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LIST OF VISITORS AND DIRECTORY. COLWYN BAY. Every effort is made to ensure accuracy in this List, but Residents and Visitors can greatly assist us in this matter by sending direct to our Offices (8, Station Road, Colwyn Bay, and Rose Hill Street, Conway), as early as possible, any Arrivals, Removals, Departures, or Altera- tions desired, for which no charge is made. IMPORTANT NOTICE. All Lists of Visitors must reach the Central Library, Colwyn Bay, not later than seven o'clock on the Wednesday evening, for otherwise they will be too late for insertion in the current week's issue. PWLLYCROCHAN HOTEL. (Mr J. Porter, proprietor.) Miss Wolff and maid, London The Ven. Archdeacon Bevan, Hay Miss Bevan, do Rev Charles Gordon, Batley Mr and Mrs F. W. Warmington, London Master Oswald Warmington, do Miss Ethel Warmington, do Miss Faith Warmington and maid, do Mr and Mrs Alfred Mond, baby and nurse, do Mr and Mrs Arthur H. Falkner, Frodsham Rev. Dr. Thain Davidson, Ealing Mrs Thain Davidson and family, do Mr and Mrs Frank Newson, do James Maycock, Esq, Coventry Mr and Mrs J. H. Sang, Edinburgh General G. V. Johnson, London Miss Johnson, do J. W. Grundy, Esq, Manchester Mr and Mrs Horace de Pass,London Miss Violet S. de Pass and maid, do J. de Castro, Esq, do Miss de Castro, do Mr and Mrs Kelly, Watford, Herts Miss Kelly, do Master Kelly, do Mr and Mrs Spens, family and ser- vants, London Mr and Mrs Myers, do A. P. Myers, Esq, do W. W. Myers, Esq, do H. C. Myers, Esq, do Mr and Mrs Thompson, Stoke Mr and Mrs Eccles, Rock Ferry E. H. Bonsfiela, Esq, do Miss Rogers, do Mr and Mrs T. F. Franklin and family, London Master A. W. Deakin, do Dr. S. O'Sullivan, Cork Mr and Mrs Sidney R. Heap, Liver- pool Mr and Mrs Lifton Wynne, London Miss Wynne, do Wynne. Esq, do Mr and Mrs J. Cullen, Liverpool Mr and Mrs J. A. Brooke, Leeds T. A. Brown, Esq, Winchester R. Hughes, Esq, Ruthin A. H. Moses, Esq, London Miss Moses, do H. Moses, Esq, do Mr and Mrs Argenti and maid, do A. F. Theodosius, Esq, do Dr, Elder, Leith Mr and Mrs Burke and family, Cork Mrs Fenton, Oxton The Misses Fenton, do Mr and Mrs Oscar Schneider, Man- chester Miss Schneider and maid, do COLWYN BAY HOTEL. (Miss Jones, Manageress). Mrs Petty, Preston Miss Petty, do Richard Cresswell, Esq, London Mrs Cresswell, do Mrs Wright, do Robert Watmore, Esq, do Lady Margaret Domvile and maid, London Lady Catherine Wheble and maid,do Sir Compton M. Domvile and valet, Howth Castle, Ireland Major Fanning. London Mrs Fanning, do Miss Fanning, do Thomas Howe, Esq, Manchester James Coxon, Esq, Burton-on-Trent Mrs Coxon, do Arthur Coxon, Esq, do Fred Coxon, do S. W. Gaskeil, Esq, & valet, Oxford Richard Lloyd, Esq, London Mrs Lloyd, do Dr Miller, Edinburgh Mrs Miller, do John Moseley, Esq, Walsall Mrs Moseley, do Rev R. D. H. Gray, Chatburn Vicarage Miss Gray and maid, do T. H. Hardy, Esq, Knutsford Mrs Hardy, do Sidney Hardy, Esq, do Miss Lord, do H. B. Geottsch, Holland M. Gerritzen, Esq, do H. J. M. Heuvel, Esq, do J. N. Edgeworth, Esq, Ireland Mrs Edgeworth, do Rev D. Downing, Dublin W. H. Radford, Esq, Manchester Charles Paget, Esq, Nantwich Mrs Paget, do J. A. Lloyd, Esq, Pellsall S. A. Taylor, Esq, Wolverhampton M. Wilkie, Esq. do J. C. Moorhouse, Esq, Manchester Mrs Moorhouse, do G. C. Mothersill, Esq, Cheshire Mrs Mothersill, do C. A. Kenworthy, Esq, Dublin Mrs L. E. Harding and maid, Chicago, U.S.A. J. Sutton Baker, Esq, Lincoln G. H. Buller, Esq, Canada Mrs Buller, do W. H. Midwood, Esq, Hawarden Mrs Midwood, do W. R. Glazebrook, Esq, Liverpool R. LI. Allen, Esq, Harrow A. C. Bunting, Esq, Uttoxeter Herbert Russell, Esq, Leicester H. M. Jackaman, Esq, Ipswich H. Jackaman, Esq, do W. E. Everitt, Esq, Leamington B. J. Swinnerton, Esq, Stoke-on- Trent Harold Smith, Esq. Kenley, Surrey Mrs Smith, family and maids, do LOCKYER'S PRIVATE HOTEL. Mrs Hovenden, Dublin Miss Hovenden, do Miss V. Hovenden, do Mr H. Hovenden, do Mrs and Miss England, Leamington Mr England, do Mrs Waters, London Misses Waters (2), do Mr K. Waters, do Mr Peck, Birkenhead Mrs Warner, London Misses Warner, do Mr Bennett, do General aud Mrs Pollard, do Mr and Mrs J. Kidson, Willenhall The Misses Hartley (2),Eltham,Kent