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Correspondence. [In no case are we responsible for the opinions expressed in this column.] To the Editor. GROES BRIDGE. "IF THE SHOE PINCHES," WILL THE WEARER KICK? SIR,-The very able and lucid letter of the Chairman of the Local Board, puts the history of the negotiations between the County Council and the Local Board so succinctly that all ought to be grateful for the trouble it must have involved. However, we pass on to enquire what is to be the practical outcome? The County Council prima-facie has control over all bridges. The Local Board are contributaries to the cost of renewal. Have they (the Local Board) no control or voice in the interests of the ratepayers they represent (and for whose benefit and welfare the Bridge is being rebuilt), or must they pay and be silent? The reason of the rebuilding of the Bridge, was its alleged dangerous condition—this to many minds has never been clearly proved; but let that pass. Is it not equally dangerous to the trade and interests of the District, that the traffic should be seriously interfered with, and diverted up a narrow and dangerous lane, where the chance of accidents is infinitely greater than over the old Bridge ? A temporary bridge was deprecated by the County Council, for fear of accidents-(a) to the traffic, (b) to the workmen 011 the new bridge. But it is scarcely conceivable that ordinary com- monsense could not have prevented either, without taking into consideration the resources of modern engineering skill. The Chairman of the Local Board, in his letter (as I read it) leaves it to the ratepayers of Colwyn Bay to speak out, and say whether they would like to pay £300 out ot one year's rates for the cost of a temporary bridge. I feel sure if such a question were put to a town's meeting now, it would, be voted at once and unanimously—2d in the Z. Why, a mere bagatelle for so desirable an object? Practically, then, call a town's meeting if ne- cessary, get the sanction for such extraordinary expenditure, and erect a temporary bridge (and one that will not cost half ^300 !). The loss to tradesmen, carriage-proprietors, etc., in nine months, unless it is done, will put us back half-a- dozen years.—yours faithfully, W. F. WILLIAMS-REES.