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£ om0ponb«nw+ [In no case are we responsible for the opinions expressed in this column.] To the Editor of The Weekly News." THE COLWYN BAY SHIPWRECKED CREW. Sir,—I am informed that the crew of the schooner Warru of Dundalk, rescued by the lifeboat on Sunday the 12th inst., and landed at Colwyn Bay, were soliciting alms in that town on the following days. These men had no occasion to do anything of the kind, no, they were lodged by me immediately after landing, in the care of Mrs Jones (the Ship, Rhos), at the expense of the Shipwrecked Fisherman and Mariner's Society, and were told to remain there until they were able to board their vessel again, or, in the event of her becoming a wreck, they would be clothed and sent home. The S. F. and M. S., through their Hon. Agents, are prepared to deal with all shipwrecked people, either seamen or poor passengers, and forward them to their homes. As their Hon. Agent in this district, I will give prompt attention to any cases brought under my notice, and either attend myself or forward immediate instructions as to how they are to be dealt-with. In the event of shipwrecked persons being landed before there is time to apprise me, they may be given food and lodgings until I can be communicated-with, at the expense of the So- ciety.—I am, sir, yours faithfully, STEPHEN DUNPHY, Hon. Agent S. F. & M. Society.