Col., Mrs, & Miss Ross, Wimbledon Mrs and Miss Robinson, Manchester Mr Bradburn, do Mr and Mrs Wheat, Bradford CENTRAL HOTEL. (Miss Robinson, Proprietress.) Mr Wm. Dobie, Leeds Mr J. Houghton, Liverpool Mr A. Ollerhead, do I Mr J. Weightman, Bebington Mr J. Ealley, do | THE "CHESTNUTS" HOTEL. (Mr J. M. Taylor, Proprietor). A. E. Teague, Esq, Handsworth Mrs Teague, do Miss Teague, do A. W. Teague, Esq, do H. Taylor, Esq, do Mrs Taylor, do Rev J. H. Shakespeare, M.A., Norwich Mr W. Shakespeare, do W. G. Forster, Esq, London Mrs Forster, do Miss Forster, do Mrs Macpherson, Liverpool Miss Leete, do Mrs Owens, London Miss Stuart, Bournemouth CLAREMONT PRIVATE HOTEL (Mrs Robinson, Proprietress). Mr and Mrs J. H. Hawley, New- castle, Staffs. Mr W. S. Hawley, do Miss E. F. Hawley, do Miss C. L. Hawley, do Master H. E. Hawley, do Master D. S. Hawley, do Miss Hawley. Liverpool Mrs Airy's 2 children and maid, Solihull Mr and Mrs T. Chadwick, Heaton Chapel Miss Chadwick, do Master Arthur Chadwick, do Master Tom Chadwick, do PENSION EDELWEISS. (Misses Retemeyer) Mrs Dutilh, Brussels Master Dutilh, do Master Tom Dutilh, do Miss Lillington, Leamington Spa Mrs Frost, do Miss Friedlaender, Berlin Miss E. D. Grierson, Holywell Miss Ambridge, Liverpool E. W. Jackson, Esq., Bowdon, Cheshire Miss Bingham, Liverpool Miss M. Bingham, do H. Gem. Esq., Birkenhead W. Miller, Esq., Rock Ferry Miss E. M. Palmer, Lyston Hall, Suffolk Mrs Squire, Hampstead, London Miss Squire, do ST. WINIFREDS BOARDING HOUSE. (Mrs J. R. Gray, Proprietress). Mrs Reeves, Wantage Master Cecil Reeves, do Master Kenneth Reeves, do Miss Fisher, Clifton Mrs Palmer, Wandsworth Miss Palmer, do Miss A. Palmer, do B. Perks, Esq, London Miss Bond, Eccles Miss M. Jones, do Mrs Tutnail, Dartford Mr H. Tufnail, do Miss Thompson, do Miss Holmes, Birmingham Misses Cuthhert (3), do Miss Davies, do Miss Dollington, Manchester Mr and Mrs J. Mayall, do MOON'S HOTEL. (Miss Stephens, Proprietress.) IKORANA BOARDING ESTAB- LISHMENT. (Mrs Wright, Proprietress.) Mrs Osbaldeston, London Mr and Mrs Walter Osbaldeston, Manchester Mr and Mrs Bevington, London Mr Ernest Bevington, do Mr Reggie Bevington, do Masters Frank, Sidney and Geo. Bevington, do Miss Maggie Bevington, do MrsMcLachlan, Montreal, Canada Miss McLachlan, do Miss Hope McLachlan, do Mr Thomas, Liverpool A. Sharpe, Esq., London Miss E. Splatt, Liverpool Station Road. Uxbridge House-Mr E. H. Davies, Draper and Grocer Imperial Hotel—Mrs Lowe London House—Mr J. O. Jones, Draper Municipal Offices-Offices: National Provincial Bank of England Colwyn Bay and Pwllycrochan Estate Office Messrs Booth, Chadwick, and Porter, Architects Mr J. M. Porter, Surveyor and Valuer Messrs Wm. Jones, Porter, and Amphlett, Solicitors Colwyn Bay and Colwyn Urban District Council's Board Room and Offices Moon's Private Hotel-Miss Stephen 8, Queen's Buildings- Mr J. Dicken, Cabinet Mnker, &c. Staffordshire House-Shop, Messrs D. Allen and Sons, Cabinet Makers, &c., and China Ware- house House-Mrs Allen Burlington Arcade-Shop-Mr J. Homan, Watchmakerand Fancy Goods Dealer House—Mrs A. D. Goldsmith T. Crosby, Esq., Stafford Mrs Crosby, do Miss Crosby, do Miss Millie Crosby, do Miss Mabel Crosby, do Mr E. Crosby, do Master A. Crosby, do Master Cyril Crosby, do J. C. Towers, Esq., Leeds 8,-Shop- Weekly News Office, Messrs R. E. Jones & Bros., Printers, Bookbinders, Book- sellers, Stationers, &c. House—Mr J. Barker, Hairdresser Roumania House—Messrs Lewis & Thompson. Drapers Post Office-Mr Jones House-Mrs Jones Mr and Mrs Hoggot and family, Leicester Mrs Stewart, London Misses Stewart (2), do io-Dicks'Boot and Shoe Warehouse -Mr G. F. Gunner Office -IfrPercy Hignett, Solicitor 4, Queen's Buildings Mr Joseph Lll Arutidale, Fruiterer &Fishmonger I I-Metropolitan Bank of England and Wales 3, Queen's Buildings-Shop, Mr J W. Adamson, Chemist House—Mrs Adamson 12-Shop, Mr J. Williams, Boot Warehouse House-Mrs Williams The Cotilpton -Messrs W. S. & S. Williams, Drapers 13—Shop, Mr F. W. Jackson. Draper House—Mrs R. Jackson I, Queen's Bu Ildings-Shop, Messrs W. Williams & Co., Grocers House—Miss Williams Mrs James Mc'Arthur and family, Freshfield, near Liverpool Rev J. Evans, Millgate, London Mrs Evans and family, do