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CONWAY. Parish Church (Sunday Services): 8.0 a.m. Celebration of the Holy Communion. 9.45 a.m. Welsh service. 11.15 a.m. English service. 6.0 p.m. Welsh service. 10.30 a.m. daily, Matins. St. Agnes: 6.0 p.m. English service. Wesleyan Methodist Chapel.-(English Services).- Next Sunday: Morning 11.0, evening 6.30, Mr H. Heap, Llandudno. A GOOD PLACE FOR BOOTS.—For the best and cheapest of all classes of Boots and Shoes go to Joseph Jones, Berry Street, Conway. Best Shop for repairing. adv. IOC)- FLAGS FLOATING HALF-MAST.—Pending the funeral of H.R.H. Prince Henry of Battenberg, the interment of whose remains will probably take place on Tuesday or Wednesday of next week, flag-s are floating half-mast from the tower of Conway Castle and at the Trinity House Stores on Conway Quay. CONWAY IN TELEPHONIC COMMUNICATION WITH CHESTER.—On Wednesday afternoon, January 29th, a representative of The Weekly News was present at the new Telephone Call-office and Exchange at the Blue Bell Hotel, Conway, when communication was established (via Llandudno) with the Chester office of the National Telephone Company, a conversation on service matters taking place and being distinctly heard. Instal- lations at the houses or offices of twelve Conway subscribers take place this week, and it is hoped that before the month of January expires public business will have commenced at the Conway Exchange. For telephonic purposes, Conway, Llandudno, and Colwyn Bay form one District or Local Area. NORTH CARNARVONSHIRE LIBERAL ASSOCIATION. —A meeting of the Executive Committee was held, on Wednesday, January 22nd, at Bangor, Mr. Roberts Hughes (Llanfairfechan), presiding. The subject of the testimonial to Mr. William Rathbone, the late parliamentary representative of the division, came under discussion. Mr. C. Darbishire, who has acted as honorary treasurer, and Mr. R. D. Williams, the secretary, notified the closing of the subscription list, to which there had been a liberal response. It was agreed that the presentation should be made at Conway, on February 5th, and that it should take the form of an address and a silver centrepiece. THE CHIEFBARD POSITIVE.—In a brief interview respecting a recent attack, by Professor Morris Jones, upon the antiquity of the Gorsedd, the Chief Bard Positive ("Gwilym Cowlyd"), whilst main- taining great reticence, stated that he still held that he was justly entitled to be the primary bard, the honour, he said, having been conferred upon him by Sir George Osborne Morgan, at Conway Castle, THE CONSERVATIVE CLUB ENTERTAINMENT.— On Friday evening, January 24th, the Conway Conservative Club-room (nicely decorated for the occasion) was the scene of an enjoyable entertain- ment arranged by the energetic Secretary (Mr. Robert Davies), and patronised by a large audience, the programme, which was much appreciated, being as follows :—Pianoforte solo, T. Brown opening trio, "Mixture," Messrs. Parnham, Edwards, and Ball comic song, Molly Riley," S. W. Parnham comic song, Music Master," Owen Edwards comic song, One Legged Family," J. A. Ball pianoforte solo, T. Brown Harry Pleon's dramatic sketch, On the Brain," the characters being taken as follow :—Mr. Green (acting on the Brain), Owen Edwards; Frank (a Draper's Assistant with Song), S. W. Parnham Sarsaperalla Jones, Baron de Wormcakes, The Earthquake, His Jaggs, with Song, J. A. Ball Lucy Green (in Love with Frank), Miss F. Moore Jane Jones (the Slavey), Miss Theresa Vaughan. Part II,—Pianoforte solo, T. Brown comic trio, Talkative Man," Messrs. Parnham, Edwards, and Ball comic song, Gilligan's Black Cat," Owen Edwards song, On the Road to Kimberly," J. A. Ball comic song (encored), Latest Medley," S. W. Parnham; negro song, "Dandy Coloured Coon," Owen Edwards pianoforte solo, T. Brown F. Milner's negro farce Dog in a Coal Cellar (by permission of Messrs. Heywood & Sons, Manchester), the characters being taken as follow :—Betsy Ann Perkins, Miss Theresa Vaughan Miss Mac Stinger, Miss Florrie Moore Joe Bruiser, S. W. Parnham P.C. Sergeant Wackum, Owen Edwards Bob Tackle, J. A. Ball. The proceedings concluded with the singing of God Save the Queen," led by the accompanist (Mr. T. Brown). A SNOW SCULPTOR AT PANT-y-TAN.