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J. M. PORTER, THE ESTATE OFFICE, COLWYN BAY. To be Let Unfurnished. Two LARGE HOUSES, Conway Road. u bed- rooms, 4 reception, bathroom, lavatory, ect., etc- ^75 and £ 95 respectively. RBIW ROAD.—3 sitting and 5 bedrooms, bath- room, lavatory, etc., etc., £ 35. POT-SE.-Princess Drive. 3 sitting and 9 bed- ims, bathroom, lavatory, etc. Rent, £57. GREENFIELD ROAD.—House. 10 bed, 4 sitting, bathroom, lavatory, w.c., etc. £60. LAWSON ROAD.-House containing 8 bed and 4 reception rooms, bathroom, etc., etc., reduced t0f46 per annum. HOUSES.—Rhiw Bank Avenue. 7 bed and 3 reception, bath, etc., reduced to £ 36. HorsE. Close to Woods. 3 bedrooms, 2 S'tting, bath, lavatory, etc., ^35 per annum. OLD COLWYN. -Dwelling House, within easy reaeh of Station and containing 3 cellars, 3 ^■tertaining, and 9 bedrooms, etc., etc.. Rent, £ 60 per annum. For Sale. LARGE House, Old Colwyn, containing 3 enter- taining, 6 bedrooms, bathroom, W.C., etc. garden and ground for Tennis attached. Price. Moderate. DWELLING-HorsE.-Overlooking- Bay. 3 sit- tillg, 9 bedrooms, and all conveniences. Price Moderate. SMALL Dwelling House, in good position, 2 sitting, 4 bedrooms, kitchen, pantry, w.c., cellar. large yard. Price, moderate. ^'OODLANDS VIEW, Woodlands Road.—Three sitting and seven bedrooms, bath, w.c., kitchen, Scullery, etc., etc. Out-buildings to same com- Prise 5-stall stables, loose box, vehicle shed, etc. D. M. ROBERTS, [ ARCHITECT, SURVEYOR, VALUER, AUCTIONEER, LAND AND ESTATE AGENT, FIRE & LIFE ASSURANCE AGENT, I CONWAY. Plans and Surveys Executed. i Twelve years experience in House, Villa, School and Chapel Architecture. Severa) Choice Freehold Building Sites on Sale. SALES BY AUCTION ot Household Properties, Furniture, Landed Estates, etc., promptly conducted. HOUSES, FURNISHED & UNFURNISHED, to be let or sold by private treaty. G FOR gALE OR LET-—Two desirable Freehold ^erni-detached Villas at Deganwy. Grand site. ^•rrianding excellent views a H R ^ALE-—Freehold Shop and Dwelling House, P 2 Cottages abutting on main road between 0nw'ay and Llandudno. ON SALE OR TO LET FURNISHED OR OTHERWISE. t W o Semi-detached Houses on Gyffin Road, Y. 366-51 I F. J. HOLMES, I ACCOUNTANT, I "LARKFIELD," WOODLAND ROAD, 1 COLWYN BAY. Cc°ui,ts written up. or audited. Correspondence attended tll n'd Ageneii's undertaken. 338— -Apartments to Let. COLWYN BAY-FDFLWFIS, Private Boarding House—The Misses Retemeyer.—Winter per week inclusive. 365—52 r^OMFORTABLE Private Apartments, with home comforts and good attendance, with j, Without board, moderate terms. — Mrs R. Jones, ■j^rnere, Rhiw Road, Colwyn Bay. 365— tl)ROMEXADE. Colwvn Bay. "Hawkstone." Apartments. Newlv furnished by an "lent London Firm. Directly facing sea. £ ^Rnificent vjews- With Board.from October to Apply as above. 365—52 A ^DENLEE, Llewelyn Road, Colwyn Bay. 1\] Superior Apartments. Every attention. ° erate Terms. Boarding if required. Good S 1 M agnificent view of Woods. Close to Sea. "Plel.cild references. -Al rs. Bretherick. 365-52 ST. WINIFREDS BOARDING HOUSE, jS-* Mostyn Road, pleasantly situated in best rA 0, da3,, central, comfortable, liberal table, ^ate terms.— Mrs. Gray. 334-s LEV ELAND VILLA, Woodland Road, fyJTJ Colwyn Bay.—Private apartments, coni- Ifo cen,ral, fine view of woods and sea, tariff, splendid references.