Greenwich House-W. Jones & Son, Watchmakers and Jewellers House—Mrs Williams Central Hutel-Miss Robinson Central Buildings—Messrs J. Jones and Sons, Purveyors of Meat 16-Mr W. Owen, Ironmonger House-Mr J. Davies, Billposter Office-Mr J. E. Roberts,Auctioneer and Valuer Wellington House-Misses Noden, Confectioners 18—Mr W. F. Jackson, Draper Penrhyn Road. Penrhvn TemDerance-Mrs Roberts Mr Davies, Liverpool Mr Booth Misses Lawton (2), Chesterton Mr Furnival, Newcastle, Staffs Chambers—Mr J. Herbert Jones, solicitor Mostyn House-Music Warehouse- Mr Jackson House-Mrs Ben Jackson Mrs Ross, Walsall Miss Ross, do Penrhyn Stores—Mr E. Francis Evans, Grocer House-Mrs Evans Mr J. Brooke, Wakefield Hawarden Road. Malvern Villa—Miss Thomas Mrs Freer and friends, Studley, Warwickshire Mr and Mrs Craddock, Walsall Master Craddock, do Master Gilbert Scott, do Mr Gibson, Dingle, Liverpool Misses Gibson (3), do Craiglands-Miss Campbell Mrs Bond, Manchester Miss Bond, do Rev. T. Waiman, Headingley, Leeds Mrs Waiman, family & friend, do Mr and Mrs Neilson, Stonycroft, Liverpool Mr W. Neilson, do Mr Helsby, do Glanbrane- Miss Rigby Mrs Wilson Crewe Villa—Mrs Whitehouse Mr and Mrs Williams, Walton, Liverpool Miss Emily Williams, do Miss Hilda Williams, do Mr anJ Mrs Sutcliffe, family and friend, Manchester Mrs Wiight, Nottingham Miss Wright, do E. Wright, do St. Heliers-Mrs Crosbee Mrs Scott, Liverpool Miss Scott, do Miss Muriel Scott, do Master Harold Scott, do Isaac Sherwood, Esq, Edgbaston, Birmingham Master Fred Sherwood, do Master Jack Sherwood & nurse, do Mrs Lundy, do Miss Sherwood, do Miss Doris Sherwood, do Methven—Mrs Wynne Misses Swift, Edgbaston, Bir- mingham Mr Chambers, Bury Mrs Chambers, do Misses Chambers, do Miss Lock, Birmingham Mrs Iredale, Golcar Miss Whiteley, do Barrowfield-Mr-, Hirst Mr Longmaid (resident) Miss Elsie Longmaid, do T. Eaton, Esq., Handsworth, Bir- mingham Mrs Eaton, family and maid, do A. Yardley, Esq., Coventry Mrs Lord, Didsbury Misses Lord (3), do Laurel Bank—Mrs Hughes Mrs Kemplay (resident) Miss Kemplay, do The Hazels-Mrs Hunt Mr and Mrs Wilde, residents Mr and Mrs Pilkington, Coventry Miss Edith Pilkington, do Miss Florrie Pilkington, do Master George Pilkington, do Mr Booth, Manchester Allendale-Mrs Ellis Mr Gosling Birmingham Miss Gosling, do Miss Bear, do Mr Jackson, Burslem Misses Jackson (2), do Messrs Jackson (2), do Bodenyd-Mrs O'Neill Miss Longridge, York Miss Robinson, do Herbert Dale-Miss Roberts Mr and Mrs Brown, Leicester Mr and Mrs Norman, do Silverdale-Miss Ankers Mrs Allender and family, Liverpool Miss Evans, do Mr and Mrs U. S. Barker, child and nurse, do Miss Barker, do Miss Cottrell, Liverpool Miss Grace, do Miss J. Grace, do Miss M. Grace, do Highgate—Mrs Thompson Mr and Mrs Seterian, children and nurse, Stretford Mr and Mrs Beardwell, children and nurse. Manchester Mr Edmund Seferian, Stretford Mr and Mrs Gibson, children and maid, Coventry Selby Villa — Miss Lloyd Miss Merriall Winsloe, Liverpool Miss C. M. Winsloe, do Master Evelyn Winsloe and 2 maids, do Buxton House-Mrs Barff (private) Newton Villa- Hugh Harris, Esq, D.L, Ashfort, county of Armagh, and Har- court Street, Dublin Mrs and the Misses Harris, do Miss Maud Irvxin, Dublin Gorphwysfa—Mrs Hughes Miss Teede, Sussex Miss Surman, do Miss Doody, Handsworth, Bir- mingham Miss Richmond, do Danesbury—Mrs Roberts Mrs Kennedy, family and maid, Monkstown, Dublin Ellerslie—Mrs Williams Mr and Mrs Lincoln-Chandler, Wednesbury Master Alfred Chandler, do Miss Majorie Chandler & maid, do Dr Fisher, Liverpool Mrs Fisher, do Miss Brazier, Wednesbury Miss Frollie Brazier, do Miss Winnie Brazier, do Miss Katie Brazier, do Mr T. Cooper, WTarrington Gloucester House—Mrs Billingham Mr and Mrs Yeoman, Birmingham Miss Yeoman, do Mr and Mrs Constadine, Eccles Miss Constadine, do Miss Lizzie Constadine, do The Grove- Stretford Villa—Mrs Hulme Mr and Mrs Hobart Bird, children and maid, Wolverhampton Miss Mavcock, Coventry Miss Lynes, do Mr and Mrs Sadler, children and friend, Rochdale Wynnstay Road. Bessborough House—Miss Eardley T. S. Wright Esq, Leamington Mrs Wright, do Mrs Manley, Blythbridge Master Manley, do Miss Manley, do Mr and Mrs H. Jackson and children, Burslem Mr and Mrs Weatherby, do