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COLWYN BAY. THE G.F.S., CONCERT NEXT WEDr-DAY.-In connexion with the Girls' Friendly So<ty, aery enjoyable concert is being given next edneday evening, January 15th, at the Assemv Roms, Colwyn. A FORTHCOMING FASHIONABLE MAIAGE.-It is announced that a marriage is arrged, ind will take place in February, betweohe Ion. Laurence Brodrick, second son o Viscunt Midteton, and Gwendolyn, widow (the ate Major-Genera) Lloyd Wynne of Coedoch, ind youngest daughter of Mr Hughes of I"ne),ind Lady Florentia Hughes. A POPULAR LECTURER.—This (Fridieverng, January loth, Dr Harry Grattan Giness (of London) will deliver his lecture Ented My experiences on the Congo," illustrateby urque and magnincent lime-light views, in t English Baptist Church, Colwyn Bay. The cir wil be taken by Mr Francis Nunn, at 7-3odmision free). Dr Guinnesswillalso giveaBibReating, in the above-named Church, at half-pa thrtC in the afternoon. All are cordially invite AN EDUCATIONAL SUCCESS.—On Miay.Jan- uary yth, H. W. Haworth, who has befor nore than six years a pupil of Mr T. G. Os-n, YL.A. Cantab., J.P., at Rydal Mount, Colwj^ay, was elected to the First Classical Open iclafship at Trinity Hall, Cambridge. He is than of the Rev. J. Scwel) Haworth, of Llangolle! INCORPORATED SOCIETY OF MUS\NS.—At the recent examinations held, at L)a)dnc', by the Incorporated Society of Musiciaiwe note wit)) pleasure the follnwmg pupils of \)e\ve)yn Jones, A.R.C.O.. Organist of Chr Church, Llanftirfechan, were successful :—(On) Mr J. R. Morgan (Intermediate Piano) W. 0. Griffith; (Preliminary Pianoforte), M Maggie Hughes and Master Sydney Jones, is grati- fying to see that the Choirmaster of Colwyn Church has been so successful with hijpils. ANOTHER ElSTEDDFODIC SuccEi-At the Xmrtstide Eisteddfod at Chester, the :e for the three best pennillion was awarded 'he Rev. William Evans Tones, of Colwvn. COLWYN BAY LtTERARY AND IENTIFIC SOCIETY.—The third general meeting <<e above- named Society, was held, on Tuesd:evening, January 7th, at the English Presbyte' Church Schoolroom, when a highly interest lecture was delivered by the Rev. M ereflihuglies, F.R. Hist, S., entitled Some No on the History of the District." The lectures illus- trated by lantern slides shown withe oxy- hydrogen light. The lecturer, after cing the origin of the names of the most notabjla^es in Colwyn Bay and the neighbourhood.-oceeded to deal with the main archaeological itures of the district, including Nant-y-glyn Val, Lletty'r Drew, Rhos Weir, St. Trillo's Chapeid Well, Dandrillo Church, Ptas Euryn, and t remains of the old fortifications on Bryn Eyn. The lecture showed abundant evidence of iy careful research, and it is to be hoped that it iteocour- age the members of the Society to fufr inves- tigate thearchaeologyofthe District, asofgested by the lecturer. On the prepositive! the (President Mr. A. 0. Walker, J.P., !S.), a hearty vote of thanks was unaniinousfl;corded to Mr. Hughes for his lecture. The nekkeetilig of the Society will be held on Tuesday, bruary 4th, the subject being "The Moon as see'iroutrh the Telescope." by Mr. G. P. Jenkins, k.A.S.. (Vice-President of the Astronomical Sety of Wales), whose remarks will be illusted by lantern slides of photographs of lunar sc!. y. S\LE OF WORK AND COFFEE SUP^.