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CONWAY. 8.0 a.m. Celebration of the Holy Communion. 9.45 a.m. Welsh service. 11.15 a.m. English service. 6.0 p.m. Welsh service. 10.30 a.m. daily, Matins. St. Agnes 6.0 p.m. English service. Wesleyan Methodist Chapel.-(English Services).— Next Sunday: Morning 11.0, evening 6.30, Mr Marshall, Conway. A GOOD PLACE FOR BOOTS.-For the best and cheapest of all classes of Boots and Shoes go to Joseph Jones, Berry Street, Conway. Best Shop for repairing. adv. loq- MR. H. CLARENCE WHAITE, R.W.S., P.R.C.A. -On Tuesday, February 18th, Mr H. Clarence Whaite occupied the presidential chair at the annual meeting of the Manchester Academy, and was re-elected President. FOOTBALL AT LLANDNDNO JUNCTION. On Wednesday afternoon, February 12th, the Llan- dudno Junction United Reserves defeated the Conway Boys' School football team, by two goals to one and, on the following Saturday, the Llandudno Junction United Club scored a victory over the Holywell St Winifred's, by seven goals to one. Both games were contested at Llandudno Junction. ST. JOHN'S ENGLISH WESLEYAN CHAPEL, CONWAY.- The friends at the above-named place- of-worship have been having a few more in their midst. The preparatory prayer-meetings have been well attended, and the Special Services have begun in good earnest. Many encouraging signs are already noticeable. The congregations are increasing, and outsiders are being brought in, and it is hoped that a flourishing little Church will be the outcome of these special efforts. HEALEY v DAVIES.—In the Queen's Bench Division, on February 17th and 18th, Lord Jus- tice A. L. Smith and a special jury, heard the above action. The plaintiff, Mr William Bernard Healey, sued Mr Ffrangcon Davies, the baritone singer, to recover damages for alleged breach of contract and Lig for commission earned. The defendant denied that he had committed any breach of the contract said that the plaintiff had himself broken it by not using his best endeavours to carry it out by pushing the defendant forward; and that the plaintiff had himself repudiated it. The defendant counterclaimed for damages for the plaintiff's alleged breach of contract, and the amount of commission was disputed. The jury found a verdict for the defendant on claim and counterclaim (with no damages on the latter), and Ir judgment was given accordingly. THE CHURCHMEN'S GUILD.-On Monday, Feb- ruary 17th, a capital impromptu lecture on his Tour in Switzerland," was delivered by the President of the Guild (Rev. J. P. Lewis), who, in his happiest vein, discoursed on the lovely sights and rugged grandeur of the Swiss Alps. Each point of interest had its due share of the lecturer's attention, even the journey en route claiming a few words of passing notice. Familiar names that have now become household-words, such as Grindelwald (of Conference fame), Interlaken, Zermatt, Jungfrau, Matterhorn, and a score of other horns,' all came under the survey of the Vicar, who very successfully sustained a racy descriptive narrative. Heidelberg with its Uni- versity of some hundreds of scarred Students, who prefer being marked for life in order to satisfy points-of-honour (so-called honour) was briefly noticed so was Chillon, which has been immortalized by Lord Byron. A pleasant and enjoyable evening was brought to a close in the usual manner, by according to the lecturer a vote of thanks. THE MERSEY BRIGADE TO ENCAMP AT CONWAY. —It is now practically decided that the Mersey Brigade of Volunteers are to encamp on Conway Morfa this summer. The following further item appears in the Liverpool Mercury "Volunteer Notes (February 18th, 1896) We have heard it said, and we repeat the statement without in any way vouching for its accuracy, that there is a probability that after all the 2nd Liverpool will not be seen in camp with the Mersey Brigade at Conway, but will once again proceed to Aldershot. We fail to see how the oracle can be worked, and simply give the statement for what it is worth." CONWAY LITERARY AND DEBATING SOCIETY.