— Mrs. R. Jones. LIEN U-U-lx'S-T(-M-iss-C-a-rr-)- 334-s ( LEN HURST (Miss Carr), Greenfield Road, To be let furnished or in apartments. 322—26 I ALYBONT, Near Conway. — Comfortable s;t(- •Apartments with or without board. 1 spj n^j. r°om, 3 bedrooms. Pleasantly situated, Mrs*1! scenery. Moderate terms. Apply, R- Jones, Plas Arvon, Talvbont, Conway. —s_ '"T^^ BE LET.—Colwyn Bay.—First-class besj "Apartments, thoroughly comfortable, situate (ju- ,Part ot Bay, close to Promenade. Excellent Ba ISlne. The Hollies, Princess Drive, Colwyn 378-s To LET Furnished, part or whole of Coed Orris, Marine Road, Colwyn Bay. 381-3 ^ISHED or unfurnished.—To be let, a Hoi S|'ting room and three bedrooms in a Farm miik e' s',uated 011 the hills. Fresh eggs and Sl,pplied. Splendid scenery. Spring water. SOIT • Roberts, Geufron, Llwydcoed Board Colwyn Bay. 381-3 Money. ONEY.—AlT persons in need of financial uSlla| assistance and desirous of avoiding the tlie 'Honey lending channels, should apply to pres SEHOLDERS' AID SOCIETY, who are re- P. jen'ec^ in Llandudno and its vicinity, by MR. SARS°N, Auctioneer, The County Auction \i(h Llandudno. £ .10 to £ 200 advanced pri„ °ul delay. Reasonable interest and strictly ate c. 364-52 M °RTGAGE MONEY.— £ 9000 to be lent "pon Mortgage of Fr eehold or Leasehold 11 in the neighbourhood of Conway, Col- Cgn fy, or Llandudno, at £ a, per cent, interest. SOI; divided.—Apply, PERCY HIGNETT, C-olwyn Bay. 375—6 I LENT PRIVATELY.—To Farmers,Tradesmen, J'3 'o J- 8''nS House Keepers and others, in sums of £ 'io nicies °°' ON BORROWERS' OWN NOTE OF HAND, without h Cr>ls ar"1 muc^ 'ower rates than usually charged. Repay- t-l's''iessr7ln8:ed su't Borrowers' requirements. Extensive pr onc for 25 years past. No BILLS OF SALE TAKEN. O^^Gp^rP00'11*4 and Terms apply personally, or write to ftice. AY:>;E. Accountant. 3. Crescent Road, Rhyl. Head ^376- Kennedy Street, Manchester.—Established 1870. V[ °NEY— £ 3 to £ 500. — MONEY. ED! Prep-. "-Lis having- a considerable sum at his disposal, advance same to respectable householders, A°<lerat 11' termers, etc., for long or short periods, on very 'cms. No respectable application is ever refused. -r?1fideri s can be assured of courteous treatment and strict Irrracf APP'y. by letter only, to ED. WILLIS, 2, North f/'&her R ewtown, Rhyl, or 286, Great Cheetham St., West, >?RS°na], roilsht°n, Manchester. ED. WILLIS can be seen ^rrace every Monday evening, 6 to 10, at 2, North ^^J^wtown, Rhyl. 379—13 /^OjPOO, £ iS,ooo, £ 2,000, £ 1,360, £ 1,500, ?PprOv h °* to 'ent on Mortgage of c ^ep»rities, from 3^ per cent. J. HERBERT > Solicitor, Colwyn Bay. 380—4 tt Sales by Mr. F. A. Dew. F. A. DEW, AUCTIONEER, SURVEYOR, VALUER, AND LAND AGENT, Llewelyn Chambers, COLWYN BAY. Ten years (including five years' articles) with two of the largest firms of Land Agents in the country. AUCTIONS of Landed Estates, Freehold and Leasehold Business Premises, House Property, Building Land, Hotels, Live and Dead Farming Stock, Household Furniture, Pictures, Books, and Plate. VALUATIONS of Estates, Business Premises, Private Residences, Building Land, Standing Timber, Agricultural Property (including Tenant Right Valuations under Agreement or the Agri- cultural Holdings Act) Dilapidations, &c., and for Probate, Mortgage, Trustees, Business Transfers, Hotels, &c. MORTGAGES ARRANGED. SALES BY PRIVATE TREATY.