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SEASON 1894-95.

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SEASON 1894-95. COMMITTEE. County Alderman THOMAS PARRY (Chairman). Mr. J. Adamson, Mr. R. E. Lord, Rev. H. T. Cousins, Francis Nunn, Mr. John Davies, C.C., John Porter, C.C., W. Earp, John Roberts, W. D. Fraser, W. H. Roberts, Alexander Grant, G. H. Rutter, W.O. Hughes, Rev. Canon Hugh Roberts, (Hon. Treasurer), Mr. J. W. Thomas, Percy Hignett, Rev. W. Venables-Williams, Mr. A. O. Walker. Instructor MR. J. A. MULLIGAN, Art Master. Evening Classes will be held at the Board School, Conway Road, commencing on Friday, the 26th of October. For: instruction in Freehand and Model Draw- ing, from 6*30 to 8.15 p.m. For instruction in Plane and Solid Geometry, Building Construction, from 8.15 to 9.30 p.m. Terms, 3/6 for each class, per term of 13 weeks. The expense of these classes is a very consider- able item, towards which the County Council for Denbighshire have promised £35, this leaves nearly another £35 to be contributed, in order that the Committee may not be hampered in their work, and they therefore earnestly appeal to all who take an interest in the education of young poeple to liberally assist in making up this amount, and in bringing these classes to the notice of all who will benefit by them. Subscriptions may be paid to the Hon. Treas- urer, Mr. W. O. Hughes, Metropolitan Bank, or to any of the Committee. Public Hall, ASHTON BREMNER, Colwyn Bay. Hon. Sec 298-4 CONGO METEOROLOGICAL OBSERVATORY, COLWYN BAY. Week ending Oct. 27th, 1894. Mean Temperature for the week.48'7/ Total Hours of Sunshine 22 hrs. 55 mln Maximum Temperature 60*4 Total Rainfall 1*94111. Minimum Temperature 3071 Mean Maximum Minimum Daily Humidity. Sunshine. Rainfall. Temper- Temper- Temper- Per Inches. Wind, ature. ature. ature. Cent. H. M. Sunday 48*1 43*3 45*7 75 o 50 N.W. Monday. 48*4. 30*7 39*7 67 8 15 I N.E. Tuesday. 59*4 34'5 46*9 86 — '62 E. Wednesday. 60*4 42*8 57*6 77 3 ° '38 S. W. Thursday" 57'8 43*0 50*4 77 60 '50 S.W. Friday, 58*6 49'7 54'2 77 1 10 '42 S. E. Saturday 56*8 47*9 52*3 88 3 4° S. The humidity is given in percentages, 100 per cent, meaning' that the air contains as much moisture as it can under the existing- conditions of temperature and pressure. |