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CONWAY. Parish, Church (Sunday Services): 8.0 a.m. Celebration of the Holy Communion. 9.45 a.m. Welsh service. 11.15 a.m. English service. 6.0 p.m. Welsh service. 10.30 a.m. daily, Matins. St. Agnes 6.0 p.m. English service. Wesleyan Methodist Chapel. -(English Services).— Next Sunday: Morning 11.0, evening 6.30, Rev J. Taylor, Hull. A GOOD PLACE FOR BOOTS.-For the best and cheapest of all classes of Boots and Shoes go to Joseph Jones, Berry Street, Conway. Best Shop for repairing. adv. ioq— THE DATE OF THE CONFIRMATION. It is announced that the Lord Bishop of Bangor (Dr Lewis Lloyd) will hold a Confirmation at Conway on March 27th. BAPTIST UNION OF FESTINIOG AND THE VALE OF CONWAY.-The annual meetings of this Union, were held, on Friday, March 6th, at Fforddlas (Glanconway), the Rev T. Roberts (Abergele) presiding. The Rev Alfred Morris, who had accepted the pastorate at Calvary Chapel, Festiniog, was received into the Union. A vote expressing regret at the departure ofthe President, was unanimously adopted. The following members were appointed to take charge of the special col- lections towards the Chapel Building Fund :— Abergele, Mr W. Jones; Colwyn Bay, Mr S. Williams Fforddlas, Mr W. Davies Llan- gerniew, Mr O. Jones; Festiniog, the Rev A. Morris. The following were elected officers for the coming year :—President, Mr Simon Williams, Colwyn Bay Treasurer, Mr Hugh Jones, Colwyn Bay; Secretary, the Rev Alfred Morris, Festiniog. An interesting paper on Religious Progress was read by Mr J. Roberts (Llysfaen), and a discussion followed. A vote of condolence with Dr Gethin Davies in his illness was adopted. Sermons were preached in the evening by the Revs M. Roberts (Festiniog), O. Jones (Llan- ddoget), T. Roberts (Abergele), and A. Morris. CARNARVONSHIRE COUNTY GOVERNING BODY. -At the Carnarvonshire County Governing Body's meeting, at Carnarvon, on Friday, March 6th, Mr D. P. Williams presiding, attention was called, by Principal Reichel, to the Conway-cum-Llandudno Local Governing Body's action with respect to scholarships and bursaries in the Penmaenmawr district. Some time ago the County Governing Body acceded to the Local Body's permission to open a school in temporary premises at Llan- dudno, conditionally upon the scholarships and bursaries being tenable either at Bangor or Llan- dudno at the choice of the parents. Principal Reichel now complained that this condition had not been loyally carried out, inasmuch as bursaries were only to be tenable at Llandudno. He moved that the attention of the Local Governors be called to the fact, in the hope that the agreement would be observed in the future. Mr Issard Davies seconded.—Mr C. H. Darbishire main- tained that the agreement had been loyally carried out, the parents having had their choice.—The resolution was eventually carried. VALE OF CONWAY CONGREGATIONALISTS.—On Monday afternoon, March 9th, at the Vale of Conway Disirict Congregationalist Ministers' Meeting at Conway, the Rev R. Peris-Williams (Llandudno) in the chair, the Rev W. Evans Jones (" Penllyn ") (Old Colwyn) read a paper on The Union of the Free Churches." A discussion followed, in which the Revs T. D. Jones (Conway), H. Jones (Trefriw), D. S. Thomas (Llanrwst), C. Williams and D. P. Davies (Penmaenmawr), J. P. Evans (Henryd), W. Kenion Thomas (Llan- fairfechan), Ellis Jones (Bangor), W. Mason, and the Chairman took part. The Rev H. Jones (Trefriw) read a sermon on Hebrews xi., 7.—On the motion of the Rev W. K. Thomas, seconded by the Rev D. S. Thomas (Llanrwst), a resolution was unanimously passed emphatically protesting against the intention of the present Government to increase the expenditure on the Navy.—The Rev D. S. Thomas informed the meeting that the Church at Ebenezer (Llanrwst) had decided to erect a new Chapel in Watling-street, on a site which had been presented to the Church by Mr Robert Wynn. CARNARVONSHIRE GOLF CLUB.—The Club's monthly medal was played-for on Tuesday, March 3rd. The weather was very rough tor good scoring, a gale of wind with heavy rain falling during the match. Score :—Mr H. Heath Smith, 91-9—$2 Mr Walthrall, 101-16-85; Rev. H. W. Bretherton, 106-16--90; Rev Willowby Jones, 100-3-97 Captain Carden, 115-18--97. Colonel Dixon, Mr Fincham and Mr F. Woodhead did not send in returns. THE MANCHESTER ACADEMY OF ART.—Upon the invitation of the President (Mr H. Clarence Whaite, R.W.S., P. R.C.A.) and members of the Manchester Academy of Fine Arts, nearly four hundred subscribers to the Academy's Exhibition, were present at a reception held, on Wednesday evening, March 4th, in the Manchester Corpora- tion Art Gallery. A programme of vocal and instrumental music formed a feature of the pro- ceedings, and was thoroughly enjoyed by the visitors, who showed considerable interest in the fine collection of pictures. MR ALBERT WOOD, J.P., D.L.