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L M. PORTER, THE ESTATE OFFICE, COLWYN BAY. To be Let Unfurnished. CHARMING MODERN DETACHED RESIDENCE, commanding fine vie\\s; three entertaining, seven bedrooms, and comprising at] the latest conven- iences. Possession March next. Rent £ 40. ho ERY ^es'rak'e house, suitable either as lodging use or gentleman's residence. Three reception eight bedrooms, kitchen, pantries, etc., etc. £ '55 per annum. Possession May 1st next. OswELLS, Grove Park West.—Two sitting -C an(] three bedrooms, w.c., etc. Rent ^20. KH;W BANK T.PRACF. House containing parlour, sitting room, four bedrooms, kitchen, w.c., etc. Rent Cig 15s. AIRMELD, Llewetyn Road. -Two sitting and five "Brooms, kitchen, scullery, etc. Rent /;3o. For Sale. V»?ClE "ouse, Coll vetlietit IN, arranged, situated h" rl 0n<^ town. Three sitting and ten ^droonis, bathroom, w.c., and all other domestic oHTces. price moderate. Ho'SE. very suitable for business purposes, centre of tow')] and within easy reach of station. o sitting and six bedrooms, kitchen, scullery, pantries, etc. Moderate price. OODLANDS VIEW, Woodiands Road.—Three sitting and seven bedrooms, bath, w.c., kitchen, scullery, etc., etc. Out-buildings to same com- prise ysiall stables, )o.jse box, vehicle shed, etc. Apartments to Let. COLWYN BAY—EDELWEis, Private Boarding House—The Misses Retemeyer.— Winter crrns. 35 pp,- wpek inclusive. 156—52 COMFORTABLE Private Apartments, with home comforts and good attendance, with without board, moderate terms.—Mrs R. Jones, Khiw Road, Colwyn Bay. 317— A PARTMENTS. with home comforts. Moder- A ate terms. MtS Owen, Temperance, Berry ^reet, Conway. 322—8 O-IIFOI,'TABLF APARTMENTS. -Plea,- -C aiitl), sittiated. Home comforts. I\Irs. Btitiy situated. Home comforts.—Mrs. Roberts, Vron Heu)og, Cadnant New Road, Conway. 328—s PROMENADE, Co)wyn Bay. "Hawkstone." Apartments. Newty furnished by an eminent London Firm. Directly facing sea. paRnificent views. With Board from October to caster. Apply as above. 332-S COLWYN BAY.—Hope Bank, Woodland Road. Private Apartments. Home Com- orts. Fine view of Woods. Good references. DaleF,. _333—s A RDENLEE, L!ewe)yn Road. Co)wyn Bay. Superior Apartments. Every attention. Moderate Terms. Boarding if required. Good ariff. MagniHcent view of Woods. Close to Sea. ^Pjendid references.—Mrs. Bretherick. 333— s ST. WINIFREDS BOARDING HOUSE, Mostyn Road, pleasantly situated in best Part of Bay, central, comfortable, iiberat table, IH^Prate terms.— Mrs. Gray. 334—s CLEVELAND VILLA, Woodland Road, Colwyn Bav.—Private apartments, corn- fortable, central, fme view of woods and sea, Sood tariff, splendid references.— Mrs. R. Jones. 334 s CLEN HURST (Miss Carr), Abergele Road, To be let furnished or in apartments. 322—26 BOWDEN HOUSE (Mrs Evans), Abergele -D Road, Co!wyn Bay. To be let furnished in apartments. 336— OLD COLWYN.—To be Let Furnished, or in Apartments, a nicely furnished house, LLEar STATION. TERMS MOCTEROLO for- Winlor. Mra. Auster. G)an-y-Wern. 356— To be Let. HOUSE AND SHOP to L^tT"Al^Houses to be Let or Sold. Apply, O. Lloyd, i^ndorlan ViDa, Co)wyn Bay. 315— GOOD HOUSES TO LET close to the pTo^- enade. Apply for all particulars to Win. ^ftvies, Glj'ndwr, Marine Road, Colwyn Bay. 317- BRYN EITHYN.