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THE ANNUAL BALL, OF THE Officers, Non-Commissioned Officers, and Men of the "N" Company 2nd V.B.R.W.F., WILL BE HELD AT THE Public Hall, Colwyn Bay, OnrJjriday, 24th Jaritffc, 1896. Dancing 8.30 to 2^ Full particulars may be obta^Hrom (and early application should be m5Wr to) ihe Secretary:- SERGT. T. II. MORGAN, 360-2 RHOS HOUSE, COLWYN BAY. gOROUGH OF CONWAY. NOTICE is hereby given that a meeting of the Town Council of the Borough of Conway, will be held at the Guild Hall, Conway, on Tuesday, the 14th day of January, 1896, at 5.30 p.m., when the following resolution will be proposed That it is expedient, the Mayor, Aldermen, "and Burgesses of this Borough do oppose the "London & North Western Railway Bill in the ensuing Session of Parliament so far as regards "the construction of proposed works within the Borough and the closing up of the existing Road leading from Llandudno Junction Railway Cross- "ing to Marl Lodge and the substitution of a "New Road in place thereof, so as to enable the "Town Council, if necessary, to amend the said "Bill or otherwise protect the interest of the "inhabitants of the Borough, and that the cost, "charges and expenses in relating thereto be "charged upon the Borough Fund and the "Conway Bridge Fund in equal proportion." By Order, T. E. PARRY, 2nd January, 1896. Town Clerk. 360-1 mnthout O T CHERMAN, Hernia Specialist, Bend* hii mr Book of full information. poBt free, 74. RUPTURE CURED Operation. 64 CHAiS&L4NE & 26 WUBBSBL 358-3 M. & J. WILLIAMS, (PLAS MAWR), HIGH STREET, CONWAY. CABINET MAKERS, UPHOLSTERERS, COMPLETE HOUSE FURNISHERS, IRONMONGERS, PICTURE-FRAME MAKERS, JOINERS, and OFFICE FITTERS. Undertakers. 252-52 Dales' GOLD MEDAL Dubbin Makes Boots and Harness waterproof as a duck's back and soft as velvet. Adda three times to the wear and allows polishing. Nineteen EXHIBITION HIGHEST A W AHDS, Tins 2d.. 4d., Is., and 2/6, of all Boot- makers, Saddlers, Iron. m(-)ngers, &e. 359-52 "Itvjlll Pay you to go there!" WHERE! J. JARED WILLIAMS' Glass, China and Earthenware Warehouse, BON MARCHE, BERRY STREET, CONWAY. 15 p.c. Cheaper than any other house in the county. Specialities: TOILET SETS, TEA SERVICES, DINNER* SERVICES. List of Prices on Application 215- R. E. Jones & Bros, PRINTERS, BOOKBINDERS, STATIONERS.


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