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Colwyn Bay and Colwyn Urban District Council. THE COLWYN BAY PROMENADE IMPROVEMExNTS. SPECIAL MEETING OF THE COUNCIL. A special meeting of the Colwyn Bay and Colwyn Urban District Council was held, on Tuesday, May 5th, for the purpose of taking into consideration tile following motion, which had been placed on the Agenda in the name of Coun- cillor Win. Davies :—" That the Council appoint itself into a Committee (with power to add to its number) to meet at the earliest convenience to consider and prepare a Programme for Whit- Monday, for laying the Promenade foundation- stone, which will be worthy of the cause and a credit to Colwyn Bay." There were present the Chairman (Rev Thos Parry, J.P., A.C.C.), the Vice-Chairman (Mr John Roberts, C.C.), the Rev J. G. Haworth, and Messrs Hugh Hughes, William Davies, John Bind, George Bevan, Owen Williams, and Robert Evans, and the Clerk (Mr James Porter), and the Surveyor (Mr W. Jones, A.M.I.C.E.). Mr William Davies, in moving his resolution, said that it was well-known to the Council that at the last meeting it was considered of importance that they should appoint a day for the laying of the foundation-stone of the new Promenade. Such a ceremony would serve as an advertisement and would show the public that they in Colwyn Bay were alive to their interests. It was not in- tended to spend any of the ratepayers' money in connexion with such an event, which would have to be carried-out by voluntary contributions. Whit-Monday would be the best possible day the Council could fix for the holding of the ceremony, inasmuch as it was a general holiday, and the Oddfellows Society would be parading the town. In reply to the Chairman, Mr William Davies said that it had been decided, at the last meeting, to hold such a ceremony as he proposed, on Whit-Monday. Mr Owen Williams seconded. Mr Blud, whilst realising the importance of the proposal, thought that, if the event was fixed to take place on Whit-Monday, the time at their dis- posal would be too short to enable them to make adequate and satisfactory arrangements. The Council must bear in mind that the tradespeople of the town, would be extremely busy until Whit- suntide, and, without their assistance, it would be quite impossible to carry the event through to a successful issue. It was of the utmost importance that outside assistance should be given, otherwise the movement would prove a complete failure. Furthermore, the Council should consider the advisability of having some other attraction in connexion with the event. They could have a proper Gala-day, with boat-races, etc. Under the circumstances which he had mentioned, he considered that it would be far more advisable to postpone the ceremony of laying the foundation- stone, until some time in July. The work had not yet been commenced, and he would very much like to see a portion of the wall erected before the stone was laid. Mr Will am Davies thought that Mr Blud was out of order, inasmuch as he should have brought forward his suggestion at the last meeting. Mr Blud replied that he did not wish to move an amendment. He only wanted the movement to be carried out to a successful issue. In reply to Mr Hugh Hughes, the Surveyor said that the erection of the wall had been commenced that morning. A portion would no doubt be ready by Whit-Monday. Mr William Davies said that the Council did not seem to understand that it was a foundation- stone that he proposed should be laid, and not a memorial-stone. Mr John Roberts was in favour of an adjourn- ment, remarking that the matter could not be satisfactorily discussed that day as there were only two-thirds of the members present. The Rev J. G. Haworth agreed with the remarks of Mr Blud, and thought that the con- sideration of the matter should be deferred. Mr W. Davies eventually withdrew his motion, when it was resolved, on the motion of the Chair- man, seconded by Mr Hugh Hughes, that a public meeting of the ratepayers be convened for Friday, May 15th, to take the matter into con- sideration. It was also decided to hold a special meeting of the Council previous to the public meeting, to draw out suggestions to be after- wards submitted for approval. THE COWLYD WATER-SUPPLY. Considerable discussion ensued as to the posi- tion of affairs between the Council and the Cowlyd Water Board, the Surveyor remarking that for some reason the Cowlyd Water was turned off that day. The Chairman alluded to the irregular pressure of water at Conway Bridge. It ought to be 250, and was often 150. The Vice-Chairman moved that the Council urge upon the Cowlyd Board the importance of bringing a larger main to the Colwyn Bay boundary as early as possible. Mr Blud seconded, but added the words and that owing to the irregular supply the Council will have to take steps to inquire into the reason." This was carried. Mr \V. Davies moved, MrO. Williams seconded, and it was carried, that the Council intimate to the Conway Rural District Council that the supply to Llysfaen from the Colwyn Bay mains must be discontinued after the termination of the existing agreement. LICENSING QUESTIONS. The dates for granting licenses to cabmen, boatmen, &c., having been fixed, Mr W. Davies thought that certain questions should be put to all the applicants. Mr Bevan doubted the right of the Council to question the men about their morals, &c. He questioned whether the Council could refuse the licenses if the men had not been summoned. Mr Blud thought that some admonition should be given about furious driving. The Chairman I think we have a right to give good advice, but had better not pass any resolu- tion. THE RESERVOIR QUESTION. The Chairman was glad to say that the Colwyn Bay Estate Company had agreed to grant land for a reservoir, without any condition as to the purchase by the Council of the Pwllycrochan Woods. THE STANDING ORDERS.-A "BREEZE." There was a breeze over the revision of the Standing Orders. Mr W. Davies urged that the Order ruling that "every member except the one addressing the chair shall be seated at the table should be strictly enforced. This would prevent some of them from going to the fire and the reporters' table. [Laughter.]. Mr Robert Evans concurred, and deprecated members being allowed to go out and confer with the Deputy Clerk (Mr Amphlett). The Clerk protested against these insinuations about the officials. He appealed for the protec- tion of the chair. Members should not say in that room under the protection of the chair what they would not say outside. The draft of the Order, was eventually ap- proved. The Surveyor was complimented, by the Chair- man and others, on the able report he had presented of the work done in the District for the period ending March 31st last.