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CONWAY. Parish Church (Sunday Services): 8.0 a.m. Celebration of the Holy Communion. 9.45 a.m. Welsh service. 11.15 a.m. English service. 6.0 p.m. Welsh service. 10.30 a.m. daily, Matins. St. Aqnes: 6.0 p.m. English service. Wesleyan Methodist Chapel.-( English Services).- Next Sunday: Morning 11.0, evening 6.30, Rev J. Taylor, Hull. A GOOD PLACE FOR Boors.—For the best and cheapest of all classes of Boots and Shoes go to Joseph Jones, Berry Street, Conway. Best Shop for repairiiig. adv. loq- AIR. F. J. SARSOM'S SALE OF CRAIG FRYN, DEGANWY. —This auctioneer will offer the above- nam-ed property for sale at Llandudno. on January 24th. Many of our readers will recognise it as the residence of the late Mr E. H. Williams. Constructed regardless of expense, with sanitary arrangements of the most up-to-date description, it is a property admirably calculated to suit a purchaser desiring absence from the "busy haunts of men," in a district noted for its healthy and picturesque environments. PLAS-Y-DON, TYWYN.—This property, the residence of Mr. W. J. Slater, R.C.A., has just been sold by Mr. F. J. Sarson, auctioneer, Llandudno, to Mr. C. A. Barlow (of Ainsdale, n'-ar Southport), who will shortly take up his abode therein. Our readers will no doubt recoll- ect that this property was withdrawn (at i, ioo) at Mr. Sarson's sale in Llandudno on November 29th last. PRESENTATION TO THE REV. DAVID WILLIAMS. —On Monday Evening, January 13th, his fellow- worshippers at the Carmel C.M. Chapel, Conway, presented the Rev David Williams with a purse of ,,old, is a siii-ill tol<eii of t-ecot?iillloti i of the ministerial services he had rendered them during the last few years. CONWAY FISHERY DISTRICT. -The Board of Conservators for the Conway Fishery District have given notice of their intention to apply this month to the Board of Trade for the approval of the following- scale of licenses to persons using within the district any nets, fishing weirs, or other instruments, or devices whereby salmon are caught, in lieu of the scale hitherto in force in the district:—For draft or hang nets, 64 each; for coracle nets, L2 c tch; for box, crib or cruive, 62 each; for V weirs or g-ogheadsor baulks, L4 each; for cross liij e Li; rod and line for season, ci; rod anj tine for a month, 10s; rod and line for a week, 3s: rod ilnd line for a day. is. 3RAND CONCERT AT THE BOYS' SCHOOLROOM. —\ rare musical treat was given to those who wsre present at the above entertainment on Mon- day evening. A capitally arranged programme of vocal and instrumental music was prepared and the whole went off without a hitch. Lovers of good music were present, but it is to be regretted that a larger number did not avail themselves of the opportunity of spending a pleasant evening. The Misses McCullagh were at their best, and contributions delighted the audience. The man- doline-playing of Miss Hughes (Brynhyfryd) was much enjoyed. Mr Denbigh Cooper was in eccelient form, and it is hoped that he may he Irore often heard at Conway. Mrs Float's sing-ing was greatly appreciated. Miss Daisy Dutton was a favourite, and her recitations well deserved the applause given. A very happy contribution was the plantation-song (with dance) ot Sergeant Wraight, who was quite at home in his work,-such a neat performance is seldom given by an amateur. The Conway Castle Christys were loudly applauded. This pleasant entertainment was brought to a close by the Vicar proposing a vote of thanks to Mr J. E. Finch am, who kindly acted as chairman. The programme was as follows :-Part i pianoforte solo, Miss Freda Dutton; song, "Spring," Mrs Float; trio (pianoforte, violin, and violoncello), "Finale from Op 66, The Misses M'Cullagh pantation-song and dance, "Wake-up Darkies," S'rgeant Wraight; mandoline solo, "Ombre Notturne," Miss Hughes song (encored), Mr Cenbigh Cooper; violin solo (encored), Sclilti- rrerliecl G lvatte," Miss Isabel McCullah; recita- tim, Miss D lisy Dutton; humorous song (encored) "Massa's Wedding Day," Conway Castle Chris- t)s. Part 2 pianoforte solo, Miss Freda Dutton; s-ng (encored), "Serenade," Mrs Float solo vbloncello, Reverie," Miss Mary IlcCullagii s<ng, Mr Denbigh Cooper mandoline solo, "Serenade Espagnole" Miss Hughes song (vith banjo accompaniment), Timothy Horner." aId as an encore, stump speech," Sergeant Wraight recitation, Miss Daisy Datton plant- aion song, Old Folks at Home," Conway Castle Christys quartette (2 violins, viola, and voloncello) (encored), "Adagio fro 11 No. 34," aid Finale m G Major, Tne Misses MeCullagh; final,, •• God save the Queen." CONWAY DISTRICT NURSING ASSOCIATION. At the annual meeting, at the Guild Hall, Conway, Oil Friday afternoon. January roth, the Ilayor (Councillor Humphrey Lwis. f.P.) presided. and there were alsopresent the Mayoress 'Hon. Sec.), the Hon. Mrs H. Lloyd Mostyn (Hon. rreasurer); Mesdames Wood (of Bodlondeb), Houlgrave, James Porter, Llugvvy Owen, J. P. Griffiths, E. Parry Hughes, and Williams (Chapel Street); the Misses Darby, Dorringtoti, and Scott Bryn); Alderman H. Lloyd Mostvn, J.P.. A.C.C.; Alderman Hugh Hughes; Councillor