—On Wednesday evening, January 8th, thw.etsh Baptist hiendsot Colwyn, held a Saie-or-, "K a,,a coffee-upper, which were most success) The stall was presided-over by the ladies ending the Chapel, assisted by the Rev T. E. illiams (the newty-appointed Pastor), Mr. Lewis,ondon House). Mr. H. Parry (-' Bwlchydd inic), etc. At seven o'clock the Schoolroom was )\vded, when a coffee-supper was presided-ovey Mrs. Lewi* London House Miss Bolton,j0ndon House Mrs. and Miss Jones, Piough -s. and Miss Jones, Pen-y-bryn; Miss Roberts, liliptoll House Mrs. Williams, Penmaen Mrs. ))iams, Etian View and Mrs. Ellen Roberts, l|,naen. Bwlchydd Men. Mr. Lewis, and the R< T. E. WiHiams, rendered vatuable assistance-Quring supper-time, Mrs. Evans (Bryn-y-gw)^ was most energetic as saleswoman at the[othing Stall The audience, which was large, lS most apprectative of what was catered i their enjoyment. "GAZETTE" NEWS.—From Thursda night's London Gazette,—"Notice of release of;-ustee James Juby, Manchester house, Colwynav, Hsh and game dealer; trustee, L). H. Join Crypt chambers, Chester, official receiver, Member 12th. COL\VYN BAY CALAN EISTEDFoD. A Chair and Crown Eisteddfod waheld at the Public Hall, Cotwyn Bay, under theUSpice« of the We)sh Congregationaiists of 01d;0iwyn, owing to not having sufHcient accomrnotjon for holding the same in the weU-renowned olviHage. The fo)!owing were the adjudicators --)etry, Rev J. 0. Williams(" Pedrog") Liverpool I rose, Rev N. Cynhafal Jones, D.D.; Music,prof D. Ma)dwyn Price, R.A.M., Welshpool, r E. 0. Doyd, R.A.M., Bethesda, accompanisiand the Conductors were Pedrog and ''enHyn." The morning was exceedingly miid, an<he town was thronged, visitors from far and n& patron- ising the Eisteddfod. The Gorsedd was held, at the top; Station Road, under the conductorship of Peiyn," who announced that an Eisteddfod would held on New Year's Day, 1897. After openin the pro- ceedings, he caHed upon the Bards address the Gorsedd, and also dwelt on theires and principles of the Gorsedd. Bwlchjd Mon, Monetiydd, Maenan, Trebor Aled, Gvy,in Deu- nant, Gtan Duiyn, answered to the <)f. After the closing of the Gorsedd proceeding only two Bands (Handdu)as and Cadwgan) cat, forwar<i to contest on the March, out of four eries. At the Hall, at 1.30, the Rev W. E. Jones C>enllyn,") ably conducted and called forward for irdic Ad- dresses himself, "On the Youngs Maenan, "loanVychan;" Owain Cotwyn. P<))yn then introduced Mr Uoyd and Mr D. C. Dags (Rhyl) as adjudicator' and sorrowfuUy annc,iced the absence of D. Maidwyn Price, thrigh very severe iliness. Mr Lloyd, with his co-adjudicator enounced the Uanddutas B;t.nd to have been worly of the prize for the Mirch. Forthebestggsayon Urddas Llafur," loan Fychan was amrded the prize. For the duett (soprano and ito), Y DdeHen ar yr aton,' the prize was aarded to Miss Williams and Miss Pierce (DanintfTraid). The best walking-stick was the work WiHiam Pritchard, Mochdre. For the tenor sot "Safodd a Mesurodd y ddaear," Mr J. Conway as awar- ded ha!f the prize. Next came the Cfral com- petition for the best rendering of Codwn ac Esgynwn i Sefon;" the Choirs comin forward being Engedi (Conductor, Mr J. 0. C.vies), St Paul's Colwyn Bay (Conductor, W- Williams), and Co)wyn (Conductor, W. Uoyd E\ns)1—the prize ( £ 5 5s and a marble clock) was awarded to the Cotwyn Choir. For the best penclsketch: was the work of W. Jones, Gas-wot-k," Aber- gele. For the best recitation of The;oHision,' the prize was awarded to Miss Maggie, Jones, Coed Cnch Farm. Song, Y Peni" .adroddai Fy Nhad," Mrs Lloyd. For the best tockings, the prize was awarded to Mrs Jones, Linsantian. The Brass Band competition came nextjhe piece being Gems of Cambria for a priz of /,S 5s and a cornet, Handdutas Band obts,ng the prize. The evening meeting, which was preided-over by Mr Francis Nunn, was opened with 'selection by the successful Brass Band. In th baritone competition "Y Fellten," Mr W. Ovv, (Tal-y- )nt)wa.s