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COLWYN BAY. FOR GOOD AND CHEAP FLOUR go to W. Williams & Co., Station Road, Colwyn Bay. Splendid baking, 22/6 per sack (of 280 lbs.). Good Family Flour, 18/- per sack. adv. 366— A GRAND PRIMROSE-LEAGUE ENTERTAINMENT TO-MORROW (SATURDAY) EVENING.—At half-past seven to-morrow (Saturday) evening, February 15th, the Rev. J. G. Haworth will take the chair at the Public Hall, on the occasion of a Primrose League entertainment, the attractions provided being a fine limelight exhibition of the Empire, vocal and instrumental music, and an address by Mr Charles Marston THE ENGLISH BAPTIST CAUSE AT COLWYN.— Last Sunday, the English Baptist Cause at Old Colwyn, was worked as a Branch Mission of the Colwyn Bay English Baptist Church (Pastor, Rev H. T. Cousins, F. R.G.S.), in consequence of the retirement ot the former Pastor (Rev J. B. Brasted), who, from next week, is undertaking the pastoral charge of the English Baptist Church at Ulverston, Lancashire. Towards the expenses of the Mission, the London Baptist and North Wales Baptist Unions are making a joint grant, and the outlook is far from unpromising. RECHABITES' SOCIAL TEA-PARTY.—The Recha- bite social tea-party and entertainment were held, at the Lecture Hall adjoining Hudson's Memorial Church, on Tuesday evening, February. 4th, when there was a good assemblage of friends. The tea arrangements were in the able hands of Mrs Greenfield, Ocean View; Mrs Adamson, Tanglewood; Mrs Cartmail; Miss Jordan, Ben lomond; Miss Maggie Moss, Roseharbour; Mrs Bowen, Sea View Terrace; Mrs Statia. During the evening, Mr Baxendell displayed a number of microscopic wonders, and was well patronised. After everyone had amply patronised the comes- tibles an entertainment was held, under the presi- dency of Mr W. Jones (Brickfield Terrace), who was supported on the platform by Mr Greenfield, Mr J. W. Adamson, and Mr T. Hutchins. The ac- companist was Mrs Powlson. The following progamne was ably rendered:—"The silent singer", Mr J. O. Davies; song, Miss Kay; song "The Holy Shrine", Miss Ward; "The Better Land", Mrs Jordan; violin solo, "Joseph" Mr Percy Thomas. Addresses were delivered by Captain Owen and the Rev. Thomas Lloyd, after which "Nazareth" was capitally rendered by Mrs Jordan; and "Jesu, Lover of my soul" by Mr J. O. Davies. Mr Adamson gave out a warm invitation to the young men to become members, after which the very enjoyable social evening ended. MARRIAGE OF MRS WYNNE AND THE HON. ALAN BRODRICK. -On Wednesday afternoon, February 5th, was solemnised, at Holy Trinity Church, Sloane-street, London, the marriage of the Hon. Lawrence Alan Brodrick and Mrs Gwendolyn Lloyd Wynne took place. The bridegroom is theecond son of Viscount Midleton, while the bride is widow of Major-General Lloyd Wynne, J. P. for the county ot Denbigh, of Coed Coch, near Colwvn Bay, and youngest daughter of Mr H. R. Hughes and Lady Florentia Emily Hughes, of Kinmel Park, Abergele, North Wales. The bride entered the Church at half-past two, accompanied by her father, who gave her away. She wore a gown of grey satin duchesse, the bodice having a white satin front draped with Brussels lace with bretelles of sable, the full sleeves being also draped with lace. Her toque to match, was trimmed with sable tails and pale pink ostrich tips, and she carried a shower bouquet of white orchids and lilies of the valley, the gift of the bridegroom. Her jewels included an opal and white sapphire necklace, the bride- groom's present; a large diamond pendant, given by Viscount Midleton; and a diamond and sap- phire new moon brooch, from Viscountess Mid- leton. The Hon. Arthur Brodrick attended his brother as best man. While the guests were arriving Mr. Edwin Lemare, organist of St. Margaret's Chnrch, Westminster, played the Pilgrims' Chorus" from Tannhauser, and other selections. The Hon. and Rev. Canon Brodrick)5 Rector of Alverstoke (uncle of the bridegroom, performed the ceremony, assisted by the Rev. Archibald E. Campbell, Vicar of All Souls', Leeds (brother-in-law of the bridegroom). The anthem was "Blessed be the God and Father," by S. Wesley. As the newly-wedded couple left the Church, the organist played the march from Tannhauser. Owing to mourning in the bride's family only the nearest relations and friends were present at the