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Murray's Merry Minstrels.


Murray's Merry Minstrels. The benefit-concert to the members of "Murray s Merry Minstrels, took place on Friday, September 2 1 st, at the Public Hall, which, it is almost need- less to say, was filled to overflowing by their friends (and they are legion in Colwyn Bay), who were most enthusiastic in their enconiums as t¡) the performance, so much so indeed, that some pieces had unavoidably to be omitted, the deman for encores precluding the possibility of compl^" ing the bill-of-fare. Murray's Merry Minstrels were most ably assisted by the celebrated of Messrs Perry and Allen, (from Llandudno), a'1 well they deserved the hearty applause they r- ceived, this was especially noticeable in rendering of the song "Two little girls in bine- The first portion ot the performance conclude with a comic interlude entitled "You'll die_ 0 laughing," and, an opportunity then presenting itself, advantage was 'taken by Mr A. Novel'4' Riley, to present Mr Tom Murray, 011 behalf 0 his many admirers and friends, with a handsome illuminated addressnumerouslysigned. Mr Riley, who was received with deafening applause, 111 handing the testimonial, said, "Mr Murray yoo have no idea of the pleasure it gives me in senting you with this beautiful address from principal tradesmen in Colwyn Bay, knowing SO well that your efforts to give pleasure and alnse ment to young and old in this favoured watery, place (for which nature has done so much, an the Local Board so little), have been hig^ appreciated and I only express the hape, common to all of us present, that for years to come, you, with your merry men, will visit us each recurring season, and that we may look i°1' ward to many such reunions under similar happy conditions" Mr Riley then, in a few feliciW1' words, presented Mr James Campbell, a membe ot the troupe, with a.valuable meerschaum Pipe The troupe having bowed their acknowledgment and Mr Murray, having, amidst cheering, in fe\ but appropriate words, presented silver medals to Messrs Perry and Allen, who responded Very happily, the stage was cleared for the big 13ath- bun contest, which brought out a field of 5' ,s winner turning up in Master George Clay, vvhos abnormally rapacious appetite must, we fear, a source of anxiety to his friends; Mr Murr pinned the ribbon and medal (presented by John Evans, watchmaker and jeweller, ofColla Road) on Master Clay's voraciously victo' chest. This vvas followed by the competition, which was easily gained, from tv other competitors, by Master Alfy Brooks, was also the recipient of a medal presented Mr W. H. Sheppard (painter and decorator)* whom also is due the very creditable illuminatio^' writing, and framing of the address. u sequentlv the Messrs Perry and Allen e gave their great "Statue Clog Dance," anf' entertainment concluded with a screaming and then, amid hearty cheers, the large audi^11 left, having spent a thorougnly enjoyable evei*"1#