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advance. The Rev. W. Hughes. of the Congo Training Institute, Colwyn Bay, had proved against his estate for £50, for breach of an agreement, but he (the bankrupt) did not consider that there was any ground for making such a claim. He had arranged with Mr Hughes to train to the joinery trade boys connected with the Institute, and had regularly done so up to the time of his failure. After his bankruptcy, a distress for rent was put in, under a clause in the agreement of tenancy, which provided for the payment of rent in advance if demanded. He had had several contracts, some of which he had been unable to complete owing to want of capital. He could not say what profit he had made.—The examination was adjourned for the filing of an account of the contracts, showing the profit and loss on each and also for an amended cash account for the last three years. Y.M.C.A. CONFERENCE IN LIVERPOOL.—The twenty-eighth district conference of the Liverpool and North Wales District Union of Young Men's Christian Association was held on Saturday, April nth, at the Central Y.M.C.A., Mount Pleasant, Liverpool, and proved one of the most successful gatherings of the kind ever held in the Union. About sixty delegates attended, repres- enting some seventeen Districts, and among those present were Mr W. Hind Smith (Exeter Hall, London) O. Ricard (Copenhagen Y.M.C.A.), Mr Bill (missionary from Qua Iboe, West Coast of Africa), Mr W. H. Ralston (Birkenhead Y. M.C.A.), Rev A. Jones-Davies (Colwyn Bay), Mr T. C. Kershaw (Garston), Mr Robert Wylie and Mr Edward Osborne (Warrington), Mr C. A. Ropes (the coloured secretary of the Colwyn Bay Institute), and representatives of Bootle, Bagillt, Waterloo, Oswestry, Roby, &c. The proceed- ings were opened early in the afternoon by a reception of the delegates and friends by Mr W. H. Hope, after which the Waterloo and Colwyn Bay Associations were welcomed into the District Union. The delegates having been entertained to tea, a Conference was held under the presi- dency of Mr W. Hind Smith, when a number of subjects were treated in ten minutes' papers, fifteen minutes after each paper being apportioned for discussion. FORTHCOMING CONFERENCE OF THE COLWYN BAY FREE CHURCHES' REPRESENTATIVES.- At 3.30 p.m. next Thursday, April 23rd, the Rev Thomas Parry, J.P., A.C.C., will take the chair at the Lecture Hall, Colwyn Bay, at a Conference of the Representatives of the Free Churches of Colwyn Bay, Colwyn, and neighbourhood. In the evening, Mr Francis Nunn will preside over a public meeting held at the Welsh Baptist Chapel, and commencing at half-past seven, the speakers announced being the Revs W. L. Wiseman, B.A., Birmingham Thomas Law, Birmingham and H. Barrow Williams, LIan- dudno. RECOVERY OF THE REV H. T. COUSINS.—It is with pleasure that we learn of the recovery of our esteemed friend the Rev H. T. Cousins, who has left for Bournemouth. "TRILBY" AT COLWYN BAY.—"Trilby" was placed upon the boards at the Public Hall, on Monday, April 13th, when there was a crowded house. The acting all round was above the average, and doubtless, when this Company pays the Bay another visit, it will again be well patron- -¡sed. ATTRACTIONS AT BRYN PYDEW NEXT WED- NESDAY.—A literary and musical meeting will be held at the Calvinistic Methodist Chapel, Bryn Pydew, at 7.0 p.m. next Wednesday, April 22nd. Tea will be on the tables at three o'clock in the afternoon. SPORTS AT TANLLWYFAN. Thn weather was bright and most genial when these Sports took place on Thursday, April 7th, consequently the elite of the neighbourhood, and several fathers and mothers of the boys, assem- bled to see the youthful competitors. A more perfectly arranged field it has seldon been our lot to bi-hold,—event succeeding event in most perfect order, this being due to the very capable and active management of Mr. H. J. Wright, the senior master. After each race, victors and van- quished seemed alike pleased, wbich says a great deal for the morale of the School. