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Correspondence. [In no case are we responsible for the opinions expressed in this column.] To the Editor. EIRIAS BRIDGE. SIR,-As there is a very general outcry against the closing of the above bridge, I shall feel obliged by your allowing me, on behalf of the Local Board (whose chairman I have the honour of being), to give the ratepayers a brief history ot the negotiations which have led up to the present position of affairs. After the urgent attention of the County Council had been called to the unsafe condition and un- suitable width of this bridge tor the traffic that is 'so now carried over it, the Council resolved to re" erect the said bridge if the Local Board would contribute towards the cost the Board, after fully considering the matter, resolved to contribute towards the same, and for that purpose the Board applied for the Loan Of L500 towards their quota of the cost, the remainder to be paid by County, and at a meeting of the Local Board held on the 8th August, 1893, a letter was read from the Clerk to the County Council, enclosing a copy of a resolution that the contribution promised by the County Council be increased from Ltooo to Liioo, and that whatever extra amount may be expended be provided by the Local Board, and it was resolved that the terms contained in the said resolution of the County Council be accepted. At a meeting of the Board held on the 10th October, 1893, the Clerk reported that he had received the sanction of the Loca Government Board to borrow £500 for the re- construction of Eirias Bridge, and it was further resolved to apply to the Public Works Loan Board for £500, to be repaid within a period of 30 years and to be a charge on the General District Rate> at the same meeting it was unanimously resolve that a temporary bridge be made for vehicular traffic, and at a further special meeting of thd Board, held on the 12th June, 1894, it was resolved that the seal of the Board be affixed to the agrecj" ment as approved, and it was further resolve^ the Surveyor prepare specifications and plans, a'1 invite tenders for the erection of a temporary bridge, and at a meeting of the" Board held on tn-j. 17th July, 1894, the Surveyor presented a plan 0 the proposed temporary bridge to cost when it was resolved that he submit the same t° approval of the County, which was done, but tn County Surveyor wrote on behalf of the CounC! suggesting that a much stronger temporary bridge be put up, a sketch of which he submitted) and which would cost to erect about L300, and it was also decided to ask the County Surveyor to meet a Committee and the Surveyor of this Boar re the same, and at a meeting of the Road COOl- mittee held on the 7th day of August, the_Co| mittee and the Surveyor made their report, ly which the Board were recommended to direc the traffic to be turned up past the Old Mill,:a" that no temporary bridge be erected, and t e Surveyor was directed to repair this road at cost not exceeding £25, and it was resolved tha the same be accepted. This decision arrived at 011 the strong recommendation of t" County Surveyor, who was present at the Con1' mittee meeting, and who pointed out the risk tha would be incurred to both the County Counc' and their contractor if the traffic was carried by temporary means over the works during the erection of the bridge. I may point out that had the new bridge bee^ reconstructed in iron (as was first contemplate a by the County Council), it would have ^e?,0 practicable for the old bridge to remain up vtfhi one half of the new iron bridge would have been in course of erection, and the traffic could e carried on the completed half while pulling c'0^. the old bridge and finishing the remaining hal but the Local Government Board objected to a' iron Bridge, and urged that a stone one shon be erected for two reasons, (1) that in an bridge an annual expense of painting, etc., woo exist (2) while for stone bridges they the money to be borrowed and repaid within 3 years, as against 10 years, for which period they allowed the money to be borrowed in all caS where iron bridges were erected. t I believe the Local Government Board will nOt allow a Local Board to borrow money to be spent on works of a temporary nature. I am not aware of a single case where this has been don;. Whether, under the above circumstances, the Local Board could have been justified in all outlay of £ 300 (chargeable on the current on a temporary bridge (with its attendant ris ;¡ as pointed out by the County Surveyor) I leave the ratepayers of the District to decide. -YOt'fs' etc., WM. VENABLES-WILLIAMS, Chairman. SIR,—I was pleased to see the letter of gr Williams-Rees, drawing attention to the Closing of Groes Bridge-which is now done,—and the, traffic made to go up narrow and dangerous laOy —badly paved, badly lighted, and blocked by high banks and hedges, making it impossible for drivers of carts and carriages to see what other traps may be coming along. j I have two ponies engaged in my business, a" I have made up my mind to rather run the risk by losing my customers than losing my ponies J going up the Nantyglyn roads. AltboU.^ business is bad, I have man}' good customers a the other side of the bridge. I am to close my shop at that end, and I have done f If the traffic is to be stopped (as I hear) for I" a months, this will mean a serious loss to me, q, y I cannot for the life of me see why a tempora J bridge should not be thrown across, a nd enable tradesmen and carters, etc., to get east and safely over. I want to know where are our Local B°?.f {' our County-Alderman, and our Couii t,_C.uncillor, to allow such a blow to be dealt us ? 0 Besides, customers of mine who are i° habit of driving in their own carriages Colwyn, have told me they will not drive to Bay—some actuallynow drive to Abergele to I say it is scandalous Our season has g wretched enough, and now more ultie-q put in the way. Where is our public s irit Surely our Chairman, with his interests a f influence in Colwyn Bay, will not allow us to sn in the way I have tried to point it ril-itl you will insert this letter,—Yours obediently) H. JEFFS & September 26th, 1894.