Mr and Mrs Dunning, do Mrs Eardley, Burslem I Master Willie Eardley, do Ty'ntwll Villa-Mrs Hughes Mr and Mrs Dinn, West Kirby Mr W Dinn, do Mr A Dinn, do Master G Dinn, do Mrs Lovibond, London Misses Lovibond (3), do John Emery, Esq, Hanley, Staffs. Mrs John Emery, do Miss Emery, do Mr B. J. R. Emery, do Mr E. A. Emery, do Mr A. W. Emery, do Mr A. F. Emery, do Grosvenor House—Mrs Davies Mrs and Miss Bagley, Hands- worth, Birmingham C. Sellars, Esq., Wandsworth, London Mrs Sellars and family, do Bryn-Dr. M. Venables-Williams Wynncote—Mrs Elton Bott (private) Ben Nevis-(private) Ben Lomond—Miss Davies MrWilkiiisonand family, Nuneaton Fallowfield-Mrs Richardson Mrs Habbijam, nurse and baby, Leamington Miss Woodhead, Sheffield General Gulliver, nurse and maid, London Delaware Villa-Misses Hughes & Bartley Mr and Mrs Warburton, family and maid, Bolton Mr and Mrs Marsden, do Miss Marsden, do Bronhyfryd-Mrs Thomas Hammond, Esq, Birmingham Mrs Hammond and family, do J. E. Purser, Esq., Dublin Mr and Mrs William Purser, family and maid, Bray, co. Wicklow Miss Marie Purser, Boscombe, Bournemouth Misses Sutherland (2), Derby Mayfield-Miss Dennis Mr and Mrs Charles Barber,family and maid, Rock Ferry Misses Barber (2), Alderley edge, Manchester Mr H. Barber, do Eccles House-Miss Bateman F. N. Tweedale, Esq, Oldham Mrs Tweedale, family & nurse, do Mrs and Miss Wade, Leicester Miss Worthington, Lichfield Mr A. M. Mason, Burton-on-Trent Mr A. H. Bryans, do Mr W. H. Worthington, do Broughton Villa — Misses Roberts Mrs Niblett and family, Liverpool Miss Ada Bragg, do Misses Bland (3), Birmingham Masters Bland (2), do Miss Mason, do Mr and Mrs Causer, family and maid, Wolverhampton Miss Causer, do Mr and Mrs Totoonchie, family and maid, Manchester Somerset Boarding House-Misses Wright Miss Fry, Oxton Miss Marshall, Taunton Miss Odbert, Dublin Miss Ashton, Oldham J. W. Roberts, Esq, Manchester Rev. E. Lowe, Ely, Cainbs. Mrs Lowe, do Mr Hill, Miss Newland, do TranmOl-e-Mrs Haram Miss Wrillis, Manchester Miss Susie Willis, do Miss Winfield, Nottingham Miss W. M. Wintield, do Miss Phoebe Bouser, do Master Joyce Bouser, do W. H. Duncan, Esq, Rochdale Mrs Duncan, do The Misses Duncan (3), do The Masters Duncan (2), do Swinchurch—Mrs Worthington Misses Cartwright (4), Tunstall Mr and Mrs Hunt, Saltley, Bir- mingham Mr H. Hunt, do Miss Knibbs, do —. Alcock, Esq., Tunstall Mrs Alcock, family and maid, do Mr and Mrs Walker, do Morden-Mrs Clarke Mr and Mrs Lindred and family, Bristol Miss Carter, London Bodcilan- Alex. Ritchie, Esq, and family Celyn House- Mr and Mrs Thornton and family, Cheltenham Cedarville-Mrs Owen J. A. Jones, Esq., Brecon Mrs Jones, do Miss Jones, do Miss Stevens, Carmarthen Bramwell, Esq Mrs Bramwell. 2 children & nurse Gwersyllt-Miss Upton Frankton Villa-Mrs Dunning Miss Ridley, Kidderminster Misses Ridley (3), do Mr and Mrs Cousins, London Master Cousins, do Mrs Bond, Manchester Miss Bond, do Holmedale-Miss Moss Penlan-Dr. R. E. Lord, M.D. (Lond.) Mostyn Road. Dalefield-Mrs Rowbottom The Firs—(Private) Sandringha,ii-The Misses Clint Mr and Mrs Garret, London Miss Garrett, do Masters Garrett (3), do Mr and Mrs McQueen, Stockport Miss Vera McQueen, do Ikorana Boarding House-Mrs Wiight Alexandra Villa-Mrs F. G. Salmon James Holden, Esq., Southport Mrs Holden, do Miss Holden, do Miss M. Holden, do Mr Herbert Clarke, LowerBrough- ton, Manchester Miss Veasey, Ledlington Miss Glithero, Yaxley Alyn Mount—Miss Beeson Mr and Mrs Stott, family and nurse, Huddersfield Mr Harold Wilson, Stockport Mr Herbert Wilson, do West Leigh Boarding House-The Misses Crossley Miss Edgerly, Kensington Miss Smart, do Bryn Odol Boarding House-Miss Jones Mr and Mrs Peacock, Bowdon Mrs and Miss Croswell, London Miss Evell, do Mrs Braithwaite and family,Acton Place, Suffolk Glen Gordon—Mrs G. W. Fletcher D. H. Grimsdale, Esq., Uxbridge Mrs Grimsdale, 2 children, and nurses, do Mr and Mrs W. M. Margerison and family, Preston Miss Cooper, do Glen Ridge-Mr Clayton (private) Angorfa—Mrs Grindley Mr and Mrs Bainbridge and family, Hampstead, London Beechwood Villa-Miss Roberts Mr and Mrs Derley, family and 2 maids, Edgbaston, Birmingham Mr and Mrs Baldwin, do Abbotsford—Misses Jones andCollins The Limes—Miss