- HOUSES TO LET—Furnished & Unfurnished. Information given of Houses, Building Estates, Farms. Country Residences, and Business Pre- mises for Sale or to Let in all parts of North Wales. FIRE, LIFE, AND GENERAL INSURANCE AGENT. The Offices occupy the most prominent and central position in Colwyn Bay, thus affording unequalled publicity to all Auction Announce- ments FURNISHED HOUSES. Full particulars of Houses to Let Furnished during the Summer months in the following towns, will be sent free of charge on application stating requirements:- Colwyn Bay, Old Colwyn, Rhos and District, Conway. Llanfairfechan, Penmaenmawr, Bettws- y-coed, Trefriw, Llandudno and Deganwy, Rhyl and Abergele, Bangor, Beaumaris, and Menai Bridge. FOR SALE. BY PRIVATE TREATY. FREEHOLD.- Several very choice PLOTS of BUILDING LAND; also a large selection of Superior RESIDENCES, suitable for occupation or investment in Colwyn Bay and neighbourhood. HOUSES WANTED.—Almost daily applica- tions for furnished and Unfurnished Houses.- No charge made unless actual business results. MORTGAGES.—Wanted to advance at low interest on sound freehold investments, sums of £ 300, £600, cSoo, and £ 1,200. FOR INVESTMENT.—Several substantially built and well let Residences for Sale, shewing 6 per cent interest on purchase money. Fire and Life Insurance in all its branches. Agent for the Alliance Fire and Life, the Man- chester Fire, the Norwich and London Accident, and other old established Offices. TO LET. FURNISHED. Several Houses in good positions in Colwyn Bay and neighbourhood. Rents varying accord- ing to accommodation. Full particulars of F. A. DEW as above. Sale by Messrs. W. Dew & Son. DWYGYFYLCHI, PENMAENMAWR. SALE OF VERY CHOICE AND FREEHOLD PROPERTY KNOWN AS "THE GLYN ESTATE." MESSRS. W. DEW AND SON will offer for IVi SALE BY PUBLIC AUCTION, at the HOTEL. PENMAENMAWR, on MONDAY. JUNE 29th, 1896, the above Estate comprising GLYN and GLYN PERCIN FARM (part of), which are divided into charming Residential, Villa and Terrace lots also the Cross Keys Inn and Capelulo, Tanvbont, Tai Isafand Taicefn Cottages forming part of the whole nearly midway between Penmaenmawr and Conway on the old turnpike- road, and commanding grand iiioutitaiii and marine views, together with Tynyffndd Farm, immediately above the Fairy Glen. Particulars and Plan with Conditions of Sale may bit obtained of MESSRS. WM. JONES, PORTER, AND AMPHLETT, Solicitors, Conway and Colwyn Bay at the Auctioneers' Institute, 57, Chancery Lane, London, W.C., or of the AUCTIONEERS, Wellfield, Bangor, and Llandudno. 382-1 THE STORES, HIGH STREET, CONWAY. THOMAS GARLAND, GENERAL GROCER AND PROVISION MERCHANT. Good Selected Blends of Tea, from 1/4 to 2/8 per lb. Agent for TheUnited Kingdom Tea Company and Benarty Tea. Choice Mild Cured Bacon and Hams. Finest Irish, Welsh, & West of England Butters. All Goods supplied from this Establishment are of the Finest Quality. 329— THE NOTED SHOP FOR PLAIN & FANCY BREAD. R. J. ROBERTS, TEA EXCHANGE, Opposite St. Paul's and Rhiw Road, COLWYN BAY. Agent for Kennaway & Co.'s Wines & Spirits. 