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LIST OF VISITORS. COLWYN BAY. IMPORTANT NOTICE. All Lists of Visitors must reach the Central Library, Colwyn Bay, not later than seven o'clock on the Wednesday evening, for otherwise they will be too late for insertion in the current week's issue. PWLLYCROCHAN HOTEL. (Mr J. Porter, proprietor.) Mr and Mrs Mendelson, New York Mr and Mrs Kershaw, Macclesfield Mrs Fred Scanlon, London The Hon Justice Andrews, Dublin Mrs Andrews, do Mrs Guinness, London Miss Guinness, do B. Guinness, Esq Mrs Miles, Oxton Miss Ayers, Egremont Mr and Mrs Watkins, Bolton F. Watkins, Esq, do Rev J. K. Watkins, Little Lever Vicarage, near Bolton The Misses Waterhouse, Liverpool Miss M. Soyer. Manchester Master Demetriadi, do Master Manoly Demetriadi, do Mr and Mrs Chaytor, Dublin Col. Freeman, Huddersfield Mrs Freeman, do Miss Freeman, do Mr and Mrs Withington, Culcheth Hall, near Warrington Miss Withington, do H. E. Goddard, Esq, Nottingham F. H. Goddard, Esq, do John A. Fowler, Esq, Southport N. F. Dean, Esq, Birkenhead R. C. Beazley, Esq, Liverpool J. E. Jones, Esq, do P. Sechiari, Esq, London Miss Bruce, do Mr and Mrs Hodgkinson, Marple Mr and Mrs Bodden, Oldham T. J. Harvey, Esq, Beckenham COLWYN BAY HOTEL. (Miss Jones, Manageress). E. Johnson, Esq, Rainhill Miss Jones, do Miss Norris Jones, Liverpool S. Anthony, Esq, Bromboro' Hon. Lady Smyth, & maid, London Miss Hassard, Hodderston R. N. Fraser, Esq, Liverpool J. Hamilton, Esq, do C. R. Roche, Esq. Daventry Mrs Roche, do Miss N. Williams, Portmadoc Miss G. Lewes, do J. A. Ellis, Esq, Norwich F. W. Niven, Esq, Dublin N. C. Niven, Esq, do W. R. Jonos, Esq, West Kirby James Beatty, Esq, Kingstown Miss Beatty, do C. J. Fry, Esq, London Mrs Fry, do R. Turnbull, Esq, do Mrs Turnbull, do R. W. Lister, Esq, Ashbourne P. M. Apostolo, Esq, Liverpool J. Clemencon Whateley, Esq, B'ham J. Starley, Esq, Coventry J. Starley, Esq, Junr.. do F. E. Starley, Esq, do G. E. Killick, Esq, Liverpool A. E. Gaddum, Esq, Bowdon, Cheshire John Davies, Esq, Denbigh E. Brassey, Esq, Chester Mrs Brassey, do Ernest Rowley, Esq, Lymm A. C. Nelson, Esq, do W. M. Weaver, Esq, Chester J. Burgess, Esq, Warrington S. Coe, Esq, Manchester Haigh, Esq, Liverpool Mrs Haigh, do E. Taylor, Esq, do Mrs Taylor, do Thomas Howe, Esq, Manchester Mrs Baker and friend, Leamington F. Middleton, Esq, Smethwick Mrs Middleton, do J. Marriott, Esq, Liverpool Mrs Marriott, do LOCKYER'S PRIVATE HOTEL. Mrs McKean, Bowdon, Cheshire Miss E. McKean, do Miss Miller, do Mrs Sankey, Wolverhampton Miss Sankey, do Miss F. Sankey, do Mrs Wood, Leicester Miss Goodacre, do Mr H. M. Johnson, Dublin Mr H. Elliott, Manchester Mr and Mrs Salmon, Stone, Staffs. Mr and Mrs Pasley, Manchester Mr and Mrs Byrom, do Miss G. Byrom, do Master J. Byrom, do Miss Tegid, Welshpool Miss Hilberg, Manchester Mr Adatns, Birmingham Mr Wagner, Manchester Mr Humballinian, do Mr Politian, do Mr Black, Cheetham Hill Mr and Mrs J. Standing, Leigh THE "CHESTNUTS" PRIVATE HOTEL. (Mr J. M. Taylor, Proprietor.) W. H. Payne, Esq, Moseley A. Maddocks, Esq, Edgbaston Mrs