family, Mademoisellel and maid, Beckenham, Kent 16-Mrs Parry Mr Cheetham, Hyde Mrs Cheetham and maid, do Miss Cheetham, do Miss Gertie Cheetham, do Miss Janie Cheetham, do Miss Barbara Cheetham, do Miss Polly Stansfield, do St. Agnes Grove. No 1— No 10- Percy Everard, Esq, London Mrs Woollam, do Upper Promenade. DINGLE MOUNT- The Misses Davies Major Tennant, C.B.. London Mrs Tennat, do Miss Tennant, do Miss B. Tennant, do Mr Aspinwall, Walley Range Mrs Aspinwal1. do Miss Dorothy Aspinwall, do Master Aspinwall, do Miss Aspinwall, do Mrs Hinchliffe HIRAETHOG-Mrs Harris Mr and Mrs Clegg and family, Oldham Mr and Mrs Preston and family, Bury Miss Preston, do Mr and Mrs Smith, Reddish BRIARWOOD-Miss Ainsworth Mrs Hunter and family, Southport Mrs Edwards and family, Bishop's Castle SOUTH LEA-Mrs Jackson Dr Cromwell Jones, Merthyr Tydfil Mrs Cromwell Jones, do Major Jenkins, Dowlais Mrs Jenkins and family, do Miss Jenkins, do Messrs Morton and Cook, Sheffield Miss Fisher, do MAISONNETTE-Mrs Ward Mr Latimer Jones, resident Mr and Mrs Guimaraes, Alderley Edge Miss Guimaraes, do Master GuimarAes, do Miss Sutton, Rock Ferry Master Sutton, do Miss Marples, do Victor Road. ASHCROFT—Mrs Tooley Mr and Mrs Coleman, Birmingham Miss Coleman, do Mr J. Coleman, do Mrs Manton, do Miss Manton, do Mr and Mrs Burke, Manchester SYCAMORES- Miss Johnson and maid, Burton Mr and Mrs Wild and family, Royton Mrs Blackweli, Birmingham Master H. Upton, do Miss J. Upton, do Mrs Jennings and baby, do Woodland Road East. ASHBOURNE HOUSE- Misses Wallis and Allen Mrs Bradshaw, Glasgow Mr and Mrs Jochim, Glasgow Mr and Mrs J. D, Webster, Sheffield Mr Rex Webster, do Miss Mary Webster, do Miss Kathlene Webster, do Master Philip Webster, do Mr and Mrs Hodgson and child, Man- chester BRERETON-Alrs Llew Jones Mrs Tailby, Birmingham Miss V. Tailbv, do Misses Redish (2), Liscard HEL VEL YN-Mrs Davies Mrs Woodcock, Birmingham Capt H. C. Woodcock, Gloucester Regiment Mr Sidney Floy, Birmingham Mr and Mrs Jackson, nurse and 2 child- ren, Manchester FRESHFIELD-Mrs Jones Misses Robinson (2), Preston Messrs Robinson (2), do Mr and Mrs Butler and children, Bir- mingham GRANVILLE-Mr Collins Mr and Mrs Clements, Middleton Junction Master B. Clements, do Master P. Clements and maid, do WINTHORPE—Mrs R Hughes C. Read, Esq, London Mrs Read, do Mr Read, do Miss Read, London Mr Alex Thompson, Cardiff Mr G. Thompson, do Mrs Mogg, Falmouth CLAIRVILLE-Mrs Maddock Mr and Mrs Thomason, Shifnal Miss Thomason, do Master Thompson, do Mr and Mrs Jones, Blackburn CLEVELAND-Mrs Carter BERWYN- Mr and Mrs Teall and family, Wylde Green Woodland Road West. HOPE BANK-Mrs Davies Mr and Mrs Brayford and party, Stoke Mr and Mrs Walkden, Failsworth Mrs Harrymen (2), Birmingham FRON DEG-Miss Jones Mr and Mrs Dowell & family, Oldham Mr and Mrs Wilson and children, do Mr and Mrs Tanner & family, Chester Miss