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Conway Board of Guardians.


Conway Board of Guardians. At the Conway Board of Guardians' monthly meeting on Friday, February 7th, the Vice-Chairman (Mr. John Davies, J.P.) presided, and there were also present the Rev. David Davies, Alderman Hugh Hughes. County Councillor Hugh Ow n. and Messrs. J. E Finehatn, J. Allanson Picton, Daniel Phillips, Edward Williams, Robert Evans, W. F. Jones, G. 0. Jones, Owen Williams, David Jones, Iiohert Ellis, [ Henry Williams. Hugh Caraher, and Richard Jones, and the Clerk (Mr. T. E. Parry). FINANCE ARRANGEMENTS. Several bills had been received at the last moment, and, after oile discussion, it was decided on this occasion to rder the same to the Finance C mmittee, with power delegated to thorn to pay the accounts should the same be in order. THE ASSESSMENT COMMITTEE. The Assessment Committee sent in an application for the appointment of a professional valuer to assist them. The Clerk said that Mr. John Roberts was the initiator of the movement. As Mr. Roberts was absent, it would be as well to postpone it. This was agreed-to. Mr. Caraher wished to resign his member- ship of that Committee. He had attended two meetings, but they were mostly in Welsh, so that he was in a complete fog. Mr. David Jones was very sorry that Mr. Caraher had seon fit to resign, because he had proved himself a most valuable member, and it would be regrettable if the Committee were deprived of his services. They would in future endeavour to have as little Welsh as practicable. At the last meeting two of the appelants did not know English, and that accounted for the Welsh discussion. He moved that Mr. Caraher be asked to re-consider the matter, and they would have as little Welsh as possible. The motion, seconded by the Rev. David Davies, was carried. THE HOUR OF MEETING. Alderman Hugh Hughes moved, and Mr. Caraher seconded, that the hour of meeting be 11,30. Messrs. Robert Evans and W. F. Jonas opposed the motion, which was then supported by Mr. Picton and the Rev. David Davies. On being put, the motion was lost. THE CENTRAL POOR-LAW CONFERENCE. ilir. Allanson Picton was appointed to represent the Board at Central Poor-Law Conference, in London, on March 3rd and 4th. THE ROE-WEN PAY-STATION. The Clerk read three applications respecting the provision of the pay-station at Roe-Wen, it having been proposed to change the station. Mr. Robert Ellis (the Guardian for that locality) supported the application of Winifred Williams, who represented that, if the pay-station were located at her house, she could do without out-door relief. Alderman Hugh Hughes moved that the applications be referred to the House Committee, as all the details should be before the Board. County-Councillor Hugh Owen moved, and Mr. Daniel Phillips seconded, and the Board resolved, that the application of Winifred Williams be accepted. THE AMENITIES OF LIFE AT PENMAENMAWR. It was decided to grant temporary relief (as is annually the custom of the Board) to a woman resident at Penmaenmawr, in order to prevent her obtaining a settlement in the Conway Union instead of in the Pwllheli Union. It was stated that the house inhabited, was unfit and had been reported so to the Penmaenmawr District Council also that the woman and her four children only occupied one bed between the five. The Board unanimously passed a resolution directing the Clerk to notify the Penmaen- mawr District Council of this disgraceful condition of affairs. Relief was also granted temporarily to a deserted wife, who was reported to be living in a house at Penmaenmawr, and, upon a Guardian stating that the woman had said that frequently she could not sleep well at nights because of the noise made by cockroaches scampering about at the back of the wall-paper where it was loose, there were ironical queries as to whether there was a Sanitary Inspector at Penmaenmawr. THE MASTER'S JOURNAL. The Master (Mr. Edward Jones) reported in hia Journal," as tollows :—"On Tuesday evening last, 4th February, 1896,—The children (over 50 in number) who are members of the Welsh Wesleyan Band of Hope, each received a book for good attendance." STATISTICS. The Master reported that there were 117 inmates in the House, and that during the last four weeks 44 vagrants had been relieved.