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COLWYN BAY. SUNDAY SERVICES. Parish Church, Llandrillo.— Knglish Services, 11.0 a.m. and 6.30 p.m. Welsh Service, 9.30 a.m. Mid-day Celebration of the Holy Communion on the 1st Sunday in the month. Rev W. Venables Williams, M.A. Oxon., Vicar Surrogate. Mr. Bernard, Organist. This interesting Old Church, built in the 13th century, is It mile from Colwyn Bay, on the Llandudno Road. St. Paul's.—Sunday Services: 8 a.m., Holy Com. munion, and at Mid-day Service on the 2nd Sunday in the month; 11.15 a.m., Morning Prayer and Sermon 3.30 p.m., Litany and short Address; 7 p.m., Evening Prayer and Sermon 8.30 p.m., Organ recital. Sunday School, at 230 p.m. Clergy: Revs Canon Roberts, B.A., J. G' Haworth, J. Jonea, B.A., R. Theophilus Jones, B.A., J. H. AStley, M.A. St Paul's Mission Church (Coed Pella Road).— 11 a.m., Morning Prayer and Sermon; 6.30 p.m., Evening Prayer and Sermon. Holy Communion at the Mid-day Service on the 1st Sunday in the month. Clergyman in charge Rev J. G. Haworth. St. Paul's Welsh Services.—10 a.m., Morning Service and Sermon; 5.45 p.m., Evening Service and Sermon. Holy Communion on the 1st Sundav in the month at 10 a.m. Ciergymaji in charge Rev J. Jones, B.A. St. Paul's Welsh Mission Services at Brynymaen.- Service and Sermon on Sunday evenings, at 6 p.m. Clergyman in charge Rev R. Theophilus Jones, B.A. English Wesley an—St. John's,— The Avenue.—Next Sunday morning 11.0, Rev H. H. M'Cullagh, B.A., Colwyn evening 6.30, Rev J. Taylor, Hull; Prayer meeting, morning, 10.15. Sunday School, afternoon, 2.30. Wednesday evening, 7.0, Rev H. H. M'Cullagh. English Presbyterian.—Next Sunday: Morning, 11.0. evening, 6.30, Rev John Edwards, Colwyn Bay Sunday School, afternoon 2.30. Monday evening, 6.15, Band of Hope. Wednesday week-evening. service, 7 0. Thursday evening, 7.0, Young People Bible Class; 7.45, Y. P. S. Christian Endeavour. Rev John Edwards, Pastor. English Congregational.—Morning, 11.0, evening, 7.0, Sunday School, afternoon 2.30. Monday evening, 7.30, Christrian Endeavour Society. Every Tuesday, 3.15, United Meeting for the promotion of Scriptural Holiness. Weenesday evening, 7.30. Rev Thomas Lloyd, Pastor. English Ha^tist Church.—Next Sunday: morning, 11.0, evening, 6.30. All seats free. Sunday School, afternoon, 2.30. Wednesday evening, at 7.30, Prayer and Bible Reading; all are cordially invited, presided over by the Rev H. T. Cousins, F.R.G.S., Pastor. Society of Friends.—Meeting for Worship, every First Day (Sunday) morning, at 11.15, at a ruom in Central Buildings, facing Station Road, Colwyn Bay. Open to the Public and Visitors. Congo Institute.—Divine Services at the Institute's Schoolroom, Sunday morning, 11.0; afternoon, 2.30; evening, 6.30. Tuesday evening, at 7, a Prayer Meeting. The services are always short and pleasant. Several speakers take part at each meeting, including some of the African Students, and the Director, or one of the Tutors. All are cordially invited. Visiting hours every week day, from 2.30 to 3.30 p.m., when the Director will be pleased to welcome any friends or visitors and to show them a number of interesting African Curiosities. OLD COLWYN. Parish Church, Colwyn.—English Services (Sundays). Holy Communion: Every Sunday 8 a.m., and first Sunday in the month after morning service, Holy Baptism: Sunday afternoon, 3.30. Service and Sermon, 11.0 tt.iii. and 7 0 p.m. Sunday School, 2.30 p.m., in Assembly Rooms. (Week days). Service and Sermon: Friday, 7.0 p.m. during Advent and Lent. Singing practices: Friday night. Children's Meeting: Monday night. Band of Hope: Tuesday night. Welsh Services (Sundays), Holy Communion: Second Sunday in the month after morning service. Service and ss>ei ,non 9.45 a.ri. and 5.30 p.m, Sunday Schooi, 2 15 lun, LNatiotiai Schools, Week Days, Service and Sermon, Wednesday, 7. p.m. Singing Practice, Wednesday night, Clergy Revs. J Griffiths, M.A. Oxon., Vicar. J. Roberts, Curate. English Baptist Chapel, Old Colwyn.—Sunday Ser. vices, Morning 11.0, Evening 6.30. Sunday School. 