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy," is an old adage, —this old saw at any rate cannot be applied to Tanlhvyfan, if one may judge from the bright and happy faces of the boys at the same time, from the examination-papers, it is evident that woik is not neglected, the test being the scholarships former pupils have succeeded in winning, The following is a list of events Long jump, under 10, — 1st, Denison, 11 ft, mo- rocco writing-case 2nd, Young I, 10ft. iin., clock and case. i mile liandicap,-ist, Boltoii, 1111. 25Se.C, silver watch chain 2nd, Ritson, im. 33sec, morocco writing-case. High-jump under IO,-Ist, Powell, 3ft. 2in., letter-case. High-jump over 10,—ist, Aman, 3ft. 52111., dressing-case. 3-legged race,-Ist, Aman and Gamon, wri- ting-desks. too yards, under iol-ist, Denison, 15secs, letter-case 2nd, Taylor, 16 two-fifths sees, case ot brushes. too yards, over io,-ist, Bolton, 14 four-fifths sees, letter-case. Potato race, over 10, — ist, Aman, gilt clock. Potato race, under io,-ist, Foulkes Jones, case of brushes. Sack race,—ist, Palin II, pair of leg-guards; 2nd, Shawcross, clock and case. 80 yards (uader 8) haildicap,-ist, Hillgers, box ot paints. Obstacle race, over 10, — ist, Hutchinson, wri- ting-case. Obstacle race, under 10, —ist, Purlhas, dres- sing-case. Consolation race,— ist, Rivatt, leg-guards. The prizes, which were extremely handsome, came from William Whiteley, London. At the conclusion of the Sports, Mrs Eden, of Lletty'r Dryw, with a few well-chosen words presented the prizes to the successful competitors. Ringing cheers were then given for the deservedly popular Miss Palin (whose birthday it was), the Masters, and others, and thus terminated a most enjoyable afternoon's proceedings. TABLEAUX VIVANTS AND DRAMATIC ENTERTAINMENT. An entertainment, consisting of tableaux vivants and a dramatic performance, took place at the Public Hall on Easter-Thursday evening, in aid of the Church House funds. The first portion of the programme was capitally sustained, and con- sisted of tableaux vivants pianoforte duett, Fireman's Gallop," the Misses Martin and Houghton; tableau, "Japanese in various posi- tions" duett, Lauterbach," the Misses L. and M. Page tableaux (from a scene suggested by "Alton Locke") in two Acts; pianoforte duett, "La fille du Regiment," the Misses Bowkley and Sewell tableaux, Never too late to mend,"— this was really good, the first Act representing a child teaching some old women, the second another lesson, and the third the reprimanding of one of the scholars pianoforte duett, "Qui vi ve," the Misses E. and M. Kennedy tableau, Too many Cooks spoil the Bi-otli,tlie I;ttlies, in their caps and aprons, were most capable-looking cooks; pianoforte duett (Rubenstein), Mrs Sewell and Miss L. Everett; tableau, "The love of God or the fear of man"; pianoforte duett, the Misses Page and Bowkley tableau, The Judgment of Paris,this and the following- tableau, were pronounced the two best, the colours in this tableau being bl-ight and effective; pianoforte solo, Miss E. Kennedy; tableau, "Ancient and Modern," --in this, a maiden aunt of some 80 summers was seen just to meet a young lady (of the modern order) with her cycle, the. antiquated lady stood aghast. When, ii-i the second Act, the lady cvclist was about to mount her machine, Miss Eighty Summers turned her face away in awe, and this scene met with the general approval of the assembly. The tableaux, vivants were skilfully got up by the Misses Everett, Mrs Sewell, Miss Charles, and the Misses Pendlebury. The second part of the programme took the form of a dramatic enter- tainment, Whitebait at Greenwich," and the piece was capitally sustained throughout, the characters being taken as follow :—Miss Lucretia Buzzard, Miss Wood Sallie (servant), Miss M. Kennedy Mr Benjamin Buzzard, Mr Stanley Wood Mr Glimmer, Mr Stubbs; Mr John Small, Mr Macpherson. The performance was good, and reflected much redit on all of those appear- ing on the stage. A LIFEBOAT RESCUE OFF COLWYN BAY. On Sunday morning, April 12th, the schooner Maree (Captain Morgan), with a crew of two hands and a boy, bound from Garston for Dundalk, was driven, by stress of weather, to