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The Midnight Adventure on the Little Orme. ALLEGED EXAGGERATED ACCOUNTS. One of the principals in the recent midnight adventure on the Little Orme writes:Will you permit me to vindicate the modicum of common sense which I happen to possess by eliminating the mythical in the occurrence as far as possible ? We had not climbed down towards the sea (as a matter of fact I had not a flying machine about me at the time), but had proceeded too far along the shore. We were in no danger of drowning at all, a fact which I assured myself of from the very first nor from exposure, as the night was warm, and there was plenty of shelter in case of rain. The excitement which arose is unintelligible to me. I did not say to the lifeboat, We decline to come," but "You can't possibly land go back." We had no wish for men to peril their lives in a matter which required but a little patience for its solution. It is manifest that any attempt on the part of the lifeboat, if indeed a possibility, would have been attended with great and quite unneces- sary danger to jail concerned. I don't hereby disparage the efforts of the crew I admired their pluck, and felt very grateful for their good intentions. At low water we were not in the least exhausted," but in a perfectly normal condition, and quite competent to have retraced our steps any distance. Although throughout we exper- ienced nothing of discomfort, still less of danger. we fully appreciate the kindness and solicitude shown us through ignorance of our state.

Spring at the Sea-Side.

Conway and Llandudno Petty…

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