- A very serious crisis having arisen through the poor attendance at the Society's meetings since the beginning of the New year, it has been decided that at 7.30 p.m. next Tuesday, February 25th, at the Guild Hall, the President, two Vice- Presidents, and Hon. Sec., shall sign each copy of the printed notices the Executive Committee have ordered to be sent to each and every member, convening a special and extraordinary meeting of the Society, to be holden at 8.15 p.m. on March 3rd, for the purpose of deciding matters gravely affecting the welfare and constitution (and pos- sibly the very existence) of the Society, which, having funds in hand, is not suffering from any embarassment of a monetary nature. The Exe- cutive Committee, at their meeting, expressed a hope that should the Society be continued after the meeting of March 3rd, the clergy, ministers, and other influential citizens who have for some years largely stood aloof from the Society's ordi- nary work of mutual improvement, will, by their presence as often as convenient, help to elevate and improve still further an unsectarian institu- tion which (in its more palmy days, at least) has done much for the mental and moral improvement of its members. TABERNACLE (WELSH WESLEYAN) MUTUAL IM- PROVEMENT SOCIETY.-At the above-named Society's meeting, on Monday, February 17th, under the presidency (in the absence of the Rev O. Evans) of the Rev J. Wesley Hughes, the members were treated to an able address by the Rev T. C. Roberts, of Colwyn Bay. The addrss took the form of a retrospect of the religious history of this country, and we feel sure that all present were greatly benefitted thereby. The following members also spoke:- Alderman H. Hughes, Messrs R. Jones, J. Jones, and O. Davies. On the motion of Mr T. W. Hughes, seconded by Mr J. Madoc Jones, a hearty vote of thanks was accorded Mr Roberts, a similar vote being accorded the chairman, on the motion of Alderman Hughes, seconded by the Rev T. C. Roberts. THE MAYORIAL BALL. The Mayor and Mayoress of Conway (Council- lor and Mrs Humphrey Lewis) issued between 100 and 200 invitations to a semi-public Ball held on St Valentine's Day at Plas Mawr, the decorations for the previous Tuesday's Fancy Dress Ball having been left intact. The new gallery pre- sented a cosy appearance, and each of the numerous guests (not so numerous, however, as to overcrowd the Ball-room) received a cordial welcome from the Mayor and Mayoress, the former (attired in evening dress) wearing the badge-of-office suspended by a broad black silk ribbon. Councillor and Mrs Lewis had indeed made the most complete and satisfactory arrange- ments for the comfort of their guests. This was the first Mayoral Ball ever held in Conway, and, as the Mayor and Mayoress were an ideal host and hostess, only two regrets could be expressed towards the close of the evening's proceedings,— that the hours of the enjoyable function had pas- sed away all too soon, and a fear lest the attain- ment of such unruffled success in the first Conway Mayoral Ball might discourage future attempts to rival the excellence attained in the first Mayoralty of Councillor Mr Humphrey Lewis. As a lady was heard to aptly observe, Mr and Mrs Hum- phrey Lewis are the first Mayor and Mayoress of Conway who have provided hours of social enjoy- ment for the ladies as well as for gentlemen." Dancing commenced at eight o'clock, to de- lightful music supplied by the Band of Mrs Haselden (of Rhyl), the first violin being played by Mr Thompson (of Liverpool), and the duties of M.C.'s were admirably carried out by Messrs James Porter and T. B. Farrington, the Stewards being Messrs Owen Rowland and Jordan Jones and Councillor Dr R. Arthur-Prichard. The programme of dance music was as follows Extra, Moonlight on the Rhine" extra, "Whisper and I shall hear"; extra, Linger longer, Loo extra, Eldorado lancers, "Carmen"; waltz, "Reverie"; polka, "Cross Patch"; waltz, "Santiago"; pas de quatre, "Charman"; lancers, "Tableaux Vivants"; supper extras, "In Days Gone By", Dans tes yeux "Etincelles", For Old Sake's Sake and Her Golden Hair (barn dance) waltz, "Beauty's Eyes"; polka, "Merry Eyes"; waltz, Lustige Bruder" lancers, Jolly Good Fellows"; waltz, "Trilby"; pas de quatre, Iola"; waltz, "Vision"; lancers, "Shop Girl waltz, "Louisiana Lou"; polka, "Tin Gee Gee"; lancers, "His Excellency"; waltz, "Acclamations" extra, "John Peel" (gallop). The following is the most complete list obtainable of those to whom invitations were sent. most of them being present :—Alderman the Hon. H. Lloyd-Mostyn, and