2.30 p.m. Prayer Meeting on Wednesdays at 7.0 P.M. Pastor, Rev. J. B. Brasted. A COFFEE SUPPER AT COLWYN NEXT WEDNES- DAY.-The Welsh Baptists at Colwyn, are holding a sale-of- work and coffee-supper next Wednesday evening, January 8th. MR GLADSTONE'S BIRTHDAY.—The bulk of the congratulatory messages to Mr Gladstone on the attainment of his 86th birthday arrived at Hawarden Castle on December 30th, and among them was the following letter from a young schoolmiss who had seen Mr Gladstone at Colwyn Bay :— Dear Mr Gladstone,—Seeing that it is your 86th birthday to-morrow, 1 write to wish you many happy returns. Although, of course, you do not know me, yet last year, when at school in Colwyn Bay, 1 had the pleasure of seeing you on the promenade. 1 very much wished to shake hands with you, but as school rules would not permit, 1 had to forego the pleasure.—Trusting you will be spared for many happy years." &c. THE BOARD SCHOOL-CHILDREN'S ENTERTAIN- MENT.-A capital entertainment was given, by the Colwyn Bay Board School-children, on Friday evening, December 20th, at the Public Hall, which was packed in every nook and corner. The presidential chair was occupied by County- Councillor John Roberts, chairman of the Llandrillo and Eirias School Board. who, after a few appropriate remarks, called upon the children to go through their entertainment, the first part of which was a cantata entitled John Bull and his Trades," the characters in this being represented by the following: -John Bull, Mr J. O. Da vies messenger, Master Willie Storey; baker, Master Willie Rees Owen miller, Master Frank Vladren farmer. Master Roddy Statia; manu- facturer, Master Ernest Hutchens; tailor. Master James Mason; bootmaker, Master Willie Jones; hatter, Master John Jones; mason, Master H. Berth Jones; carpenter. Master O. Oswald Jones: tiler, Master Albert Frith; smith. Master Owen W. Davies; ironmonger. Master J. Thom.is Davies; druggist, Master Joseph Rees Evans; dressmaker, Miss Gertrude Hoskins; grocers. Misses Amy Dunning, Margery Dunning, and Jennie Williams; fruiterers. Misses Bertha Kay, Sallie Parry, and M. H. Greenfield drapers, Misses Ethel Davies, Catherine H. Roberts, and Catherine H. Jones; bookseller, Miss M. A. Williams. There was also a Chorus of about 100 children, the little girls being almost all dressed in white. The operetta opened with a scene in which John Bull was shown with his servants, who were singing" Happy is the Home of the Great John Bull." Next, came a dialogue between the Messenger and John Bull, after which the Messenger sings the Trades Chorus. Then John Bull summons all the grumblers to appear, and in the next scene John Bull, who appeared in the hrst scene in his white vest, scarlet coat, and topper, is surrounded, in the character of "Great John Bull, the Judge," by the competitors, who sang" 0 Mighty Bull." and, after a dialogue between the Messenger and John Bull, the servants and competitors sang We want no foreign intervention." The Baker (Willie Rees Owen), in his white cap and apron, etc., sang his song very well, and his action w; s all serene. The Miller (F. Madren) then gave his views, and then, after the servants had sung Why, if we think a minute," the Farmer (Roddy Statia), who was the make-up of the evening, sang well. but when he added the action with his whip, sowing, reaping, etc., his acting, being most complete, brought down the house, and a capital tinish was put to the chorus by the Whisling Chorus," by the boys. This performance was capital, and Roddy received a well-deserved encore. The chorus, "The Farmer for ever," was right well taken up by the children, who commenced each chorus themselves. The Grocers then came forward, and in a song praised their vocation the Grocers were three little girls—with baskets containing tea, sugar, etc., etc.,—(Margery and Amy Dunning and Jennie Williams); but, not to be out-done by the Grocers, the Fruiterers-with their baskets of fruit-(Bertha Kay, Sallie Parry, and M. H. Greenheld) sang in song that they helpi-d to make the pies, when the children chimed in with the chorus "'Tis getting complicated." The ditty of the Drapers (Ethel Davies, Catherine H. Roberts, and Catherine H. Jones) was well sung. Ernest Hutchens made a model maaufacturer. The Dressmaker (Gertrude Hoskins), in her song and attitude, was most complete, and, on the expression" dowdies." creating a laugh, the Tailor, Bootmaker, and Hatter, put in a word, and showed their trade. The duett between the Mason and Carpenter, was capitally sung by H. Berth Jones and O. Oswald Jones, both possessing capital voices. After a chorus, the Smith appears, and sings a song, and, later on, he, in company with the Ironmonger, sings" Oh, iron is a wondrous thing." Then the Druggist (J. Rees Evans) appears, with a phial of Mellin's Food tor Infants, and, in the chorus, the words" quizzical," phthysical," and physic," all capped all previous efforts of the Chorus. The Bookseller (.VI. A. Williams) speaks, and then, after the servants have their say, John Bull settles the case, and asks all to join hands, and, while the artistes were standing thus, the piece, which was capitally carried through, terminated with the chorus Now join hands." The children have, it is evident, been under careful training. The prizes were then distributed to the children by Mrs J. G. Howarth, of Walshaw. The second part of the programme opened with a drill by the Senior Scholars, who were cap tally put through no less than 13 exercises by their able instructress, Miss Kay. The Chairman informed the meeting that a letter had been received from Mr Wood (Ty'nymaes), apologising for his non-attendance. The scholars, under the baton of Mr J. O. Davies, sang with com- mendable effect, Hurrah for the Country," after which between 40 and 50 infants, under the command of their assiduous teacher (Miss Owen), went through their drill, which elicited much interest. Miss Bertha Kay sang her skipping-rope song, I shan't go to school any more," and was recalled. Master J. O. Hughes then gave a Welsh recitation, and greatly amused the large audience with his original drollities. The scholprs then sang "Anchored." and, after the usual vote of thanks, the infants sang Birdies," which took immensely, as the performers were wee, wee, little ones, a number of whom stood, in sight of the audience, in a group on the platform, where, as some seven or eight were (as it were) in their nests, and, one by one, flew upon the stage each representing in song a different species, and, as each appeared, they were welcomed by the others. Miss Owen superintended this performance, which was capitally sustained. This was followed bv the senior scholars's drill (conducted by Miss Kay), and this was perfectly performed by all. The song and chorus, Won't you buy my pretty flowers," by Jennie Williams, Margery Dunning, Ethel Davies, and Margaret Mary Jones, was capitally rendered. Gertrude Hoskins sang "The song that reached my heart" with due expression. The entertainment ended with the English National Anthem. The duties of accompanist were ably executed by Mr J. Burwell, Brigvdon. The Hall was packed, and therefore the proceedings were a decided success. -1r Griffiths, the schoolmaster, deserves to be highly com- plimented upon the successful carrying out of the entertain- ment, and public recognition is due also to Messrs J. O. Davies and Morgan, and the Misses Bartley and Owen. and (especially) Miss Kay. COLWYN BAND OF HOPE CHRISTMAS-TREE.— On Monday evening, December 30th, the Christmas-Tree and entertainment for the Band of Hope children, was held at the Assembly Rooms, Colwvn. The Vicar (Rev John Griffiths) introduced as chairman Mr Bevan Davies, who, in an intro- ductory address, gave the children a tew words of good advice. The following programme was then performed, Miss Wilks and Mrs Pryce Jones accompanying on the pianoforte —Song and chorus, "Some Folks," the Children; duett, Mary C. Thomas and Catherine Conway; recitation, Lizzie Bernard song, Miss Williams; song, The Railv ..y Train," W. P. Jones; recitation, "Father Christmas," Miss Polly Bernard; The Vicar and the ccww," the