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BASS & CO.'S BURTON ALES, In all size Casks, I 1/2, 14, 1,6, 18 per Gallon, And in Bottles from 2 per doz. Half-pints. GUINNESS & CO.'S STOUT. E. H. Davies Wine and Spirit Merchant, UXBRIDGE HOUSE, COLWYN BAY. W. WILLIAMS & CO., HIGH CLASS GROCERS, Italian Warehousemen, Wine and Spirit Merchants, STATION ROAD, COLWYN BAY. MAKERS OF PLAIN AND FANCY BREAD. In consequence of the substantial reduction in the price of Flour, Bread is now retailed at a very low price. W. W. & Co. are now receiving daily consignments of some very Choice DEVONSHIRE BUTTER 157- LIDBETTER & LONGMAID, Family Grocers, Bakers, and Provision Merchants, Abergele & Belgrave Roads, COLWYN BAY, Sole Manufacturers of Montgomerie's Patent Malt Bread. Finest Danish, Irish, and Welsh Butters. Special Agents for Colombo Ceylon Tea, 2/- lb. Families waited upon for Orders daily. 157- PERI & CO. BREWERS OF THE BEST HOP BITTERS, HOP STOUT, &c. Possesses valuable Tonic Properties, which make it a very desirable Table Drink for Lunch and Dinner, and, being Non-intoxicating, may be taken with utmost confidence by all. FIRST CLASS MINERAL WATERS OF EVERY DESCRIPTION. HOME BREWED BARM BEER. PERI BREWERY, CONWAY ROAD, COLWYN BAY. MANTLES, CAPES, JACKETS, COSTUMES, All the Latest Novelties. English and French Designs IN MILLINERY. DRESSMAKING • Under Competent Management. AN EARLY VISIT SOLICITED. -4- .fl'; -) J:j. .;f' .f!?3! r: *,ji;¿t f MISSES THOMAS, 7, High Street, Conway. JOSEPH DIOKE ) -.0 Cabinet Maker and Upholsterer, Etc. Dining and Drawing Room Suites from 5 to 29 Guineas, full Suite complete. Bedroom Suites from 4 to 35 Guineas, fall Suite complete. Oak, Walnut, and Mahogany Sideboards, from 3 to 21 Guineas. Inlaid Rosewood and Walnut, Overmantels, from 16/6 to 9 Guineas. Bedsteads, Bedding, Carpets, Linoleums, &c. Drawing and Diningroom Suites reupholstered and made equal to new. One of the largest and most complete stocks in Wales. Estimates Free. Furniture carefully Removed by Road or Rail. Estimates Free. Station Road, Colwyn Bay. 287—52 W. BUCKLEY, — CONFECTIONER, — WITHINGTON HOUSE, s^STilU COLWYN BAY. Terry & Son's Pure Sweets. Cadbury's and French Chocolates. Agent for Cooke's Delicious Cream, Cream Cheese, and Butter. Ceylon Tea Growers and Lipton's Teas. Buckley's Celebrated Potted Beef, and Veal and Ham Pies. 3TS- Established 1873. PATRONISED BY THE NOBILITY. J" O BUST J" ONES, Family Butcliep. GRIMSBY HOUSE, PftTWVN R5V Opposite St. Paul's Church, vJVli II 111 Dill. Home-cured Hams and Bacon, and Genuine Pork Sausages always on hand. Corned Beef. Pickled Tongues. CHOICEST QUALITY OF MEAT ONLY SUPPLIED. 151-

The Cowlyd Water Scheme.


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