-The Picture Magazine for January contains a photgraph entitled "A Snow Lady", to which the following note is appended:—"This clever piece of snow- sculpture is the work of Mr. J. H. Travis, of Plas Tirion, Pant-y-Tan, near Conway, North Wales, who says in his letter to" us that "the only tools used were a spade and knife, and the time oc- cupied was just under an hour." A very credit- able performance indeed."—We understand that the statue was carved during the hard weather in February, 1895. LOCAL FOOTBALLERS AT HOLYWELL. On Saturday afternoon, January 25th, at Holywell, the Llandudno Junction Railway United Football Club beat Holywell St. Winifred's by 4 goals to 3. Mr John Williams (Junction) captained the local team. SALE OF THE MOUNT PLEASANT ESTATE.— On Wednesday evening, Mr J. W. Rogers, auctioneer, Llandudno, offered for sale, at the Castle Hotel, Conway, the eligible freehold resi- dential property and building-land known as the Mount Pleasant Estate. The attendance was large, and, after spirited bidding, the property was knocked down to Mr Thewlis (of Llandudno) for £ 950. CONWAY LITERARY AND DEBATING SOCIETY.— On Tuesday evening, January 28th, the Society held a well-attended popular concert, in the Guild Hall, the chair being occupied by the President (Mr. T. B. Farrington, C.E.), who, before unavoidably leaving, soon, after the com- mencement of the second part of the programme, in-talled as his deputy Vice-President J. Roger Dawson. An attractive programme was rendered as follows, few encores being permitted lest the proceedings should be protracted to an unduly late hour: -Address by the Chairman pianoforte solo. Miss Pollie Jones song, Mr J. Thomas Jones; song, 11 Di, Di, Di," Miss Pooley; piano- forte solo, Welsh Airs," Mr Moses Parry; recitation, Mr J. Roger Dawson song, Mr John Arthur Hughes song (encored), "At five o'clock in the morning," Miss Jennie Jones (" Llinos Conwy"); recitation (encored), The Charge of the Light Brigade" (with variations), Miss Pooley; part-song, 11 Ilac Brenhinoedd," Mr Moses Parry's Quartett Party. Part 2,Pianoforte solo, Mr Moses Parry; song (encored), Miss Pooley; song, Llinos Conwy; recitation, The Show- man," Mr Carlton Grant, R.B.A.; song, Mr Roberts (of St Mary's Church, Bangor); song (with chorus by audience), "Gwnewch bob peth yn Gymraeg," Mr R. LI. Jones; reading, Bachelor's Hall," Mr J. Roger Dawson vote of thanks to the artistes and the Hon. Secretary (Mr E. Brown Jones), the concert having been arranged by the Hon. Secretary,—this was passed (nem. dis.) by acclamation, on the motion ot the Chairman, seconded by Mr Kingston; finale, "God save the Queen," the solo being excellently taken by Llinos Conwy. Next Tuesday evening, February 4th, the Society's ordinary weekly meeting will be held in the Guild Hall, when the question for debate will be Ought Cyclists to be taxed." YOUNG MEN'S GUILD.-A well-attended meeting of the above Guild was held on Monday, January 20th, the President (Rev J. P. Lewis) in the chair. An entertainment was given, when the following programme was much enjoyed by the members —Pianoforte solo, "March of the Brotherhood," Mr Moses Parry; song, Mr O. Rowland comic song, Mr R. Williams quartette, Messrs Robert Davies, J. G. Jones, J. Lloyd Jones, and Owen Trevor; recitation', Mr Robert Roberts; pianoforte solo, Mr T. Brown song and chorus, Mr Robert Davies song, Mr J. T. Jones pianoforte solo, "Welsh Airs," Mr Moses Parry; song, Yr Eryr," Mr Owen Trevor; song and chorus, "Gwnewch bob peth yn Gymraeg," Mr Robert Davies song, Mr O. Rowland comic song, Mr R. Williams; pianoforte solo, Mr T. Brown; song, Mr Humphrey Hughes; comic song, Mr E. Williams piccolo solo, Mr H. R. Emmas.—A hearty vote of thanks which was accorded to the performers, brought a pleasant evening to a close. —Next Monday, Feb. 3rd, the Hon. Secretary (Mr Chas F. Farrington) will give a paper, with lantern illustrations. CONWAY HORSE SHOW COMMITTEE. At the Conway Horse Show Committee's meeting, at the Guild Hall, Conway, on Friday afternoon, January 24th, the Vice-President (Mr W. F. Jones) in the chair, it was announced that Colonel Platt had consented to be the Society's President for 1896; and that the ex-President (Alderman the Hon. H. Lloyd-Mostyn) had sent the Society a subscription of two pounds, together with an expression of regret that he would be unable to attend the meetings of the; Committee. It was decided to