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CONWAY. A GOOD PLACE FOR Boors.—For the best and cheapest of all ctasses of Boots and Shoes go to Joseph Jones, Berry Street, Conway. Best Shop for repairing, adv. toq— PHILHARMONIC SOCIETY.—The nrst practice was held last Wednesday evening, when there was a pretty good attendance. The next practice will be held at 8 p.m sharp Wednesday evening next. SEtON CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH.—On Tues- day evening, December 31 st, ',Ihe Scion Congre- gational Church Young Peopled Mutua) Improve- ment Society held their annud soiree at the Connexional Schoolroom, the President (Rev. T. D. Jones) in the chair. After a very enjoyabte supper served by the ladies of the congregation, an entertainment was held, and a pleasant evening was spent, the young people of the congregation rendering dialogues, recitations, and vocal and instrumental music. CONWAY DISTRICT NURSE ASSOCIATION._The annual meeting of the Conway District Nurse Association (ot which the Mayorcssof Conway is Hon. Secretary), wiH be held, at the Guitd Hall, Conway, at three o'clock this (Friday) afternoon, January roth. THE POST-OFFICE ANNUAL SUPPER.—A few hours previous to the departure of the Otd Year, the Omciats of the Conway Post-Omce, resorted to the Aberconway Temperance Hotel, and partook of their annua) supper, prepared in ex- ceHent style by Mrs Jones. After the supper, a very social evening was spent. A vote of thanks was passed to all who had so kind)y contributed towards making the evening so great a success. A GRANT TO THE LOCAL BAPTIST CAUSE.— Among the grants for 1806. voted, by the Baptists of Carnarvonshire, to the weak Churches of the denomination in the county, appears the following: —Conway and Deganwy, £ g. A STEAM-YACHT FOR THE CONWAY FISHERIES. —Mr. Pitcher's 10-ton steam-yacht Yorkshire Lass has just been Htted up, under Captain John Riinmer, for fishing purposes, and good catches have been the ruie during the Hrst few days of the experiment of utilizing a steam-propetted vessel in the Bsheries of Conway. DiSTRtRUTION OF XMASTIDE COALS.—This Christmastide, with his usual thoughtfuhiess, Mr. Atbert Wood, J.P., D.L., ofBodiondeb, distri- buted, among the widows of Conway, in tots of 6 cwt each, a quantity of coats (procured through Messrs. Roberts & Co., Conway Quay). The Mayor (Councillor Humphrey Lewis, J. P.) has also distributed about 20 tons to the widows and old people. PATENT NEWS.—We observe, from the custom- ary omcial notification, that a Patent (numbered 23984, and dated 14th December, 1895), has been granted to Mr. J. W. Post and to Mr. W. Carty of Conway, for "An improvement in connexion with the extinguishing of oit-tamp- The im- provement, which is the invention of Mr. Post, is simplicity itself, and is applicable to most existing parafin-lamps, the exptosion of which on extin- guishment will be reduced to a minimum by its use. A TREAT FOR THE UNION WORKHOUSE JUVEN- ILES.—On Friday evening, January 3rd, the children of the Conway Union Workouse were treated to an entertainment consisting of views in the Holy Land (and others of local interest), by the means of a Maggie Lantern, under the manipu- lation of Alderman H. Hughes, assisted by Mr W. H. Jones, and the various views shown being described by Alderman H. Hughes. This treat, again, is due to the kindness of Alderman Hughes and Mr Roger Williams, who deserve great praise for their thoughtfulness in catering an enjoyable evening for the poor. TABERNACL (WELSH WESLEYAN) MUTUAL IM- PROVEMENT SOCIETY.—On Monday evening, Jan- uary 6th, the ordinary meeting of the above- named Society, was held, under the presidency of the Rev 0. Evans, when Mr Thomas Jones (Railway Terrace) read a very able paper on "The Year 18gs.Several members having supported the paper, a hearty vote of thanks was accorded the reader.—Next Monday evening, January 13th, will be a Reading Night. SERIOUS ILLNESS OF SUPT H. D. WILLIAMS.