—This first-class- detached residence To BE LET UNFURNISHED; 3 Entertaining, 12 bedrooms, all conveniences. tabling, man's rooms, &c. Spacious grounds, ?arden, tennis lawn, &c. Particulars and ad- mission to View, only on application to J. M. RORTF.R, the Estate Office, Colwyn Bay. 323— PEN RHOS.—Boarding House or Hydropathic T, Establishment. To Let, immediate posses- ion; Block of Buildings on Promenade; lately Occupied as Wes)eyan College. Eight reception and thirty bedrooms, with bathroom, etc. Also '"eluded. bui)ding connected with the above, r°ntaining, large dinitig hall, targe recreatx'n r°om, five other rooms, eierht various offices. Rent ^240. Apply—J. M. PoRTF.R, The Estate Office, Cohvyn Bay..354— COLWYN BAY. To be let, a ^j^Htf.arhed Villa, called Green Hurst. MflM^cbnven- 'ent)y situated from station and shore,{tj^fafeniing 3 spacious entertaining rooms. 8 "alliroom, hot and cold water 'ttffoughoutV and, "Sua! conveniences, kitchens, pantries on the ground floor; also cellared throughout. Capita) kitchen-garden, ornamental lawn'-in front, best Sea and country views, well shetterfd from east ^'inds. Possession ist of May next. Apply to Nlr. E. Morris, The Glyn, Be)grave Road, Colwyn Bay.359"' Wanted. T LANDUDNO JUNCTION or near. Room wanted as Office, no window tottering or s'Rn used. Send lowest terms to "X," Weekly •AV7m Office, Conway. 359—3 WANTED, Furnished House, two sitting, four bedrooms; piano; garden; sunny Aspect; neighbourhood of Conway.—Bryn Tirion, Conway, North Wates. 36!—r DRESSMAKING, wanted at once, several Apprentices, no premium, also Improvers 'out-door). Apply, Scott, Regent House, Grove fark, Cotwyn Bay. 361— Money. A.T OXEY LENT PRtVATELY.-ToFnrmcrs.Tradesm.-n Lcxifjinf,r House Keepers and others, in sums of ^.10 up to £ 500, ON BoizRowERs' OWN NOTK OF HAND, without, Sureties, at much tower rates than usua)ty charged. Kepay- ments arranged to suit Borrowers' requirements. Extensive business done tor 25 years past. No BILLS OF SALE TAKKN. For Prospectus and 1 erms apply personally, or write to "KORGE PAYKK. Acct'untant. 3. Crescent Road, Khy). Head Office: 20. Kennedy Street, Manchester.—Established 1870. 323- 52 5 to Xi 000 on your own security. No Bond'' *J required. Strict)y private. No fees. To ''espectabte Householders, Farmers, Tradesmen, '-odging-house keepers, and others, Mate or Remale. Write or call. District Agent, 57, Wellington Road, Rhy). 358— 13 MORTGAGE MONEY.— £ 12,500 to be lent upon Mortgage of Freehold or Lease- hold Property in the neighbourhood of Conway, Co)wyn Bay. and Dandudno. at £ 4 per cent inter- est. Can he divided. Apply, Percy Hignett, Solicitor, Cohvyn Bay. 361—4 g Makes Boots and Harness 4^ I waterproof as a chick's back and soft as velvet. Acids throo times to the wear and GOLD MPOAl allows polishing Nineteen FJXHIBITION HIGHEST B ■ AWARDS. Tins 2d.. 4d., H Is., and 2/6, of all Boot. H makers, Saddlers. Iron- ™ mongers, &o. 359—52 i V' Sales ty Mr. F. A. Dew. F. A. DEW, AUCTIONEEI SURVEYOR, VALUER, AND LAND AGENT, Llewelyn Chambers, COLWYN BAY. Ten years (inking five years' articles) with two of the )arg.t nrms of Land Agents in the country. AUCTIONS landed Estates, Freehold and Leasehold Busit)s Premises, House Property, Building Land, Pels, Live and Dead Farming- Stock, HousehotG'urniture, Pictures, Books, and Piatc. VALUATIONSf Estates, Business