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LIST OF VISITORS. COLWYN BAY. IMPORTANT NOTICE. All Lists of Visitors must reach the Central Library, Colwyn Bay, not later than seven o'clock on the Wednesday evening, for otherwise they will be too late for insertion in the current week's issue. PWLLYCROCHAN HOTEL. (Mr J. Porter, proprietor.) J. Ponsonby, Esq, Wilmslow Miss Nunns, do Dr and Mrs Moore, Preston Mr and Mrs A. W. Flux, Manchester J. Hall, Esq, Hyde Mrs Hall, do Miss Bland, Manchester Mr and Mrs Bostock, Stafford Miss Bostock, do Mr and Mrs Bernard Roth, Brighton Paul Roth, Esq, do Mi and Mrs Radford, Whalley Range Nurse Gatenby, do Mr and Mrs G. S. Frangopulo, do Master S. Frangopulo and maid, do Mr and Mrs Hirst, Meltham Frank Burt, Esq, Manchester Mr and Mrs G. Foster, do Mr and Mrs John Frangopulo and maid, Brighton Thos. Dean, Esq, and party, Wilt- shire Mr and Mrs Reginald Flinn, Man- chester F. Squire, Esq, Eating Miss Squires, do Mr and Mrs Oppenheim, St. Helens Mr and Mrs Richard Simpson and friend, Chester Henry Booth, Esq, Manchester Mr and Mrs Longworth, Whalley Mr and Mrs Jevons and family, Liverpool A. D. Galatti, Esq, do Mr and Mrs Beasly and friends, Cardiff Mr and Mrs Knowles, Glossop Mr and Mrs Ripley, Maghull Miss Ripley and nurse, do H. H. Milnes, Esq, Bury Miss Milnes, do Osborn, Esq, and party, L'pool Mr and Mrs Howell, Rock Ferry J. B. Burnet, Esq, Wilmslow The Misses Burnet, do COLWYN BAY HOTEL. (Miss Jones, Manageress). T. E. Roberts, Esq, Manchester Mrs Roberts, do J. Taylor, Esq, do Miss Taylor. do John McQueen, Esq, Brooklands, near Manchester Mrs McQueen, do W. Lewin, Esq, Wellingborough Mrs Lewin, do Mrs Green, Stourbridge Miss Green, do A. Walkden, Esq, Derby Mrs Walkden, do Miss Ida Walkden, do Miss Rachel Walkden, do Thomas Howe, Esq, Manchester Charles Brown, Esq, Chester Miss Brown, do Mrs John Brown, do S. A. Taylor, Huddersfield C. J. K. Woolston, Esq, Welling- borough Rev Canon Johnson, Carbery, Co. Kildare Mr W. Knox Johnson, do J. Moseley, Esq, Walsall Mrs Moseley, do Joseph Fernyhough, Esq, Buxton Mrs Fernyhough, do Miss Fernyhough, do Master J. Fernyhough, do Dr Walters, Rusholme, Manches- ter Mrs Walters, do H. C. Arnold, Esq., Manchester W. M. Weaver, Esq, Chester J. Hirst, Esq, Hyde Mrs Hirst, do Garnet Jackson, Esq, Manchester George Earle, Esq, Normanton Mrs Earle and friend, do R. Oddy, Esq, Harrogate A. M. Cartwright Esq, Market Harboro Mrs Cartwright, do Eddowes, Esq, Derby Mrs Eddowes, do Copland, Esq, Dublin Mrs. Copland, do J. R. Maclaughlin, Esq, do B. F. Nichols, Springfield, Mass., U.S.A. Edward Heaton, Esq, Manchester Joseph Nasmeth, Esq, Rusholm e Thomas Parker, Esq, Baguley, Cheshire Mrs and the Misses Parker, do W. S. Parker, Esq, do LOCKYER'S PRIVATE HOTEL. Mr Whittaker, J.P., Manchester Mr and Mrs Speakman, do Mrs Beckett, Buxton Mrs Wood, Blackheath, Kent Mrs Richardson, Rock Ferry Mr and Mrs Hovey, Sheffield Mr Blood, Dublin Mrs Cheetham, Southport Miss Linn, do Mr and Mrs Johnson, Dublin Messrs Wood (2), London Misses Ward, Northampton Mr Ward, do Mrs Crawshaw, Sheffield Mr Crawshaw, do Mr Ward, do Mr A. W. Carroll, Cheetham Hill Miss Hartley, Todmorden Mr Chettle, Manchester Mr and Mrs Healy, do Miss Healy, do Messrs Hovey, junr. (2), Sheffield