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LIST OF VISITORS. COLWYN BAY. IMPORTANT NOTICE. All Lists of Visitors must reach the Central Library, Colwyn Bay, not later than seven o'clock on the Wednesday evening, for otherwise they will be too late for insertion in the current week's issue. PWLLYCROCHAN HOTEL. (Mr J. Porter, proprietor.) J. Ponsonby, Esq, Wilmslow Miss Nunns, do A. Gilbertson, Esq, Birkdale Miss Gilbertson, do Rev Canon Diggle, Liverpool Mrs Diggle, do Miss Moss and maid, do Mr and Mrs J. F. Knowles, Birkdale Master W. Knowles, do Mr and Mrs W. Taylor, Shaw Miss Taylor, do Miss S. Taylor, do Mr and Mrs T. Mathieson, Southport Miss Mathieson, do Mrs Robinson, do Mr and Mrs R. Morris, Rossett Master Morris, do Mr and Mrs Mathieson, senr. Mr and Mrs Cookson, Seaforth Miss Cuthbertson Cowie, do Miss H. Muspratt, do A. Waddell, Esq, Edinburgh Mr and Mrs J. E. Clegg, Oldham Mr and Mrs J. W. Clegg, High Crompton Mr and Mrs J. W. Carter, family and maid, Chester Miss Heyes, do J. H. Jordan, Esq, Prestwich Park Mr & Mrs Henry Behrens, M'chester Mrs Taylor and friend, do Mr and Mrs G. C. Haworth, Timperley Master Haworth, do COLWYN BAY HOTEL. (Miss Jones, Manageress). Frank Sykes, Esq, Stockport Mrs Sykes, do Miss Mould, Cheadle John Milne, Esq, Liverpool Mrs Milne, do George Milne, Esq, do W. Horton, Esq, Birmingham Raymond Smyth, Esq, Birkdale Mrs Dunville Lees, Oswestry Master Dunville Lees, do Masters A and C. Dunville Lees, do Louis Rivett, Esq, Stockport Mrs Rivett, do Miss Rivett, do Masters Rivett, do N. M. Bateson, Esq, Liverpool George Myers, Esq, Birmingham Chas. Green, Esq, do J. Williams, Esq, Liverpool Mrs Williams, do J. A. Kigby, Esq, and valet, Bromborough Hall H. Wilson, Esq, Birmingham Sidney Col, Esq, Leigh E. Jackson, Esq, Manchester G. Jackson, Esq, do Mrs Carrill Worsley, Platt Hall, Rusholme J. Moseley, Esq, Walsall Mrs Moseley, do J. Smith, Esq, do Mrs Smith, do R. Heyworth, Esq, Manchester Rev G. H. Fielding, Knill Rectory Mrs Fielding, do W. Melson, Esq, Lymm LOCKYERS PRIVATE HOTEL. Mr and Mrs Burnett, Shrewsbury Mrs Higgins and maid, Stamford Mrs Mathews, Didsbury Mr and Mrs A. W. Carroli,Cheetliaiii Hill Mrs &Miss Piercy,Higher Broughton Mrs Wm. Higgins, Nottingham Master Godfrey Higgins, do Williamson, Esq, Tollington H. Elliott, Esq, Manchester Mrs Rees, Forest Gate, Essex PENSION EDELWEISS, (Misses Retemeyer) Miss Foster, Edgbaston Miss Hodgson, Nottingham Miss Stroyan, do Miss Gibb, St. Asaph Mrs. Van Rappard, The Hague, Holland Miss Hayes, Liscard Dr Harrison, Ellesmere H. Monnington, Esq, Huddersfield Mrs Monnington, do The Rev H. Cheshire, Tranmere, Birkenhead Mrs Cheshire, do Miss Broomhall, Claughton, do Miss May Broomhall, do CLAREMONT PRIVATE HOTEL (Mrs Robinson, Proprietress). T. Chadwick, Manchester H. S. Batey, Middleton, Lancashire Mrs H. S. Batey, do Miss Gladys Batey, do Miss Mair, Stretford A. C. Russell, Pendleton Mrs Russell, do Miss Russell, do Miss A. Russell, do R. S. Twyford, do Mr & Mrs Boulton, Market Drayton Hazelmere, Rhiw Road-Mrs Jones Rev J. Jones, B.A., resident Miss Roberts, Buxton Woodside, Rhiw Road-Mrs Ross Mrs and Miss Pettitt, Manchester Somerset Boarding House—The Misses Wright A. G. Hunter, Esq, Manchester R. Bell, Esq, do Miss L. Mosford, Hatton Heath Mrs Haram, Tranmere Miss M. L. Wright, do L. A. Barnes, Esq, Bromborough Wave Crest, Lawson Road-The Misses Lever Mrs J. Prince, Stallard, M'chester .Miss Marshall, do Glyndwr-YIrs Davies Mrs Heaton Stretford Villa, Hawarden Road- Mrs Hulme Mr Marrian, Fallowfield I

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