Dr R. Arthur-Prichard, J.P., C.C.; Mr Albert Wood, J.P.. D.L.; the Vicar of Conway (Rev J. P. Lewis); and the Rev Owen Evans. The Mayor, on taking the chair, said that it gave him very great pleasure to preside over that meeting, to read the report of the work done during the last six months, and to say a few words about the good work done by the Nurse. He then read as follows I'lic Report of the Conway District Nursing Association. —The last f annual meeting was held on the 6th of June, and > it was then decided that in future the financial year should begin in January of each year, and( that the annual meeting should also be held then. ) During the past six months, the Nurse has paid over a thousand visits, and had fifty-one cases on s her books. Much to the regret of the Committee J and of the town, Nurse Kate Jones left in October, but they consider themselves fortunate in having v t a found in Nurse A,inie Roberts a successor equally y t o skilled and proficient iii li?!r woric. They beg to express their thanks to Aliss James, for a verv v e crv kind gift of useful articles for the u.;e of the sick. k s an 'i In June we had a balance of /,6,i I 2'i. id., and fro since then have received in donations Lg 6?,. from r, Mr Albert Wood (proceeds of Sale of floweri), e_, )' and by pavnients and donations for the Nurse's rse -ip services C? 4s- making the total for receipts i ,,684 4s. 5d. The expenditure was 654 4s-, which ,e will leave a balance-in-hand of ^30 os. Sd. to carry on the work. For the Sick Fund, donations amounted to ^4 iis., and the expenditure to i 6s., leaving a balance Of 23 8s. 2d." The Mayor read a letter of apology for non- attendance, from Miss Dutton On the motion of Councillor Dr Prichard, seconded by Alderman Hugh Hughes, the report was adopted. Mr Albert Wood spoke of the excellent financial results and the good work done, and he moved a vote of thanks to the ladies of the Committee of Management, for their great goodness in forward- ing the work. The Vicar, seconding, said that no words were necessary, for the motion commended itself. More and more, the District Nurse was becoming appreciated in Conway. In supporting the resolution, Dr Prichard, said that no one had more reason to be grateful for District Nursing than he had. Conwav had been « the pioneer town in District Nursing in Wales. The present Nurse complained that she had not much to do, and that spoke well for Conway. He had found her very efficient and capable in some severe cases already. If she simplv prevented illness by inculcating the practice of cleanliness and sanitary principles, the ladies would be amply repaid by the increased health of the people of Conway. Alderman Mostyn, on behalf of the ladies, F thanked the meeting for the cordial vote. Dr Prichard moved, and the Rev Owen Evans seconded, a vote of condolence on the death of Mrs David Owen, and the re-election of the remainder of the Committee.—This was carried unanimously and without discussion. Alderman Mostyn moved, and Mr Albert Wood seconded, a vote of thanks to the Mayor, who responded. Alderman Hugh Hughes moved a vote of l! sympathy with Miss Dutton in her illness. She | had done very much for the poor of the town, and he was sure that all regretted her absence that day. j The Vicar seconded the motion, which was carried unanimously. I The meeting then ended with the voicing, by Dr Prichard, of the general thanks to the Hon. 1 reasurer (Hon. Mrs Mostyn) for the successful efforts she had made to secure again for the town the services of a Jubilee Nurse, thus economising C the resources of the Association's funds. CONWAY HORSE SHOW COMMITTEE. ] At the Conway Horse Show Committee's first X meeting for 1896, held, in the Guild Hall, Conwav, 011 Friday evening, January 10th, Councillor A. W. Jones (one of the Secretaries) was appointed to be I Chairman pro tem. The following officers were -ipl)olflied :-President, Colonel Platt Vice- President, Mr. W. F. Jones (Bodidda) Secretary, I Councillor J. W. Tosdevine (Councillor A. W. Jones, his former colleague in the secretariat, declining re-election ;) Treasurer, Mr. David Jones £ (Metropolitan Bank). The Secretary reported that the balance-sheets to be distributed in a few days' time, showed a balance-in-hand of £ 66, a decrease of about J~6 as compared with the balance-sheet presented twelve months previous. It was decided to affiliate with the Shire Horse Society, and to subscribe a guinea per annum to that Society, which would ijive a silver medal for competition at the Conway Horse Show. Mr. G. O. Jones expressed surprise at having seen in town that afternoon m my agriculturalists xvho had not yet ai-rivej at that meeti?il ?; lie hoped to see in future crowded meetings at the hour named. It was decided to hold the next meeting at 2.3 ) p.m. that dav fortnight. Mr. D. R. D ivies proposed, and Mr. G. O. Jones seconded, a vote of thanks to Councillor A- W. Jones for his past services as one of the Secretaries, and this was carried unanimously, n with musical honours following.—Councillor A. VV. r Jones suitably responded.


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