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from his own people in favour of his doing so, and his having time for the work without neglecting his parish duties. At the close of the meeting a resolution, thanking the Bishop for his efforts on behalf of the Church in Wales, was unanimously passed, the entire assemblage rising and giving the Bishop a most enthusiastic ovation. The Rev Stephen Gladstone, whose health seemed greatly improved by his visit to Colwyn Bay, was among those present. THE DEATH OF THE CZAR.-Special reference was made from the pulpit of St John's Church, Colwyn Bay, last Sunday, November 4th, to the death of the Czar. The Rev. H. H. McCullagh, ex-President of Conference, preached the sermon, and at the close alluded to the sad bereavement sustained as well by the Russian Imperial Family and by the Princess of Wales and the Royal House of Britain, and besought the prayers of the congregation on their behalf. Dean Milman's hymn When our hearts are bowed with woe:, was sung, and Handel's Dead March (from Saul) was played. Two FIRES AT COLWYN BAY.—On Monday evening, November 5th, two fires occurred at Colwyn Bay, the first about half-past six, at the works of Mr D. Jones, wheelwright, Sea View, and but for prompt aid the fire would have been a most serious one. Some time afterwards, the inhabitants were again aroused by the ring- ing of the fire-bell and the bell of Dinglewood School, and having received information that a fire had broken out at Twr Eirias and Glynwood, situated in the grounds of Dinglewood, the pro- perty of Mr Wood, were soon on the spot render- ing aid. It appears that some feather-beds which were being aired near the fire, in one of the bed- rooms, in some way became ignited, for when Mr Stanley Wood entered the house, at ten o'clock, it was filled with smoke, and upon going upstairs he found the room on fire. The burning beds were thrown out, and the fire was got under by 11.15, when the fire-engine arrived and deluged the place with water. The loss will be great, as the damage -to the household effects, both by fire and water, is considerable. COLWYN BAY AND ABERGELE PETTY SESSIONS. SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 3RD.-Before the Rev W. Venables-Williams (chairman); John Lewis, Esq; T. G. Osborn, Esq; and Lewis Morgan, Esq. CHARGES UNDER THE FACTORIES ACT. Thomas Davies, coach-builder, Abergele-Road, Colwyn Bay was charged with breach of the Factory Act.—Mr Augustus Lewis prosecuted, and Mr Porter (Messrs Wm. Jones, Porter, and Amphlett) appeared for the defence.—John Hilditch, one of Her Majesty's Inspectors of Factories, gave evidence as to the defendant's workshop having motive power but not having posted-up an abstract of the Factory Act. Cross- examined by Mr Porter, the witness said that in other respects the workshop was satisfactory, that he did not know of any prior official visit to the workshop, that on finding a workshop unpro- vided with an abstract it was his duty to supply it, and that subsequent to his visit on September nth he had not again visited the workshop, although he had again been in Colwyn Bay on October 15th.- The Bench dismissed the case. A similar charge was brought against Mr Thomas Jones, Harland-house, for not having exhibited in his building-yard at Rhiw-road, an abstract of the Factories Act, although there was mechanical motive-power employed, namely a gas-engine of about a half-horsepower.—Inspector Hilditch said that he cautioned the defendant's foreman on September nth, the date on which the offence was charged to have been committed, and the abstract was posted before the witness's second visit.—For the defence, Mr Porter said that his client had at once complied with the first caution he received.—The case was dismissed. Councillor Humphrey Lewis trading as Messrs P. & H. Lewis, timber-merchants, of Conway and other places, was charged with having opened a saw-mill (furnished with motive power) at Colwyn Bay, without having notified to Inspector Augustus Lewis such opening within one month thereof.