anchor in Rhos Bay, opposite the town. Signals of distress were perceived later in the day, and, in response to a telegram received at Llandudno about half-past four in the afternoon, the Llan- dudno lifeboat put out and reached the Maree about a quarter past six. The four persons on board were taken off from their perilous position, and were landed about seven o'clock at Colwyn Bay, where the incident created considerable excitement, a couple of thousand people welcoming the rescuing lifeboat, some members of whose crew were afterwards entertained at the Imperial Hotel, Mr Buckley (confectioner) entertaining the other lifeboatmen very hospitably. Mr Edwin Jones had provided a conveyance to bring the schooner's exhausted crew to the Central Hotel (Colwyn Bay), where they were properly cared-for, and where they remained all night. Before they went to the Hotel, they first alighted at "The Woodlands," Mr Edwin Jones's own residence, for refreshments. The lifeboatmen, after waiting in the town for the arrival of the lifeboat-waggon (which reached Colwyn Bay about eleven o'clock), started on foot for Llandudno about midnight. Captain Morgan, in an interview with a reporter on Monday evening, stated that while lying at anchor the wind blew a whole gale from the north, and they feared that the cable would part and the vessel be driven ashore, so they were compelled to get ashore. The vessel, however, rode the gale out all right, and Captain Morgan proposed going aboard that night and proceeding on his voyage. MARRIAGE OF MISS PARRY, CHESTER, AND DR. M. VENABLES-WILLIAMS, COLWYN BAY. On Wednesday afternoon, April 15th, the marriage of Dr William Montague Venables- Williams, only son of the Rev W. Venables- Williams, Vicar of Llandrillo, Colwyn Bay, and Miss S. A. A. Parry, second daughter of Mr Albert Parry, Vicar's Cross, Chester, was solemnised at St. John's Church, Chester. The ceremony created considerable interest, both families being well-known in Chester and North Wales. Dr Williams is extremely popular in the neighbourhood of Colwyn Bay, where he is Organist of St. Paul's Church, and is a J.P. for the County of Denbigh. The bridal party were met by the surpliced Choir near the Church door, and proceeded up the aisle to the chancel, the hymn The Voice that breathed o'er Eden" being sung. The ceremony, which was witnessed by a crowded congregation, was performed by the Rev \V. Venables-Williams, father of the bride- groom, assisted by the Rev Lionel Garnett, Vicar of Christleton, and the Rev F. A. Screeton, Curate of St. John's. The hymn" Thine for ever, God of Love," was then sung, and prior to the married couple leaving the Church, the Organist (Mr J. K. Owen) played the Wedding Marchs by Wagner and Mendelssohn. The best man was the Rev John Griffiths, Vicar of Colwyn, and the bridesmaids were Miss Florence Parry, sister of I he bride Miss B. Morris, cousin of the bride- groom Miss Tompson, cousin of the bride and Miss Clough, a young niece of the bride. The whole of the wedding party proceeded to the Grosvenor Hotel, where a reception was held, and subsequently Dr and Mrs Williams left Chester for their honeymoon. The following is a list of the Dr's presents re- ceived at Bryn Rev W. Venables-Williams, M.A. Oxon., Llandrillo, silver omelette-dish, soup-ladle, set of table-spoons, half-dozen dessert-spoons and half- dozen salt-spoons,—each bearing a crest. Mrs Venables-Williams, The Vicarage, Llan- drillo, silver hot-water jug, with crest to match. Mr and Mrs Taylor-Harrison, set of carvers in case. Pritchard, pearl-and-silver butter-knives. Miss Jones, Brynodle, dining-room blow-bellows, silver flask with initials of the Dr thereon. Miss Porter and Miss Lucy Porter, Pwlly- crochan, silver jam-spoons in case. Mr and Mrs E. T. Owen, Station Road, cut- glass and silver breakfast-cruet. Mr E. Lloyd, Morvan, bread-tray, and silver bread-knife. Mr and Mrs James Porter, Bodreinallt, Conway, dessert-dish. Mr W. Jones, Oaklands, set of brushes, a gong on stand for hall. Dr and Mrs Pryce Morris, Colwyn, half-dozen silver tea-spoons, and pair sugar-tongs in