offer a ^40 prize for the best agricultural shire stallion; and a £ 15 prize for the best roadster stallion. The conditions were read and revised. District Secretaries were appointed as follow:— Creuddyn, Mr Dearden and Mr Jesse Roberts (Wern Bach); Colwyn Bay and Llanelian, Mr Richard Morris (Pilws)and Mr John Jones (Pentre- ucha, Colwyn); Glanconway, Mr Robert Williams (Bwlch) and Mr Robert Hughes (Dolwyd); Eglwys- bach, Mr Rowland Hughes (Esgreulog) and Mr Williams Davies (Cyffylog); Bettws-yn-Rhos, Mr Owen Williams (Waen) and Mr John Parry (Ty- isa' Inn); Abergele, Mr Thomas Roberts (Bryn- ewyn); and Mr Hughes jun. (Bronheulog); Gyffin, Mr William Hughes (Cyffredin), and Mr Robert Owen Williams (Bryndowsi); Tynygroes, Mr Rowland Williams (Smithy) and Mr William Williams (Glyn Ucha); Talybont, Mr Samuel Hughes (Tyddyn) and Mr Elias Jones (Farchwal); Penmaenmawr, Mr David Foulkes (Pen Dyffryn) and Mr David Jones, (Llan); Llandudno, Mr Fred- erick Roberts and Mr William Davies (carter). CONWAY SCHOOL BOARD. At the Conway School Board's monthly meeting on Wednesday afternoon, January 29th, the Chairman (Councillor Dr. R. Arthur-Prichard, J.P., C.C.) presided, and there were also present Councillor Dr. M. J. Morgan and the Rev. Owen Evans, together with the Clerk (Mr. James Porter) and the Attendance-Officer (Mr. Robert Edwards). A Precept for L30 was ordered to issue. The Attendance Officer reported that the attendance at the Boys' and Girls' School, was good but the attendance at the Infants' School, indifferent. The Rev. Owen Evans called the Board's attention to the fact that he had been informed that the schoolchildren had been let out earlier than usual on the afternoons this week (being Mission week in connexion with the Church), so as to enable the children (most of whom were Nonconformists) to ask their parents whether they should attend" Church. He thought that it was using undue influence. The speaker's own son had come home at three o'clock the previous afternoon, and wanted to go to Church. The Chairman ruled that the question could not be dealt-with until after a notice had duly been placed on the Agenda. FUNERAL OF THE LATE SUPT. WILLIAMS. ADDENDUM. In addition to those mentioned in our report last week, the chief mourners at the funeral of the late Superintendent Williams, included the following :—Masters C. Lloyd A. Elias (Bangor) and Gwilym H. Williams (Maiichester), grandsons; and Miss H. M. Williams (Manchester), grand- daughter. Among the ministers present, was also the Rev. J. Williams, of Colwyn Bay. LOCAL COMPARATIVE STATISTICS. Turning, in the Board of Trade's recently issued annual return of Gas Undertakings, to the statistics relating to Conway, we find the fol- lowing variation under three heads, and for three periods Coal carbonised Gas made No. of Years. Tons. Feet. Consumers. 1892 6IO 4563000 159 1893-4 680 6120000 195 1894-5 700 6300000 195 INCOME, EXPENDITURE, AND PRICE. The total receipts from the Gas Undertaking during the year 1894 was L1284 total expendi- ture, including the capital charges, j £ ,II07- The price of gas charged to private consumers was 4s 6d per thousand. MAINS AND LAMPS. The mains in use for the distribution of the gas to consumers measured about 2! miles, and in 2 addition to supplying the private consumers above mentioned, there were in use for lighting the streets 44 public lamps. CONWAY WORKINGMEN'S CONSERVA- TIVE CLUB. At the Club's annual meeting, at the Club-room, on Wednesday evening, January 29th, Councillor Dr R. Arthur-Prichard, J. P., C.C.. who presided, introduced to the meeting, as the General Secre- tary of the Carnarvonshire Constitutional Asso- ciation, Mr Lloyd Carter, of Carnarvon. Mr Lloyd Carter, whose name was received with applause, in the course of a somewhat lengthy address, throughout which he kept the attention of his audience, referred to the death of his predecessor (the late Mr George Owen), in whose footsteps he hoped to tread, and that sup- port that had been accorded to Mr George Owen the speaker trusted might be accorded to him also. In a brief summarised electoral history of the constituency in which Conway was situated (the Carnarvon Boroughs), he drew encourage- ment from the fact that the Conservative poll was heavier in 1895 than on any previous occasion, and that at a time when the Radical majority