Premises, Private Resident^ Building Land, Standing Timber, Agricultu] Property (including Tenant Right Va!uat)ons tjgr Agreement or the Agri- cultural Holdings 4) Dilapidations, &c., and for Probate, Mortgag<^rustees, Business Transfers, Hotels, &c. MORTG/ES ARRANGED. SALES BY RjVATE TREATY. HOUSES TO LE_pnt.nished & Unfurnished. Information given- piotises, Building Estates, Farms, Country Ranees, and Business Pre- mises for Sale or to Ljn all parts of North Wales. FIRE, LIFE, ANIII-FNERAL INSURANCE irVT r- j, The OfHces occu, the most prominent and central position in *|vvyn Bay, thus affording unequailed pub)icity all Auction Announce- ments FURNISH.D HOUSES. Full particulars ofolises to Let Furnished during the Summer mi^ ,„ the fottowing towns, wiH be sent free of chig QI1 appiication stating requirements:— Colwyn Bay, Old CVy0j Rhos and District, Conway, Llanfairfechap^f^ggpj-navvr, Bettws- y-coed, Tretri w, LIancno and Deganwy, Rhyl and Abergele, angobeaumaris, and Menai Bridge. Dates of Fortoming Sales. BRYNDINARTH. — jg Qf Furniture and Effects, to be renij tQ the publ;c Hall, Colwyn Bay, for conven,e Qf gale.—February 4th and 5th, 1896. MORANEDD, MARg ROAD, COLWYN BAY.— Sale of I^jjure and Effects on the premises. -February h and 12th, 1896. FOR (ZKLE. BY PRIVATE TREA_ FREEHOLD.— Several very choice PLCof puiLDiNG LAND; also a large selection of r;or RESIDENCES, suitable for occupation "r,eslfnent in Colwyn Bay and neighbourhood. HOUSES WANTED.- daily applica- tions for furnished and bed Houses.— No charge made unless ac business results. MORTGAGES. Wante gdvance at low interest on sound freehold 'estiients, sums of /oo, £ 600, £ 800, and £ FOR INVESTMENT.~verai substantially built and well let Residen saie> shewing 6 per cent interest on purch^ Fire and Life Insurance ;ts branches. Agent for the Alliance Eir')cj Life, the Man- chester Fire, the NorwichLondon Accident, and other old established Or TO L.T. FURNISH] Several Houses in good in Colwyn Bay and neighbourhood. R varying accord- ing to accommodation. Full particulars of F. A. D^s above. Scholasi A RT CLAES. MISS HodEs, Certified Art Mistress, South Kei Exhibitor at Manchester. Liverpool, Soutnpff ^mber of The Gwynedd Ladies An ConWay. or itist DECEIVES Pupits f y, n Drawing, on i Shading, Painting' in ^nd Water Col- our from Models, Casts aVcltur £ li Objects; Sketching from Nature, Mode and oesign. Oass Days: Mondays. dnesdays, and Saturday Special arrangements made jrjvate lessons and for v)S)tor LARKFfELD, WOODLAND ROAD COLWYN BAY. 326—52 ABERGELE DISTRI< C0UNTY INTERMEDIATE HOOL. HRADMASTER: CHARLES A. WILLIAMS, London Ph.D., Strassbuf' MISTRESS: MISS ]. HENB Of Newnham College, Cambrid^jstl Tripo^ 1893; CertiHcated Cambridge jer Local (Honours); South Kensington and al Acaderry Music; AND OTHER VISITING MA IS. THE course of study will & g s0uri niodern education, preparatHr niartic. tion at the Universities. UP r have advantage of competing f°r ^he exhi. itions. Terms, /:t 6s. 8d. per term-L4 atitlur inclusive of a]) schoot books and statt TL fees will be reduced when more than »mgtnb^ of the same family attends the School. Schooi opens September I I th, J895 For further particulars and forms oflicqti(I for admission, appty— HEAD MASTER, INTERMEDIATE ^00 351- ABERGELE High-Class Day SC)C FOR GIRLS, DEN HAM LODGE, LAWSON RJ COLWYN BAY. Principals: THE MISSES ROWLA Next Term commences Tuesda January 2ist, 1896. F. J. HOLMES, ACCOUNTANT, "LARKF1ELD," WOODLAND ROAI COLWYN BAY. (Correspondence att< Account, ^»tte,p,orauclc.t« ul1dertaken. 