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J. M. PORTER, THE ESTATE OFFICE, COLWYN BAY. To be Let Unfurnished. CHARMING MODERN DETACHED RESIDENCE, commanding- fine views three entertaining, seven bedrooins, and comprising all the latest conven- Iences. Possession March next. Rent £ 40. Col!ACH^1> Vlu-\> i:' neighbourhood of Old ,u Jn- "'and position. Four entertaining and p 1 bedrooms. Complete domestic offices. xe,1t moderale. VERY desirable house, suitable; either as lodging ouse or gentleman's residence. Three reception and eight bedrooms, kitchen, pantries, etc., etc. "I 5 If1" a.nnum. Possession May 1st next. r V J1" modern houses, in central part Ba>- Every accommodation. Two R>nf^dllC| <1Vu be(lrooms, kitchen, scullery, etc. Kents moderate. J h For Sale, i'i hoils»o, conveniently arranged, situated K 1 es^ Rnc^ town. Three sitting and ten grooms, bathroom, and all other domestic °rhces. Price moderate. UNIQCE modern residence in neighbourhood of Old Coiwyn, commanding some of the finest views 1 i\orth Wales and being exceptionally well built. •=>ix bed and three reception rooms. All domestic ces fitted with very latest appliances. HousE, very suitable for business purposes, <n ie of town and within easy reach of station. Two sitting and six bedrooms, kitchen, scullery, rantries, etc. Moderate price. Apartments to Let. COLWYN BAY—EDELWEIS, Private Boarding House—The Misses Retemeyer.—Winter terms, 35- per week inclusive. 156-52 COMFORTABLE Private Apartments, with C home comforts and good attendance, with without board, moderate terms.—Mrs R. Jones, "azlemere, Khiw Road, Colwyn Bay. 317— A PARTMENTS, with home comforts. Moder- V ate terms. Mrs Owen, Temperance, Berry street, Conway. 322-S COMFORTABLE APARTMENTS. Pleas- Pk an,I-v. situated. Home comforts. — Mrs. 0 eits, roti Heulog, Cadnant New Road, C O"way. 32g_s' TD ROMENADE, Colwyn Bay. "Hawkstone." e Apartments. Newly furnished by an j\j.1,ne.nt London Firm. Directly facing sea. •nificem views. With Board from October to Apply as above. 332—5 OLIVYN BAY.-Hope Bank, Woodland °ati- Private Apartments. Home Com- Fine view of Woods. Good references. — r a vie s. 333-s A RDENLEE, Llewelyn Road. Colwyn Bav. MOH SuP £ .rior Apartments. Every attention. Tar-ffrat,e Terms- Boarding if required. Good Sol j-J Rnificent view of Woods. Close to Sea. SPleiidid references. -Irs. Bretherick. 333—s S mWINIFREDS BOARDING HOUSE, r^frt f °st>'n Road, pleasantly situated in best mo,t y' cen,ral> comfortable, liberal table, moderate terms.- Mrs. Gray. 334-s CLEVELAND VILLA, Woodland Ro^d, fortabl Bay;r'r!vate apartments, com-J p-oori e'.j>vn,ral> fine view of woods and sea, fa tariff, splendid references.- Mrs. R. Jones. les —— 334—s OlLTN uHURST (Miss Cat r), Aber^eleRoad, i o be let furnished or in apartments. — 322—26 nOWDEN HOUSE (Mrs Evans), Abergele £ r\n oad, Colwyn Bay. To be let furnished ^"apartments. 336_ /^VLD COI.\VYV. To Lot F.„l,ecl, or ln. Par* inents, a nicely furnished house, a<" statirn. Terms moderate for Winter. Mrs. ^l^Glan-y.Wern. 3,6- To be Let. HOUSE ANDSHOP to Le!rAlso, Houses to be Let or Sold. Apply, O. Llovd ^ndorlan \-jlla, Colvvyn Bav. 3, GOOD HOUSES TO LET close to the Prom- V-J. enade. Apply for all particulars to Wm. Lavies, Glyndwr, Marine Road, Colwyn Bay. .317 BRYN EITHYN.—This first-class detached residence To BE LET UNFURNISHED; 3 St* fr!a'nin)?