—, By a large circle of friends sympathy will be exti pressed with the retatives of Superintendent H D. Winiams, who, whitst engaged in the busine'e' of the Conway Petty Sessions on January 6t'K fett so unwell that he retired from the Court, ar31 afterwards fainted. Hewasremovf to his pri- vate apartments, where he was attided by Dr Dalton and CounciHor Dr R. Arthr-Prichard, two of the magistrates who were o the Bench. For some hours he was unconsciousbut his con- dition had slightly improved late th night. His medicat attendants reported that hevas sufferiag from paralysis of the right side. Ms condition was considered very criticat on \)esday and Wednesday. On inquiry yesterd? (Thursday) morning, it was learnt that while,e had had a stroke on Monday afternoon, hehad had no second stroke (as had been rum'red); that he was just a little better when his m<ica[ attendant visited him tate on the Wednesiy night, and that about eleven o'clock that (Thsday) morning he was just about the same, th is to say, the improvement noted the previouMight had not been tost. Dr Prichard and h assistant (Dr Williams) are in frequent attendee. ROYAL CAMHRIAN AcAUEMY.At an R.C.A. Council meetingon Tuesday evetg, January 7th, it was decided, on the motion the President (Mr H. Clarence Whaite, R.\V. to inaugurate the opening of the new Cattery the Academy's historic home, Ptas Mawr, Corny, by a Fancy Dress Baft on February 4th nt, the costumes to be preferably those ot the 'dor period. CONWAY BOARD OFUARDIAXS. At the Conway Hoard of Guard!:) month!y meeting on Friday. January 3rd, the Ch-ill";KR,v W. Venables- Wi))iams) presided, and there wereso present Mr John Davies (Vice-Chairman). the Rev lid Davies.Afderman Hugh Hughes, County-Councillor th Owen. and Messrs John Porter, J. Allanson Picton. "ict PhiHips. Kohert Evans, Edward Williams, Robert E Henry \V)))iams. \V. F. Jones, Hugh Caraher. G. 0. JonTho.nas Roberts, and Richard Jones, and the Clerk (MrTP.trry). A ROMAN CATHOLCHtLU. There being in the neighbourh no Roman Catho)ic Schoo) for pauper children, the 'rk was Instrm-ted to ascertain a suitable school (in EmJ) tor a boy named Preston. AVOTEOFTXKS. On the motion of Mr J. AHansP'cton. a hearty vote ot' thanks was tendered to the follog tadies and gentlemen. for their Christmas gifts to therkhouse inmates:—The lion. Mrs Llovd NlostN-ii, the-oress (.Mrs Hu.nphrcv Lewis), Mrs Dalton, Miss Duttoivs Goode, Mrs Howarth, Mrs Wood, Mrs HadleV. Mrs We', Dr R. Arthur-Prichard, Mr Caraher. Mr J. Uoyd Jones. Atderman Hugh Hushes. THE The Visitors' Book conUtinettries by the Revs Owen Evans, T. D. Jones, T. Gwyne^oherts, and if. Harrow WiUiams. who testined to the a<.ab)e manner in which the Workhouse is managed. THE NL'MBER (INMATES. The Master (Mr Edward Joneported that there were in theHouse m inmates.and th4\'an-rants had visitedt)]e establishmettt. PAUPER L^TICS. It was decided to support th'untyConnci)s Association in a resolution in favour of insing the grant for pauper lunatics connned in the\Vorkh. AN ALLEGATTACK. Authority was given to prJte a pauper Inmate (John Thomas, hailing from Llyst. tor attacking the House Porter with a cleaver and I ki THE FINANCIAL ST: OF LLANELIAN. The Chairman read a tettfm Mr Horthwick (formeriy the Guardian for Llanelian)ying that Danehan was (as reported to the Board's' pres meeting) in arrear to the amount of £ 260; the amountrrear was only ^"74.. The C)erk said that Mrrthwick had mixed up two matters.—the Rural Distrounci) and the Board of Guardians. The arrears at resent date were £ 266. The rate had not been based suntly high. The Chairman remarked lot all the various parishes in the Union. Uanehan was on)y one whose Assistant- Overseer was not appointeihe Guardians, the office being vested in the parishioners. MrJ.AHansonPicton'd. and Mr Henry WiDiams seconded, and the Board cd. that proceedings be taken against the parish of Dan tor the amount due on the call. Councillor Hugh Owen n* to rescind a resolution (passed at a prev.ous meeting) to >e with block flooring the Hoor in the children's day-roo'le maintainedthat theWork- house children compared f'ably in health and appearance with children outside, an considered to carry out the suggested aheration wouan unnecessary expanse, which the ratepayers should not-lied upon to bear. Mr VV, F. Jones seconi. The Chairman stronglyunced anything like a pennv- wis): pound-foolish" pof'the treatment of the children. to *ho,ii the Board of Gans stood in loco parentis. As Christian fileti, they oujO do everything they could to protect the, children's heaid to proti'o te their comfort. Mr Caraher supDorte Olairm-tn. and mentioned that the Local d Inspector (Mr Bircham) had