38 «CcuBAe.ou.. intelligent, persistedt advert. means the largest possible success in any partic line." J. E. ROBERTS & Co. AUCTIONEERS 8r VALUERS House and Estate Agents. Sales conducted on reasonable terms Cash advanced on Absolute Sale. OFFICES :— Station Road, Colwyn Bay. 297-52 Established at Late with Mr T. Edge, Llan. Colwyn Bay, 1879. dudno, for 12 years L W. THOMAS, PHOTOGRAPHER, KENSINGTON HOUSE, CONWAY ROAD, COLWYN BAY. ONLY FIRST CLASS WORK DONE STUDIO ON THE GROUND FLOOR. Views of the District always in stock. After 16 years business in Colwyn Bay, J. W. T desires to th&nk the residents and visitors for their patronage in the past, and hopea for a continuaoe of the same in the future. 157 NOTICE OF REMOVAL. Mr. A. Alford Sarson, L. D. S.) DENTAL SURGEON, Has Removed to HEATHFIELD. (OLD POST OFFICE). ATTENDANCE DAILY, 10 to 6 O'CLOCK. MORRIS, BILL POSTER Under the Local Board, and appointed by the Denbighshire County Council. T E G I D H 0;U S E, COLWYN BAY —:) 15 PRIVATE BOARDS. j ;— 14'!— CONWAY. THE STORES, HIGH STREET. THOS. GARLAND, GENERAL GROCER AND PROVISION MERCHANT, Has just opened with an entirely new Stock. GOOD TEA, carefuHy selected Blends, to suit all tastes, 1/4, 1/8, 2/ 2/4, 2/8 per lb. TRY THEM. Choice selected DANISH MILDCURED BACON at 8d. per lb. Canadian'Hams at 7d. per lb. Finest Danish, Irish, and West of Eng- land Butters at close Market Prices. All orders will receive prompt attention. _329— KiNMEL HOUSE, CONWAY ROAD, COLWYN BAY. VICTOR ALBERT Begs to Inform his numerous customers and the public in general, that he has now a targe and varied stock of Clocks, Jewellery, Electroplate, Cutlery, and Optical Goods. Gents' Gold Watches from .=65 to X25. Ladies' Gold Watches from .jE2 to jElO 10s. Gants' Gold Atberts from X2. Ladies' Gold Alberts from 25s. Ladies' Dress and Engagement Rings from 10s. Hall marked Gold Brooches from 6s. Marbte and other Oocks in great variety, Alarm Time Pieces from 3s. 6d. Try V. A.'s Gents' heavy-cased Sterjing Silver Watch, at 25s., and also his Lucky Wedding Rings, with every one of which is given a present. Particutar attention given to all Repairs. Clock Windings arranged. N.B.—AGEXT FOR H. LAWRANCE'S SPECTACLES. 324-41 Now, gentlemen, upon the unmistakeable facts which are before you, you can have no hesitation In finding as your Verdict that |0HN mUMS' Boots and Shoes ire the very best value that money can buy. Men's Boots from 3/11 Women's do. from 2/11 NOTE ADDRESS:— ] 12, Station Road, COLWYN BAY. J. O. JONES, j L()N)ON HOUSE, COLWYN JBAY. Hig] Cbs Novelties Irall Departments. 4 Evey Fqmsite F< Evening Wear. MOT AIISTIC AND EFECTIVE Eveiingjowns, r STRICTLY Moderate Prices. 3*3— i o Ea ^iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitiiiii^ EXAINO == specially prepared form of HOMOCEA to meet the needs = tnose requiring a stronger Ointment. Specially adapted = as r all deep seated affections whether of Chest, Back, = Joints, or Muscles, it is -= swr STRONGEST FORM OF 1 EE t Ointment that can be used without bHstering (this it == s= Lnnot do if used according to directions) and is perfectly = == fe for the most delicate skin, and we most strongty s= recommend it to all users of = HOMOCEA t "'— TE.