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Conway and Llandudno County Court. CONWAY, THURSDAY, OCTOBER 4TH.-Before His Honor Judge Sir Horatio Lloyd. A DISPUTE AS TO LODGINGS. His Honor heard an action in which H. Thomas and his wife, Wynnstay House, Colwyn Bay, represented by Mr Porter, made a claim against J. 0. Hughes, joiner, Colwyn Bay, in respect of lodgings for the defendant and the maintenance of his child.—Mr Porter (the plaintiffs' solicitor) explained that the plaintiffs kept a lodging-house at Colwyn Bay. The defendant becoming bank- rupt, went to reside with the plaintiffs for 32 weeks, and they maintained the child for two years and a half.—In reply to Mr Wallis Davies, who appeared for the defendant, Mrs Thomas said that the defendant took the child away without a word being said; hut she (Mrs Thomas) had never refused to give the child up.—The defence ,as that when the defendant took up his home with the plaintiffs there was no arrangement, made as to the keep of the chitd, and he contended that, had It not been that the defendant got married a second time, the present claim would not have been made.—His Honor gave judgment for the plaintiffs for ,Cig i2s, with costs. THE OWNERSHIP OF AN INSURANCE-POLICY. Mr Giynne Jones, Bangor, made an application with reference to a £Ioooinsurance-pol1cy effected on the life of one Rowland Williams, but which had been assigned to Dr Robert Hughes, (Pen- maenmawr) and Mr Daniel Evans (late of Pen- maenmawr. but latterly in California), they having to pay half the annual premiums each. The defendant in the present action, Mr Daniel Evans, had not paid his share of the premiums since t886. Dr Hughes therefore applied to the court. for an order vesting the entirety of the policy in Dr Hughes, and that, if occasion should arise, Dr Hughes should be entitled to claim L30 7s 5d. —His Honour gave instructions for the order to be prepared accordingly. GIVEN A MONTH TO QUIT. On the application of Mr J. Arthur Bland (Man- chester) in the case of Higginbottom against John Jamblin, photographer, Oxford Buildings, Pen- maenmawr, to recover possession of a house and shop, Mr Webster, who appeared for the defend- ant, could not deny an agreement as to tenancy, but appealed to the Judge not to be too speedy.— His Honor said that the usual order was 14 days, but he should give a month to quit. STATISTICS. In the County Courts of England and Wales during the year 1893 there were f,060,2 ir plaints entered and 6y8,6oi actions were determined. The total amount of money in dispute was L3, 195,337, Judgments were given for LI,700,566, and the actual amounnt paid to suitors was £ 1,63°,130. There were 6,880 debtors imprisoned and 4,393 execution-sales were made. Forming a part of the above large totals, statistics of the Conway and Llandudno County Court during the same period were as follow:— Plaints entered for £20 or under, 1333 for more than L20 and less than £50, 21 and above £50 no by agreement, 2. There were no actions tried with, but 834 without a jury the result being,—i't 3 cases nonsuits, 13 in favour of the defendant, and the remainder of the plaintiff. There were 632 judgment summonses issued, 7 debtors were imprisoned, and 3 execution-sates were made. The total sums for which plaints were issued, was £4706, the amount (exclusive of costs) for which judgments were given was L2490. The total amount of costs (exclusive of fees) was C26S. The total amount of fees under schedule A which are accounted for and paid over by the Registrar, was L662 and the total amount of fees under schedule B, which are retained by the Registrar tor his own use, was L26. The total amount paid out to the credit of the suitors, in 1893 was £3°04'

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