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LIST OF VISITORS. COLWYN BAY. IMPORTANT NOTICE. All Lists of Visitors must rcach the Central Library, Colwyn Bay, not later than seven o'clock on the Wednesday evening, for otherwise they will be too late for insertion in the current week's issue. PWLLYCROCHAN HOTEL. (Mr J. Porter, proprietor.) J. Ponsonby, Esq, Wilmslow Miss Nunns, do Mr & Mrs Henry Behrens,M'chester Mrs Roylance, Altrincham Mr and Mrs Fred Taylor, do Richard Taylor, Esq, Shrewsbury Edmund C. Taylor, Esq, M'chester Arthur Moffat, Esq, Bowdon Miss Moffat, do Miss B. Moffat, do Mr and Mrs J. B. Hall, Rock Ferry Miss Hall, do Mr and Mrs Haworth, Timperley Master Gordon Haworth, do Mr and Mrs Sydney R. Heap, Liver- pool Miss Heap and maid, do Miss Howell, Oxton Miss Hooper, Liverpool Dr and Mrs Atkinson, Crewe Miss Hill, do Dr and Mrs Leech, Manchester E. A. Kolp, Esq, do Mrs Oscar Samson, do Mrs N. Kolp, do Mr and Mrs Slater, Dunscar Mr and Mrs Henry Wood, Bolton Thos. Leach, Esq, Rochdale Miss Emmeline Leach, do Mr and Mrs Thos. Arthur Johnson, Northwich Master Oscar Johnson, do Mr and Mrs S. Smith, Liverpool Mr and Mrs Frank Squire, Ealing Mr and Mrs W. Smale, Macclesfield Mr and Mrs Alfred Haworth, Altrincham Miss Ramsay, Crumpsall Miss Edmondson, do Miss Elsie Edmondson, do Mr and Mrs Blyton, do Rev D. Rhodes, Chadderton Mrs Rhodes, do Master Rhodes, do Right Rev John Carroll, D.D., Birkenhead Canon Hayes, do J. Keyworth, Esq, do Miss Keyworth, do Mrs Smith and party, Bewdley COLWYN BAY HOTEL. (Miss Jones, Manageress). S. Woodhead, Esq, Manchester W. Bleakley, Esq, Swinton J. Robinson, Esq, St Helens Miss Robinson, do The Misses Storey and maid, do John Storey, Esq, Liverpool John Milne, Esq, do Mrs Milne, do George Milne, Esq, do G. W. Walker, Esq, Stourbridge Edgar Hooper. Esq, do J. R. Davies, Esq, Ceris, Bangor Mrs Davies and maid, do Miss Davies, do Master Da ies, do Miss Butcher, do Mrs Turner, West Derby, Liverpool Miss Turner, do W. Horton, Esq, Birmingham Mrs Horton and maids, do Miss R. Horton, do Miss B. Horton, do E. Pim, Esq, Lydiate, Lancashire Miss D. Pim, do Miss E. Pim, do A. S. Bolton, Esq, Moor Court, Staffs F. A. Bolton, Esq, do A. C. Bunting, Esq, Uttoxeter A. Williams, Esq, Redditch Dr Walters, Rusholme Hall, Man- chester Mrs Walters, do Major Drury, Chester Thomas Howe, Esq, Manchester C. J. Fry, Esq, London Phillip Brutty, Esq, Whittington Arning, Esq, Fallowfield Miss Arning, do James V. Early, Esq, Witney Mrs Early, do William Grimshaw, Esq, Sale Mrs Grimshaw Sale T. E. Roberts, Esq, Manchester Mrs Roberts, do W. W. Thornton. Esq, Liverpool Ellison, Esq, do Mrs Ellison, do LOCKYER'S PRIVATE HOTEL. PENSION EDELWEISS, (Misses Retemeyer) Miss Foster, Edgbaston Miss Hodgson, Nottingham Miss Stroyan, do Miss Hayes, Liscard Dr-Harrison, Ellesmere Miss Broomhall, Claughton, Birkenhead Miss May Broomhall, do Mrs. van Rappard, The Hague, Holland A. Ranicar, Esq, Wigan Miss Gibb, St. Asaph CLAREMONT PRIVATE HOTEL (Mrs Robinson, Proprietress). T. Chadwick, Heaton Chapel, Manchester R. C. Haworth, Stretford, M'cheste Hazelmere, Rhiw Road-Mrs Jones Rev J. Jones, B.A., resident Miss Roberts, Buxton Hurst Green, Lawson Road—Mrs [Hurst Mr and Mrs Arthur E. Morris, Egremont Ikorata Boarding House, Mostyn [Road Mr W. Bryden, Seaforth Mrs Bryden, do Master Bryden, do Glyndwr, Marine Road—Mrs [Davies Mrs Heaton, Stalybridge Mrs Walters, Chorlton-cum-Hardy Miss Helm, Rusholme, M'chester Penrhvn View, Rhos .Major Snow, Sale, Manchester Miss Snow Ivy Lea—Mrs Lovatt Miss L. Wellbourn, Derby Sandringham, Mostyn Road—The Misses Clint Mrs Jackson, Workington Mrs Wade and friend, Liverpool Miss Ca-michael, Hoylake Wave Crest-Misses Levers Dr Prince Stallard Mrs Stallard Miss Marshall, Manchester Charles Morley, Esq, Sale, Man- cher Mrs "\Ior'ey, fiinily and nurse, do Miss Peake, do The Hollies, Princes Drive-Mr s Eustace Mrs H. S. Moss and family, Lymni, Cheshire O. S. Stack, Esq, London

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