Bull, Oswestry BRYN OGWEN-Mrs Jones Mrs Cardall, Birmingham F. B. Collier, Esq, Erdington Mrs Collier, do Mr Harrison Misses Harrison Mr and Master Whitchouse, Oldham Mr and Mrs Parker and 2 friend, do Miss Hodgetts, do GLASMOR-Misses Davies. Mrs Waterhouse, Oldhai^ Misses Waterhouse (2), do James Hulme, Esq, Waterloo Mrs Hulme, do Miss Hulme, do Master Hulme, do Miss Knox, do Miss McKeen. Bootle Mrs Satow, Liscard Master Satow, do CLINTON HOUSE- Mrs Evans J. Evans, Esq, Napier, New Zealand Mr and Mrs Wm. Hampshire and child, Failsworth Mr and Mrs T. Wild and child, do Mr and Mrs G. Taylor and child, do Miss H. Hampshire, do Miss A. Hampshire, do Miss Taylor, do Miss Unwin. do Mrs C. Schofield and Sons, do WOODLAND VIEW- Mrs Billingham Mr and Mrs R. Clay, Llandudno Misses Irwen, Dublin Mr and Mrs Albert Feber, Oldham Mr and Mrs Sharpe, Crewe Miss Sharpe, do Wynnstay Road. BESSBOROUGH HOUSE- Miss Eardley Mr and Mrs Aldred and family, Failsworth Miss Bissett, Norwich TY'NTWLL VILLA- Mrs Hughes Miss S. Kneale, Liverpool Miss Quilliam, Matlock Bath Mr and Mrs Grimshaw, Stretford Master Grimshaw, do Mr and Mrs Allen, Stone Miss Allen, do ,BEN LOMOND—Mrs Barela I Mr and Mrs Taylor, Chadderton Mr Taylor, do Miss Taylor, do Mr John Taylor, Dukinfield Misses Haig (2), Oldham Mr J. Haig, do Mr T. Haig, do Mrs Frayn, Liverpool DELAWARE VILLA- Misses Hughes and Bartl. Dr Paddon, Guildford, Surrey Mrs Paddon, do Miss Paddon, do Miss Jackson, do Mr and Mrs Warrilow, Hanley Misses Warrilow (3), do Mr and Mrs Wright, Stockport Miss Wright, do Miss May Wright, do BRONHYFRYD-Mrs Thorns Mrs White. Warrington Miss White, do Mr White, do Miss Wainwright, do Mrs Dunn, Tattenhall Masters Dunn (2), do Mrs Evans, Newton-le-Willows Misses Evans (2), do Mr Evans, do MAYFIELD—Mrs Dennis R. O. Gillmore, Esq, Ll.B., Victoria Park, Manchester Mrs Gillmore, do Misses May and Kathleen Gillmore, Masters Gillmore (3) and maid, do Miss Somers, Manchester Misses Tyldesley (2), Rotherham BROUGHTON VILLA- The Misses Robei Miss Walker, Stoke-on-Trent Miss Ogden, do Mr and Mrs Walker & baby, Basfor Miss N. Greenhough, Chapel en le Frith Miss M. Greenhough, do Miss V. Greenhough, do Mr and Mrs Collins, Oldham Mr Geo. Collins, do Misses Collins (3), do Mrs Nield and family, do Miss Plair, do Mr W. Marland, do TRANMORE-Mrs Haram Miss Hawthorne, Uttoxeter Miss A. Hawthorne, do Mr and Mrs Harris, West Kirby Miss Harris, do Master Harris, do Miss Lee, do Mrs Osborne and party, Daventry SWINCHURCH—Miss Philpe Mr and Mrs Gilroy, Southport Misses Gilroy and maid, do Mr and Mrs Phillips, Manchester Masters Phillips, do Mr and Mrs Middleton, Chester Mr Devey, Wolverhampton MORDEN—Mrs Clarke Mr and Mrs Craig, Market Drayton Master Craig, do Miss Godwin, do Miss Craig, Clapham Mr and Mrs M'Ewen, family & nurs, Liverpool GWERSYLLT—Mrs Andrews Mr and Mrs Lewis, Kidderminster Misses Lewis (2), do