> 12 bedrooms, all conveniences. ablmg, man s rooms, &c. Spacious grounds, garden, tennis lawn, &c. Particulars and ad- mission to View, only on application to J. M. J^TER. the Estate Office, Colwyn Bay. 323— T-) RHOS,—Boarding House or Hydropathic J Establishment, To Let, immediate posses- Block of Buildings on Promenade; lately Occupied as W esleyan College. Eight reception and thirty bedrooms, with bathroom, etc. Also '"eluded, building connected with the above, COntaining. large dining hall, large recreation £ oom, five other eicrht various offices. £ «*nt /240. Apply—J. M. PORTER, The Estate i'ffice. Colwvn Bay..jr. SHOPS, Houses attached, to Let, complete or lock-up, at Penmaenmawr. Double fronts, P'ate glass, modern. Splendid opening for addler, Bootmaker, Grocer, &c., &c:.—Apply, J. E. Conway-Jones, COllway. 345 COL^\ BAY. To be let, a Semi-deached Villa, called Green Hurst. Alost coiiven- Iently situated from station and shore, containing 3 spacious entertaining rooms. 8 bedrooms, "athroom, hot and cold wate-r throughout, and l,Slla' conveniences, kitchens, pantries on the R"_round floor; ilso cellqi-eci throughout. Capital kitelititi-,srai,deii, ornamental lawn in tront, best and country views, well sheltered from east Possession 1st of May next. Apply to 1\1, E. Morris, The Glyn, Belgrave Road, Vohvvn Bav. 3.->9 Wanted. T I.AXnrDNO TUNCT'ION or ne:7r."ROOM wanted as Office, no window lettering or ^'gn used. Send lowest terms to '<X." Weekly AWr, OBKv. (War. \;1n used. Send lowest terms to "X." Weekly AWr, OBKv. (War. To be Sold. FREEHOLD Land for sale by private tre;<1y. J. Rare opportunity tor workmen and others to secure their own dwellings. 15 acres of freehold land in healthy localitv and within :!() minutes walk of ColwVt; Bay, sea and mountain l'ieivs. LViccndif ional "e. Price from sixpence Per yard. For further particulars applv to Mr <.°ses Williams, Rodfi yn, Colwvn Pa v. *0,21 52 BUILDING LAND for Sale, best site in Colwyn Bay. Money to lend. Builders fitJ'l.nC'ed, Apply, A. Roberts, Mortgage Broker, Public Hall, Colwyn Br, v. 33J-=. Money. ]U ONEY LENT PRIY.ATICLV.—To F^rnit rs.7 rad,^iren "in Lodg-in^ House keepers ;„,J others, in sums ot £ io °l BORROWERS' OWN NOTK OF UASI>, without "tlreties, at much !t)wer raks than usually charged. Rqny- I htK? aTnKt;d SUlt Borrowers' requirements. Extensive C epss donef^r >^rs past. No Bu.i.s or SALE TAKEN. G^LPr°?J";CU,S ?n Terms aPPly personally, or write to 0 £ ORGK PAYNK, Accountant, Crescent Road, Rln l. Head ■nee: 20, Kennedy Street, Manehestor. — Established ISTO -l"l=-.5=- Î5 to £1000 on your own security. No Bonds required. Strictly private. No fees. To ^spectable Householders, Farmers, Tradesmen, ^odging-house keepers, and others, Male or Write or call. District Agent, c7 W ellington Road, Rhyl. 358—13 Sa by Mr F. A. Dew. F A. DEW. AUCTItR SURVEYOR, VALUER, AND LAND AGENT, Llewn- Chambers, COLWYN BAY, Ten yea .ing five yoars- articles) wit two of tlr t firms of Land Agents in th country, gc AUCTH ded Estates, Freehold an Leasehold Premises, House Properti Building L. ]Sj Live and Dead Farmiii Plat^' "'d Furniture' Pictures» Books, aq VALCA1, (Estate. Business Premise Private RS Building Land, Standitv Timber, A? property (including Tenai K.ght aluaf .g,. Agreement or the Agt -1.1 U"1J Iln n cuiiinni