Maddocks, do A. Maddocks, Junr., Esq, do Miss Maddocks, do Mrs Richardson, Manchester A. W. Teague, Esq, Handsworth G. B. Ashford, Esq, Birmingham Mrs Ashford, do PENSION EDELWEISS, (Misses Retemeyer) Miss Foster, Edgbaston Miss Hayes, Liscard Mrs. van Rappard, The Hague, Holland Miss E. D. Grierson, Holywell Miss Mansell, Shrewsbury E. W. Jackson, Esq, Bowdon CLAREMONT PRIVATE HOTEL. (Mrs Robinson, Proprietress). J. W. Watts, Esq, Macclesfield Mrs Watts, do Master Watts, do Miss Barlow, do R. Hindle, Esq, Chorley Mrs Hindle, do Miss Hindle, do C. W. Wright, Esq, Wolverhampton J. Jones, Esq, do H. O. Jones, do C. Chitton, Esq, do Miss Slater, Didsbury Miss M. Slater and friend, do Barrowfield, Hawarden Road- [Mrs Hirst C. Russell, Esq, Liverpool Mrs Russell and family, do Allott, Esq, Manchester Misses Allott, do Holmedale, Wynnstay Road- Mr and Mrs J. S. Riley and child, Seaforth, Liverpool Somerset Boarding House—The [Misses Wright A. G. Hunter, Esq, Manchester J. Wetherell, Esq, Birkenhead R. A. Wetherell, Esq, do Miss Fry, Oxton Mrs Haram, Tranmore Miss M. L. Wright, do Beechwood Villa, Mostyn Road- [Miss Roberts Mrs Orr, family and maids, Ashted Vicarage, Birmingham i St Winifred's Boarding House- [Mrs Gray Miss Mitchel, Bury Mr and Mrs Macdonald, Preston Mr and Mrs Brown, do Mrs Ferrier, Macclefield Mr Hall, Leek Sandringham, Mostyn Road—The [Misses Clint Mr Bigland, Spital Mrs Bigland, children & maid, do Miss Bella Sloman, Birkenhead Miss Annie Sloman, do Morannedd, Marine Road-Mrs & [The Misses Wadsworth J. M. Wadsworth, Esq, Dacca, India Mrs Wadsworth family & maid, do J. R. Adams, Esq, Italy The Misses Adams, do T. H. Goldie, Esq, Sefton Park, Liverpool Mrs Goldie, do Ivy Lea, Princess Drive—Misses [Lovatt T. H. Mills, Esq, White Bank House, Stockport Mrs Mills, baby and maids, do Gallon, Esq, Leeds Mrs Gallon, do Miller, Esq, Manchester Mrs Miller, do F. T. Raine, Esq, Withington Miss H. Lovatt, Birmingham Craig-y-don—Miss Murray Nurse Ferguson, resident Oakhurst- Mr and Mrs H. N. Sulivan and family Ardenlee, Llewelyn Road—Mrs Bretherick Mr and Mrs Yeld, withington, Manchester Master Roy Yeld, do Master Norman Yeld, do Miss Reeve, do Mr Crofts, Chorlton-cum-Hardy Mr and Mrs J. A. Ormerod and family, Blackurn Miss Shorrock, do Mr Walton, do Mr Parker, do Miss Harris, do Miss Yeoward, do Mrs Taylor, Bury Miss E. Taylor, do The Laurels, Woodland Road- Mr and Mrs Heaton, family and nurse, Stalybridge Woodside, Rhiw Road-Mrs Ross Mr and Mrs Hancock, Urmston, Manchester Master Harry Hancock. do Miss Alice Hancock, do Miss Lily Hancock, do Mr and Mrs Mason, Levenshulme, Manchester Mr Walker, Manchester Miss Lessington and friend, do Hazelmere, Rhiw Road-Mrs Jones Rev J. Jones, B.A., resident Miss Roberts, Buxton Miss Marsen, Wolverhampton Mr R. W. Davies, London Mr Llewelyn Davies, Trawsfynydd Mrs Coates, Manchester Master Gilbert Coates, do Miss Parry, do Mr and Mrs Rawson, Manchester Miss Foster, do Melrose Villa, Rhiw Road-Mrs R. [K. Stevenson Mr and Mrs Cooper, Swadlincote Miss F. Crane, do Mrs Sam Cooper, Newhall Mr T. C. Goode, Sheffield Mr