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E. H. DAVIES IS NOW SHOWING THE LATEST NOVELTIES in CHILDREN'S MILLINERY, CAPES, COATS & COSTUMES, Also, a Great Assortment of LADIES' TRIMMED and UNTRIMMED MILLINERY. UXBRIDGE HOUSE, COLWYN BAY. W. WILLIAMS & CO. HIGH CLASS GROCERS, Italian Warehousemen, Wine and Spirit Merchants, STATION ROAD, COLWYN BAY. Mff OF PLAIN AND FANCY BREA.D.. In consequence of the substantial reduction in the price of Fiour, Bread is now retailed at a very low price. W. W. &Co. are now receiving daity consignments of some very Choice DEVONSHIRE BUTTER. 157- JI;Jan(f1fer, E. J. D./1 VIES. LIDBETTER & LONGMAID, Family Grocers, Bakers, and Provision Merchants, Aberge!e & Belgrave Roads, <COIL.WYN BAY, Sole Manufacturers of Montgomerie's Patent Malt Bread. Finest Danish, Irish, and Welsh Butters. Special Agents for Colombo Ceylon Tea, 2/- lb. Families waited upon for Orders daily. 157- WHSrTTER DRINK. P 117 1k) T HPI RITTERS 1 t. 1\. 1 AND STOUT — ———————————————————— (NON-ALCOHOLIC) Is a splendid Drink for an Appetiser, a good Refresher, and if you fee) cold and depressed, Drink a Bottte, and in few minutes you will be alright. 'E'?TT'D 'D'DT'7'ErC ?T?I?tTT?I?T? ) On each Bottte there is a Bonus Label. Tear them oS, and jT'?Uf\. r?I\.iZ?il? Ur'r'flrS.HiJ! sendthemtousotYthe?nthofeachmonth. Insist on having IPIF-Etl and see 'hat the Label is on. Pticc 2d. each, 1/8 per doz. .SW- PERI &: CO., COLWYN BAY. LATEST NOVELTIES IN MANTLES,JACKETS, AND FURS. MISSES THOMAS, COSTUMIERS, 7, HIGH ST., CONWAY. Gr- &; GO-. General and Farnishing Ironmongers, Gas Fitters, BELL HANGERS & PLUMBERS, CONAY ROAD COLWYN J8AY. BATH CHAIRS, PERAMBULATORS, COTS, BATHS, AND SEWING MACHINES FOR SALE OR HIRE. A large stock of Paper Hangings, Paints, Oils, Varnishes, &c., always on hand. 20Q— Stiff Jomts, Twinges in the Back, Toothache, Chi!b!a!ns, Lumbago, Strained Musctes, Rheumatism of years standing can be got rid of at once with .?'?"' .?'-?-?_ Btt??NM?t?? ?S?attttf ??NS?ESN??ssB?.sR?N f? Touches the Spot leted. Homocea-as a pain-relieving curative lubricant-has no rival in the world of healing remedies for Piles, Cuts, Burns, Bruises, &c., &c. t will stop a severe Influenza Cold like magic. AU wholesale houses stock Homocea. It can be obtained from Chemists and others at I/I or 2/9 per b(Mt,Of will be sent by post for 1/3 and 3/ from the Wholesale Agency, zi, Hamilton Square. Birkenhead. Sold in Colwyn Bay by Edward Lloyd, Conway Road. IT K ? ?TARTHN? FAfT?T,HREEHALF-CROWN8(7?)wit?Durchasea 11 10 A OiAKlLlitU fA?i beautiful SERGE DRESS LENGT?'n ?y of the following colours, B)ack. Blue, Brown. Green, Claret.ut Brown, ?p '-put. Mulberry. Ruby, Red, Moss. Olive. Myrtle. Bronze. &c.. also f?f /? ? several very prety and effective mixtures. ? Gy ?? FUL? DRESS LENGTH (Carnagre?a,d)fo? ? ? ? are specially manufactured for Autumn and Winter wear, elegant in appearance and areno eavyasmosser?s?.??ey?wi????w??r??orwear WVLWYRWZLL CLOTH, 10/6. IDEAL CLOTHS. I?