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LONDON HOUSE, COLWYN BAY. J. O. JONES IS NOW SHOWING New Goods in all Departments. i IT 0 N NEW DRESS MATERIALS FOR EARLY SPRING. NEW MANTLES AND JACKETS FOR EARLY SPRING. NEW MILLINERY AND FANCY GOODS FOR EARLY SPRING. NEW SKIRTS AND BLOUSES FOR EARLY SPRING. Hosiery, Gloves, &c., &c. FURNISHING GOODS IN GREAT VARIETY. Dressmaking under Efficient Management. T. BRACKSTONE & Co.. No Charge House and Estate Agents, Houses, T COAL MERCHANTS, Apartments, or CENTRAL BUILDINGS, Land. STATFON'ROAD, COLWYN BAY.! OUR NEW STOCK OF PAPER HANGINGS AN INSPECTION Q „ e II7C.„ oorw™ FOR 1896 HAS JUST ARRIVED. MAGNIFICENT PATTERNS. IMMENSE SALES. G. BEVAN & CO., CONWAY ROAD, COLWYN BAY. Agents for the Welsbach Incandescent Light for Conway and Colwyn Bay. 367-50 Bread, Flour and Provisions, Tea and Coffee, Sugar and Sweets, Marmalade and Jam, and every description of Groceries. THE COMET STORES, COLWYN BAY. Manager: Mr. T. R. WILLIAMS. ============ Potted Meat, Canned and Bottled Goods by the best manufacturers. No cheap goods kept. Prices fair and reasonable. Daily Deliveries at Colwyn Bay, Rhos, and Old Colwyn. White, Light, Sweet and Wholesome Bread. 370— Touches HDIDCEA } the Spot CURES 0 0 PAIN. # and # 5 SOOTHES THE t | ACHING PART. J use FOR "INFLUENZA, 2 } CHILBLAINS, CHAPPED S HANDS or FACE, COLDS, 5; 2 BRUISES, PNEUMATISM, T #CUT £ BURNS, ECZEMA, J PILES, and Skin Diseases i generally. S £ A wonderful internal j J remedy for CHILLS and i 5 SPASMS, CRAMPS and 5 # DIARRHOEA, &c., &c. J f Of all Chemists, 1/1 } £ and 3/9 perr # box, or free by post for 1/3 and 3/- # 4 from the HOMOCEA Company, Ltd., # 4 22, Hamilton Square, Birkenhead. m 358-13 Established at Late with Mr T. Edge, Llan Colwyn Bay, 1879. dudno, for 12 years. J. W. THOMAS, PHOTOGRAPHER, KENSINGTON HOUSE, CONWAY ROAD, COLWYN BAY. ONLY FIRST CLASS WORK DONE. STUDIO ON THE GROUND FLOOR. Views of the District always in stock. After 17 years business in Colwyn Bay, J. W. T. desires to thank the residents and visitors for their patronage in the past, and hopes for a oontinnace of the same in the future. 157- HOMEOPATHIC (Watson & = WATE'S.) MEDICINES AND PATENT MEDICINES, AT LONDON PRICES, SOLD BY S. EVANS, THE STORES, ABERGELE ROAD, COLWYN BAY. 366-51 PIANOFORTE, SINGING, ORGAN AND THEORY. MR. C. SYDNEY VINNING, ORGANIST AND CHOIRMASTER OF ST. THOMAS' CHURCH, RHYL. (Late Principal of the Leamington Academy of Music; Representative of the Royal Academy of Music; Local Examiner for the Royal College of Music; Secretary for the Trinity College, London). PATRONS: SIR GEORGE GROVE, D.C.L., L.L.D., R.C.M. SIR A. C. MACKENZIE, Mus. Doc.. Principal R.A.M. SIR JOHN STAINER, M.A., Prof. Mus., Oxford Univ. SIR HERBERT OAKLEY, Late Prof. Mus., Edin. Univ. Candidates prepared for the Universities and all Musical Examinations. Over 170 Pupils have passed R.A.M., R.C.M. and other Examinations in 10 years. MR. VINNING VISITS COLWYN BAY. 254a—13 Address:—CRAIG LEA, RHYL. COLWYN BAY WINTER ENTERTAINMENTS. A GRAND CONCERT OF VOCAL & INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC WILL BE HELD IN THE PUBLIC HALL, On Tuesday, March 17th, inst. VOCALISTS MISS B. BATINE WILLIAMS, Birkenhead, (Mezzo-Soprano), MISS WARD, (Soprano), MR. T. SMITH JONES, (Tenor. Llandudno Pier Pavilion Concerts), MR. HOPTON, Chester, (Bass). VIOLINISTS, ETC.: MISS SIMPSON, Birkenhead, THE MISSES McCULLAGH. HUMOROUS MR. GRIFFITHS, Deganway. Doors open at 7, to commence at 7.30. Admission, IS" 6d., and 3d. 370-1 Wanted. WANTED useful Working-housekeeper or plain Cook, and strong' girl as general.— Address, D," "Weekly News" Office, Colwyn Bay. 369- A GENTS wanted for an old established Fire A and Life Insurance Company. Liberal terms offered. Address, in first instance, In- surance," care of Lee & Nightingale, Advertising Agents. Liverpool. 370-3 WANTED a thoroughly respectable girl as Cook General. Housemaid Waitress kept. Apply, "A.B. Weekly News Office, Conway. 370-1 THE COLWYN BAY AND DISTRICT GAS AND LIGHTING COMPANY, LTD. LAMPLIGHTER. THE above Company requires the services of a Lamplighter, to light the whole of the street lamps in Colwyn Bay, Old Colwyn, and Rhos. Duties to commence on the 1st day of April, 1896. Tenders to be sent in on or before Monday, March 23rd, 1896. The Company does not bind itself to accept the lowest or any tender. Particulars of duties and forms of tender may be obtained from the Seeretary, at the Office, in the Public Hall, any day except Mondays, between the hours of 10.30 a.m. and I p.m. T. J. LINEKAR, 370— Secretary. THE URBAN DISTRICT COUNCIL OF COLWYN BAY & COLWYN. TO CONTRACTORS AND OTHERS. PROMENADE WORKS AND FORE- SHORE IMPROVEMENTS. The above Council invite Tenders for the con- struction of a Promenade, the erecting of a Sea Wall, together with the formation of Roadways, and all other works connected therewith, and incidental thereto on the Foreshore within their District. Plans, Specifications, and Conditions, &c. may be seen on application to Mr William Jones, A.M.I.C.E., the Engineer and Surveyor to the Council, at the Council Offices, Station Road, Colwyn Bay, N. Wales, from whom a Copy of the Bill of Quantities and Form of Tender can be obtained on the deposit of a Five Pound Bank of England Note, which will be returned upon the receipt of a bona-fide Tender, and the Bill of Quantities, &c. Sealed Tenders upon the forms supplied, en- dorsed "Tender for Promenade Works," must be delivered to the undersigned, not later than 10 a.m., on Friday, the 27th day of March, 1896. The Council do not bind themselves to accept the lowest or any Tender. By Order, JAMES PORTER, Solicitor, Clerk to the Urban District Council. Municipal Buildings, Colwyr. Bay, 29th February, 1896. 369—3 THE NOTED SHOP FOR PLAIN & FANCY BREAD. R. J. ROBERTS, TEA EXCHANGE, Opposite St. Paul's and [Rhiw Road, t COLWYN BAY. Agent for Kennaway & Co.'s Wines & Spirits. 366—51 U COURAGEOUS, intelligent, persistent advertising means the largest possible success in any partioluar ine."