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[In no case are we responsible for the opinions expressed in this column.] To the Editor of "The Weekly News." THE CONWAY CASTLE BRASS BAND. SIR,—At a meeting held an Juuiary Uth, 189(5, it was un iiinnously passed to publicly th ink all who have sunoir- ted the alK)Ve-n L'll"d Hand, in their endeivour to realize sufficient money to purchise new instruments, and also .(, repair som of the old ones, and, it is gratifying to be alila to say, this endeavour lias been a i?rand success, and the Hand have already received back the old ones. The ques- tion of purchasing new instruments, is now under oar consideration. It might oe stated that the Hand, after beina; dead for nearly 12 months, has baen entirely reorganised, and has secured the services of Mr W J. Roberts, (lti(»on House) as instructor, The Baud will (m fnture) be worked oil a di- tferent basis to what it has been, as the chief objects will be 1st, to cultivate a id promote tllJ practiceof intlslcgettem liv- 2nd, to r.nse the standard of the Band; and 3rd, to maku it equally a source of pleasure to the inhabitants as it will IJe of culture and. refinement to the Band's members themselvel And, inas nuch Its, of all the arts, music is now universallv admitted to hive the greatest civilising influence, we are sure that, had the town a good Hand playing on the various squires 10 the summer evening, it would ten(1 to keen people from less creditable employment of their leisure. As there are a few new members m the Band, it is advisable to start from the very commencement, and a Class has b -en constituted by the Conductor to train the members un fro n the very rudiments of music; we shall begin like a rivulet that bubbles along the vale; then the Hood comes —the floull of success, that swells the little brook into a misrlnv rivet- which sweeps everything before it in its imp^tuositv For a time the Hand will not be a great success. I "■nor ance and prejudice die hard, but we shall keep e 'Itig away, until success will come, regardless of obstacles nhee l in our way. VV hen the public subscribe to a Band thev have an interest in it, aiid,o long as the instruments belonif to the Band and public conjointly, there is not much fear of it collapsing through members leaving one bv one and taking their instruments with them. And, while thanW our numerous a,id itood supporters, we make this appeal for a further increase in tlieir numbers. We have therefore adopted a system of Honorary Members, and our plan will be to call upon the inhabitants asking as many as can do so to become Honorary Members of the Band, by subscribing une penny (or upwards) weekly. Collectors will be appoin- ted to collect these subscriptions, and to enter the same in a book provided for the purpose, and, in December of each year, a balance-sheet will be published, showing how much each Honorary Member has subscribed, and how the monev has been spent. In this way, everything will be trans icted methodically, and every penny accounted-for By eetfimr solid supporters behind us. we *ill very soon be a irood Band, and that is what we are aiming at, because a good Band can delight the most fastidious ear of the most censor- ious critic, but a bad one is abominable, horrible, terrible according to its strength of luigs and members In conclusion, Ladies and Gentlemen, we once more thank you most sincerely for your willing help, and hope the con- tinuance of the same, when we shall d.) our utmost to orofit by it in a musical sense.—Yours, THE KAD. L'rhe balance-sheet will be found in our advertising co- W.N.] Printed and Published by R. E. Jones & Brothers, at their Printing Works, 3, Rose Hill Street, Conway, aud Published at the Central Library, Colwyn Bay.