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" The Pass."—A Sketch.


The Pass."—A Sketch. (Lines 0:1 a lovelv and romantic drive through "The Pass," amongst the mountains from Colwyn Bay to Penmaeninawr.) The day was bright-our hearts were light, When lour-in-hand we went, With co icnman gay, in scarlet coat. Loud notes from bugle sent. We drove through lovely lanes and ro-Ads- Old Conway now in sight, The ruined castle stands so bold, Covered with ivy bright. Around its walls for ages past, Bring memories of the past, Of battles fought and victories won, This ruin e'er will last. The bridge we crossed in splendid style. With dangerous jerks and curves; Happy for those of robust frame, Favoured with strengthened nerves. Then on and on through winding lanes, Each scene was ever new; At last we reached the mountain pass, A splendid sight in view. A view so weird—grand—sublime, We never shall forget, j Here nature's beauty ever wild From morn till eve's sunset. Our coachman blew his bugle loud, Its echo sounds so clear, 'Tis quite a feature of this drive,— Distinct, seems ever near. The well-trained horses knew the route, So oft been traversed o'er, Our trusty coachman young and fair, Well-versed in mountain lore. Adonis like. with eyes so blue, A handsome youth was he, The envy of his own male sex, And fair ones loved to see. The gentle sheep are wandering o'er The steeps of mountain side, Their home midst paths of rock and moor, Would ever thus abide. Oh nature wild—sublime and fair, | Formed by a Master's hand, Where'er we go on English soil, Or e'en in foreign land. J We trace Thy handiwork so great O'er mountains-rock and sea, With pastures green, or sandy soil, Wherever we may be. At last wa reach the mountain side, With Penmaenmawr in view, Facing the sea, with spacious beach, With villas old and new. See Puffin Island on the sea, And Anglesea we scan, So strange, and far away from home, A home for brave old fisherman. Then homeward bound we spin along, So merry each are we, 'Midst mountains gre-en, and grey old rocks, On left-the bright blue sea. Thus ends a glorious happy day Of sunshine—gay and bright, Favoured by summer's brightest smile, OM hearts and spirits light. K. L. SHAW WOOD. Printed and Published bv R. K. Jones & Brothers, at J their Printing Works, 3. Rose Hill Street, Conway, an 1 Published at the Central Library, Colwyn Bay. _r ¥ A