x pjjlapidations, &c., and ft Probate, Mo Trustees, Business Transfer Hotels, &c. te, > c/I^AGES ARRANGED. SALE^AURIVATE TREATY HOUSES.T Er-Furnished & Unfurnishei Information Houses, Building Estate Farms, CounR idences, and Business Pr[ mises for i»ale^ in a„ parts of North Wale FIRE, LIFE,d GENERAL INSURANQ The Offices -AG mogt prom;nent an central positic (wvn Bay, thus affordirt unequalled pu Auction Announce ments FURNIjeD HOUSES. huil particula tioUSes to Let Furnishe during the ^.umL nthsin the following towns will be sent 'ree, ge on application statin, requirements:—lar^ Colwyn Ba^' Coiwyn, Rhos and District Conway, Llanrai petimaenrnawr, Bettw; y-coed, Trefriw' du'dno and Deganwy, Rhj and Abergele, 1 Reaumans, and Mena Bridge. or' FO. SALE. BY PRIVATE EATY. FREEHOLD.- Several very c'lCpLoTs ot BUILDING LAND also a large seler^ guperior RESIDENCES suitable for occup« ,nvestinent in Colwy Bay and neighbou HOUSES WAN^ ]_A]niost daily applica tions for furnishecj' jjnflirnished Houses.- No charge made in tuaj business results. MORTGAGES.- to advance at lot interest on sound r :nvestments, sums 1 £ 300, £ 6oo\^o°>, 200. FOR INVESTMj, geveral substantiall built and well let ceS for Sale, shewia 6 per cent inte.restT°Vchase money. Fire and Life jn ";n all its branchei Agent for the Jpjre and Life, the Ma( Chester Fire, the No London Acciden and other old estabhr ces. TO LET. F Several Houses in sjtions in Colwj^ Bay and neighbourhoc varying accon_ ing to accommodation. Full particulars of F. DEIV as above. SchOgtic. A RT ASSES. MISS HLMES, Certified Art Mistress, Soutl gt<)n; Exhibitor at IMancliester. Liverpool, eW,; Member of Tlie Ow.vnedd L.-idio' 'C etv, Conway. RECEIVES Pupils for ,ion in Dra\vir„ Shading, Painting Qjjg and Water C^' our from Models, Casts ^tural Objec^. Sketching from Nature, ivi elling and Design. Class Days: Monda w Tuesdays, and Satul Special arrangements riVate less and for vis or s o rs- LARKFIELD, WOODLAND K, COLWYN BAY. 326—^ A BERGELE DISItrT COUN'1V J\ INTERMEDIAT^HOOL. HRADMAST CHARLES A. WILLIA^- M A., Londoi Ph.D., Strasst rg. MISTRESS, rg. MISS ]• Of Newnham College, CamJ Hist' TrlPiS, 1893; Certificated Cambi id^ jier Local (Honours); South Kensington ;L Acade^ AND OTHER VlSlTING]jAS-r^s- HPHE course of study wil| bf3ce so^d X modern education, Pre|^St;o)) for martiiu_ tion at the Universities. ru. ^.jj have U advantage of competing 'or bounty exhj,. itions. f-a.rY'll ierms, £1 6s. No. Pu ,sr, p £ i inclusive of all school books anc'st ie fees will be reduced when morememlr of the same family attends e cljoo^ School opens September nth, is For further particulars nd foi^ q. a[,phcat>)n for admission, apply- HEAD MASTER, INTERMEDIA} scHoCl, ABERqt _F PIANOFORTE, SINGING, OC;AN ASr THEORY. MR. C. SYDNEY VINING, OR(;ANIST AND CHOIRMASTER OF ST. TV CHcPS, RHYL. MA;> (Late Principal of the Leaniin^to" 0{ U1' Representative of the Royal 5\>f" Musi^ Local Examiner for the R""1 Secretary for the Trinity College, PATRONS: SIR Gkorck GROVE, D.C.L., II.L.D., SIK A. C. MACKENZIK, Mus. Doc.. Princip^j SIR JOHN STAZNER, M.A., Prof. Mus., Oxf^)r^ SIR HEKBKKT OAKLEV, Late Prof. Mus., 5: L^,n;v. Candidates prepared for the Universities Bf^Val Examinations. Over 170 Pupils have passed ai and other Examinations in JO years. MR. VINNING VISITS COLWYN g 254RI '3 Address: CRAIQ L »■ Krt High-Class Day School FOR GIRLS, DEN HAM LODGE, LAYVSON COLWYN BAY. Principals: THE MISSES ROWlAI). Next Term commences Tuesday, January 21st, 1896. F. J. HOLMES, ACCOUNTANT, "LARKFIELD," WOODLAND ROAD, COLWYN BAY. Accounts written ut), or nil dited. Correspondence Ilttenhd to and Agencies undertaken. 