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Llandudno National Eisteddfod…


Llandudno National Eisteddfod Committee. At the Executive Committee's meeting on February 21st, the Chairman (Mr John Jones. J. P.) presiding, the Finance Committee's report, which was duly passed, acknowledged a receipt of subscriptions from the Lord Lieutenant of Car- narvonshire and Mr Preece.-Tlie Rev. R. Parry ("Gwalchmai") was elected Chairman of the Gorsedd Committee, it being arranged that the ceremony should take place in the Happy Valley. —A long discussion took place as to the action of the Music Committee, which was said to be "on strike," and finally it was decided, in the interests of "harmony and peace," to allow the Committee to engage Riviere's Orchestra for a rehearsal which it is proposed to hold. The Music Committee reported that they were still strongly of opinion that Mr David Jenkin's action in inducing Welsh Choirs to attend the Welsh Festival at London was doing the Eistedd- fod great injury, and asked the Executive Committee to do what they could to remedy the evil.-Tiie Music Committee having applied for free admission to the Eisteddfod, it was resolved that the application be refused, as all other Com- mittees had to pa),It was resolved to take every precaution to safeguard the secrecy of all the competitions sent in, and to inform the Adju- dicators to that effect, so as to prevent a photo- graph of the Chaired Bard from appearing in the papers several hours before he was chaired, as Ap Clwydfardd said was the case at Llanelly.

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