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CONWAY. farish Church (Sunday Services): 8.0 a.m. Celebration of the Holy Communion. 9.45 a.m. Welsh service. 11.15 a.m. English service. 6.0 p.m. Welsh service. 10.30 a.m. daily, Matins. St. Agnes: 6.0 p.m. English service. WesLeyam Methodist Chapet.-(Eiiglish Services).- Next Sunday: Morning 11.0, evening 6.30,Rev J. Taylor, Hull. A GOOD PLACE FOR BOOTS.-For the best and cheapest of all classes of Boots and Shoes go to Joseph Jones, Berry Street, Conway. Best Shop for repairing. adv. loq- CONWAY HORSE SHOW.—On Friday afternoon, February 28th, at the Guild Hall, at a meeting of the Executive Committee of the Conway Horse Show, the Vice-President (Mr W. F. Jones) in the chair, the conditions were revised, and routine business was transacted. The Committee grate- fully accepted offers of special prizes from the President (Colonel Platt), the Vice-President, Councillors J. W. Tosdevine (Secretary) and A. W. Jones, and Messrs John Jones and Sons (Llandudno). CHIT-CHAT REMINISCENCES OF SWISS TRAVEL. -At the Guild Hall, Conway. at eight o'clock next Tuesday evening, March loth, the Vicar of Conway, (Rev J. P. Lewis, M.A.) will give before the Conway Literary and Debating Society, chit- chat reininiscenses of his journey through Swit- zerland, illustrated by limelight views. THE CAER-RHUN ESTATE.—Colonel and Mrs Gough have again with their usual kindness granted a reduction of 10 per cent to their land- tenants on the Caer-Rhun Estate, on the half- year* rent due September 29th, 1895, and paid on February 5th last, a kindness greatly appreci- ated by the tenants. THE P.R.A. AT WINDSOR.—On Thursday, February 27th, Sir John Millais, H.R. C.A., went to Windsor, to receive the Queen's ratification of his appointment as President of the Royal Aca- demy, and to be invested with the chain of offioe. The chain and medal attached, are massive articles of pure gold, and Sir John had technically no property in the chain until after investiture. The Secretary of the Academy, therefore, accom- panied him as temporary custodian of Sir John's badge of office. BILINGUALISM AND THE CONWAY GUARDIANS. The bilingual question in Wales was exemplified in a striking way at the Conway Board of Guardians. The proceedings are carried on to a great extent in the Welsh language. Thereupon an English monoglot guardian resigned his seat, because, as he said, "he could be scarcely expected to vote upon a question he did not understand." But this is precisely what happens to monoglot Welshmen when they serve on public bodies where English is spoken. The difficulty confronts us at every stage of Welsh public life. In county council, district council, and parish council, thelanguage difficulty is to lie met. But nowhere is it so prominent or so fraught with danger as in the law courts. The litigant, the witness, and the juror are victims to the presentsystem. The Welsh monoglot litigant, especially if he be professionally represented, is seldom furnished with an explanation of what is taking place in a language he does not understand. The Welsh juror is in a still worse position. He undertakes most important functions respecting the freedom and property of his fellow citizens. But how often it happens that he cannot follow the case with such understanding as will enable him to return an intelligent verdict. He ought either to have the evidence and addresses translated to him or to be excused from attendance. It is a farce to summon to serve on juries, men who cannot appreciate the data upon which they are invited to form their minds, and why shonld they be put to inconvenience and trouble in going to a distant town when their presence in the jury box can be validly objected to? This grievance ought to be authoritatively settled one way or a ii other. -Liverbool Mercury. 2ND V.B. ROYAL WELSH FUSILIERS. The annual meeting of Officers of the 2nd V. B. R.W.F., was held, 011 February 29th, at the Castle Hotel, Conway. It was announced that the War Office have consented to the Battalion's division into two regiments, the one to include Companies domiciled in Flintshire, and the other to include the Companies having their head- quarters in Carnarvonshire and Anglesea. It was decided that the Battalion should next summer encamp at Towyn (Merionethshire). After the meeting, justice was done to a dinner catered by Miss Dutton, the chair being occupied by the Mess-President (Surgeon-Major R. Arthur- Prichard), and the toast list including, in addition to the customary loyal toasts, The Immortal Memory of St David." CONWAY-CUM-LLANDUDNO GOVERNING BODY. At the Conway-eum-Llandudno Local