Vicar; song, "Work for the night is coming," the Children song, Mary C. Thomas; recitation, "Santa Claus," Miss Dunning; song, Harry Conway; song and chorus, Cock Robin, the Children song, Pretty Birds are singing," the Children song, Mary and Isabella Jones; recitation, Ro! ert Jones; song, Margerie Diiiiniiig; song, "Father Christmas," Robert Jones; song, "The Postman's Knock," Father Christmas. —Mrs Pr\ ce Jones distributed the presents, and was ably assisted by the Misses Wilks and Miss Lloyd (Tanycoed), and by Mr W. Conway (as "Father Christmas"). The Vicar then called for cheers for Mrs Pryce Jones for her kindness and this was heartily responded to by the crowded audience, principally parents ot the children in the Band of Hope ORGAN RECITAL AT RHYL.—Mr C. Sydney Vinning, Organist of St. Thomas's Church, Rhyl, gave a Christmas organ performance on Sunday evening, December 29th. He played Best's Christmas music for the organ Hosannah (Dubois), and Lemmen's grand organ fantasia, "The Storm." The Choir also attended, and sang some of the Carols which were sung at the special Carol Service last week. A LOCAL EISTEDDFODIC SUCCESS AT FES- TINIOG.—At the Festiniog Boxing-Day Chair Eisteddfod, it was announced that eleven odes had been received upon the subject specified for the chair prize, the adjudicator being the Rev Elvet Lewis (Llanelly), who awarded the oak chair and a money prize to the Rev W. E. Jones (11 Gwilyiii Penllyn "), Colwyn. The chaired bard was not present in person, but his representative received the bardic congratulations 01 Trebor Eifion, Talfor, Pari Huws, and W. Morgan. LOCAL EISTEDDFODIC SUCCESSES AT RHYL.— at the Rhyl Boxing-Day Eisteddfod, the priz* for the best tea-cosy was awarded to Miss Edith Roberts (Fern Bank). Four Juvenile Choirs (Rhyl Clwydian. Rhyl Queen's Street, Ffynnon- groew, and Old Colwyn) competed in singing "The Bells of Aberdovey," for a LS priz, ulti- mately awarded, amid much enthusiasm, to the Old Colwyn Choir (Mr E. T. Davies, conductor); the Eisteddfodic Conductor (" Pedr Mostyn ") announced that during the competition several protests had been received, but not one directed against the Old Colwyn Choir. [Applause]. The last item on the programme, was the Brass Band contest, in which the following Bands took part —Colwyn Cadwgan Prize Band, Holywell Welsh Flannel Mills, Llanddulas, Ftynnongroew Excel- sior, Llanerchymor, Rhyl, and, Gronant. The test-piece was a fantasia, Pride of Wales (Round). The contest, which lasted one hour, proved to be a very keen one. Ultimately, the prize (Lio) was awarded to the Colwyn Cadsvgan Prize Band (Mr Valentine, conductor), the prize for marching being won by the Llanddulas Brass Band (Mr D. Owen, conductor). DEATH AND FUNERAL OF A LLANRWST CON- TRACTOR. General sympathy is felt with the' family of the late Mr Samuel Parry, of Inigo House, Llanrwst, who died at his residence on Christmas-Day, he having been in failing health for some years. Few townsmen were better known and more highly esteemed thai, the gentle- man Wh.ic:K;d"c it 13 nuw 0Ul muuoi.ul Uutv .L record. His genial disposition, unassuming manners, and thoroughness in business, gained him many friends. And certainly no builder and contractor in the neighbourhood carried out more important works, nor was more depended-upoti for trustworthiness than the late Mr Parry. He erected the Zion Cahilnitic Methodist Chapel and Bank Buildings, Llanrwst St. Paul's Church and the English Presbyterian, Church, Colvvvn Bay and other large buiJds in. the neighbour- hood. He was contractor for the Railway Com- pany and the Denbigh County Council. The deceased was well-known in piscatorial circles, and it is said that he did not take second place amongst the expert anglers abounding iil h Vale of Conway. He was a member of the Bangor Lodge of Freemasons, and was 59 years of age. Mr Parry's health, owing to over-work, began to give way some four years ago, and he then trans- ferred the reins of btisinev over to his four sons, who, for industry, quite tol in the footsteps of their father, the firm being, now known as Samuel Parry & Sons." One dfjheir prominent contracts now pending, is the erection of a resi- dence, at Caerhun, for Colonel Gough.