case. Mr and Mrs Baiss, Nevin, Herne Hill, London, half-dozen silver tea-spoons in case. Mr Stanley Wood, hand-painted photo-album. Mr and Mrs Arundale, Mr and Mrs Arthur Denton, picture-frame. Miss Bessie Roberts, Croxteth Park, Liverpool, gong. Rev Joseph Williams (Rector of Llanfihangel), fish-carvers. Rev W. T. Davies (Curate of Liandrillo), pair brass candlesticks, 2 silver-and-ivory nut-crackers. Mrs Lloyd Thomas, Conway, "ilver cruet. Rev Harold Burton, Fauls Vicarage, Salop, mahogany and silver stamp. Mr and Mrs Roberts, Croxteth Road, Liver- pool, 4 silver salt-cellers and spoons in case. Mr and Mrs Thomas Bury, Wrexham, pair of ivory-and-silver nut-crackers. Mr Fleming Galloway, Craigydon, Colwyn Bay, illustrated hymnal (with name 011 case, in gilt letters). Mr and Mrs T. Foulkes, Bromyard, Worcester, oak-and-silver biscuit-box, book-whatnot. The Officers of the N Company 2nd Vol. Batt. Royal Welsh Fusiliers, oak-and-silver salad-bowl with engraved shield, oak-and-silver tray with centre-shield two spoons,—on the shields were the following inscriptions :tl Presented to Lieut M. Venables-Williams 2nd Vol. Batt. R. W. Fusiliers (N Company) on his marriage April 15, 1896, Capt Stubbs, Surgeon-Capt Fraser, Lieut Dew." Miss Williams, Mochdre, cut-glass and silver claret-jug. Mrs Frank Hopwood, silver pepper-mill. Rev J. Griffiths (Vicar of Colwyn), silver dish. Mrs Moreland Crossfield, pair silver pepper- boxes. Miss M. E. Bickley, Eccles House, silver pickle-fork. Miss Helen Barlow, pair silver serviette-rings (in case). Mr and Mrs Andrew Charles, 4 silver dishes. Miss Bateman, Eccles House, silver butter- knife. Mrs Roberts, Ben Nevis, silver dessert-basket. Capt Pipon, pair silver-backed brushes. Mr James Amphlett, silver egg-boiler. Miss Rowley, tall bamboo flower-stand, three side vases, and one large centre vase, antique carved oak table and chair to match. Mr and Mrs Earp, silver jug. Mr and Mrs Percy Hignett, silver bread-knife and dish. Miss Williams, Clwyd House, Herne Hill, Lon- don, silver cheese-fork and dish. Mr and Mrs J. Porter, Pwllycrochan, silver vegetable-dishes. Miss Evans, Mochdre, satin cushion. Mrs Grindley and Misses Grindley, cushion. Miss Jones, Colwyn Bay Hotel, silk plush travelling-rug. Ornamental brass gas-brackets, Messrs Jones and Sons, Vronheulog. Painting and photo, Miss Cogswell. Silver-mounted driving-whip, Mr Edwin Jones, Woodlands. Silver-mounted driving-crop, Mr J. R. Jones (saddler). Mr G. P. Jenkins, silver-mounted mustard, salt, and pepper boxes. The Men of the N Company 2nd Vol. Batt. Royal Welsh Fusiliers, marble timepiece with engraved nameplate bearing the following in- seription :—" Pr-esented to Lieut W. M. Venables- Williams, by the Surgeant-Instructor and Non- Commissioned officers of the N Company 2nd Vol. Batt. R. W. Fusiliers, in commemoration of his marriage, April 15, 1896." Hand-painted plate-glass fire-screens, Mr Lockyer. Travelling-rug, Mr and Mrs Jones, Post Office. Mr J. W. Thomas, photo in frame. Mr and Mrs J. M. Porter, silver-and-china sugar and cream in stand. Miss H. Jones, 8, Station Road, double ink- stand. Miss E. Dorothy Roberts, pair ruby-and-silver vases. Miss E. A. Roberts, Beechwood Villa, Mostyn Road, pair ornamental jugs. Mrs Venables-Williams, The Vicarage, tea and breakfast service. Mrs T. J. Foulkes, ornament. Mr and Mrs Wm. Jones, Gwynfryn, antique china tea-service on tray. Canon Hugh Roberts, mirror and candlette. Mr and Mrs Daniel Allen, china dessert service. Mr and Mrs Morris, Stanley Buildings, ancient pistol. Mrs Worthing, copper kettle. Dr and Mrs Lord, Penlan, flower-vase. Mrs Williams, Broseley House, Llandudno, pair of vases. Mr C. Devonport Jones, Bryn y Mor, Hastings, photo in frame. Friends at Plas Isa', silver jam-dish. The Members of St. Paul's Choir and the Verger, silver-mounted gong on two buffalo horns, handsome set of office writing-table requisites in case, the lid of which bears the following inscription:—"Presented by the St. Paul's Choir Carol Singers." A lady has also sent a beautifully carved oak pierglass, and an old brass ornamental plate.