3aS- J. O. JONES, LONDON HOUSE, COLWYN BAY. High Class Novelties In all Departments. Every Requisite For Evening Wear. MOST ARTISTIC AND EFECTIVE Evening Gowns, AT STRICTLY Moderate Prices. 313- agooo 0 0 0 |! HOMOGEA 0 The Unrivalled Remedy for INFLUENZA, j) COLDS, CHILBLAINS, CUTS, BURNS, BRUISES. g V In all of them it J TOUCHES THE SPOT J 0 As well as in PILES, NEURALGIA, ECZEMA, •) (% RH EU MATISM, &c., &c. Those who use it, say it (# 1 CURES PAIN 1 HOMOCEA is sold by Dealers generally, rli% and 2/9 per box, or post free for 1/3 and 3/- from ■/ S0 the Homocea Company, I,imited, 22, Hamilton Square, B rk' nhead. SA-A-S-5.'i,A-A-A-S- S'S'S-S-AS S oS S-2-S2. •AS-S-S >5 358-13 W. H. SHEPPERD, ARTISTIC HOUSE DECORATOR, AUCTIONEER, VALUER, &C. Cash, advanced on Household Furniture, Stock-in-Trade, &c., for absolute Sale. SALES CONDUCTED ON MODERATE TERMS. PROMPT SETTLEMENTS. WATERLOO HOUSE, COLWYN BAY. 342- ALBERT J. OLDMAN, AUCTIONEER, VALUER, AND ACCOUNTANT, HOUSE, LAND, AND ESTATE A GEN T, Trinity Buildings, 26, Mostyn Street, LLANDUDNO, FIRE, LIFE, AND OTHER KINDS OF INSURANCES EFFECTED. FIRE LOSS ASSESSOR. SALES BY PUBLIC AUCTION, of every description of Property, including Household Furniture, Houses, and Landed Estates.- Persoiially undertaken in Town or Country upon the shortest notice, also by private treaty. PROMPT SETTLEMENTS. MORTGAGES ARRANGED. RENTS AND DEBTS COLLECTED. — 3'.1—52 Colwyn Bay Technical! Instruction Classes, (In connection with the Science and Art Departments, South Kensington. London, and the County and District Councils). COMMITTEE. MR. JOHN ROBERTS, Chairman. REV. THOMAS PARRY, Vice-Chairman. REV. J. GRIFFITHS. REV. J. EDWARDS. MR. FRANCIS NUNN. MR. J. W. RICHARDS. E. OWEN. >• M. WILLIAMS. WM. JONES. R. EVANS. J. W. THOMAS. D. O. WILLIAMS. G. BEVAN. PERCY HIGNETS. W. H. ROBERTS. R. E. LORD, M.D. THE pbove Committee intend holding- Classes from October, 1895, to May, 1896, in Free- hand and Model Drawing, Light and Shade, Geometery and Perspective, at the Board School, Colwyn Bay (until the Infants' School be com- pleted). The Classes are instructed by MISS HOLMES, (Certificated Art Mistress), on Tuesday and Friday in each week, from 7 to 9 p.m. Fee for instruction in all or any subjectsONE SHILLING FOR THE WHOLE SESSION. Any further information from ASHTON BREMNER, Wynnstay Chambers, Hon. Sec. Colwyn Bay. 350— Dress and Mantle Making. THE MISSES MARSHALL, FROM SOUTH PORT, (Daughters of Mr. Marshall, Wesley Missioner, Conway,) are commencing in the above business at fjo. 4, Stanley Oak Terrace, LLANDUDNO JUNCTION. FIT AND STYLE GUARANTEED. 