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THE COLWYN BAY PUBLIC HALL- £ SlR,—On attending meetings in your P Hall, I was extremely grieved to find it dedicate to Shakspere!, whose likeness and name are 0 the front of the platform. a The Welsh are generally supposed to be to religious people: and it is difficult therefore understand why the name and likeness play-writer should be allowed to occupy such position. Mr Hughes and his friends are endeavouring bring the natives of Africa into the family of A bazaar is now being held, in the Public with a view of obtaining money wherewith defray the expenses. The young African OtO A to verts attend. They hear prayer addressee their Father in heaven, for the salvation of £ ^3 countrymen; and at the same time they ha before their eyes the likeness and the name 0 man whose works every enlightened Chris would deem it his duty to put as far away tr them as possible. Surely these youths are no carry with them, into their own country, the *7 Scriptures in one hand, and that play-wrl works in the other! of In the name of Jesus, the Great Savion mankind, let me earnestly entreat that the ^aollt and likeness of Shakspere be at once blotted from the Public Hall, and so perhaps many 5 may be saved from everlasting ruin. ^\e If your readers would like to peruse a va^u^I1e, pamphlet on "The Theatre and the Panto^ to by a Father," they should ask their bookselle obtain copies from Mr Flit, Publisher, 3 Street, Edinburgh. The published price is 2 25th sept, 1894 Printed and Published by R. E. Jones & Broter, their Printing Works, 3, Rose Hill Street, Co y, and Published at the Central Library, Colwyn