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LIST OF VISITORS. COLWYN BAY. IMPORTANT NOTICE. All Lists of Visitors must reach the Central Library, Colwyn Bay, not later than seven o'clock on the Wednesday evening, for otherwise they will be too late for insertion in the current week's issue. PWLLYCROCHAN HOTEL. (Mr J. Porter, proprietor.) J. Ponsonby, Esq, Wilmslow Miss Nunns, do Mr & Mrs Henry Behrens,M'chester Miss Smith, Bewdley Master Gordon Smith, do Dr and Mrs Atkinson, Crewe Miss Atkinson, do Miss Hill, do Drand M 1 S Leach, Manchester The Right Rev Dr Carroll, Birkenhead Rev J. O'Brien, Altrincham Mrs D. A. Bannerman, Birkdale Master David Bannerman. do Miss Hawley, do Mr and Mrs Arthur Bibby, L'pool Miss Nellie Bibby, do Edward Caulfield, Esq, Manchester C. J. Caulfield, Esq, do Mr and Mrs B. Kirkham, New Brighton James Bancroft, Esq, Manchester Miss E. N. Bancroft, do J. Williams, Esq, Liverpool O. C. Steinhauser, Esq, New York Mrs J. H. Clemson, Manchester The Misses Clemson, do Miss Liggins, do W. H. Seligmann, Esq, do J. Armitt Dear, Esq, Blundellsands, Liverpool — Vaughan, Esq. Manchester Miss Vaughan, do Mr and Mrs Harrison and friend, Moseley Hill R. Polak, Esq, Manchester S. D. Bles, Esq. do Mr and Mrs Blazer, Hindley Mr and Mrs Negroponte, Kersal Miss Negroponte, do COLWYN BAY HOTEL. (Miss Jones, Manageress), J. Harrison, Esq, Manchester Miss N. Sturdy, do Russell James, Esq, Birkenhead L. Stanley Galloway, Esq, Timperley A. Bennie. Esq, Old Trafford Mrs Bennie, do Miss Bennie, do John Nelson, Esq, Manchester J. H. Davies-Colley, Esq, do W. Marsh, Esq, do C. Arning, Esq, Fallowfield, do Miss Arning, do Sir Percival Heywood, Bart., Clare- mont, Manchester Miss Heywood and maid, do Miss E. Heywood, do Miss M. Philips, Hollington, Uttoxeter Nurse M. J. Longbottom, M'chester E. H. Kay, Esq, Gorsey Brow, Bury G. A. Kay, Esq, Bankfield, Bury J. W. Kay, Esq, do I Miss Arning and maid. Manchester Philipp Briitt, Esq, Withington T. Howe, Esq, Manchester Charles Heyworth, Esq, do J. Robinson, Esq, St Helens Miss Robinson, do The Misses Storey and maid, do John Storey, Esq, Liverpool T. J. Vaughan, Esq, Manchester E. Tudor Owen, Esq, Liverpool P. Schilizzi, Esq, Manchester Mrs Schilizzi, do Dr Buckley, Prestwich LOCKYER'S PRIVATE HOTEL. Mrs Higgins and maid, Stamford Mrs K. Higgins, Nottingham Master Godfrey Higgins, do Mrs Mathews, Didsbury Mrs Wood, Blackheath, Kent Miss Hartley, Todmorden Mrs Richardson, Rock Ferry Mr H. Elliot, Manchester Mrs Lambrick, Shrewsbury Mr and Mrs Hovey, Sheffield Mr and Mrs Eggars, Cheadle Mr Bluck, Liverpool PENSION EDELWEISS, (Misses Retemeyer) Miss Foster, Edgbaston Miss Hodgson, Nottingham Miss Stroyan, do Miss Hayes, Liscard E. Jackson, Esq, Bowdon, Cheshire Dr Harrison, Ellesmere Mrs. van Rappard, The Hague, Holland Miss Carmichael, Hoylake T. J. Grierson, Esq, Holywell Mrs Grierson, do CLAREMONT PRIVATE HOTEL (Mrs Robinson, Proprietress). Mr Thos. Chadwick, Manchester Mr Robert C. Haworth, do Miss Nellie D. Haworth, Stretford Mr R. Booth, Manchester Mr Osoar Hill, do Hazelmere, Rhiw Road-Mrs Jones Rev J. Jones, B.A., resident Miss Roberts, Buxton Ikorana Boarding House, Mostyn [Road IvyLea, Princess Drive-The Misses Lovatt Sandringham, Mostyn Road—The Misses Clint Miss Gardner Williams, Great Crosby Miss Broadbent and friend, do Miss Rougier, Chester Mrs Forster, Sunderland Maenan House, Abergele Road — Mrs Roberts F. Warren, Esq, Manchester Mrs Warren and baby. do Wave Crest-Misses Lever Torwood House—Mrs Groves Mrs Hasselmann, Birkdale Miss May Hasselmanr., do Miss Violet Hasselmann, do Miss Nina Hasselmann, do Baby and nurse, do