—Among the Welsh Yachting Notes in The Liverpool Daily Post of March 6th, appeared the following :—"Mr Albert Wood is cruising in the Mediterranean in his steam yacht Erycina, and will not return home before May. Mr Wood is accompanied by seve- ral friends, among whom is a well-known gallant Major who just before strained relations arose be- tween this country and Germany had applied for leave of absence for the purpose of joining his friends in the Mediterranean. Some delay occur- red in the arrival of the required furlough, but as things began to assume a more pacific aspect the leave of absence was granted, and the gallant Major hied him to the sunny South. The P. and O. boat on which he sailed called at his port of debarkation, but as the Major was at dinner at the time, and knew a good thing when he had it, he did not hurry himself, at an-yrate not enough, and, somewhat to his dismay, was incontinently carried off to the next port of call, which happened to be Malta. How he eventually reached his friends is not stated, but it is said that both he and they had many a hearty laugh over the inci- dent afterwards." GOOD OPPORTUNITIES FOR INVESTMENT IN APPRECIATING PROPERTY.—Those who are desir- ous of buying appreciating property should attend at the Castle Hotel, Conway, at 3.0 p.m. on Friday, April loth, when Mr John Pritchard will sell by auction some very eligible freehold building-sites on the Bryncorach Estate, situate just outside the town of Conway. For further particulars, see our advertising columns. DEATH OF MR LEWIS HUGHES.—We announce with regret the death, at his residence, Tan-y- Bryn, Tynygroes, near Conway, on Wednesday evening, March 4th, of Mr Lewis Hughes, a member of a Liverpool firm of warehouse-owners, at the age of fifty-eight, after a long illness. The deceased gentleman was all his life a staunch and unwavering Liberal, and was for years the Chairman of the Conway Liberal Association, and helped the cause in every way by a liberal expen- diture of money and effort. He took an active part in political matters until his health failed about a year ago. The deceased also took a lively interest in Welsh education, and some years ago presented the Bangor University College with an astronomical observatory, which was erected by Mr Petch, of Conway.—The funeral took place, on Friday afternoon, March 6th, at Tynygroes Chapel, the local Calvinistic Meth- odist minister officiating. The chief mourner was the deceased gentleman's son, Mr Thomas Hughes (Gweryl Lodge). Messrs M. and J. Williams, of High-street, Conway, were the undertakers. THE DATE OF THE PRIMROSE LEAGUE CONCERT.—It is announced that the Primrose League (Gloddaeth Habitation) Choral Society (Conductor, Dr. Roland Rogers) are giving their annual grand concert, in the Boys' Schoolroom, on Wednesday evening, April 8th. THE PHILHARMONIC SOCIETY'S GRAND CON- CERT.—At a Committee meeting of the above- named Society, it was decided to hold the annual concert on Wednesday evening, April 22nd. The work to be performed this year is Haydn's "Creation," together with a miscellaneous part. As tenor soloist, the Committee have engaged Mr W. Trevor Evans, a pupil of Sims Reeves, and highly recommended by Madame Adelina Patti (the Queen of Song), by the London Magazine of Music, by numerous other papers, &c. Further particulars can be had on studying the posters to be pasted on the walls and hoardings in the neighbourhood, in a few days. CONWAY AND LLANDUDNO COUNTY COURT. CONWAY, THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 27TH.-Before His Honour Judge Sir Horatio Lloyd, A DEBTOR FROM COLWYN BAY. During the judgment-summonses, Mr Porter (Messrs Wm Jones, Porter, and Amphlett), who appeared for several tradesmen at Colwyn Bay, including Mr William Edwards, Messrs Evan Roberts and Sons, and Mr Thomas Evans, ap- plied for orders to be madeupon George Ross, Aber- gele-road, Colwyn Bay.—Mr Porter stated that the defendant could get the means to pay with, as not long since he called to pay an account at Mr Dickin's, furniture dealer, and tendered L5 in payment, but apparently had a roll of bank-notes with him.—The defendant said he only had one £5 note.—Mrs Ross, who was very fashionably attired, said that she was a married woman "living with her husband." She had no separate estate except what her friends, who were very kind, gave her,—Mr Porter Your husband has incurred bills for you ?—The Witness That was in the hope of being able to pay them, but no one can help circumstances. — Mr Porter How much have you had from your friends during the past year ?—The Witness I shall not tell you. That is my business.Mr Porter It is not for you to say what you will answer. That is for the Judge to say.-In reply to the Judge, the witness said that she lived in an Z80 house, but she did not p?y the rent her friends paid it.—His Honour: You will not live in an £ 80 house and not do some- thing with visitors surely.-Tlie witness We have not done anything, but shall try to this summer. One of the creditors complained that the defend- ant had paid nothing at all.—The Witness Oh, I wonder you can stand there and tell such lies.— Eventually His Honour made an order for the de- fendant to pay 5s per month in each case for the next two months, and after that 10s a month.