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IConway Town Council.


I Conway Town Council. At the Conway Town Council's monthly meet- ing called for 2.30 p.m. on Wednesday, Feb- ruary 5th, at the Guild Hall, Conway, the Mayor (Councillor Humphrey Lewis) presided. The Council is constituted as follows, those present being indicated by an asterisk, the time of arrival being shown within brackets following each asterisked name :— THE MAYOR: [Councillor Humphrey Lewis.] Ar.TLERMRN (4), *Hugh Hughes (2.32). *Hugh Jones (2 29). *William Hughes (2.37). *H. Lloyd-Mostyn (2.34). COUNCILLORS (12): *R. A. Prichard (2.29). *A. W. Jones (2.29). *J. W. Tosdevine (2 29). Owen Jones. C. J. Wallace. *John Hughes (2,29). Hugh Jones. M. J. Morgan. *John Williams (2 29). *Humphrey Lewis (2.29). *Edward Roberts (2.29). *A. Netherwood (229). OFFICIALS Town Clerlt: *Mr T. E. Parry (2.29). Borough Surveyor, iSfc. *Mr T. B. Farrington, C.E. (2 29). Collector: *Mr T. M. Jones. l A VOTE OF CONDOLENCE. 1 The Mayor moved, Councillor Dr Prichard seconded, and the Council pissed in solemn silence, a vote of respectful sympathy with Her Most Gracious Majesty the Queen and H.R.H. the Princess Beatrice, on the death of Prince Henry of Battenberg. THE GAS, HARBOUR, ETC., COMMITTEE. From the minutes, it appeared that during Novem- ber and December the Harbour Master had collected £ 3 Os 6td Perch due, and Y,5 9s lOd Quay dues that it was recommended that the Borough Surveyor and Harbour Master ascertain the cost, etc., of a suitable light on the Perch, and that the Borough Surveyor procure 12 slot gas-meters that, upon the Borough Surveyor presenting estimates for additional gas and water mains (namely, for houses on Town Mountain, Morfa camping-ground, houses at Deganwy, Gyffiu Upper Road, and Marine Crescent), it was recom- mended that the Council should apply for sanction to borrow .£550, repayable over 30 years that the charge for use of water-mains and water-supply to Volunteers camping on the Morfa should be fixed at X25, inclusive that the Committee deferred till their next meeting the consideration of matters in con- nexion with the charities of the old (i.e., undivided; Parish of Gyffin, the Town Clerk to procure in the meantime a copy of the Report of the Commissioners appointed to inquire concerning Parochial Charities that it was recommended that all the Quay lamps be extinguished at the same time as the town lamps that, upon the Surveyor reporting that he had received no tender for erecting Bryncregin wall, and constructing a catch-pit for storm-water, it was resolved that the erection of the said wall and catch. pit be carried out according to the Borough Surveyor's plan and estimate (£80), and that, in the meantime, the Borough Surveyor should procure estimates for parties willing to tender for the work and that it was resolved that, there being no tenders for constructing drains in Watkin Street, the sewers should be laid under the Borough Surveyor's supervision, at a cost not exceeding X10. The Borough Surveyor now reported that he had now received tenders for the Bryncregin wall and catch-pit, and, upon consideration of these, the Council decided to accept the lowest tender, namely, that of Mr John Jones (joiner, York Place, Conway), at .£29 7s 6d. The Borough Surveyor also now reported that he had received a tender for theWatkin Street Sewer from Mr Edward Parry, at Y,12 10s.—This was accepted. THE FINANCE COMMITTEE. The Finance Committee's minutes showed that the Rate-Collector had collected X915 17s, and that there were X2032 12s arrear that there was t3530 2s 8d due to the Treasurer that the accounts recommended for payment totalled X2353 10s lOd that the Com- mittee recommended that no person under the age of 18 be employed in the Corporate quarries or gravel- pits, and that the Town Clerk procure a quantity of the notices requisite under the Qti-Li-ries Act,thesa to be kept continuously posted-up in the quarries and pit that .£53 10s be invested in Consols, in respect of the Gas Works Loan that .£900 be invested in Consols so as to form the reserve-fund in accordance with Section 27 of the Conway Bridge Act, 1878 that the Committee recommended that ihe Town Clerk should take such proceedings as he deemed necessary to recover possession of the Minavon property or other- wise and that the Borough Surveyor was requested to procure estimates of cost of hand-cart for street scavengering. GILFACH ROAD. The Council accepted the tender of Roger Jones (Glanwydden), at X55 16s 6d, for the repair of Gilfach Road. STEAM-ROLLING THE ROADS. Councillor Dr Prichard g,tve notice of motion to call attention to the question of joining with Llanfair- fechan and Penmaenmawr, to buy a steam-roller, and as to hiring a steam-roller from Llandudno, for use in the Creuddyn portion of the Borough. The Borough Surveyor said that meanwhile he would communicate with the Llanfairfechan and Pen- maenmawr Authorities he would also ascertain the Railway Company's terms for taking a small steam- roller (should Conway decide to buv one themselves) between Conway and the Junction, so as to obviate taking the roller over the Suspension Bridge. DEVELOPING THE MORFA. Considerable discussion took place as to the develop- ment of the Morfa, Councillors Roberts and Nether. wood opposing the sale of freeholds on the Morfa, and Aiderman Hugh Hughes and Councillors John Hughes and John Williams, all championing the sales of freeholds. Ultimately, by 6 votes to 3, the Council decided against an amendment negativing a resolution to ask the Local Goverment Board's sanction to the principle of selling Morfa freeholds. LLANDUDNO INTERMEDIATE SCHOOL. On the motion of Alderman Hugh Hughes, seconded by Councillor John Hughes, the Council unanimously decided to grant free-passes over the Bridge to children attending the Intermediate School at Llan. dudno.

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