Williams Mrs Whitehouse, children & nurse, Moseley, Birmingham Mr and Mrs Hawkins and family, Edgbaston W. Griffin, Esq, Cradley Heath Edgbaston W. Griffin, Esq, Cradley Heath Mrs Lench and family, do Misses Griffin (2), do Masters Griffin (4), do Rhosynfa- Mr and Mrs Waldron, family and maids, Brirely Hill, Staffs. Miss Allingham, do Mr Jackson, do Mr Guy Pritchard, do Miss G. Grist, Huddersfield West Lynne—Miss Burrow Mr and Mrs Freith, Birmingham Mrs Sansom, do Miss Sansom, do Miss Couthart, do Mr and Mrs Blackwell and chil- dren (2), do Bascombe- Miss Hayhurst, Ludlow Miss A. Hayhurst, do Mrs Greenham and family, Shrop- shire Marine Road. Erskine House-Mrs Hopwood (pri- vate) Ty'nrhyn Villa-Miss Hughes Mr and Mrs Hesketh, Manchester Miss Hesketh, do Master Hesketh, do Mr and Mrs Edge, do Mr and Mrs J. White, Derby Miss Woodward, Birmingham Mrs Woodhouse, Dublin Miss Woodhouse, do Master Wooohouse, do Fred W. Smith, Esq, Plumstead Mrs Smith, do Coed Orros-Mrs Ritchie Mr and Mrs Coltman, family and maid, Burton,on-Trent Mr and Mrs Heape, family and nurse, Bedford Moat Mount—Miss Jones Charles A. F. Dimoline, Esq, Liscard Mrs Dimoline, do Mr F. Ashworth, Manchester Misses Ashworth, do Miss Annie Ashworth, do Mrs Wilson, Oldham Miss Wilson, do — Harris, Esq, Eccles, near Manchester Mrs Harris, do Mr E. Harris, do Mr Cecil Harris, do Mr Clive Harris, do Mr Paul Harris, do Mr Stanley Harris, do Mr Gordon Harris, do Miss Ethel Harris, do Beachfield—Mrs Johnson Rev G. Kei inagh, Pontypool Mrs Kennagh, children (2), do Mrs Naish and child, do M i s Carr, do Mr and Mrs Dob, Wolverhampton Misses Dob (3), do Glyndwr—Mrs Davies Mrs Karuse, Billson, Birmingham Misses Karuse (2), do Mrs Jackson, tamily and maid, Crumpsall, near Manchester Mr and Mrs Fred Jackson, do Mr Beech, Manchester Llwynonn-Mls Rowe F. L. Handcock, Esq, Hawarden Mrs Handcock and family, do Miss Fox, do Morannedd — Mrs Wadsworth -Caldicott, Esq, and family, Wor- cester The Masters Hammond and maid, Liverpool Mrs R. Forman Miss Forman Miss Edith Forman Mr D. E. Forman, Royal Artillery, London Belle Vue Private Hotel-Mr Lockyer The Chestnuts Private Hotel- Mr J. M. Taylor Penrhos Lodge-W. S. Seddon,Esq. (private) Princess Drive. Gorsefield-Mrs Owen General G. Radcliffe, J.P., Leam- side, Leamington Mrs Radcliffe and maid, do Mrs Woodward, Erdington, Bir- mingham Mr Woodward, do Mrs Howard, do Villa Marina Mrs Morgan Mrs Ktause, Bilston Misses Krause (2), do Mr E. Krause, do Miss Fowler, Malvern Wells Miss Fowler, do The Hollies-Mrs Eustance H. B. Crompton, Esq, Sale G. Venn, Esq, Warrington Mrs Venn, family and maid, do Mrs Charlton and family, Cres- sington Park, Liverpool Martin Percy Oldfield, Esq, London Mrs Oldfield, family and nurse, do Ivy Lea—The Misses Lovatt J. W. Hughes. Esq, Lightwood Chase, Longton, Staffs. Mrs Rider and family, Leek J. W. Wallis, Esq, Derby Mrs Wallis, do Miss MacPhail, Manchester Mrs Bostock, Leek Miss Turner, do Trinity House School-Rev. J. H. Ashley, M.A. Ardinillan- Westlands- Promenade. Colwyn Bay Hotel—Miss Jones, Manageress Trouville- The Misses Jones J C Black, Esq Mrs Black Miss Tenchiner Mr Stewart-Janion Mrs Stewart-Janion, baby & nurse Mrs Janion Miss Briggs Miss Beatrice Janion Mr and Mrs Trueman and family Miss Daniel and maid Mr Robert Hughes Mr Fred Hughes Norwood—Mr Jeffrey Thomas Mr Stanley,Manor Court,Nuneaton Mrs and Miss Stanley, do Miss Richards, do Dromore—(Private) Lynton Cottage-Mr T. Parkinson ■i :~1 (private) C-pesthorne Towers-Mrs Rickard Robert Hyslop, Esq, Leicester Mrs Hyslop, children and nurse, do Mrs Roberts and family, Mold Mr and Mrs Tavenor, family and nurses, London Mrs Pierce, Wrexham Misses Duncan (2), London Mrs Parkinson, Urmston, Man- chester Capri—Mrs Thomas Mrs Emery, family and govern- esses, London Mrs Crawford, family and nurse, Dublin Hawkestone—Mrs Preece H. Humphries, Esq, Kidderminster Mrs Humphries family & maid, do A. G. Wise, Esq Mrs Wise and family Miss Nugent —- Hipkins, Esq, Tipton Mrs Hipkins, do Misses Hipkins (3), do Ross Harbour-Miss Moss Mrs Gold,Marston-on-Dove,Derby A. G. Gold, Esq, do Miss Lamb, do I H. Boddington, Esq, The Bromp- ton, Newcastle, Staffs Mrs Boddington, children & maid, do Mr and Mrs Jorden-Lloyd, family