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CONWAY. Parish Church (Sunday Services): 8.0 a.m. Celebration of the Holy Communion. 9.45 a.m. Welsh service. 11.15 a.m. English service. 6.0 p.m. Welsh service. 8.0 a.m. on Mondays, Tuesdays Thursdays, and Saturdays, Matins. 10.30 a.m. on Wednesdays and Fridays, Matins and Litany. St. Armes: 6.0 p.m. English service. Rev J. G. Haworth, of Colwyn Bay. Wesley an Methodist Chapel. -(English Services).— Next Sunday: Morning 11.0, evening 6.30, Mr W. C. B Turner, Conway. A GOOD PLACE FOR BOOTS.-For the best and cheapest of all classes of Boots and Shoes go to Joseph Jones, Berry Street, Conway. Best Shop for repairing. adv. 109- THE ENGLISH PRESBYTERIAN SERVICES, LLAN- DUDNO JUNCTION. -L-.tst Sunday, September 23rd, the services were taken by Dr Bond, of Liverpool. Next Sunday, September 30th, the Rev J. Verrier Jones (of Rhyl) will officiate. AN ACCIDENT TO A TICKET-COLLECTOR.—As Ticket-collector Joseph Moody was collecting tickets from a down excursion train arriving at Deganwy about 9.33 on Monday morning, in stepping from the footboard on to the platform, he slipped on the platform, and fell with his left leg undermost. Relief-Stationmaster \V. Wynne Jones ran up, and, on finding that Moody's left leg was fractured, assisted in putting him into the front van, in which he accompanied him to Llan- dudno, where, on the train's arrival, within eight minutes of the accident, the sufferer was put on the ambulance which Mr Wynne Jones had ordered should be telephoned to meet the train. Under the direction of P.C. Davies (who holds a St John's Ambulance Society's certificate) the injured limb was put in splints, and the sufferer was taken to the Sarah Nichol Memorial Cottage Hospital, where (from enquiries made yesterday morning) we learn that he is making a satisfac- tory recovery, thanks to the skilful care of Dr William Nicol. The fracture proves to be a double one, but not compound, and too high praise can hardly be given all concerned, for the promptitude with which Moody was conveyed to the Hospital,—the accident happened about 9.34 on Monday, and the Hospital was reached by 9.55, a quick piece of work. CONWAY URBAN SANITARY AUTHORITY. At the Conway Urban Sanitary Authority's September monthly meeting called for 5.0 p.m. on Wednesday, September 26th, at the Guild Hall, Conway, the Mayor (Councillor Dr R. Arthur-Prichard, J.P., C.C.) presided. The Authority is constituted as follows, those present being indicated by an asterisk, the time of arrival being indicated within brackets follow- ing each asterisked name THE MAYOR: [Councillor Dr R. Arthur-Prichard, J.P., C.C.] ALDERMEN (4): Griffith Jones. *Hn?h Hughes (5.9). *Hugh Jones (5.1). *William Hughes (5.5). COUNCILLORS (12): *J. P. Griiffths. (5.1) *M. J. Morgan (5.13), *John Williams (5.2). *John Hughes (5.5). *John Roberts (4 59). *R. A. Prichard (4.59). *Edward Roberts. (5 8). *J. W. Tosdevine (5.7). Humphrey Lewis. C. J. Wallace. *Charles Drover. (5.5). Hugh Jones. OFFICIALS: Town Clerk: *Mr T. E. Parry (5.2). Borough Surveyor, te. *Mr T. B. Farrington, C E. (5.4). Sanitary Inspector Mr. D. M. Roberts. A PROPOSED REGULATION AS TO PLANS. Councillor Edward Roberts gave notice of motion that all plans should be deposited at least a week before being passed by the Council. THE WOODS AND FORESTS OFFICE. The Woods and Forests Office having expressed surprise at the mention of a Manor claimed to be held by the Corporation, and having asked for the name of such Manor and for evidence of the grant of any such Manor, the Town Clerk was instructed to answer the communication by furnishing evidence of manorial Courts-Leet formerly held, and by furnishing any other information he might think ought to be given. CORPORATE LAND LEASES AND SALES. It was reported that by a letter dated 19th September, 1894, the Local Government asked for certain particulars as to any leases or sales of Corporate property, and as to the Authority under which the land sold had vested in the Corporation, and as to the Authority under which it had been sold, and as to the manner in which the purchase money had been applied. Further, the Board, in answer to a letter received from the Town Clerk, said that they had not sufficient details whereupon to base their opinion whether a Corporate lease in the draft form sent them, would require the Board's sanction. It was further reported that in another letter the Local Government Board had