the Hon. Mrs. H. Lloyd- Mostyn, Alderman and Mrs Hugh Hughes, Alderman and Mrs Hugh Jones, Alderman Wil- liam Hughes, Councillor C. J. Wallace and Miss Wallace, Councillor Dr R. Arthur-Prichard and Mrs Prichard, Councillor Dr M. J. Morgan and Miss Morgan, Councillor and Mrs J. W. Tosde- vine, Councillor and Mrs Edward Roberts, Coun- cillor and Mrs John Williams, Councillor and Mrs Arthur Netherwood, Councillor and Mrs Hugh Jones, Councillor A. W. Jones, Councillor John Hughes, Councillor Owen Jones, Mr Allard (Llanrwst), Miss Alldridge (Castle Bromwich). Mr Amphlett, Mr and Mrs Bremner (Colwyn Bay), Dr Bicknall(Liverpool), Mr and Mrs J. E. Conway- Jones, Mr John Cornwall, Mr and Mrs A. R. Cross (Blundellsands), Mr and Mrs Dalton (Glyn) and Miss Dalton, Mr and Mrs Daniells (Conway College), The Misses Davies (3) (High-street, Conway), Mr J. Roger Dawson (Llandudno), Mr F. A. Dew (Colwyn Bay), Mr and Mrs Dobson (Chester), Miss Dorrington. Miss Dutton (Con- way), Mr and Mrs T. Dutton (Trefriw) and Miss Daisy Dutton, Rev W. Edwards, Rev and Mrs Owen Evans, the Borough Surveyor and Mrs T. B. Farrington and the Misses Farrington and Mr C. Farrington, Mr and Mrs J. E. Fincham, Mr and Mrs J. R. Furness, Miss Gaskell (Glancon- way), Dr Griffiths (Deganwy), Mr and Mrs Felix Hadley and Miss Hadley, Mr and Mrs Hague, Rev J. Harreis, Dr Herbert (Denbigh), Mr and Mrs Hignett (Colwyn Bay), Mrs Houlgrave, Mrs Hughes (Brynhyfryd, Conway) and the Misses Hughes and Mrs Float, Miss Johnson (Penmaen- mawr), the Chairman of the Llandudno District Council and Mrs John Jones and Miss Jones and Mr G. Arthur Jones, Mr Jordan Jones, Rev T. D. Jones, the Borough Collector and Mrs T. M. Jones, Mrs C. Keeling (Castle Bromwich) and Mr H. Keeling, Dr T. L. Kenrick-Davies (Llan- dudno), Mr and Mrs Henry Kneeshaw, Mr and Mrs Joseph Knight and Miss Knight, Mr and Mrs Paul Knight, Mr Knox (Liscard), Mr and Mrs Lees (Cartref Melus) and the Misses Lees (3), Mr and Mrs C. M. Lees, the Vicar of Conway (Rev J. P. Lewis), Miss Meta Lewis (Llanrwst), Miss Ethel Lloyd, Miss Lloyd-Price (Holywell), Rev Dr and Mrs Llugwy-Owen, Mr J. G. Long, Mr and Mrs Meyer, Miss Naylor (Keithley), the Town Clerk and Mrs T. E. Parry and Miss Parry and Mr Isaac LI. Parry, Mr and Mrs Pen- fold (Leeds), Rev and Mrs P. R. Phillips, Mr and Mrs Pilkington, Mr and Mrs Pollitt, Mr and Mrs James Porter, Mr and Mrs Porter (Pwllycrochan) and the Misses Porter and Mr F. Porter, Mr and Mrs J. W. Post, Mr Harold Rathbone (Birken- head), the Misses Richards (Welshpool), the Vicar of Caerhun and Mrs Roberts, the Rev and Mrs T. Gwynedd Roberts, the Borough Treasurer (Mr Owen Rowland, J.P.), Mr and Mrs J. C. Salmon and Miss Maud Salmon, Captain and Mrs Sarson, Mrs Sever (The Mount) and Mr Cornelius Sever, Mr and Mrs W. M. Sever (Fern Bank), Mr and Mrs Sidlev, Mr and Mrs Slater, Miss Smith (Oldham), Mr and Mrs Stott (Ravenscrag) and Miss Stott, Mrs and Miss Trit- ton, Mr and Mrs Turner (Deganwy), Mrs Walker (Morfa) and the Misses Walker, Mr F. Vincent Walker (Llandudno), the Misses Webb (Melton Ross, Lincolnshire), Mr and Mrs H. Clarence Whaite and Miss YVhaite, Mr T. Williams (Caer- wys), Major and Mrs Ephraim Wood (Pabo Hall), Mr and Mrs Swinford Wood (Bodlondeb) and Mr A. S. Wood, Mr and Mrs W. Wood (Morfa), &c., &c. Supper was served in the Lantern Room, and Mr A. Sumner (Grosvenor Restaurant, Llan- dudno), deserves to be unreservedly congratu- lated on the splendid catering and really excellent service of waiters,—compliments which we wish could always be as justly paid after ball-suppers. The menu left nothing to be desired, and the boar'«-head attracted general admiration (its de- sign included a "mad bull after Watson," and another device entitled "taking the lead"). The Ball-room was adequately lighted, the gas- installation having been made by Messrs Stott (of Oldham and Conway). Dancing was carried on with spirit till half-past three, when three resound- ing cheers for the Mayor and Mayoress nearly shook the rafters down, and the general verdLt on departing was that the Conway Mayoral Ball was the best of all Balls that could be called to mind." The police arrangements were admirably carried out under the personal supervision of P.C. E. Watkin Parry (20), of Conway.

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