and maid, Edgbaston, B'ham Cranford Private Boarding House- Mrs Seymour, Longford, Ireland Miss Seymour, do Mrs Lehmann, Manchester Miss Lehmann, do J. E. Smith, Esq, Bowdon,Cheshire A. Smith, Esq, Manchester Sorrento Boarding House-Miss Wilson Miss Robinson, Wallassey Mr W. Pershouse, do Miss Grubb, Clonmel Miss Alexander, do The Misses Horsnaill, London Misses Hutchinson, Edgbaston Mrs Field, London Miss E. R. Field, do Miss Barnes and friend Church of England Home School for Girls-Miss Watton Gilbertville-Mrs Jordan Mr Hunter Dr Domenichetti, Dy. Inspector General, Louth, Lincolnshire Mrs Domenichetti, do Rev R. W. Domenichetti, Lincoln Lieut. F. W. Domenichetti, Indian Staff Corps Miss Domenichetti Mrs Heap, family and maid, Rochdale Miss Le Mare, London Mr and Mrs Laurie, Birkenhead Master Laurie, do Mr and Mrs Manton, Manchester Mr T. J. Brown, Rock Ferry Mr and Mrs Wattis, Wednesbury Miss Wattis, do Masters Wattis (2), do Glenrossie-Mrs Muir Misses Lewis (2), Bootle Holcrofl-Mrs Cartwright Mr and Mrs Hare, Tamworth Master Hare, do Mr and Mrs Tibbitt, family and nurse, Moseley, nr Birmingham Penrhos Ladies' College-Miss Hovey, B.A. (Lond.), Lady Principal Pwllycrochan Avenue. St. John's English Wesleyan Church Elmwood-Miss M'Cullaugh (pri- vate) Llys Madog—Mrs Fox Regent Villa —Mr Rothwell (private) Rydal Mount Boys' School-Mr T. G. Osborn, M.A.,J.P., Principal Oak Lea—Mr Hatfield (private) Carlton Lodge- Pwllycrochan Isaf—Mrs Humphreys Brae Sidt- Mr J. M. Porter (private) Beech Holme—Mr Cogswell (private) The Sycamores—Mr T. C. Lewis (private) The Grange—Mr Farrar (private) Oak Hurst—Mr and Mrs H. M. Sul- livan and family Pwllycrochan Hotel-Mr J Porter, ■ J.P. Flag Staff. Tandderwen—Mrs Roberts Henry R. Bowers, Esq, J.P., and family, Chester 8 Rock Villa-Mrs Davies J. Veitch, Esq. M.A., Liverpool Mrs Veitch and family, do Oak Drive. Walshaw-Rev. J. G. Haworth (pri- vate) Walshaw Lodge-Mr Wilson Ratonagh-Col. Gamble (private) Brackley Avenue. Brooklands-Mrs Kay (private) Llys Aled-Mrs Thos. Parry Lansdowne Road. Tranby-Rev. H. H. M'Cullagh, B.A. Edenfield- Queen's Drive. Plas Isaf Ladies' School- The Misess Everett Merton — Miss John (private) Sibley House—T. Jackson, surgeon, (resident) Conway Road. Grimbarian-Mr J. Smith (private) Bella Vista-Miss Dean (private) Hill Crest-Mrs R. Taylor (private) Etidcliffe -(private) Headingley-Miss Julia Kirby Firwood—Mr J. H. Atkinson Dodd's Cottage-Mrs Davies Dodd's Cottage-Mrs J. Roberts Llandrillo U.D. Board and Higher Grade School-Mr Evans and Mr Horsfall Turner, Masters Bron Derw—Mrs Hughes Mr and Mrs Cooper, family and nurse, Chester Miss Anagnostopulo, West Derby H. Eddowes, Esq, Leek, Staffs Mrs Eddowes, family and maid,do The Oaklands-Mrs Lunt Wm. Jones, Esq. (resident) Mr and Mrs Bloor, 2 children and nurse, Staffs. Mr and Mrs Mitchell, children (2) and nurse, Bradford Miss Smith, Sedgeley, Stafford- shire Miss Windram, Leicester Mr and Mrs Cowen, family and nurse, Sefton Park, Liverpool Arnold House School-Rev. G. E. Bowker, Principal South Holme-Mr Strawe (private) Merridale-Mr E. Kellett, M. R.C.V.S. Veterinary Surgeon House—Mrs Kellett Mr and Mrs Young, baby and nurse, London Master Young, do Miss Smith. Leeds Nurse Kellett, do Mr Fellows, Birmingham Miss Shee, Kensington, W. Misses Whalley (2), Ledbury Craigydon-Miss Murray Nurse Fergusson (resident) Mr & Mrs Piercy, Broughton Park Misses Piercy (5), do Masters Piercy (3), do Mrs MacDonald Brown, London Mr W. T. Hall, Manchester Rhianva—Dr. G. Herbert Rutter and Dr A. Moore Wynnstay Chambers Offices Mr F. Nunn, solicitor Mr Ashton Bremner, architect and surveyor The Colwyn Bay Pier Company- Mr F. Nunn, secretary Yorkshire Fire and Life Insurance Company—Mr E. S. Heap Glan Aber-Mrs Auchinleck C. Hone, Esq, Stillorgan, Dublin The Misses Hone, do Mrs Forbes, Bath The Misses Forbes, do Miss Barrett, Killiney, Dublin The Misses Dyas, do English Presbyterian Church—Rev. J. Edwards, pastor Kensington House-Mrj. W. Thomas, photographer Peri House-Shop, Messrs. March and Holgate, milliners House-Mrs T. Roberts Morvan-Mr E. Lloyd, chemist Berlin House-Misses Tomkinson, library and fancy repository Wynnstay House-Shop, Mr W. R. Hands, boot warehouse House-Constitutional