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LONDON HOUSE, COLWYN BAY. J. O. JONES IS NOW SHOWING New Goods in all Departments. r, rin TA. 10 NEW DRESS MATERIALS FOR EARLY SPRING. NEW MANTLES AND JACKETS FOR EARLY SPRING. NEW MILLINERY AND FANCY GOODS FOR EARLY SPRING. NEW SKIRTS AND BLOUSES FOR EARLY SPRING. Hosiery, Gloves, &c., &c. FURNISHING GOODS IN GREAT VARIETY. Dressmaking under Efficient- Management. T. BRACKSTONE & Co., No Charge to Applicaiats House and Estate Agents, for H°"SES' COAL MERCHANTS, Apartments, or CENTRAL BUILDINGS, Land. STSS'^AD, COLWYN BAY. OUR NEW STOCK OF PAPERHANGINGS AN INVIPTED '[°N FOR 1896 HAS JUST ARRIVED- MAGNIFICENT PATTERNS. IMMENSE SALES. G. BEVAN & CO., CONWAY ROAD, COLWYN BAY. Agents for the Welsbach Incandescent Light for Conway and Colwyn Bay. 3^7 50 THE NOTED SHOP FOR PLAIN & FANCY BREAD. R. J. ROBERTS, TEA EXCHANGE, Opposite St. Paul's and Rhiw Road, COLWYN BAY. Agant for Kennaway & Co.'s Wines & Spirits. 366-51 Take Comfort jTake Comfortj is a True Friend to s all Sufferers. r for it S | T ouches the Spot £ and f 'SOOTHES THE I ACHING PART.'j 1 Wonderful as an i OINTMENT or an l 5 EMBROCATION. 5 For CHILBLAINS, CUTS, CHAPPED HANDS or FACE, RHEUMATISM, IN- 2 f FLUENZA, BURNS, SKIN$ 5 DISEASES, SORES, &c.$ 2 Use and have relief at once, i Of all Chemists, price 1, iy2 and 2,9 per m box, or free by post for 1 3 and 3i- d from the HOMOCEA COMPANY Ltd., f .2.2, Hamilton Square, Birkenhead. £