366-51 PICTURE FRAMING! PICTURE FRAMING! Latest Styles of Moulding. Prompt Delivery, Special Low Prices, AT C. R. CHAPLIN, BRON CASTEIili, (Opposite Mr. Edwin Jones, The Mews), 365—52 COLWYN BAY. T. BRACKSTONE & CO, HOUSE AND ESTATE AGENTS, COAL MERCHANTS, CENTRAL BUILDINGS, OPPOSITE STATION ROAD, COLWYN BAY. NO CHARGE TO APPLICANTS FO HOUSES, APARTMENTS, or LAND. J. E. ROBERTS & Co., AUCTIONEERS » VALUERS, House and Estate Agents. Sales conducted on reasonable terms. Cash advanced on Absolute Sale. OFFICES Station Road, Colwyn Bay. 297-52 Scholastic. A RT CLASSES. MISS HOLMES, Certified Art Mistress, South Kensington: Exhibitor at Manchester. Liverpool, Sonthport, etc.; Member of The Gwynedd Ladies' Art Society, Conway. RECEIVES Pupils for instruction in Drawing, -L\. Shading, Painting- in Oils and Water Col- our from Models, Casts and Natural Objects; Sketching from Nature, Modelling and Design. Class Days: Mondays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays. Special arrangements made for private lessons and for visitors. LARKFIELD, WOODLAND ROAD, COLWYN BAY. 326-52 ABERGELE DISTRICT COUNTY INTERMEDIATE SCHOOL. HRADMASTER: CHARLES A. WILLIAMS, M.A., London, Ph. D., Strassburg. MISTRESS: MISS J. HENRY Of Newnham College, Cambridge, Hist, Tripos, J^93 Certificated Cambridge Higher Local (Honours); South Kensington and Royal Academy Music; AND OTHER VISITING MASTERS. THE course of study will embrace sound modern education, preparation for marticu- tion at the Universities. Pupils will have the advantage of competing for the County exhib- itions. Terms, Ci 6s. 8d. per term-L4 per annum, inclusive of all school books and stationery. The fees will be reduced when more than one member of the same fa mil v attends the School. School opens September i it li, 1895. For further particulars and forms of application for admission, apply- HEAD MASTER, INTERMEDIATE SCHOOL, 351- ABERGELE. LLANDUDNO AND CONWAY COUNTY I-, SCHOOL (DUAL), Recently Established under the Welsh Education Act. HEAD MASTER: J. M. ARCHER THOMSON, M.A., Formerly Exhibitioner at Clare College, Cam- bridge; Classical Honours, 1884. The First Term will commence on Monday, February 10th. Applications for admission should be made at once to the Hon. Clerk, Avallon Llandudno. Particulars respecting Boarders may be obtained from the Head Master. 363- MISS NIXON, I.S.M., RECEIVES PUPILS FOR PIANOFORTE, SINGING AND THEORY, And prepares Candidates for the Local Examinations. Schools attended. Colwyn Bay and Llandudno visited. AddressBryn Hydd, Upper Bangor. 380— It will Pay you to go there! "WHERE!" J. JARED WILLIAMS' Glass, China and Earthenware Warehouse, BON MARCHE, BERRY STREET, CONWAY. 15 p.c. Cheaper than any other house in the county. penalities: TOILET SETS, TEA SERVICES, DINNER SERVICES. List of Prices on Application 365—52 M. & J. WILLIAMS, (PLAS MAWR), HIGH STREET, CONWAY. CABINET MAKERS, UPHOLSTERERS, COMPLETE HOUSE FURNISHERS, IRONMONGERS, PICTURE-FRAME MAKERS, JOINERS, and OFFICE FITTERS. Undertakers. 252-52 DRESSMAKING. "C*OR STYLE AND FIT go to THE MISSES MARSHALL, STANLEY HOUSE (back of Stanley Buildings), 381-3 CASTLE STREET, CONWAY. W. H. SHEPPERD, ARTISTIC HOUSE DECORATOR, AUCTIONEER, VALUER, &C. Cash advanced on Household Furniture, Stock-in-Trade, &c., for absolute Sale. £ SALES CONDUCTED ON MODERATE TERMS. PROMPT SETTLEMENTS. WATERLOO HOUSE, COLWYN BAY. 342- Wanted. WANTED.- Thoroughly respectable Boy for W office. Apply, Francis Nunn, Wynnstay Chambers, Colwyn Bay. 379- To be Let. OUSE AND SHOP to Let. Also, Houses to be Let or Sold. Apply, O. Lloyd, Pendorlan Villa, Colwyn Bay. 3x5— ROM ENADE.-Seini-detached House, con- taining- twelve bedrooms and three sitting rooms, kitchen, scullery, pantries, etc., etc.; two w.c's., and all other conveniences, together with adjoining buildings, containing large dining and recreation rooms, etc., etc. Apply, J. M. Porter, The Estate Office, Colwyn Bay. 373— TO LET.