Club Golygfa'r Coed-House and Shop, Mr R. Roberts, draper, &c. Avondale Cafe—Shop, Mr J. Eaton, I confectioner Boston House-Mrs Eaton Shop—Mr J. L. Hunt, chemist Cae Eithin House-Shop. Jas. Nel- son and Sons, Limited, purvey- ors of meat House-Rev. Meredith J. Hughes West End Stores-Messrs E. P. Jones, Son and Company, gro- cers, confectioners, &c. Overton House-House and Shop, Messrs Bevan and Co., iron- mongers, &c. Kinmel House Shop, Mr Victor Albert, watchmaker and jeweller House—Miss Albert Rev. Father Dudley Cummings (resident) Bradford House Shop, Messrs. Lewis Bros., tailors andoutfitters House-Miss Lewis Ffraid Villa-Miss Thomas Mr Molineaux, Newcastle.on-Tyne Mr and Mrs Clarke, Walkden, near Manchester Masters Clarke (2), do Mr Morton, do Miss Candy, do Mr and Mrs Baber, Manchester Misses Baber (3), do Shop—Mr J. R. Jones, saddle and harness maker Llewelyn Chanibers-Offices Mr F. A. Dew, auctioneer, valuer, land and insurance agent Shop—Stange and Co.,fruiterers,&c. Shop—Homan's Hair-cutting Rooms North and South Wales Bank, Ltd. The Woodland-Mr Edwin Jones The Mews (Coaching Station)—Mr Edwin Jones Broncastell—Shop, Eastman's Ltd., purveyors of meat House-Liberal Club The Castle Studio—Mr C. R. Chap- lin, photographer The Little Iron Shop-Mr T. Davies, fruiterer Withington House—Mr W. Buckley, confectioner Coed Pella Road. Bryntirion-Mrs Hughes Mr and Mrs Loader, Liverpool Miss Loader, do Master Loader, do J. H. Elliot, Esq, Paignton, S. Devon Westbourne— Miss Williamson [private Hillbridge flotise-inii-s Parry Misses Prentis (4), Kensington, London Mrs MacLean, Richmond, Surrey Inverlochy Lodge—Mrs Collier Mr and Mrs Lowry. family and nurse, Grange-over-Sands West View—Mr Shaw (Private) St. Paul's Mission Church- Inglewood—Mrs Wildey Miss Lathbury, Burton-on-Trent F. Perrins, Esq, Cheltenham Mrs Perrins, baby and nurse, do T. Lyun, Esq, do Mrs Lyon, do Mrs Briggs, Manchester Medical Hoine-Mi-s Symons Colwyn Bay College for Boys-Mr A. Grant, Principal Ladies' School-Miss Barlow, Lady Principal The Hermitage—Mrs Hall (private) Plas Coed Pella-Mrs Baxendell Mr Tomlinson Miss Tomlinson Miss Holland Llewelyn Road. Ashwood-Mrs Roberts Miss Roberts, London Misses Jones (2), Birmingham Mr Grayland, do Mr Manley, do Mr and Mrs Hall and baby, Middleton Woodville—Mrs Lancashire Ardenlee-Mrs Bretherick Mr and Mrs John Ormerod, Little Boro', Rochdale Mr George Ormerod, do Mr Ernest Ormerod, do Master Herbert Ormerod, do Master Harold Ormerod, do Miss Dorothy Ormerod and maid, do Mr and Mrs Dickenson, Bolton Mrs Thornton, do Miss Gertrude Carter, Timperley, near Manchester Norlands—Mrs Gilmour (private) Mr and Mrs William Smith, family and maids, Walsall Woodbine Mrs Oldham (private) Gelert House—Mrs Whaite Plas Llewelyn- Mr German (private) Olinda—Mr Mellor (private) Belrnont-Mrs Coldwell Mr and Mrs Lailey and family, Macclesfield Segontium—Miss Davies Seatorth-Mr T. J. Linekar (private) Brentwood-Mrs Foulkes Grasmere—Miss Bailey J. W. Cable, Esq, East Finchley, London Mrs Cable and family, do Brindley, Esq, London Mrs Brindley, do Miss Brindley and friends, do Elwy Villa-Mrs Roberts Mr and Mrs Hemes and family, Birmingham Mrs Bailey, Warrington Misses Bailey (2), do Master Percy Bailey, do Fern Dale-lrs Williams Mr W R Hands and family (resi- dents) Miss Jones, Oldham Miss Lucy Jones, do Tanycoed—Mrs Thomas Mr and Mrs Harwood, Birming- ham Spring Bank—Mrs Williams Merrie Meade—Mrs Bayne Audlev House—Mrs Williams Mr Kellie, Liverpool Miss Kellie, do Miss Lilly Kellie, do Miss Marjorie Kellie, do Master Jack Kellie, do Miss E. Kellie, do Mrs Hawkesford and baby, Bir- mingham Misses Jones (3), do Miss Waterson, do Mr and Mrs Gibbons, do Miss Gibbons, do Gordon Villa-Mrs Jones Mr and Mrs Reston and family, Stretford, Manchester Willow Bank—Mrs Hughes Misses Cooper, Oldham Pendyffryn-I rs Jones Rhos Vale—Mrs Ellis Mr Hebbitlivvaite family & maids, Birkenhead Eversleigh, Mrs Griffiths Hampden—Mrs Arnold Mr and Mrs Saunders, family and maid, Liverpool Washington— Fairfield-Miss Harnaman Mrs Gartside, Mossley Mr and Mrs Harris and family, Birmingham Miss Vernon, do Mr Dark and family, do Miss Cooke, do Woodland Road. Hope Bank-Mrs Davies R. Newton Barlow, Esq, Chester