was less than 200. Perhaps if the Radical candi- date was fought next election a little harder than last time, they might convert a minority to a majority. Politically, their opponent (Mr Lloyd George) was the greatest humbug in the House of Commons, and he (Mr Carter) thought that many moderate Liberals would not continue to support him. Furthermore, should Mr Lloyd George lose the Irish vote in the Boroughs through antagonism to the Voluntary Schools, the speaker would give very little for his chance of being again returned to Parliament, if the Irish voters in the Boroughs numbered as many as one hundred, and it they were Catholics first and Irishmen afterwards. The next business was the presentation, by the chairman, of the prizes won in the Club's New Year billiard handicap. To Mr Samuel Hamer, were handed Councillor Wallace's challenge-cup and a gold medal given by Councillor Tosdevine, while the second prize (a gold plate value £1) was presented to Mr Robert Jones (Watkin- street). The Secretary (Mr Robert Davies) presented a very satisfactory report and financial statement, which were received with applause and adopted. Mr Robert Davies consented to accept the secretarial office for another year, and the meet- ing unanimously re-elected the other officers as follow :—President, Alderman the Hon H. Lloyd- Mostyn, J.P., A.C.C.; Vice-President, Councillor Dr R. Arthur-Prichard, J.P., C.C.; Hon Trea- surer, The Mayor of Conway (Councillor Hum- phrey Lewis, J. P.). The meeting having ap- pointed as Hon Auditors Councillor A. W. Jones and Mr Jordan Jone. the election of Executive Committee was proceeded-with, the following nine (with power to add to their number) being duly nominated and approved seriatim :—Mr Joseph Williams (High-street), Councillor Edward Roberts, Messrs Robert Johnson, S. Hamer, and Braggins, Councillors Tosdevine and A. W. Jones, and Messrs Elias Evans and Pollitt. The meeting ended with enthusiastic votes of thanks to the chairman for presiding and to Mr Lloyd Carter, for his attendance and address. CHARGE AGAINST A BOOKSTALL MANAGER. ACQUITTAL AND REPEATED APPLAUSE. At the Birkenhead Quarter Sessions, on Thurs- day, January 9th, the Recorder (Mr Clement Higgins, Q.C.), in his charge to the Grand Jury, said that, in the case of John Wade, who was charged with falsifying the books of his employ- ers, Messrs W. H. Smith and Son, the accused had admitted, in the fullest way, that he had fal- sified the books, and, if they were satisfied in this particular instance set out, or even in one case set out in the indictment, that would be enough to enable them to return a true bill. What they had to determine, was whether the books were falsified with intent to defraud. -The Grand Jury returned a true bill. John Wade (36), a bookstall clerk, formerly in the employ of Messrs W. H. Smith and Son, sur- rendered to his bail on a charge of having made false entries in the books of his employers, with intent to defraud. There were 14 counts in the indictment.—The prisoner admitted falsifying the accounts, but denied that he had doneso with intent to defraud.—Mr Graham and Mr T. F. Lloyd prosecuted, and Mr E. H. Lloyd defended.-Mr Graham said that the prisoner had been employed by Messrs W. H. Smith and Son for over 20 years, and for the last few years was in charge of the Woodside Station bookstall, Birkenhead, at a salary of 5s a week and a commission of 5 per cent. on the sales, with a minimum guarantee of Lxio per annum. In November last it was discovered by Mr Richards, an Inspector in the employ of the firm. that the prisoner had falsified his accounts by putting down certain sums as owing by customers which had already been paid, and by showing accounts as being due by libraries and other institutions which had ceased to exist. In this way he had succeeded in presenting correct balances, whereas there was a large deficiency.- Mr Richards was called, and stated that when he discovered the discrepancies he had a conversa- tion with Wade, who admitted that he had falsified the books since the first week he came to Birken- head, nearly six years ago. The deficiency he calculated at over £300. He then dismissed the prisoner, who said, I suppose you will prosecute me I am ready to pay the debt to my country." In explanation of the deficiency, the prisoner said that it was due to the dishonesty of the Biitish public and the boys employed at the stalls.