previously written returning the proposed Workmen's Dwellings plans, which they considered ought to be amended. That letter had been answered, and it had been explained that the Board were under an appre- hension. The Borough Surveyor said that it was a big job getting the information the Local Government Board wanted in their letter of September 19th, but the matter was being attended to. THE JUNCTION LEVEL-CROSSING. Mr Neale, District Superintendent of the L. & N.W. Railway Company, having written saying that a watcher he had had placed at the Junction level-crossing, had reported during a 24 hours period only one delay of over five minutes, and he (Mr Neale) could not conceive how long delays could now occur, Alderman Hugh Hughes moved, and Councillor J. P. Griffiths seconded, that the Town Clerk write to Mr Neale to tell him that the Town Council are not satisfied with the explana- tion given. COUNCILLOR WALLACE'S BEREAVEMENT. The Town Clerk read a letter from Councillor Wallace, thanking the Council for their communi- cation condoling with him on the death of his mother, the greatest bereavement he had had in his life. THE CORPORATE TREASURERSHIP. The Town Clerk read letters of application for the post of Treasurer to the Corporation, from Mr Owen Rowland, N.P. Bank, and Mr David Jones, Metropolitan Bank. In reply to questions, the Town Clerk said that he had not received any resignation from the present Treasurer, Mr Hugh Owen, Manager of the National Provincial Bank; and that there was on the minutes of the Council meeting held on 23rd May, 1888, a resolution that the Corporation's accounts be not removed from the National Provincial Bank. Councillor J. P. Griffiths gave notice of motion to rescind the resolution of May 23rd, 1888. CONWAY LITERARY AND DEBATING SOCIETY. At the Conway Literary and Debating Society's meeting on Tuesday evening, September 25th, the President (Mr A. G. Kaye) in the chair, the following were elected Officers and Committee (without a contest being necessary in any case, owing to a number of withdrawals) :-President, Mr T. B. Farrington, C.E. Vice-Presidents, Messrs J. Roger Dawsbn and J. C. Salmon Hon. Treasurer, Mr A. G. Rogers, C.E. Hon. Secretaries, Messrs A. Petch and Moses Parry Committee, Councillor J. P. Griffiths, and Messrs J. E. Conway-Jones, W. G. Williams (Relieving- Officer), E. Loyd Jones, W. Stephenson, and J. W. Post. In the formal vote necessary for the election of President, Mr Farrington was declared elected unanimously, and, in the balloting for Councillor Charles Drover's election as member of the Society, there was not a single adverse vote. Pursuant to notice, two motions were brought before the Society, but, after discussion, each in turn was rejected. On a letter being read from the Rev R. Llugwy Owen, M.A., Ph.D., kindly offering to take a Class in Logic, the Society, on the motion of Mr Kingston, asked the President to convey to Dr Owen their sincere appreciation of his kind offer, which would without delay come under the consideration of the Executive Committee just elected. A cordial vote of thanks to the retiring President brought the proceedings to a close. THE PROPOSED LOANS TOTALLING £ 4000. On Tuesday morning, September 25th, Mr Thomas Codringto 1, M. Inst. C.E., held an Inquiry, at the Guild Hall, Conway, into the Town Council's application for the Local Government Board's sanction to loans for £2500 and ^1500, respectively for purposes of gas-supply works and water-supply works. With reference to the proposed water-supply extensions, the Borough Surveyor submitted plans, explained the present system, and stated that it was proposed to substitute the Cowlyd Board's water for the Llyndulyn water at present supplied by the Llandudno Improvement Commis- sioners, and the loan in respect of which sanction was now sought was for extensions ot water-mains required for the supply of the Cowlyd water. —There was no opposition to the proposed loan. With reference to the loan for proposed gas- supply works, the Borough Surveyor submitted plans of the Gasworks, and said that the Corporation had already had sanction for sundry improvements, and now application was made for sanction for a loan for £ 400 in respect of the increased cost of having a telescopic gas-holder instead of the single holder sanctioned. Other items of completed work were a tar-well, costing ( £ 100), and the covering over of a brook (costing at an expenditure of £ 40), £ 100 loan