-A Guarantee. When the purchaser of EXAtMO fails to obtain any relief, money SEE ) be returned !ft!n was purchased direct from the Company. SS S= a)MO is sold by all chemists at 29 per box. or direct by post for 3/- from the Homocea —— SS npany, Limited, 22. Hamilton Square, Birkenhead. SIS ^llUhlllllllllllll!lllll!!lillll!ll!llllllllllllllll!l!l!ll!lll!lll!!llllllil!llll!!llll!llll!lll!llllll[E -31 W. I. SHEPPERD, ARTISTIC HOFEE DECORATOR, AUCTIONEER. VALUER, &C. Cash a.datced on Household Furniture, Stocki-^rade, &c., for absolute Sale. SALES MCTED ON MODERATE TERMS. PROfpT SETTLEMENTS. W £ .TER)o HOUSE, 30LWYN BAY. _342— ALBM J. OLDMAN, AUTIONEER, VALUER, AND ACoUNTANT, HOSE, LAND, AND ESTATE agnt, Trinityjuildings, 26, Mostyn Street, LLANDUDNO, Fib LIFE, AND OTHER KINDS OF INjRANCES EFFECTED. FH: LOSS ASSESSOR. SALES PUBLIC AUCTION, of evy description of Property, inciuding Housed Furniture, Houses, and Landed Estat'_pers0t'a!)y undertaken in Town or County upon the shortest notice, also by privattreaty. PROMPT S.T-LEMENTS. MORTGAGES ARRANGED. RJTS AND DEBTS COLLECTED. 313—52 Colwn Bay Technical Instruction Classes. (In connectioiyjth the Science and Art Departments. South Kensington, o0don, and the County and District Councils). COMMITTEE. Mf JOHN ROBERTS, Chairman. REV. HOMAS PARRY, Vice-Chairman. REV. J. GtFFITHS. REV. J. EDWARDS. MR. FRAN(; NUNN. MR. J. W. RICHARDS. E Ov-,r;. M. WILLIAMS. WM. J,NES. -» P. EVANS. J. W.rHOMAS. D. 0. WILLIAMS. G. BEIN. PERCY HiGNETS. W. H ROBERTS. P. E. LORD, M.D. THE ?b..e Committee intend holding Classes froni3Ctober, 1895, to May, 1896, in Free- hand and jodet Drawing, Light and Shade, Geometervnd Perspective, at the Board School, Cohvyn B& (until the Infants' School be com- pleted). The Ctasgs are instructed by MISS HOLMES, Certificated Art Mistress), on Tuesd& and Friday in each week, from y to 9 p.m. Fee for inaction in all or any subjects:—ONE SHIHNG FOR THE WHOLE SESSION. Any furtL,- information from ASHTON BREMNER, Wynnstay cambers, Hon. Sec. Cotwy< Bay. 35° Dress and Mantle Making. THE MISSETMARSHALL. FROM SOUTHPORT, (DaughtersIf Air.- Marsha! Wes)ey Missioncr. Conway,) are co^encin^ in the above business at No. 4, Stanley Oak Terrace, LLAnJDUDNO JUNCTION. TlT AND ;TYLE GUARANTEED. 350- ORDERS BY POST ATTENUED TO. To be Sold. FREEHOLD Land tor sate by private treaty. F Rare opportunity tor workmen and others to secure their own dwellings. 15 acres of freehoid land in hcaithy locality and within 20 minutes walk of Colwyn Bay, sea and mountain views. Unconditional sale. Price from sixpence per yard. For further particulars apply to Mr Moses Williams, Bodfryn, Colwyn Bay. 321—52 BUILDING LAND for Sale, best site in Colwyn Bay. Money to lend. Builders nmnced. Apply, A. Roberts, Mortgage Broker, &c., Pubtic Hall, Colwyn Bay.337— THE ANNUAL BALL, OF THE Officers, Non-Commissioned Officers, and Men of the "N" Company 2nd V.B.R.W.F., WJLL BE HELD AT THE Public Hall, Colwyn Bay, On Friday, 24th January, 1896. Dancing 8.30 to 2.30. Full particulars may be obtained from (and early application should be made to) the Secretary:—- SERGT. T. II. MORGAN, 360—2 RHOS HOUSE, COLWYN BAY.