ceremony. They included Viscount and Viscountess Midleton and Hons. Albinia and Marian Brodrick, Hon. W. St. J. Brodrick, Lady Florentia Hughes, Mr. and Hon. Mrs Peek, Sir Henry Peek, Admiral Sir E. and Hon Lady Freemantle, Lady Cottesloe, Hon. T. F. R. S. and W. Fremantle, Hon. MrsCambell, Lady Bloomfleld, Vice-Admiral Hon. Sir Edward and Hon. Lady Fremantle, Ladies Louisa and Emily Benard, Lady Fremantle, Hon. Sir Charles and Lady Fre- mantle and Miss Fremantle, Earl and Countess of Buckinghamshire, Hon. Mrs Anstruther, Hon. GeorgeoBrodrick, Miss Charlotte Hughes, Mr. and Lady Victoria Rowe and Miss Rowe, Captain Ulick Browne, the Misses Hughes, Mr. and Mrs. St. John Charlton, Mr. Philip Cartwright, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Burke, Miss Sutton, Rev. J. M. Staniland, Mrs. Robert Scott, Mr. Henry Sandbach, Mr. and Mrs. Grichton-Stuart, Mr. Dudley Crichton-Staart, Mr. F. Thomas, Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Wingfield, Mr. Victor Williamson, Mr. and Mrs. William Carr, Mrs. A. Tollemache, Mr. Williams-Wynn, Mr. Henry Farrer, &c. The Hon Laurence and Mrs. Brodrick left later for Dover, en route for the Continent, the Bride wearing a dress of grey corduroy velvet trimmed with chinchilla, with white chiffon and Valenciennes lace vest, the toque trimmed with violets and up- standing bows of lace. The presents number over 300. ST. JOHN'S CHURCH, ENGLISH WESLEYAN.— A lecture on Mendelssohn will be given next Monday evening February 17th, by the Rev. H. H. McCullagh. The lecture will be illustrated by selections from the composer's well-known works. The Choir will sing some of the four-part songs Miss Florence Evans and Miss Ward, will contribute songs and oratorio airs Miss Jackson, A.R.A.M., will play the "Rondo Capriccioso" and two Songs Without Words Miss Isabel McCullagh will give part of the "Violin Concerto," and also will assist in the performance of two movements from the Pianoforte Trio in C Minor." The chair will be taken by Mr. J. O. Jones, at 7 o'clock, and a collection will be made for the Choir Fund. ST ELIAN'S WELL CONTRASTED WITH ST DWYNWEN'S.-In the Cardiff Times of February ist, "Cadrawd" contrasts the customs in vogue at St Elian's Well (near Colwyn Bay) with those practised at St Dwynwen's (in Anglesea). Cad- rawd says:—"St Dwynwen's Well, isin the parish of Llanddwyn, Anglesea, and in former times, and particularly about the middle of the four- teenth century, both sexes visited this celebrated well for the purpose of being cured of love sick- ness. Dwynwen was the traditional Valentine of the Britons, the patron Saint of Lovers. St Elien's Well, on the other hand was the most dreadful of all the wells. Persons who bore any malice against others, and wished to injure them, frequently resorted to the minister of this well, who, for a sum of money, undertook to "offer" them in it. The penalty consisted either in personal pain or loss of property, as the offerer pleased. Various ceremonies were gone through on such occasions. Amongst others, were-the name of the devoted was registered in a book, a pin was put in his name, and a pebble with his initials inscribed thereon, and thrown into the well. When the curse was to be removed the ceremonies to a certain extent were reversed, such as erasing the name from the book, taking up the pebble, with several other practices of a superstitious character."—It may be interesting to note that, in another column of the same paper, the commemoration-day of St Dwynwen is stated to be January 25th. THE RAINFALL IN 1895, AT BRYN EURYN, IN THE COUNTY OF DENBIGH. Diameter of Funnel, 5 inches. Height\ Above ground, 1 foot. of Top i Above Sea Level, 125 feet. Number Greatest fall in of days on Month. Total Depth. 24 hours. which '01 ormorefell Inches. Depth. Date. January 2'gi 0'45 20 23 February. 0.51 0*33 24 4 March 3'45 0'81 28 19 April a'80 i'23 25 14 May o"74 0*42 31 4 June o"94 0*41 1 8 July 4*92 z.04 z8 17 August 2'16 o-so 5 17 September 0*85 0*45 4 6 October S93 i'°4 1 24 November 5.01 1'15 16 16 December 2*17 o*34 12 17 Total 32'39 — ••• '69 THOS. HUTCHINGS. FOOTBALL. RYDAL MOUNT V. UNIVERSITY COLLEGE, BANGOR.—The return match between these teams was played on Saturday, February 1st, at Bangor. A fast and exciting game resulted in favour of the home team by four goals to two. Dr Marsden