strongly recommended tHouse Committee the suggested alteration. Mr J. AUanson Pic'bserved that. apart from Mr Bircham's recommend:<hat this work shoutd bj carried out, the Guardians wernd to exercise as careful a watch over the life and healtthese children as each Guardian would maintain with rfito his own children at home. Mr W. F. Jones topoke, and complained that Mr Bircham's report had i £ n communicated to the Board. The motion was to 4. -111 Hugh Carahcposed, and Mr Picton seconded, that the tender of MM. & J. Williams. High-street, Conway.be accepted. Alderman Hugh H moved, as an amendment, that freshtendersheinvitt Councillor Hugh 0«conded the amendment. The original motiorcarried by 8 votes to 5. DEFNG A LETTER. It was reported tha morning a long Welsh letter had been received.and th.Clerk had not had time to read it. to get It the it. The Chairman now inquired whether the letter wceep till the next meeting, and was inforrncd that it wceep. and therefore said that the letter should be left t next meeting. Alderman Hug-h H complained that the letter should lie thrown awav, —setters were treated one way. and someanotherway. The Chairman sat he had been informed that it would wait. Alderman Hugh Is again protested, but the Chairman decided that the lettrht wait. A OtON OF FINANCE. Seieral bills wetsented which had not been brought hefore the Finance nittee, these having been received at the t.T.stmoment;'mo\'edand seconded.thataUhiUs (except the one to Nurses at Penrhynside) should be referrej to the Fii1'°'nrn'tl:ee- Alderman Hughes moved, and Mr W. F. Jones seco!)dt-d. an amett that a)t the bills be referred to the Finalce Committe Th; amendmenthen put anddost. Thi Clerk repeat the Sanitary Inspector had given hi.n a bill for supiWcured in coniiexior, with the typhoid fever ILI tl)reak qt N-ide, but that several items were incluiej which chargeable to the Kura) District ] Coun;;i, and the !s returne-i for the e!imination of these items 'phe nexou ot the h!H still contained some of thesejtems- and turned for correction. It was desirable that he bill shie paid soon, or the supplies might be stopM. It'-asdecidedthis (andai) the other bi))s)shou)dhe referej to the 'ce Committee (at a special illeetiji., to be hjj within days) with authority to paythehi!?s if corr^t. Th Board that the Clerk request the Lady Augst t Most'lend the Penrhynside Mission-Room for an U'ectious ses Hospital, as recommended by the Med;;l] Qflicind the Clerk was authorised to make arra„crne,|ts ocuring necessary furniture. <ON\VAND LL\NDUDNO PETTY SESSIONS. C»WAY,NDAY, JANUARY 6rH.—Before Henry KnighaW, (chairman); CounciHor Dr R Arthur- Prita.rd; aty CounoiHor C. H. Darbiahire: Dr Da'jn; 'Jia.nson Picton, Esq; Ephraim Wood, Ms( and Da.vies, Esq. A RIOT IN CONWAY. IjharftaH'8* 2, High Street, Penmaenmewr, wa.ohtt.with a.t.tempting' to rescue a prisoner (J'h SaRailway Cattage, Pdnnia.euma.wr) out of thehan^ the poUce at Conwa.y, nn Saturday e,ving,vomber 30th.-Su.pt. H. D. WiHia,tus pt'<ieu<on behalf of the police.—The Bench it'fteJ"s of 10j and costs. jjjiUth, H.a.il\vay Cottage, Penmienmiwr, pUje-Hilty to bein? drunk und disorderty, annuity to assaulting P.O. E. W. P.).rry (30).— P. y gave evidence of the asa!iu)t by the dei<? who was the prisoner whose attempted reiifl occasioned a previous o)Me.—Supt.H. D. Wiporroborated—The Bench fined the defendant 5-).,ts for being drunk, and iS2 and costs for the asji the police. Wynne, Wind Street, Meant Pleasant. Ccwas charged with resisting the police at the sue and place, and was fined 10s and costs. TICKETLESS TRAVELLING. David Lloyd, organist, Bethesda and Blaenau fg, was charged with travelling tioketlesa from Jt Conway, on November 22nd.—Mr Fenna ited on behalf of the L. & N.W. Railway ly, and Mr R. A. Grimths (Carnarvon), 3d.—Mr Fenna read an explanatory letter ant had written to Mr E. A. Neele, enclosing .re from Abor to Conway, which fare w.ts ed to the defendant.—John Roberts, booking- Bingor, proved issuing to the defendant a from Bangor to Aber.—John MuMick&n, guard train by which the defendant travelled, gave ice as to the defendant not having atighted at F At Conway, the ticket-clerk (Mr Blane) went the defendant and brought him back, and, in jias'a hearing, told Blane that he had come from without taking a ticket—Mr William Penny 'ams, porter at Conway, gave evidence as to the ldant having made an inquiry from the wituess having afterwarda passed out without giving up tckot or having one demanded from him.