—No. 1, Mount Pleasant, Conway. —Apply, THOMAS ABRAM, Estate Agent, &c., Conway. 375- COLWYN. — Board Residence or good House To Let Furnished, in best locality, 5 min- utes from Beach. Replies to be addressed "W," Weekly News Office, Colwyn Bay. 38r-4 RHOS-ON-SEA. — To be let unfurnished, Semi-detached Cottage, containing one sitting and four bedrooms. Very pleasantly situated. Rent £ 25. Apply, Brackstone, Colwyn Bay. 380-2 TO LET. — Hughenden, Rhos Parade, 3 enter- taining rooms, 7 bedrooms, bathroom, gasfittings, and everv other convenience. Apply to Mr. Geo. Hill, Bod Euryn, Llandrillo, Colwyn Bay. 381 —3 To be Sold. BUILDING LAND for Sale, best site in L) Colwyn Bay. Money to lend. Builders financed. Apply, A. Roberts, Mortgage Broker, &c., Public Hall, Colwyn Bay. 352- FREEHOLD Land for sale by private treaty, F Rare opportunity for workmen and others to secure their own dwellings. 15 acres of freehold land in healthy locality and within 20 minutes walk of Colwyn Bav, sea and mountain views. Unconditional sale. Price from sixpence per yard. For further particulars apply to Mr. Moses William*, Bodfrvn, Colwyn Bay. 377— MAGNIFICENT large DOG for Sale, lady's 1 companion. For full particulars, apply- T. ROGERS. Esq., Roe-Wen, Conway. 382-3 Established at Late with Mr T. Edge, Llan Colwyn Bay, 1879. dudno, for 12 years J. W. THOMAS, PHOTOGRAPHER, KENSINGTON HOUSE, CONWAY ROAD, COLWYN BAY. ONLY FIRST CLASS WORK D« >NK. STUDIO ON THE GROUND FLOOR. SPECIAL FACILITIES FOR INVALIDS. Views of the District always in stock. After 17 years business in Colwyn Bay, J. W T. desires to thank the residents and visitors for their patronage in the past, and hopes for a continuace of the same in the future. 157- R. SAUNDERS DAVIES, (LATE OF BIRMINGHAM), Practical Watch and Clock Maker, Jeweller and Optician, BANK HOUSE, PENMAENMAWR, (Late Premises of the National Provincial Bank). Every description of English & Foreign Watches, Clocks and Jewellery repaired on the premises. CLOCKS WOUND AND KEPAIRED BY CONTRACT. Orders left to Mr. ELIAS JONES, Church Street, Conway, receive prompt attention. 372—s IND COOPE & COMPANY, LIMITED, BURTON-ON-TRENT, Have pleasure in announcing that they have appointed J. C. SMALLWOOD, BLUE BELL, CONWAY AND KING'S HEAD, LLANDUDNO, As AGENT for the sale of their Celebrated Ales and Stouts, and all orders entrusted to him will have prompt and careful attention. PRICE LIST ON APPLICATION. Carriages and Brakes for Hire. Telegraphic Address:—SMALLWOOD, Conway. Conway Telephone, No. 6. 378— Llandudno No. 73. The Favourite SCOTCH WHISKY of the day. Awarded Prize Medals wherever exhibited. Roderick Dhu OLD HIGHLAND WHISKY. Sold everywhere, in the Firm's own labelled and capsuled bottles. WRIGHT & GREIG, Ltd., GLASGOW. 