successful. Theinteresting ceremony "Chairing the Bard was then proceeded-with. he poem was to be on Gwroldeb (Heroism), e prize being an oaken chair. There were seven impetitions, and out of these the prize was varded to Mr R. Athrod Thomas (Llan Festin- g), who was 'chaired amidst the greatest en- usiasm. Onty one Children's Choir come-up r competition, namely Colwyn Juvenile Choir conductor, Mr E. T. Davies), and they were ijudged fully deserving of the prize. Mrs E. D. loyd gave a capital rendering of The Star of ethlehem," and was warmly encored. Only olwyn Ladies' Choir competed for the prize of 2 2s and silver medal for the Conductor they ere awarded half the prize,—-Mr O. Williams inducted. Messrs Elias Evans and Llew Jones Colwyn) carried off the prize for the duett Ac r oedd yn y wlad hono." The Juvenile Choir mg Clychau Aberdyn," and were encored. he most successful Eisteddfod ever held in the ay, terminated with the Welsh National Anthem. 'EATH AND FUNERAL OF MRS. EDWARD LLOYD. We regret to have to record the death of Mrs. loyd (wife of Mr. Edward Lloyd, Chemist), which )ok place after a brief illness, on January 3rd, at ortdinorwic(at the residence of her brother, Mr. homas Hughes, manager of the North and outh Wales Bank, Carnarvon), whither she had een summoned on account of the illness of Ivor ster, who passed away on December 22nd. Mrs. Lloyd, who was the eldest surviving aughter of the late Rev. Morris Hughes (of 'ortdinorwic), was a faithful member of the English Presbyterian Church, a lady of a most ind and gentle disposition, and one highly sspected by all who knew her. The funeral took place, at Abergele C.M. cemetery, on Tuesday, January yth. The Revs. 'rancis Jones (Abergele) and John Edwards Colwyn Bay) officiated in the Chape), the minister mciating at the graveside being the Rev. E. W. ^vajis, M.A., Pensarn. The hymns sung in the chapel were Nos. 844 & 852 (Calvinistic Methodist lymn-book), Mor ddedwydd yw y rhai trwv 'ydd," and Nis gallodd angeu du," by the graveside the Welsh funeral hymn Bydd myrdd ryfeddodau was sung very impressively. The hief mourners were Mr. Edward Lloyd, widower; liss Enid Lloyd, daughtef Messrs. Morris W., jwilym, and Ivor Lloyd, sons Mr. Thomas lughes, brother Mr. and Mrs. John Hughes, 'ortdinorwic Rev W. and Mrs Thomas, Pwll- el! Mrs Arthur Jones (The Bank), Llanrwst .If Joseph Jones, Rock Ferry; Mr Peter Roberts, .P., St. Asaph Mr Foulkes Roberts (solicitor), Denbigh and Dr. Roberts, Dandudno. Amongst the mourners (who included most of the influential townspeopte of Co)wyn Bay and neighbourhood) were Mr. J. Herbert Roberts, iM4P., and Mrs. Roberts, and a number of min- isters, incfuding the Revs. N. Cynhafa) Jones (D.D.), Alderman Thomas Parry (J.P.), and John Williams, all of Colwyn Bay; H. Barrow Williams, Handudno T. Gwynedd Roberts, Conway Wj. Jones, Portdinorwic 0. G. Owen ("Alafon"); R. A. Jones (" Emrys ap Iwan "), Trefnant Robert Wi)hams and W. Rowland, Towy:. T. Roberts (B), Abergete D. Jones (" Druisyn ") and — WiHia'ms/Penmaenmawr. TheAberge)e district was targety represented, the funera) being a very targe one, thus showing the high esteem in which the ramify is held at Abergele, where they resided for many years previous to their coming to Colwyn Bay. And this tribute of respect was further emphasised by the fact that every btind was drawn down en route, and every estjabHshment was closed. Messrs. Edward MiJtward & Son (ofAbergeIe), were the under- takers, and it is almost needtess to add that all the funerat arratigements were carried out satisfactorily. Great sympathy is felt for Mr. Uoyd and his famify in their sad bereavement.