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The Level Crossing at Llandudno…


The Level Crossing at Llandudno Junction. At the meeting of the Carnarvonshire County Council held on Thursday, February 6th, the report of the Surveyor's Committee had reference to the proposed alterations of the L. and N. W. Railway Company'ssystem at Llandudno Junction. The Chairman of the Surveyor's Committee, Mr C. H. Darbishire, reported that the proposal to purchase a steam-roller had been negatived by the Committee. After a long discussion, in which Messrs D. P. Williams, R. Arthur-Prichard, W. J. Parry, Issard Davies, W. A. Darbishire. and Davies (Portmadoc) took part, it was agreed to refer the subject back to the Committee. It was further reported that, unless the London and North Western Railway Company made certain modifications with respect to the proposed alter- ations in the roadway at Llandudno Junction, the Ic sub-Committee was of opinion that the Parliament- ary powers sought by the Company should be opposed, if thought fit. Mr W. J. Parry was opposed to incurring expense in the matter, and moved that a small Committee be appointed to approach the Com- pany. He would be sorry to see the Council blunder in the same way as the Conway Corpor- ation had done. Mr C. H. Darbishire explained that the recommendation to oppose was in no way hostile to the Company, but merely a matter of form. Mr Elias Jones held that the Company should be pressed to construct a bridge over the Junction level-crossing, which was a cause of great delay to vehicular traffic between Llandudno, Conway, and Penmaenmawr, and added that he thought the question of a bridge a hundred times more important than any objections there could be t.) the deviation of the highway, for on this level- crossing the traffic was blocked by gates across the road at least a hundred times a day. Some day a serious accident might occur, and then the Council would awaken to its responsibility. He hoped, and the Llandudno District Council hoped, that the County Council would press this matter on the Railway Company, as it is of great importance. By a large majority, the proposal of Mr W. J. Parry was adopted, the Committee to report to the next meeting. The plans of the proposed police-houses to be erected at Craigydon, Llandudno, were approved of.