/ ZuPER CLOTH, ly 6, FANCY CHKCK Lutas Leathley &: Co., (Dept-73) THE DRESS WAREHOUSE, aqI-J3 ARMLEY, WE HAVE THOUSANDS OF TEsT)- MONtALS EQUAL TO THIS. ? From Mr. E. FoRD, Daisy Cot-: tg' M art Street. Eastleigh,! me to thank you for the???Mt?; that the Quaiity cannot be ex- ceHed. tor in wcaK' ?.s '?M &o? ceHed. for in wcaK' the dress looks well te the last, .1 it. Jmbility is equal to tnrerudiinary dresses This may se-n an exaggeration. but it is th.t- sober fact. Enclosed p'e had P.O.O. for .7/6 for which please forward one of your Zuper dresses as per also enclosed. RODERICK DHU, OLD HIGHLAND WHISKY. The Favourite Scotch Whisky of the Day. Has now an established reputation, obtained through genuine merit alone. AWARDED PRIZE MEDAL WHEREVER EXHIBITED. SOLD EVERYWHERE In the nrm's own labelled and capsuted bottle. WRIGHT & GREIG, LIMITED, GLASGOW. 286-13 E& tablished at Late with Mr T. Edge, Llan. Colwyn Bay, 1879. dudno, for 12 years. L W. THOMAS. PHOTOGRAPHER, KENSINGTON HOUSE, CONWAY ROAD COLWYN BAY. ONLY FIRST CLASS WORE DONE. STUDIO ON THE GROUND FLOOR. Views of the District always in stock. After 15 years business in Colwyn Bay, J. W. T. desires to thank the residents and visitors for their patronage in the past, and hopes for a continuace of the same in the future. 157- NOTICE OF REMOVAL. Mr. A. Alford Sarson, L. D. S. DENTAL SURGEON, Has Removed to HEATH PI ELD, (OLD POST OFFICE). ATTENDANCE DAILY, 10 to 6 O'CLOCK. The People's Boot Shop is JOHN WILLIAMS', THE Great Boot Provider for Colwyn Bay and Neighbourhood, for many years. Large Stock at Lowest possible Prices for Cash. 12, Station Rd., Colwyn Bflov, Mvs. FOX, Scientific Dress Maker, Primrose Hill, Colwyn Bay. Ladies' own materials made up on moderate terms. 154-52 MORRIS, BILL POSTER Under the Local Board, and appointed by the Denbighshire County Council. TEGID HOUSE, COLWYN BAY —: j 15 PRIVATE BOARDS, j:— 145- a m IBa y ABERGELM ROAD, COLWYN BAY. Germ, Constitution, and rresh Bread Daily. PURE KIEL AND DENBIGH BUTTER. HOME CURED HAMS & BACON. Th S ? I W ??'?.. I ??.Be?M??? This New Paper is pure white, has in t,,c,, and is perf(ictly smooth on I>oth sid6. It is made fr o m the purest 1" a while ,.by it and the en.7r it to wid- at WORTHINGTON&Co.,M. BREWERS BY APPOINTMENT To H.R.H. THE PRINCE OF WALES, EURTONoNTRENT. ESTABLISHED 175°. Families can be supplied direct from the Brewery with the CELEBRATED INDIA PALE ALES, MtLD ALES, DiNNER ALES, AND STOUTS, Of the above well-known Company, in 9 or 18 Gallon Casks and upwards on application to their LOCAL AGENTS: J. C. SMALLWOOD, BLUE BELL HOTEL, CONWAY, AND E. H. DAVIES, UXBRIDGE HOUSE, COLWYN BAY. ALSO tNDtA PALE AND DINNER ALE iN BOTTLE. Orders by Post will receive prompt attention. 220- Support your Local Tailor. F<?M might go further and far, worse. LEWIS BROS. Are now offering Splendid Value in_ men' s Black Co&ts & Vests. 