—Henry jhton Btane said that he was in charge at ray station on the morning of November 22nd Acting on information received, the witness d the defendant back after he had left the on, and, in the conversation which followed, the idant offered the exceaa fare, which the witness refused.—For th«j defence. Mr GriSths said that his client had intended to call at Aber en, route to Blaenau Festiniog, but in the train changed his mind. At Conway, there was no one collecting tickets, and the defendant was guilty of carelessness or thoughtless- ness in not having made a point of seeking out the right person to whom to pay the excess fare. The speaker asked the Bench to accept the explanation offered and dismiss the case, or, if they could not do that, to dismiss the case on payment of costs.—The Bench inflicted the full penalty/40/- and costs (10/6). Alfred Flash, Jew pedlar, Uandudno, was charged withtravelling tiokettess from Deganwy to Llandudno. —Mr Fenna prosecuted on behalf of the Railway Company.—The defendant said that he had not noti- ced the train stop at Deganwy, and, on being spoken to by a porter at Llandudno. he had offered the excess fare, which was refused—The Bench lined the defendant 20s and costs. A CHARGE AGAfXST A CONWAY PUBLICAN. Hugh Hughes, stonemason, Machno Terrace, Con- way, was charged with being drunk on the licensed premises of Thomas Jones (The Ea.gies Inn. Conway) who was charged with setting intoxicating liquor to a drunken person.—Mr Humphreys (Llanrwst) prose- cuted on behajf of the police, and Mr Lloyd Carter defended.—P.C. David Wdti<.ms (30) said that, about 8 20 on Saturday evening, December Hth. he saw the defendant Hugh Hughes coming down High-street" drunk. He saw him enter the Eagtes Inn. The witness entered in a minute or two afterwards, ant saw the defendant with a full glass of beer before him Before the witness s.ud a word the licensee asked th" witness whether the defendant Hughes was too drunk to be served, and the witness said that anvwone c )u)d see that he was. After further conversation the de fendant Hughes offered not to drink the beer if the witness would not report Thomas Jones, and Mrs Jones took the beer away. Mrs Jonos told the wit- ness that she would rather give a nve.pound note than do wrong. Cross-examined, the witness said that h-< had not promised not to report the case. The witness knew that Hughes went afterwards to another house (the George and Dragon), and he was not serve t there. The witness did not know of his going to the Hoyal Oak. In answer to the Bench, the witness said that he was perfectly certain th.t Hughes was drunk —ror the defence, Mr Hoyd Carter sud that it was a matter of opinion whether the defendant Hun-h Hughes was drunk, and the opinion that he was drunk was that of one polioe-consttbie; against that he would bring forward several witnesses who would say that Hughes was not drunk. Even if he was drunk it might not he perceptible to the licensed victualler' —Richard Williams, stone-mason, Gytnn, said that he met Hugh Hnghes. on the evening of December Itth. at the bottom of High-street, and went with him into the Eagles. Hughes was then sober. They went into the room on the left-hand side, and there were already in the room a woman, and Mr and Mrs Thomas Jones. The witness and Hughes eabh ha.d a gtass of beer, but Hughes had not begun to drink it before the constable came in. The pjlieenian spoke first and after speaking to Hughes, told the landlord that Hughes ought not to be served, drunk or sober. Cross-examined, the witness said that there were only nve in the room William Williams was in the other ro,)tii. The first words the policeman said were Wel), Hugh. is it here you are The witness di) not hear Thomas Jones ask the onuer whether Hughes was too drunk to be served. Thomas Jones told the noiicemm that Hughes was not drunk.— Hannah Jones, wife of Thomas Jones, corroborated theevidence-in-chicfofthe previous witness as to he and Hughes having been served. The policemm o t entering, was the nrst to speak, and spoke to'the witness, asking her why she had served Hughes 1.