350- ORDERS BY POST ATTENDED TO. THE URBBAN DISTRICT COUNCIL OF COLWYN BAY AND COLWYN. THE CONTAGIOUS DISEASES (ANIMALS) ACT, 1886. THE DAIRIES, COWSHEDS. & MILKSHOPS ORDER OF 1885. TO COW-KEEPERS, DAIRYMEN AND PURVEYORS OF MILK. TAKE NOTICE, that the Urban District Council of Colwyn Bay and Colwyn, being the Local Authority for the purposes of the above Act and Order, will, on the 14th day of January, 1896. next, open a Register for the Registration of all persons carrying on the trade of a Cow- keeper, Dairyman, or Purveyor of Milk within their District, pursuant to the said Order. And take Notice, that unless you cause yourself to be entered on such Register as a Cowkeeper, Dairyman, or Purveyor of Milk, as your case may be, on or before the 14th day of January, 1896, next, you will, in the event of your continuing to carry on any of the said trades within the District of the said Local Authority, be guilty of an offence against the- -said Order, and liable to a penalty on summary conviction. If you desire to be Registered in accordance with the Provisions of the said Order, you may attend for that purpose on any day after the opening of the Register, between the hours of 10 a.m. and 5 p.m., at the Office of Mr W. Jones, the Surveyor and Sanitary Inspector, Council Offices, Station Road, Colwyn Bay, where you may also obtain a form of application for Regis- tration. By Order, JAMES PORTER, Clerk to the said Local Authority. Dated 13th day of December, 1895. 3.S8- 358- EGGS Per Dozen. Cunningham's Desiccated Mad Food. WE manufacture only one article, ;uid were it not good we would lose your custom, our own money, and have to close our factory. "CUNNINGHAM'S DESICCATED EGG FOOD makes delicious Cakes and Custards. One Shilling Packet equals 3(5 egg*. Trial packet (with choice receipts), equal to 12 eggs, 6d. The advantage of Desiccated Egg Food over Custard Powder is, it not only m:«kes richer custards, but can be used in place of egzs for mn king cakes. Certified pure and effective by I.AWKANCE KRIAXT. P.C.S., F.R.M.S. Sold by Grocers and the Stores. Agents: CtTNNiNOJHAM. Mfa. Co.. 11, LIME STREET, E. C. :42-52 h 1 Our Mail ► Order Dept. i Serves purchasers pat a distance as t I well as if they P came to the shop > 7 in person. J Ladies are Invited to write for a f BOX OF PATTERNS, comprising a com- 4 plete range of the latest specialities in < KNITTING WOOLS, I KNITTED UNDERWEAR, i SHAWSWATER DRESS FABRICS < &c., &c., y J sent post free on approval to any address y ( direct from I < FLEMING, REID & Co., J The Worsted Mills, i GREENOCK, N.B. f All Goods at Mill Prices, and guaranteed > i equal to sample. y J A valuable Knitting Instruction Book, free on application. ► r Please Mention this Paper. 356-13 ITrOBERTSA CO., AUCTIONEERS Sr VALUERS, House and Estate Agents. Sales conducted on reasonable terms. Cash advanced on Absolute Sale. OFFICES Station Road, Colwyn Bay. 297-52 Established at Late with Mr T. Edge, Llan- Colwyn Bay, 1879. dudno, for 12 years. J. W. THOMAS, PHOTOGRAPHER, KENSINGTON HOUSE, CONWAY ROAD, COLWYN BAY. ONLY FIRST CLASS WORK DONE. STUDIO ON THE GROUND FLOOR. Views of the District always in stock. After 16 years business in Colwyn Bay, J. W. T. desires to thank the residents and visitors' for their patronage in the past, and hopes for a continuace of the same in the future. 157- NOTICE OF REMOVAL. Mr. A. Alford Sarson, L.D.S., DENTAL SURGEON, Has Removed to HEATHFIELD, (OLD POST OFFICE). ATTENDANCE DAILY, 10 to 6 O'CLOCK. MORRIS," BILL POSTER Under the Local Board, and appointed by the Denbighshire County Council. TEGID HOUSE, COLWYN BAY —: 15 PRIVATE BOARDS. j :— 145- CONWAY. THE STORES, HIGH STREET. THOS. GARLAND, GENERAL GROCER AND PROVISION MERCHANT, Has just opened with an entirely new Stock. GOOD TEA, carefulJy selected Blends, to suit all tastes, 1/4, 1/8, 2/ 2/4, 2/8 per lb. 1 TRY THEM. Choice selected DANISH MILDCURED BACON at 8d. per lb. Canadian Hams at 7d. per lb. Finest Danish, Irish, and West of Eng- land Butters at close Market Prices. All orders will receive prompt attention. 