being now. The other works to be done were extensions of mains and gas lamps along the roads to Conway Morfa and Gyffin and the laying of a trunk nine- inch main through Rose Hill Street, Conway, to Llandudno Junction, whence there would be smaller mains laid for the lighting of Deganwy and Tywyn. There being no opposition to this loan, the public proceedings came to an end, it being understood that the Inspector would afterwards view some of the places mentioned. THE ARBITRATION OF THE MAIN ROADS QUESTION. On Tuesday afternoon, September 25th, at the Guild Hall, Conway, Mr Thomas Codrington, M. Inst. C.E., Local Government Inspector, conducted the arbitration of the dispute between Conway Corporation and the Carnarvonshire County Council, as regarded the sum the latter body ought to contribute towards the maintenance of main-roads within the Borough of Conway. There were present on behalf of the County Council :-Col. The Hon. W. E. Sackville West (Chairman of the Finance Committee), Mr J. H. Bodvel Roberts (Clerk to the County Council), Mr Evans (County Surveyor), and Mr J. H. Thomas (County Surveyor for Buckinghamshire, and late County Surveyor for Carnarvonshire). For the Town Council there were:-The Mayor (Councillor Dr R. Arthur Prichard), Councillors J. P. Griffiths and Edward Roberts, the Town Clerk (Mr T. E. Parry), and Mr T. B. Farrington, C.E., Borough Surveyor (who acted for the Sanitary Inspector, who was absent through illness). The Conway Corporation's claim was for ^491 16s 2d, while the County Council only proposed to contribute about £ 240. A lengthy discussion of the accounts brought forward by the Town Council and the analysis by the County Surveyor took place, and Mr Bodvel Roberts stated that the Council had sent for Mr J. H. Thomas, from Buckingham, who had been the County Surveyor for Carnarvonshire under the regimd of the Quarter Sessions and the County Council, so as to have his opinion on the state of the roads in question, and on their cost of maintenance. Mr Thomas said that he had been for eighteen months County Surveyor under the Carnarvonshire Quarter Sessions, and under the County Council for three years and a half, during which time he had control of all the main roads. He was of opinion that the state of the road from the Bridge to Llandudno Junction (the embankment) was much improved since 1889, but from the Junction to Deganwy was worse. The road from the Bridge to Mr Albert Wood's gate (Bangor road) was also in much better condition, but beyond that there was no improvement. The cost of the maintenance of these roads during the time he had control of them (and half of which cost was paid by the County) was as follows :-To March, 1887, £ 216 1888, £ 177 and 1889, £ 200. The Mayor Did you know that the road from the Junction to Deganwy was covered by the tide twice a day ? Mr Thomas No and I do not think that that would cause any harm. The Mayor Surely, considering the great traffic on that road, the water would not do it much good. The Mayor also asked whether Mr Thomas had seen any grass on the road beyond Mr Albert Wood's gate. Mr Thomas said that he had, and that it was growing luxuriantly in some places. The Mayor remarked that five years ago that part of the road was almost covered with grass, and that the great expenditure by the Council, was caused in making that road what it was at present. He also thought it unfair for Mr Thomas to come there. It was the present County Surveyor's duty to bring forward the cause of the County Council's objection to the claim. Mr Thomas said that he had been asked to give his opinion on the state of the roads, etc., and that that was simply what he was doing. He went on to give his estimates, from his experience, as to the cost of the maintenance of the roads in question and in the course of remarks about the stones used for the roads stated that one coating in three years would be quite sufficient, as those stones would only wear on an average half- an-inch per annum. He estimated the cost of maintenance as follows Manual labour, L140 2s; quarrying, -1-52 105 team labour, at about 2s per ton, ^70 and carting of scrapings, etc., £ 2 8s; total, L265 additional for establishment expendi- ture, L13 5s, which brought the cost of mainten- ance to L278 5s. After a little further discussion, the meeting was adjourned till next Monday, October 1st, at two o'clock in the afternoon.

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