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The Cowlyd Water Scheme.


To Ilie Editor of " The Veeklv…


To Ilie Editor of The Veeklv New, TH E COLWYN BAY RATEPAYERS' MEETING. n-rvlX l1'r, 1 Crave -VOur \nJu1^ to 'ike the few following ri 1,1 II ,V> u i:n respect to what look nlac • it th,. l,'nt, ? -Ciw'yd wLr Sche,^Ubl^Su^/rid;ly'aSt' (hv -1 111 "rih^ Pe'lt iv°" Ul CoKv.vn l!" and District, I was ? t f f °Ur 1)lstTlct denounce! as a tr\ tor to mj fellow-townsmen, as one who was en^ed i, nfamous work of throwing the dust into the "f c i*, ii'Hujrs an J ant> w.io vv.is a p.irtv to dec'ivin^ nil k w m vse 1 and the ratepayer,. Mr Editor, vou wiff.' '1 ho nTt ir ,h that am a vain boaster when 1 casually r„n nd The taiMeTa" vvh|\WaS Pleased to denounce we as above when he faded to see h,s way to blame no one else, th u 1 have more hk'eU-VV.v mattri L°l'ai Government than he has or is Uclv to have, and the number or mv publ.c appo.'n[■ n -nts has ^m^th.'r statement. I am sorry to think that he Ir d fr v r U> be a kl,U Deb.ating-Class. I have the ab^Mut' rr>CCa'l1011 out our Council meetings ta f S lmy thL>Said "bens motions, which \i th 7^- the powers of the Local 10 Lijiie SV, has created in him abuse wnich was deljv^eJ byhlmat the X'Sff on^FrWav In conclusion, I would ask ,s ,t likely that 1, who have such a considerable s,a<e m Colwyn Bay. would be one to aim "t its rum. ,\o, sir, tne boot ,s on the other m ms leg. nd ,t those who have nothing to lose and a lot to gain, who ca^ piU.,1 their little tent e.sewhere 1 hope the ratepayers will t un* the miner over seriously, who are their best friend" lne who.e 111 itter was as to the "Cowlyd Scheme," as to soms blunders that were made some time about three years since We must give_redit to the Board tnat thevdid evervthm" for the best, and, .1 matters went the other way, are wj going to ru.n cue Water Scheme, and ruin Colwvn Bav by running- down tins grand Water Scheme which is so near beinW completed. So tar, 110 one could point out that the money went to a wrong pocket, anJ we cannot get anv of it back • Wnat, then, is the use of abusing the mind ot the rat-pavers* by saying tnis and the other, whn no foundation. Those"who have been 0:1 the Board, are able to see now wnat went against them, they no confess; but some members are trying to sink ll." Miip atiu^avc tliomsclw-i, tor the sake iv p^pularitv. VVe mint face the Schem. and m ike the best of it, ;lid think more of it. act we have had the value of £ .00j in water of our "1 ro- Colwyn day the last two years. Instead of kicking to tne ground those who went in for a Scheme not one lh: .atepiyers ought to thank them. r it u I-, J°"N roberts. rem ban-c, Co.wyn Bay, December juth.