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PWLLYCROCHAN WOODS. WHEN we observe the rapid increase of Colwyn Bay, and the tremendous inroads made upon the natural rural beauty of the surroundings, by the builders and others, the conviction is forced upon us that these splendid Woods should in some way be secured for the unrestricted use of the public for all time. We believe that the attainment of this most desirable end was simply postponed some little time ago owing to the financial resources of the Local Board having at that time been somewhat severly taxed. The rateable value of the District has increased (and must be increasing) by leaps and bounds, and, while recognising the fact that rates at present are by no means at "low-water mark," we nevertheless think that, should the Local Board undertake this further (and we might almost say absolutely necessary liability, their action would be endorsed by every ratepayer who has sufficient at stake in the District to make him anxious for the future welfare of Colwyn Bay. We feel quite justified in the admission that the foregoing remarks have been prompted by by undisputable information which we have received, that sales to private individuals of certain portions of these Woods, justly termed "The Backbone of Colwyn Bay," are in contem- plation, and have indeed almost passed the preliminary stage. It is to be hoped that for some little time such proceedings may be stayed, in order that the matter may be thoroughly considered by the Local Authority in its new garb as a District Council, and this question might well form a "platform plank" in the coming election.