- the conversation that followed, Thomas Jones sa: I that Hughes was not too drunk to be served and th.j constable r.aid that Hughes should not be served drunk or sober. On Hughes going out without drink- ing the beer, the policeman told him that, if he went home then, he would have nothing on him about it. Cross-ex unmed. the witness was sure that the police- man spoke first to the witness, and not to Hushes The policeman had sud that Hughes was so drunk that he had been refused liquor at every house in the street. She had not said to the policeman that she would rather lose a five-pound note than do wron" she had not said anything of that sort.—Wdli&m Wiihams, labourer, Ty-gwyn Cottages, C.'nw.ty. said that, on the evening of December 14th, he anj Robert Ellis were at the Eagles Inn, in the room opposite that where Hugh Hughes went. B )th doors were open, and he could see and hear everything that passed in the other room. The policeman '8poke before being addressed by anyone, and he asked who had served Hugh Hughes. Cross-examined, the witness said that he h 3anl the p)Iieem mask lf:i,-h Liughe-) whether ho was He h^ar'.l Thomaa Jones ask the policeman whether Hugh Hughes was too drunk to be served. Mrs Jones had said that she would rather give a five-pound note than do wrong. Margaret Ann Hughes, sister of the defendant Hugh Hughes, said that she was in the habit of going to the different houses to look for her brother, and she went hit) the Eagles after the constable had gone in. Her brother was then sober. Cross-exa- mined, the witness said that her brother was with her the whole time after lie left the Eagles, except when he was maide at Royal Oak; andthsy walked home together from the Rjyal Oak. He was aober then. In answer to the Bench, the witness said that her brother did not go to any other licensed house. He went straight to the Hoyal Oak, from the Eagles. Thomas Jonee, landlord of the Eagles Inn, Conway, said that he was in his house on the evening ot December 14th, when Hugh Hushes and his companion came in. The policeman spoke first, before anyone spoke to him. Cross- examined the witness said that he did not re- member his wife saying that she would rather give a Hve-pound note than do wrong. The policeman never said that Hugh Hughes was drunk. The policeman told the defendant not to serve Hugh Hushes, drunk or sober. The police- man. when going out, said that the witness' house wastheontyptace in the, street that served the defendant. The defendant was sober.—Hugh Hushes said that he remembered going to the Eagies with Richard Wifiiams. He had only two drinks previously, at the George & Dragon. He was sober when he went into the Eagles. The only house he went to after he left the Eagies, was the Royal Oak. He had come from the George & Dragon, striaght to Hie Eagles. The Constable's first words were to ask the witness "Is that you here, Hugh?" He also told him that he was not fit to have beer. In answer to the witness, the constab)eto)dhim that he did not say that he was drunk, but that he was not fit to have beer. Miss Lewis, landlady of the George and Dragon, was catted at the desire of the Bench, and gave evidence as to refusing Hugh Hughe.s drink on December 14th, because she bad determined not to serve him whether he was drunk or sober. She did not notice whether he was drunk.—The Bench nned Hugh Hughes is and costs, and Thomas Jones _4-i and costs, the license not to be endorsed.—The Bench declined to accede to Mr. Carter's application that they should make an order suspending the collection of the fine, pend- ing an appeal. IS THE DEFENDANT SANE ? John Thomas, an inmate of the Conway Union Workhouse, was charged with assaulting Robert WHIiams, the Workhouse porter, -Evidence was given by Robert WiUiams, who said that the defendant held a knife-blade in his hand in the dining-hall, and tried to hit the witness with it earlier, he had tried to hit the witness with a cleaver.—Frank Gotoo, another inmate, corro- borated as to the assault by threatening with the chopper.—The defendant said that he had nothing to say except that he asked the Bench's pardon. —In answer to the Bench, the Workhouse Master (Mr. Edward Jones) said that the defendant was not classed as mentally deficient.—The Bench adjourned the case for a month, with a view to having an enquiry made into the defendant's mental condition.