Miss Daymond, Vincent Square, S.W. Miss Annie Daymond, A.R.A.M., do Mrs Jones, Hanley, Staffs Misses Jones (2), do Miss Matthias, do Miss Burgoyne, Newton Heath, Birmingham The Laurels—Mrs T. Davies Mr and Mrs York, Wednesbury Mrs Smith, do Miss Horton, do Miss Parsons, do Mr and Mrs Saunders, Saltley, Birmingham Miss Emmie Saunders, do Miss Marie Saunders, do Mrs Reader, Liverpool Miss Hilda Reader, do Miss Amy Reader, do Mr Worthington. Newton Heath Clinton House—Mrs Evans Mr and Mrs G. O. Hunstone, child and maid, Manchester Miss Wormold, London Miss Law, Silverdale Mr L. H. Gunnery, London Mr W. E. Wormold, do Mr and Mrs Bowen, Stoke-on- Trent Mr and Mrs Wormold, baby and nurse, Manchester Mr and Mrs Heap, do Master Bertie Heap, do Engedi (Welsh M.C.) Chapel.—Rev. N. Cynhafal Jones,D.D.,pastor. Glencairn— Mr and Mrs Badrick, London Misses Badrick, do Mrs Badrick, senr Mr and Mrs Smith and family, Birmingham Miss Green, I.Liverpool Frondeg—Miss Allday Glasinor-Misses Davies Rev John Evans (resident) Mr Harvey, Watford Mr Mills, Walsall Misses Mills, do Miss Young, do Miss Stringer, do Mr and Mrs Burdett and family, Liverpool Miss Crane, do Bodlondeb Ladies' School Mrs Green, Principal Mr and Mrs Keatley, Moseley, Birmingham Westvilie-Miss Kimberley (private) Bryn Ogwen—Mrs Jones E. S. Jones, Esq, Stoke-on-Trent Mrs Jones, family and maid, do Woodland View- Bessbrook Villa-Mrs Wynn Mr & Mrs Munn, Wolverhampton Mr E. Munn, do Miss M. Cresswell, Woodsetton Mrs West wood and family, do Cleveland Villa-Mrs Jones Mr and Mrs Sewell, Liverpool Berwyn—Mrs Muir Rev. R. Theophilus Jones, B.A. (resident) Mrs Nicholson Miss Jackson and party, Birken- head Granville—Mrs Collins Mr and Mrs Chas. Stead, Bramley Mr and Mrs Fred Kedge, Clap- ham, London Mr and Mrs Earle, Birmingham Mr and Mrs Greaves and two children, do Miss Wilson, do Mr Higgins, do Clairville-Mrs Maddock Bod Ithel-Mrs Pierce Heiidi-e-N,lr J. Walter Richards, solicitor (private) Larkfield — Mrs Holmes Mr and Mrs Broughton, WimsloW Misses Broughton (3), do Miss Faulkner, do Miss P. Faulkner, do Mr and Mrs Pearson, Warrington Miss Paton, do Mr Burgess, do Fresh field -I r-; Jones Mr E. R. Horsfall Turner, B.A. Lond. (re-ident) Mr and Mrs Obegi and family. Manchester Brighton House—Mrs Howley Miss Walkington, London Mrs Smith, do Mr and Mrs Harris, Liverpool Misses Harris (2), do Mr and Mrs Jackson Masters Jackson (2) Britannia House—Mrs Davies St. Paul's Vicarage-Rev. Canon Hugh Roberts Breretoii-Miss Davies Mr Lloyd, resident Mr Thomas, do Rev E. T. Russell, Padiham, Lanes Mrs Russell, do Miss Russell, do A. Russell, Esq, do Master Q. C. Russell, do Master Leonard Russell, do Master Ernest Russell, do Miss Clara Russell, do J. Rowley, Esq, Newcastle-under- Lyne Mrs Rowley, do Miss Rowley, do Mas'er Harry Rowley, do Miss Maurnie Rowley, do Winthorpe—Mrs R. Hughes C. Whitwell, Esq, Birmingham Mrs Whitwell, do Miss Whitwell, do Miss Elliott, Walsall D. M eese, Esq, Staffs S. W. Tutor, Esq, do J. Alldred, Esq, Birmingham Mrs Alldred family and maid, do Ivy Dene—Mrs Byatt Woodland Park. Rose Villi-.Ili- Marston (private) Wilton- The Tower—Mrs Harry Davies Lansdowne Villa.— Mr Lasbury (pri- vate) Lynwood—Mrs Phillips (private) Strathallan-Miss Rowley (private) Badnage—Mr Martin (private) Holmleigli—Mrs Baker (private) Velindra-Mr William Turner (pri- vate) Owendale—Mrs Meek (private) York Road. Laburnum—Mrs Salisbury Mrs Thomson, baby and nurse, Chester Miss Barlow, do Mr and Mrs Hancock, Newport Miss Jones, do Bryngoleu—Mrs Williams A. T. S. Fuller, Esq, Moseley, Bir- mingham Miss Fuller, do Mr and Mrs Harwood and family, Bromborough, Cheshire Cartrefle-Jlr J. Berth Jones, Builder and Contractor (private) Gwynfryn—Mr W. Jones, Surveyor (private) Bod Edwen Rev. N. Cynhafal Jones, D.D. (private) Westcroft—Miss Catling Miss A. Chambers, Penn Fields Rev. E. W. Kingdom, do Mrs Kingdom, family & nurse, do Miss Doorly, do Mrs Mason, Stourport Miss Mason, do Masters Mason (3), do Mr and Mrs Martin, Wolverhamp- ton For continuation of List of Visitors and News see Supplement. Printed and Published by R. E. Jones and Brothers, at their Printing Works, 3, Rose Hill Street, Conway, and Published at the Central Library, Colwyn Bay. v