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The New Guardians for Urban Parishes. RULES FOR ELECTIONS. The subjoined, which (headed as above and "From a Correspondent") appeared in The Man- clzestet Guardian of October 2nd, will be of interest to ratepayers in Colwyn Bay and Conway Urban Districts:— "LONDON,MONDAY NIGHT. The Local Government Board have to-day issued an order which bears date 29th September, and is signed by Mr G. Shaw-Lefevre as Presi- dent and Sir Walter Foster and Sir Hugh Owen as Secretaries, prescribing the rules for the con- duct of the elections of guardians in all unions outside London. Under the Local Government Act, 1894, there are to be no guardians as such elected for rural parishes, and the rural district councillors wul serve as guardians in such cases, but in every union there are some parishes which are in urban districts, and in those parishes persons will have to be elected as guardians of the poor, and these persona need not be the disttict coun- cillors who represent the parish on the urban district council. It is to these elections that th rules just issued apply. In every union which comprises an "urban parish," or is co-extensive therewith, guardians as such will be elected. The term "urban parish" is now for the first time used in connection with elections under the Local Government Act, 1894, and is defined to mean a parish which will be situate in one or more urban districts, whether municipal boroughs or not. The returning omcer is in every case to be the cterk to the guardians, or some person to be appointed by the guardians in the event of the clerk being unwilling to act, or of there being a vacancy. The day of the election of guardians is to be Monday the 17th December, or such other day not earlier than the 15nl or later than the loth of that month as may be fixed by the County Council, provided that in every urban district other than a borough the day of the election of guardians and of urban district councillors is to be the same. A notice of the eiection is to be issued by the returning officer not later than Sat- urday the !st December. Candidates must be nominated in writing on afofm to be signed by two parochial electors of the parish, and no more. A parochial elector may not sign more nomination papers than there are guardians to be elected for the particular parish, and then only in respect of a parish in which he is registered and has '-1 qualification, and not for more than one parish* Ail forms of nomination are to be provided by the returning omcer and supplied by him or by the overseers free of charge. Every nomination paper must be sent to the returning omcer not later than two o'clock on the 5th December. Tht*. returning officer is to number the nominations the order of receipt and to examine and decide 85 to their validity. On the ?th of December at the latest he is to issue a statement as to the guardians nominated, and if the number of valid nomination'* does not exceed the number of guardians to be elected he is to declare those who have been so nominated to be elected. But if the numbef exceeds that required there Is to be a poll. "The great change introduced by the Act o' this year is that for the first time in our history the election of guardians;will be taken by ballot. The new rules provide how this is to be carried out and apply the provisions of the Ballot Act with alt necessary modifications. No place licensed iof the sale of intoxicating liquor is to be used as a polling place, and when the polls in elections o' guardians and of urban district councillors a'e taken together, which under certain circumstance"' is compulsory, the polling station must be tl" same. Five days before a poll the returning officer is to give notice of the same, specifYII1;4 when and where the poll is to take place, t" number of guardians to be elected, and thef names, addresses, callings, &c. "These elections will be conducted on the sailic lines as those for rural district councillors, respect of which rules have been issued, a"" candidates may under certain conditions appoint polling agents for each polling station who milY be either paid or unpaid, The provision of th Municipal Elections (Corrupt and Illegal Practices; Act, j88?.. will apply to these elections subject t? certain modifications, the most important of whtC" are the limitation of the number of polling agent'' and the alteration of the time of presenting a election petition to six weeks. Guardians elects under the order will come into omce on Friday the 28th December, and every person elected 110 the omce of guardian is compelled to accept!" otHce and subscribe a declaration to that s?? within one month of his election, or pay a nne o ? L20