30/- These Coats and Vests are Made 30/- 30/- to Measure, of fine Black or Blue 30/- 30/- Serge or Worsteds, well nnished 30/- 30/- in every way we are offering- 30/- 30/- at the unprecedented low price of 30/- 13/6 We are also now making- some 13/6 13/6 remarkable low lines in MEN'S 13/6 13/6 FANCY TWEED TROUSERS, 13/6 13/6 for THIRTEEN SHILLINGS AND 13/6 13/6 SIXPENCE. These Tweeds are 13/6 13/6 very fashionable this season, and 13/6 13/6 should be seen by intending pur- 13/6 13/6 chasers. 13/6 SUMMER GOODS. LEWIS BROS. are now showing in their windows a complete assortment of summer wear, including Unlinedfackets in Alpaca, Serge and Homespun, at 416,5/6, 61 I I, and <$'/7Y. Cricket Shirts in Canvas and Flannel and Silk, at j/6, 416, and 716. Cricket Trousers M Flannel and Tweed, at 61 I I, 816, and 70/6. Patterns of Cloths will be sent on application. OUR ONLY ADDRESS IS :— LEWIS BROS., Bradford House, Conway Rd., COL"W"YN JBAY. 163-46 Colwyn Bay Lawn Tennis Club. The following Charges are made to Visitors for the use of the Ground (subject to the Bye-laws): .8 s. d. Each Person 0 0 6 per Hour. „ 016 Da.y. 0 5 0 Week. „ 076 Fortnight. „ 0 12 0 Month. Family 0 12 0 Week. 1 1 0 Fortnight 1 10 6 Month. Admission to the Ground, 2d. each person per day, or 9d. per week. F. W. STUBBS, Public Ha.11, Hon. Secretary. 276s— COLWYN BAY GOLF CLUB. TERMS OF MEMBERSHIP. Non-Playing Members JE1 1 0 per annum. Playing Members JE1 1 0 per annum Subscription. .61 1 0 Entrance Fee. Visitors (if properly introduced and subject to the rules of the Club). Each Person 2/6 per day. Each Person 51- per week A Professional is in daily attendance. HON. SEC., F. A. DEW, Llewelyn Chambers, 289- Colwyn Bay. M. & J. WILLIAMS, (PLAS MAWR), HIGH STREET, CONWAY. CABINET MAKERS, UPHOLSTERERS, COMPLETE HOUSE FURNISHERS, IRONMONGERS, PICTURE-FRAME MAKERS. JOINERS, and OFFICE FITTERS. 252-52 "ItwiUPayyouto go there!" "WHERE!" J. JARED WiLUAMS' Glass, China and Earthenware Warehouse, Prospect House, Conway. ;¡¡¡;¡;¡;¡¡ 15 p.c. Cheaper thfHi any other house in the county. Specialities: TOILET SETS, TEA SERVICES, DINNER SERVICES. List of Prices on Application 215- DAVtES & CHAPUN, PRINCIPAL Bill Posters &Town Criers Under Colwyn Bay Local Board, Tegid House, 16, Station Road. Private noa-rdings in the District free of changes. Members -if the United Kingdom Bin-posters Association. 157- D. ALLEN & SONS, Cabinet Makers, Upholsterers, Undertakers, &c., 6 & 7, STATION RD., COLWYN BAY. _-L.- Dining room and Drawing room Suites, from -16 1SS. Bedroom Suites (including Wardrobe), from Z5 os. Carpets and Rugs. Linoleums and Mats. Bedsteads and Bedding. Special attention is paid to the Upholstery and Bedding Department. Old Furniture Re- upholstered and Re-polished equal to new at the most reasonable prices. ESTIMATES GIVEN. FURNITURE CAREFULLY REMOVED BY ROAD OR RAIL. Cabinet Works, Ivy Street. Es"tablished 1873. PATRONISED BY THE NOBILITY. JOEI:N"" JON""ES:] .iI.y GRIMSBY HOUSE, ?WYN IRiV Opposite St. Paul's Church, ?UDu li? DAJL Home-cured Hams and Bacon, and Genuine Pork Sausages always on hand. Corned Beef. Pickled Tongues. CHOICEST QUALITY OF MEAT ONLY SUPPLIED. 1'\7-

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