—Mr Porter defended—In- spector Lewis, who laid the charge, said that he had not received any notification of the opening of the saw-mill. Ignorance as to the provisions of the Act, was very general. One of the objects of bringing such matters before the Court, was to dispel such ignorance.—The Bench thought that some other means might be taken than pros- ecution, to make persons acquainted with the law.—Inspector Hilditch proved visiting the saw- mill on September nth, and obtained all the par- ticulars necessary.-For the defence, Mr Porter called Hugh Hughes, foreman at the saw-mill, who said that he did not know that it was necessary to send such notification. The case was dismissed, as was also the next case, in which Mr Porter defended Mr John Roberts, builder, Fern-bank, upon a like ground, against a similar charge. Another charge, of not affixing the Factories Act abstract, was defended by Mr Porter, who appeared for Mr J. Berth Jones, and was dismissed, Mr Oliver George (Justices' Clerk) saying that the charges were dismissed under Section 16 of the Summary Jurisdiction Act, as being of a trivial nature.—Like charges against sundry other defendants, were also dismissed. TRAVELLING WITHOUT A TICKET. John Davies, butcher, Colwyn Bay. by his solicitor (Mr Nunn) pleaded guilty to travelling without a ticket.—Mr Fenna prosecuted on behalf of the Railway Company.—In mitigation, Mr Nonn said that the defendant had had no time to get a ticket at Abergele, and was of a "larky" disposition [Laughter.].—The Bench fined the defendant forty shillings and costs (6s 6d). COWLYD WATER-SUPPLY BOARD. At the Conway and Colwyn Bay Joint Water- Supply Board's meeting, on Friday morning, November 2nd, the Chairman (Rev W. Venables- Williams) presided and there were also present County-Alderman Thomas Parry, County-Coun- cillor John Porter, and Mr Hugh Davies, and the Clerk (Mr T. E. Parry) and the Surveyor (Mr T. B. Farrington, C.E.). The Chairman congratulated the Board upon its first meeting at Colwyn Bay. The water had arrived some days ago at Colwyn Bay, and was extremely satisfactory in every possible way. He expressed the Board's great regret at the very serious illness of Mr Cutts, who had proved himself a most useful member of the Board. He moved a vote of sympathy with Mr Cutts, coupled with a hope that he might be speedily restored to health.—This vote was seconded by Alderman Parry, and was unanimously passed. Alderman Parry suggested that the Cowlyd water should be turned on full for three or four days, in order to test and clear the pipes, but that it should be allowed to run out at Sarn Myn- ach, and that the Llandudno water should be turned on for Colwyn Bay so as to avoid a repet- ition of the accident which resulted on Sunday in leaving Colwyn Bay without water. The Surveyor acknowledged the great assist- ance he had received from Mr W. Jones, the Surveyor to the Colwyn Bay Local Board, in effecting the full supply of water to the District. The temporary stoppage had been owing to the giving way of a hydrant at Dolgarrog, owing to the enormous pressure which turned the pipes out of their bend. There was no actual burst in the pipes themselves. The accident would be remed- ied directly, and by next Monday lie hoped to be in a position to turn the water on in full force for Colwyn Bay. He agreed with Mr Parry's suggestion for testing and clearing the pipes, which could easily be carried out. The pipes had been under strong pressure and were all right. He turned the water on several days earlier because there seemed to be some doubt as to whether it would ever get to Colwyn Bay.