Mr and Mrs Bottomley, Manchester Messrs Wood (2), Birmingham Mr H. Elliott, Manchester Mrs McKean, Bowdon, Cheshire Miss McKean, do PENSION EDELWEISS, (Misses Retemeyer) Miss Foster, Edgbaston Miss Hodgson, Nottingham Miss Stroyan, do Miss Hayes, Liscard Dr Harrison, Ellesmere Mrs. van Rappard, The Hague, Holland E. W. Jackson, Esq, Bowdon, Cheshire Miss Kenyon, do Charles Burne, Esq, Birkenhead Mrs Burne, do J. Snee, Esq, Liverpool R. Scott, Esq, Birkenhead Sandringham, Mostyn Road-The [Misses Clint Mrs Janson & family, London Ikorana Boarding House, Mostyn [Road—Mrs Wright Mr Joseph Hill, Wolverhampton Nurse Farrington, do Mr Harg'eaves. Oxton Mrs Hargreaves, do Nurse and children, do Mr Jackson, Liverpool Mr Jackson, junr., do Mrs W. 1. O. Splatt, do Miss Mabel Splatt, do West Leigh Private Boarding House [—The Misses Crossley Angorfa, Mostyn Road-Mrs [Grindley The Hor. Mrs Parker Jervis, Aston Hall Miss Parker Jervis and maids, do Fallowfield, Wynnstay Road—Mrs [Richardson Misses Pierson Mr Pierson Dr and Mrs J. H. Boynting and family, Alrechurch Morannedd, Marine Road-Mrs & [The Misses Wadsworth Mr and the Misses Adams, Italy Mr and Mrs Pappacalo and maid, Liverpool Mrs Rimmer and family, do The Hollies, Princess Drive-Mrs [Eustace C. S. Stack, Esq, London Mrs Stack, do Mrs and Miss de Silva, Liverpool Spencer Wallhead, Esq, Warring- ton Mrs Wallhead and family, do C. F. Davies, Esq, Manchester Mrs Davies, do Ivy Lea, Princess Drive-The [Misses Lovatt Miss Welbourn, Derby Mrs Hutton, family and nurse, Walsall Mrs Barnes, Rochdale Mrs Smith and child, do G. Marshall, Esq, Leek Mrs Marshall, do Master Marshall, Leek Cranford Private Boarding House, [Promenade— Mrs Brunskill, S. Peter's House, Bowdon, Cheshire Miss Ledward, Bowdon, Cheshire Miss M. Ledward, do H. D. Ledward, Esq, do H. D. Ledward, Esq, junr., do D. G. Owen, Esq, Eccles, Man- chester Craig-y-don—Miss Murray Nurse Ferguson, resident Mrs Fleming Gallaway, Didsbury Miss Fleming Gallaway, do Master Fleming Gallaway, do Master Leslie K. Fleming Gallaway, do Mr and Mrs Bailey, WThalley Range Miss Deane, do Mr and Mrs Baines, Hanley Belmont, Llewelyn Road—Mrs [Coldwell Miss A. H. Rundall and maid, Newcastle, Staffs The Laurels, Woodland Road- Mr and Mrs Heaton, Stalybridge Hazelmere, Rhiw Road-Alrs Jones Rev J. Jones, B.A., resident Miss Roberts, Buxton Maenan House, Abergele Road- [Mrs Roberts F. W. Garnock, Esq, Liverpool Wave Crest, Lawson Road-The [Misses Lever H. Hamer, Esq, Didsbury Miss Hamer, do Miss Habday, do T. H. Yates, Esq, Pendleton Mrs Yates, do Miss Yates, do T. Wood, Esq, Swinton Mrs Wood, do Mr Eccles, Pendleton Miss Eccles, do Richmond House, Greenfield Road [—Mrs Berry Mrs Freeland, Liverpool Miss Freeland, do Mrs Skae, do Miss Lilian Ska) do Miss Louise Ov, n. do Conescliff, Greenfield Road- Mr and Mrs A. Bell, London Miss Bell, do Mr Edmund Bell, do Master Sydney Bell, do Mr and Mrs Leitch, Liverpool Master Leitch and nurse, do Mr and Mrs Charles Bell, do La Plata Villa, Greenfield Road- Mrs Brookes, Victoria Park, Man- chester Miss Brookes, do Governess and maid, do Sorrento-Miss Wilson Dr and Mrs Reynolds, Manchester J. G. Nicholson, Chester Miss Jenkins, Cardiff Miss Field, London Mr and Mrs Phipson, Birmingham Mr E. P. Gaskin, Nottingham