E. S. Bradwell, Sheffield Mr W. Wesson, Moxley, Staffs, Mr W. H. Wesson, do Mr A. J. Wesson, do Mr J. Beards, do Mr and Mrs McAlpine and child- ren, Manchester Sorrento Boarding House-Miss Wilson Miss Rhind, Cardiff Miss J. Rhind, do Miss Moore, Birmingham Miss Astbury, Lichfield Mr W. T. Nichols, Birmingham Ribblesdale, Grove Park-The [Misses Shepherd Mrs Laycock, Fairfield, Liverpool Mrs Orr and baby, do Mrs Waddington, Anfield Mr A. and J. Waddington, do Miss Gee, Bootle Brynkinallt Boarding House, Aber- [gele Road-Misses Pattison Mr Hogley, Holmfii th, Yorks. Mrs Hogley, do Master Hogley, do Master H. Hogley, do Mr Stellwall, Birmingham Mrs Stellwall, do Maenan House, Abergele Road- [Mrs Roberts J. Conollv. Esq, Victoria Park, Wavertree Wavertree Mrs Conolly, family and nurse, [do J. Millner, Esq, Broughton, Man- chester Miss Millner,:do Miss Ethel Millner, do Roseneath, Abergele Road- Wilfred Hill, Esq, Birmingham Mrs Hill. do Ellis Williams, Esq, Manchester Mrs Williams, do Miss Hilda Williams, do Baby and nurse, do Thos. Atkinson, Esq, do Mrs Atkinson, do Miss Edith Atkinson, do Baby and nurse, do E. Wadsworth, Esq, Stand Lane Mrs XVadsworth, do Miss Olive Wadsworth, do Master Fred Wadsworth, do Master William Wadsworth, do Newsham House, Abergele Road- Mr Allen Sutcliffe, Bowdon Miss Garside, do Mr B. Blower, Shrewsbury Mrs Blower, do Mi-s Blower, do Mr W. Billson. Leicester Mr A. Billson, do Dr Lloyd, Chirk Mrs Lloyd, do Miss Lloyd. do Mrs Page, do Ellerscroft, Meirion Gardens-Miss [Davies G. B. Holmyard (resident) Bodnant, Meirion Gardens— N. Hartley Hacking, Esq, Barton Mrs Hacking, do Miss and Master Hacking, do Mrs Orme Hacking, do Mrs Cawley, Whaley Bridge Wave Crest, Lawson Road—Misses Lever Charles Beswick, Esq, Cheetham Hill, Manchester Mrs C. Beswick, do Miss Jessie Beswick, do Miss Ella Beswick, do Mrs Beswick, do Mr Harry Beswick, do Marlborough House, Greenfield l Road-Mrs Redding Mr & Miss Phillipson, Manchester Mr and Mrs Botten, do Mr and Mrs Darby, Liverpool Mr Darby, do Dr Haydock, Manchester Mrs Haydock, do Miss Speare, do L. F. Haydock, Esq, do B. W. Haydock, Esq, do Chesterfield, Greenfield Road-Miss [Wright Mrs Hukin, Olton, Birmingham Mrs Weatherby, Hanley Miss Weatherby, do Miss P. Weatherby, do T. W. Weatherby, Esq, do J. H. Weatherby, Esq, do Bushby, Esq, Didsbury Mrs Bushby and child, do R. Jones, Esq, Malvern Mrs Jones and maid, do La Plata Villa, Greenfield Road- Mrs Ronald, Liverpool Miss Ronald, do W. Ronald, Esq, do Miss Couthelly, Pendleton Miss Leaf, do Miss L. Leaf, do Miss F. Leaf, do Miss S. Leaf, do Mrs Palmer and Miss Palmer, Manchester Brigydon Boarding Establisment— [Mrs Burwell Mrs Pixton, Liverpool F. F. Skeaf, Esq, Luttapur, India W. Chilton, Esq, Coalbrook- dale, Shropshire Mrs Chilton, do Mr T. Spencer, Crewe Mr W. Weir, do P. Stansfield, Manchester J. Somers, do Oxford House, Bay View Road- Miss Bown (resident) J. H. Haworth, Esq, Bacup, Manchester Miss Haworth, do Mrs Hardiman, Rushden, North- amptonshire Miss Carter, do Miss Elsie Carter, do Mr G. McLeod, do

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