Coverning Body (Intermediate Education's meeting, at Conway, on Wednesday afternoon, March 4th, the Chairman (County-Councillor C. H. Darbishire, J. P.) presided, and there were also present County-Alderman Elias Jones, Councillor Dr Morgan, the Rector of Llandudno (Rev John Morgan, M.A.), and Messrs J. P. Griffiths, W. Bevan, and John Owen (Hon. Clerk), together with the Headmaster (Mr Thompson, M.A.) The Headmaster reported that the attendance at the School was good, and that matters were working smoothly. There were three applicants for the permanent paid Clerkship, and from among these the Body elected Mr James J. Marks, M.A., solicitor, Llandudno. A vote of thanks was accorded Mr John Owen for his services as Honorary Clerk, the Chairman, Alderman Elias Jones, Mr W. Bevan, and the Rector of Llandudno, acknowledging how greatly the District was indebted to him for the establish- ment of a School. The Chairman reported that the.e was in the Bank a balance of L344 18s. 9d. CONWAY AND LLANDUDNO PETTY SESSIONS. CONWAY, MONDAY, MARCH 2ND.-Before H. Kneeshaw, Esq. (Chairman); Dr K. H. Bold Williams Dr Dalton; County-Councillor C. H. Darbishire; Major Ephraim Wood; and Owen Rowland, Esq. BOGUS BONA-FIDE TRAVELLERS." Wm. Sloane and Hugh Williams, both Pen- maenmawr quarrymen, pleaded guilty to talsely representing themselves to be travellers, at the Ship Inn, Penmaenbach, on February 9th.—Wm. James Purvis, landlord of the Ship Inn, said that the defendants came to his house on Sunday, February 9th, and, in the witness's presence, signed their names in the visitors' book as being from Llanfairfechan. They told the witness that they had slept at Llanfairfechan the previous night, and he then served them with liquor. — Supt. Rowland having stated the record of similar cases against Sloane, the Bench fined Sloane Zi and costs and Williams 5s. and costs. NEIGHBOURLY AMENITIES. Mrs Ann Jane Hughes, of Mount Pleasant, Conway, pleaded not guilty to a charge of assault- ing Mrs Ellen Thomas, on February 8th.—The complainant gave evidence that the defendant met her coming out of the house of a neighbour (Mrs Rowlands), and asked her what she had been jangling abont her. She replied that she had not been jangling about her, and thereupon the defendant hit her in the face with her fist. After- wards, the defendant struck the witness with an umbrella. The witness was attended by Dr Morgan for three weeks.—Mrs Rowlands cor- roborated.—The defendant denied the assault, and said that all she wanted was to have peace. The complainant had broken her window.—The Magistrate's Clerk (Mr James Porter): You should summon her then.—The defendant I will summons her. -The Bench inflicted a fine of 5s. and costs. RAILWAY CASES. R. Mansfield Griffiths, of Katherine-street, Stanley-street, Chester, pleaded guilty to having travelled without a ticket from Llandudno to Llandudno Junction, on January 2nd.—Mr Fenna appeared on behalf of the Railway Company, and stated that the defendant had said "contract" when asked for his ticket, and when again chal- lenged he offered to pay the fare. He had paid his fare from the Junction to Llandudno in the afternoon, after it had been demonstrated to him that his main-line contract-ticket was not avail- able on the Llandudno Branch.—The defendant said that it was through sheer inadvertence that he had said "contract" in the evening.—The Bench found the case proved, and fined the defendant 10s. and costs. Arthur Thomas, picture-framer, Conway, pleaded not guilty to a charge of beating Edwin Brown-Jones, booking-clerk at Conway, on Jan. 18th and pleaded guilty to a charge of being drunk and using obscene language at Conway station.—Mr Fenna appeared for the prosecution. -E. Brown-Jones said that on January 18th he noticed the defendant coming drunk from the 7.53 p.m. train. On the witness asking him for his ticket, the defendant struck him. The witness had to remain on the platform, and, after the train had gone, he again spoke to the defendant, who said that he was going to complain of being insulted, and, after being told that he could not see the station-master, again struck the com- plainant.—Wm. Norman, Telegraph Inspector, corroborated, and said that there was no provoc- ation.—John Francis Braggins, stationmaster, gave evidence as to the Company's Bye-laws being duly on view in Conway station on the day in question.—The defendant denied the assault, saying that he was carrying two parcels. —The Bench fined the defendant 5s. and costs on the obscene language and drunkenness charge, and tos. and costs on the assault charge.

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