— [Laughter]. He expected that on the next Mon- day the scheme would be in working order. The long length of pipe line from Dolgarrog was being tested, and the Llangwstenyn and other districts would then be supplied with the Cowlyd Lake water. The Surveyor reported that the rainfall at Cowlyd thejpreceding Friday, was terrific, namely, nearly three inches, or some two hundred and seventy tons to the acre. That was about an average month's rainfall at Conway. It was decided to have the openning ceremony t at Colwyn Bay, on Wednesday, November 21st, the Right Hon. W. E. Gladstone, M.P., to be invited to formally turn on the Cowlyd water. THE COLWYN BAY AND COLWYN RATEPAYERS' ASSOCIATION. At the Colwyn Bay and Colwyn Ratepayers' Association annual meeting, at the Public Hall, on Friday evening, November 2nd, Mr F. A. Dew was re-elected Secretary, and Mr Atkinson was re-elected Treasurer, and, after the election of an influential Committee, the nomination of persons coming out as candidates under the new Local Government Act, was proceeded with, the folow- ing being nominated :—Messrs J. Blud, G. Bevan, W. H. Roberts, J. Mason, F. Nunn, W. H. Cogswell, John Porter, Thomas Parry, John Roberts, James Wood, W. Davies, James Sugden (Rhos), J. Mitchell (Rhos), Charles Jeffries, W. Turner, J. M. Porter, W. Earp, and P. Hignett, the Rev W. Venables-Williams, Dr Rutter, Dr Fraser, Miss Retemeyer (Pension Edelweiss), and Miss Richardson (Ellersdale). COLWYN BAY POST OFFICE. The HEAD OFFICE is in Station Road. Hours of attendance:—For sale of Postage Stamps, Postal Orders, Payment of Postal and Money Orders, Sav- ings Bank, Annuity and Insurance Business, Issue of Licenses, from 7 a.m. to 8.45 p.m. Sundays, from 8 to 10 a.m. (for sale of Stamps and Registration of Letters only). DELIVERIES OF LETTERS AND PARCELS. 7 a.m. Letters. 7.3J a m. Parcels. 2 p.m. Letters and Parcels. 7 p.m. Letters and Parcels. a.m. DESPATCHES.—WEEK DAYS. 8.30 General (Letters and Parcels.) 1120 North Wales (Letters). 11.20 Manchester (Parcels). 11.50 General (Letters). Ireland. 11.50 Liverpool and Manchester, etc. p.m. 1.10 Llandudno. 1.40 Chester and forward places (Letters and Parcels). 7.30 General despatch of Parcels. 8.35 Box cleared for the night mail (Letters). With td. stamp up to 8.45 p.m. SUNDAYS (Letters): Box cleared at 8.35 p.m. With extra id. stamp, 8.45 p.m. TELEGRAPH OFFICE. WEEK DAYS From 8.0 a.m. to 9.0 p.m. SUNDAYS From 8 0 a.m. to 10.0 a.m. CHURCH EXTENSION AT COLWYN BAY. The Rev J. G. Haworth, late of Manchester, has just been added (as voluntary worker) to the staft of clergy at Colwyn Bay. and to meet the wishes of the Vicar (Rev Canon Roberts), has provided for the parish at his own expense a large and beautiful Mission Church, he also buying an excellent site. The opening services, held on November 1st, were very encouraging, the preachers being the Rural Dean and Archdeacon Howell. The completion of St Paul's Church, the nave of which had been built before the division of the parish, is now going on, and the chancel, at a cost of L3,000, is to be ready by Christmas. CONGO METEOROLOGICAL OBSERVATORY, COLWYN BAY. Week ending Nov. 3rd, 1894. Mean Temperature for the week .53*5 Total Hours of Sunshine 20 hrs. o min Maximum Temperature 62'6 Total Rainfall i-oi in. Minimum Temperature 43^7 Minimum Temperature 43^7 Mean I Maximum Minimum Daily Humidity. Sunshine. Rainfall. Temper- Temper- Temper- Per Inches. Wind. ature. ature. ature. Cent. H. M. Sunday. 53-5 45-4 49-4 77 3 10 '13 S.E. Monday 53-7 44-3 49-0 69 1 50 "13 S. Tuesday. 592 44-0 516 72 5 o S.W. Wednesday. 6o's 43*7 52^6 81 o 50 -31 S.E. Thursday.. 6i"o 57-6 59-3 83 1 40 "25 S.E. Friday, 62'6 56*0 59*0 76 3 45 -n I S.E. Saturday 58-7 49-4 54*1 58 3 45 "08 S.E. The humidity is given in percentages, 100 per cent. meaning that the air contains as much moisture as it can under the existing conditions of temperature and pressure. THE RAINFALL AT BRYN EURYN. Diameter of Funnel, 5 inches. Height) Above ground, 1 foot. of Top f Above Sea Level, 125 feet. Readings taken at 9 a.m., daily. Month. Date. Depth. Remarks. Inches. October 31 0*23 November 1 o'2o November 1 a 0'02 3 — 4 — 5 — 6 0^03 Total for week 0'48 THOS. H U rC ff I NGS.