-Under cross-examination by Mr E. H. Lloyd (who was instructed for the defence by Mr H. F. Neale), the witness admitted that there were several entries in the cash books for 1893, 1894, and 1895, showing sums credited to "Wade" or "self," of the existence of which he had previously been unaware. The servants of the firm were responsible for debts incurred under them, but where deficiencies were shown, the firm, 0:1 investigation, made a liberal allowance to th assistant. In re-examination, the witness con- sidered that if the sums above alluded to had been put-in (as suggested by the defence) to cover deficiencies, the deficiency at some time must have been much greater than the £300 now alleged.—Mr William May, librarian, Birkenhead, deposed that certain accounts shown him as due by the Library Committee were not owing. With regard to the amount of debt alleged to have been incurred last year on behalf of the Oxton Road Library, that institution ceased to exist more than two years ago.—Other evidence of a similar character was called.—For the defence, Mr E. H. Lloyd submitted that the deficiencies had arisen through no fault of the prisoner's, and he, instead of boldly acknowledging them, had tried to cover them by altering the books in the way he had done. When bookstall clerks were held respon- L sible for all the stock under their care, the T ordinary leakages of trade in such a large stall as that in charge of the prisoner must be consider- able. The learned counsel dwelt upon the fact 1 that the prosecutor had not dared to charge the prisoner with stealing or embezzlement, and said the jury must be fully convinced that Wade did these things with a fraudulent intent before they returned a verdict of guilty.—The jury found the prisoner not guilty, and he was discharged. The verdict was received with an outburst of applause, I again and again renewed. LOCAL GOVERMF.NT BOARD INQUIRY. j At the Guild Hall, Conway, 011 Friday morning, January 3rd, Colonel W. J. B. Clarke, M. Inst. C.E., held an Inquiry, on behalf of the Local Government Board, into an application, on the part of the Conway Corporation, for permission to sell the Ty Mawr Corporate lands, at sun- dry minimum sale-prices. Evidence was given by the Town Clerk (Mr T. E. Parry) and the Borough Surveyor (Mr T. B. Farrington, C.E.) The Inspector asked what the Corporation proposed to invest the proceeds in. whether they had any suggestion as to obtaining leave to in- vest in any security other than Consols. The Town Clerk said that the Corporation had not invested heretofore in other securities than Consols, but he would mention the matter at the next meeting. Mr W. Williams attended to claim title to part of the property, and the Inspector said that he would make note of the matter. The Town Clerk saying that the matter had been before the Court. The Borough Surveyor adding that he and the Town Clerk would be glad to see the claimant take steps to establish his claim. The Inspector advised the claimant to consult a solicitor. The Inquiry then ended. CARNARVONSHIRE GOLF CLUB. The annual competition for Caddies' prizes, sub- scribed for by the Members of the above-named Club, was played for, on the Links at Conway, on Thursday, January 2nd, when twelve of the best were chosen to compete for three prizes (the first being 22/ second, 12/ and the third, 6/6), the losers each receiving 1 as consolation prizes. Play was by handicap, the winner turning up in Philip Wrench. The following were the scores of the first three:— Gross. Handicap. Net. 1st, Philip Wrench II9 12 I07 2nd, David Jones II4 6 108 3rd, J. R. Jones II] Scr., 113 After the play, the Caddies and Players (to the number of 22) sat down to a splendid dinner in the Club House, kindly given by Mr Albert Wood, J.P., D.L., of Bodlondeb. Conway, and provided by Mrs Stuart, the Stewardess of the Club. After dinner. songs and other amusementi were indulged-in, and a most enjoyable evening was spent, the party breaking up about 10 p.m., all having thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Three cheers were given for Mr Wood and Mr and Mrs Stuart a word of praise is also due to them for the manner in which everything was carried out.

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