379-13 R. E. JONES & BROS., 8, Station Road, Colwyn Bay, Rose Hill Street, Conway. FASHIONS UP TO DATE. J. 0. Jones, London House, Colwyn Bay, IS NOW SHOWING New and Choice Goods in all Departments. Spring Mantles and Jackets, In Black and Colored Cloth and Plush Choice Capes at Moderate Prices. Tailor Made Coats and Skirts In the Newest Styles. Full ranges of the Newest Dress Materials. Chene Silks and Ribbons. A most choice collection of thes Goods now on View. Gloves, Hosiery, Ladies' Shirts, and TIES, in full Spring Assortment. Spring and Summer Curtains, embracing some very choice SWISS COLBERTS, MADRAS, &c., &c. A most select stock of FURNISHING' DRAPERY throughout. DRESSMAKING under efficient managemen OUR NEW STOCK OF PAPERHANGINGS AN INSPECTION titct a INVITED FOR. 1896 HAS JUST ARRIVED. MAGNIFICENT PATTERNS. IMMENSE SALES. G. BEVAN & CO., CONWAY ROAD, COLWYN BAY. Agents for the Welsbach Incandescent Light for Conway and Colwyn Bay. 367-50 MODEL BAKERY. -.u Special care is taken in the selection of Barm and Flour U 1. and in the Baking to produce a light, sweet loaf :t 1\1 that will be as pleasant to the taste f^l\\ ,\N as Home-baked Bread. "TTtT TVV^JriS ^—. "CTrtfV^POSV*6 Groceries. No cheap goods kep fi pl Prices fair and reasonable. Y\jU Mazawattee & Horniman's Tea. Hams, Bacon, Cheese and Butter of the Finest Quality. Manager: MR. T. R. WILLIAMS. 370- RHOS ABBEY, RHOS-ON-SEA, NR. COLWYN BAY. FACING IRON PIER, AND ANCIENT ROYAL FISHING WEIR, RESIDENTIAL HOTEL AND BOARDING ESTABISHMENT. BILLIARDS. STABLING. GOOD ACCOMMODATION FOR CYCLISTS. Magnificent Scenery, Healthiest and most Picturesque part of North Wales. Special arrangements being made for supplying Refreshments, Teas, Luncheons, &c. r, Z!1 Apply-PROPRIETRESS, RHOS ABBEY, Nr. COLWYN BAY. 38Q— The Steamers OF HIE ST. GEORGES' S.S. Co., Ltd., Will ply (weather and other causes permitting) on one of the most beautiful Rivers in between DEGANWY, CONWAY, & TREFRIW, as under:- JFNE From Front Ret. from Dejranw.v. Conway. Trefriw 9 Tuesday 8 '20n.m. 8 30 a.m. 10 15 a.m. 10 Wednesday 8 3.5 8 50 10 55 11 Thursday 9 32 9 40 11 35 12 Friday 9 45 10 0 12 15 p.m. FARES: Fore End. 1 Cabin and Deck, 1/6; Return, 2/1). NOTE.—The Steamers will start from the Landing Stapre at the North end of Conway Quay, and on their return will proceed as far as Desranwy, except those marked t Doubt- ful if Steamers will reach Trefriw. Fares according to distance. Notices of Audit. THE URBAN DISTRICT COUNCIL OF COLWYN BAY AND COLWYN. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN THAT the Statement of Accounts of the above- named Urban District Council for the year ended the 31st dayof March, 1896, togetherwith the respective Books of Account will, on the 10th day of June next, he deposited at the Council Offices, Colwyn Bay, and such Statements and Books of Account will be open to be inspected, examined, and copied by any Ratepayer in the District of the said Authority, at any reasonable hour in the day time when the Authority is not sitting, until the 17th day of June next, and that on the last- mentioned day, at the hour of 10 a.m., the Accounts of the said Authority will be audited by Edward Morgan, Esquire, the Auditor, at the Council Offices, Colwyn Bay, when and where every such Ratepayer, who may have any objection to any matter contained in the above- mentioned Accounts, may attend and prefer his objection, and the same will be heard and determined by the Auditor. Dated this 29th day of Mav. 1896. JAMES PORTER, 381-2 CLERK. E. KELLETT, M.R.C.V.S., F.E.V.M.A., Member of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons, Fellow of the Edinburgh Veterinary Medical Association, Inspector for the Board of Agriculture under the Contagious Diseases' Animals' Acts, Veterinary Establishment, Merridale, Conway Road, Colwyn Bay. 373—

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