329- KINMEL HOUSE, CONWAY ROAD, COLWYN BAY. VICTOR ALBERT Begs to inform his numerous customers and the public in general, that he has now a large and varied stock of Clocks, Jewellery, Electroplate, Cutlery, and Optical Goods. Gents' Gold Watches from £ 5 to £ 25 Ladies' Gold Watches from £ 2 to Xio Jos. Gsnts' Gold Alberts from £2. Ladies' Gold Alberts from 25s. Ladies' Dress and Engagement Rings from 10s Hall marked Gold Brooches from 68. Marble and other Clocks in great variety, Alarm Time Pieces from 3s 6d Try V. A.'s Gents' heavy-cased Sterling- Silver WatVh ->'t 25s. and also his Lucky Wedding Rings, with every one of which is given a present. Particular attention given to all Repairs, clock Windings arranged. N.B.—AGE.VT FOR H. LAWRANCE'S SPECTACLES. 324 4 I Now, gentlemen, upon the unmistakeable facts which are before you, you can have no hesitation in finding- as vonr J Verdict that JOEl wimmMs" Boots and Shoes are the very best value that money can buy. Men's Boots from 3/1 j Women's do. from 2/11 NOTE ADDRESS:— 12, Station Road, COLWYN BAY. KEEN WINDS AND BITING FROST. TRY SYKES' C3 JL JL\. REAL GLYCERINE ti CUCUMBER, d 1/9 per Bottle. UNSOLICITED TESTIMONIALS. Leicester, December 2nd, 1895. ►asrssfs me bottle ?U'.<1 beobl«eii forwaing Yours truly, ———— LATIIR v i December 5th, 1895. v ?ir' °,ne bottle has arrived. I enclose P O for fi'-i Kindly forward me two other bottles. Yours truly, SYKES, CHEMIST, ABERGELE ROAD, COLWYN BAY. 313— Lewis Brothers, (FROM JOHNSTONE'S, SACKVILLE STREET, LONDON, W.) MERCHANT TAILORS, HATTERS. < AND GENERAL OUTFITTERS, BRADFORD HOUSE, CONWAY ROAD, COLWYN BAY. To Builders and Others. Bryn Euryn Quarry COLWYN BAY. THE BEST LIME STONE IN THE NEIGHBOURHOOD. Building Stones, Rock Road Stuff and Metalling, at Reasonable Prices and Ready Loading. 353- W. THOMAS WILLIAMS, Ladies' and Gentlemen's Fashionable BOOT AND SHOE DEALER, FREELANDS, (Opposite Powlson's Library, Jj ABERGELE ROAD, COLWYN BAY. Annki1nri?UfbQr' ^aW? Tennis and Sa"d Shoes. All kinds of Socks, Laces, &c. Best shop for anTworhnaX? SUB POST OFFICE, ABERGELE ROAD, COLWYN BAY. Germ, Constitution, and Fresh Bread Daily. PURE KIEL AND DENBIGH BUTTER. HOME CURED HAMS & BACON. A REMARKABLE TESTIMONY! Henry Bird, Esq., M.D., HIGH STREET, CHELMSFORD, writes :— "I beg to express my g-eat satisfaction with your Spectacles, which are ^o admirably adapted to my sight. I could not have believed it possible my vision could have been so much improved and relieved at my age, 82." Hundreds of Testimonials similar to the above have been received from grateful wearers whose sight has been benefited by using HENRY LAURANCE'S Improved Spectacles and Eye-glasses when all others had failed. A lengthened list gratis on application to— LLEWELYN JONES, Chemist and Optician, Lancaster Square, CONWAY, Who holds a large and well selected stock these Celebrated Spectacles and Eye-glasses, which he will scientifically adapt the different defects of vision at prices within the reach of all. N.B.-None are genuine unless stamped H.L. •510—5a