—The gn remains of the late Mr Parry were intern^ at the Llanrwst Cemetery, on Saturday, December 28th, amid every sign of public sympathy, there being'.a very large attendance, and the Rev D. Phillips. (Curate) officiated. Eleven lovely floral tributes were placed on the coffin bv the sorrowing I relatives. The bearers of the deceased's mortal remains to his last earthly resting-place were six workmen in the employ of the firm. SUDDEN DEATH OF A WELSH MEDICAL MAN.— On Saturday afternoon, December 28th, while on a visit at Old Colwyn, to his brother-in-law, Dr Price Morris, Dr Owen of Criccieth, a gentleman forty-seven years of age and married, suddenly dropped down dead in Dr Morris' surgery. Dr Morris was instantly in attendance, but, of course,. could do nothing. Syncope is supposed to be the cause of death. The Denbigh Coroner decided that no inquest was necessary. A QCARRY ACCIDENT AT LLYSFAEN.—A sad accident occurred at Messrs Raynes & Co.'s quarries, Llysfaen, about half-past ten on Monday morning, December 30th. As a quarryman named William Williams, living at Tai Ty Capel, Llysfaen, was in the act of removing a large portion of rock, it fell upon him, and crushed both his legs. Dr Price Morris (Colwyn) and Dr Lord (Colwyn Bay) attended to his injuries, and the sufferer was conveyed, about four octock, Denbigh Infirmary. Both legs were fractured. METEOROLOGICAL OBSERVATORY, COLWYN BAY. Week ending Saturday, Dec. 28th, 1895. Mean Temperature for the week" 36'3 Total Hours of Sunshine 4 hrs. 30 m. in. Maximum Temperature 5V1 Total Rainfall '25 in. Minimum Temperature 28*1 | Mean j 1 Maximum Minimum Daily Humidity. Sunshine. Rainfall. Temper- Temper- Temper- Per I Indies. 1 Wind, ature. ature. ature. Cent. H. M. Sunday 39-7 28" 1 33-9 73 40— E. Monday 38-8 34-7 36-8 j 77 j | S.E. Tuesday. 38*8 35 "7 f 37'2 76 I .09 I E. Wednesday. 35-8 -33'7 34'8 I 80 S.E. Thursday.. 35-8 312 335 J 58 S.E. Friday 38'3 31*7 35^0 | 81 '02 I s. E. Saturday.. 53" 33'4 43"* j 73 ° 3° "'4 S.E. I The humidity is given in percentages, 100 per cent. meaning that the air contains I as much moisture as it can under the existing conditions of temperature and pressure. "ADVERTISING is to business as a man well shod, without advertising a manjwill always plod." GRATIFYING PRESENTATION TO DR M. VENABLES-WILLIAMS. |' All the members of St. Paul's (and doubtless all L the readers of The Weekly Neivs) will be pleased to learn that Dr M. Yenables-Williams, on New !( Year's Day, was presented with a box containing a valuable writing-desk's brass ornaments, accom- panied with the following letter, signed by all the members of St. Paul's Choir "Colwyn Bay, Dec. 31st, 1895. — Dear Dr Williams, --Kindly accept this small present, from the undermentioned members of St. Paul's Church Choir, as a small token of their great respect and esteem for you, and for the generous spirit you have unceasingly shown towards them in the past, both in and out of Church. Wishing you the compliments of the season and best wishes, -Believe us to be, sincerely yours, A. C. Meir, E. H. Chaplin, G. H. Mason, J. E. Edwards, R. Pritchard, R. LJ. Samuel, D. H. Thomas, R. Jones, D. T. Hughes, W. Hughes. Dr M. V. Williams, Esq." ST. CATHERINES COLWYN. On Xmas Day, Colwyn Parish Church was crowded, the service being bright and hearty. The solo in the anthem was sung by Mr. J. Conway, and in the carol by Mr. Edward Davies. The service was read by the Rev. Meredith Hughes, and the sermon was preached by the Vicar (Rev. J. Griffiths). In the evening, there was a Welsh Service with carols, and sermon by the Rev. M. Hughes. On Sunday following, some more carols and anthems were sung, the solos being taken by the Vicar, and by Messrs. J. and Henry Conway. The Church was prettily decorated by Mrs Eden, I'liss Brittain, Misses Gillham, Miss Lloyd, Miss V/ebbe, Miss George, and MissfcS" Wilks.


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