FRANKTON VILLA- Mrs Dunnin Mrs Nicholson, Liverpool Miss Nevitt.Bennet, do Miss Nicholson, do Mr G. Nicholson, do Mr H. Nicholson, do HOLMEDALE—Mrs Pilling Mr and Mrs Perry, Congleton Misses Perry (2), do Master Perry and maid, do Mrs Nuttall, Eccles Miss Nuttall, do Master Nuttall, do Mr and Mrs Oulton, Burton-on-Trent Misses Oulton, do Miss Perrin, Nantwich Masters Perrin, do P. E. Jones, Esq, London Mr Naden, do Misses Naden, do GROSVENOR HOUSE- Mrs Davie Mrs and Miss Moon, Birmingham SOMERSET BOARDING ESTABLISHMENT-Misse Wright John Yorke, Esq, Liverpool Miss Crane, Preston Mrs Whalev, Newcastle-on-Tyne Miss Peal, do G. Pickup, Esq, Blackburn Mrs Pickcup, do Miss Pickcup, do Miss Madders, Manchester Miss Obenans, do Miss Spencer, London J. Thorpe, Esq, Prestwich T. Thorpe, Esq, do Mrs Tonge, Oxton Miss Tonge, do Miss Bevis, do R. H. Dryden, Esq, Redcar Mrs Dryden, do J. Walcot, Esq, Birmingham F. Walcot, Esq, do Plant, Esq, Newport, Salop Plant, Esq, do CEDARVILLE-Miss Owen T. Rostrone, Esq, Ilkley Mrs Rostrone and baby, do Miss Rostone, do Mrs Dudley, Birmingham Mrs Matthews, do Miss Bingham, do FALLOWFIELD- Mrs Rich ard so Misses Fisher (2), Southport Master Fisher, do Mr and Mrs Stanford, Longsight ECCLES HOUSE- Miss Batema Mr and Mrs Thompson, family and nurse, Wilmslow Mrs Todhunter, Lymm Misses Todhunter (2), do CELYN HOUSE- Mr and Mrs Baird, family and maid, Staffordshire York Road. LABURNUM-Mrs Salisbury J. H. Helsby, Esq, Manchester Mrs Helsby, do Misses Helsby (2), do Masters Helsby (3), do Mr and Mrs Taylor and family, Bir- mingham BRYN GOLEU-Mrs William Mrs Marsb, Brighton Sister Faith, do Misses Cove (2). London Mrs Stanley, Liscard Misses Stanley (2), do T. Rogers Jones, Esq, Llanrwst Mrs Rogers Jones and family, do ALPINE VILLA—Mrs Evans Thos. Sharpe and family, Kendal ,j BRYN TAWEL—Mrs Jones '1 Mr and Mrs Gaff, Earlestown Masters Gaff (2), do KILFORD-Mrs E. Story Jont DINORBEN-Mrs Jones Mr and Mrs Lalande, Manchester Mr and Mrs Hewitt, London ELSINORE-Mrs. Paschen Miss E. Schroeder, Germany Mrs Pritchett, Birmingham Miss Pritchett, do Miss N. Williams, do Mrs C. E. lies, do Mrs J. S. Pritchett and ch-ld, do Mr and Mrs C. F. English, do Mr and Mrs Whitehead, Milnrow Misses Whitehead (2), do TRAFFORD COTTAGE- Mr and Mrs Allan and party, Londoi Dr Jones, Colwyn Bay OAKVILLE—Mr E. Jackson Mrs Gough, Hodnet Master H. Gough, do Master S. Gough, do Miss Callant, Bridgenorth Mrs Callant, do BRYN ABER- Mrs Robert Owe Mrs Griffiths, Peplow Miss E. Griffiths, do Mr and Mrs Hoyle and family, Oldhar Miss Tustine and party, Birmingham STONYCROFT- Mr D. Robert ELM GROVE- Ellison, Esq, Halton, Runcorn Mrs Ellison, do Powell, Esq, Erdington Mrs Powell, do Miss B. Powell, do Miss A. Powell, do Miss Hastings, do VIRNIEW BANK- Mrs T. R. William Miss Thompson, Liverpool Mr and Mrs Morris and baby, Man- chester I Miss Armitage, do lir 4